What Is Twin Flame Love?

What Is Twin Flame Love?

Maybe you’ve heard of the Twin Flame Theory…Perhaps you have a solid understanding or believe of what a Twin Flame relationship is…

And it could be that you are happily single, but getting closer to understanding what Twin Flames are, or perhaps you’ve entered into a special union and you want to learn more about what your soul has called in…

Or maybe you’re as lost and clueless as I was about Twin Flames several years back, before I became obsessed with Twin Flames, and with finding mine.

This article goes beyond the aspect of defining “What is a Twin Flame?” as I have defied in other articles and Twin Flame videos. In this blog, I attempt to define the concept of Twin Flame Love, and share my viewpoint on how Twin Flame Love enters the Twin Flame Union.

It is my hope that this short post will help you understand, call in, and awaken your Twin Flame Love partnership like I did, so you can have a heart that is fully satiated, and so that you can give back to the planet and live on soul purpose!

So, What Is Twin Flame Love?

Twin Flame Love is a Source Energy that holds an energetic alignment of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine polarities.

Essentially, Twin Flame Love is a type of divine or heart-balanced energy that can be channeled into all areas of life.

It’s where Divine Feminine Love is aligned with Divine Masculine Light.

Or as I put it, FLAME = Feminine Love Aligned with Masculine Energy

See below where I define what is feminine and masculine energy in the section, “Twin Flame Energy and the Yin Yang Theory.”


Let’s Look at Twin Flame Alchemy

Let’s talk about Twin Flame energy and how this aligns with ancient alchemical principles.

In the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, which is a short occult work, it states the well-known phrase: As above, so below, as within.” 

Or, in accuracy, the actual statement was: That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.”

This means that the microcosm is oneself, and the macrocosm is the universe… where macrocosm (the Universe) is as the microcosm (the Youniverse) and vice versa. Thus, each lies within the other like a yin-yang symbol with smaller yin-yangs inside. 

By understanding one’s self (the Youniverse microcosm) a beloved may understand the macrocosm universe, and understand the other beings inside of it, including one’s Twin Flame.

Thus, if we apply this principle to understand Twin Flame Love, we realize that to align with Twin Flame Love, we must align with the love of the universe, which is composed of two polar energies, which is the Yin and Yang or Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies…

Twin Flame Energy and the Yin Yang Theory

I used to be a student of Traditional Chinese Healing, and in the tradition it is thought that everything in the universe is composed of Divine Feminine (yin) and Divine Masculine (yang) energies that balance out each other through polarity.

Here are the general qualities of yin and yang:

Yin – general qualities are dark, cold, watery, hollow, internal, based on the past, behind, subconscious, intuitive, amorphous, circular, wavy, emotional, flowy. Yin is related to the Earth and to the moon.

Yang – light, hot, fiery, solid, external, future-based, in front, conscious, logical, consistent, square, linear, nonemotional, direct. Yang is related to the sun and stars. 

There is no separation of yin and  yang, and yin lives within yang, and vice versa. Thus, in a similar sense, you live within your Twin Flame, and your Twin Flame lives within you…

Note that we are all made up of yin and yang, both men and women have Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine qualities in our bodies, minds, and spirits.

The goal is to balance all aspects of ourselves with yin and yang, and balance our 11 Twin Flame Chakras.  For instance, in general, many people tend to be imbalanced in their root chakras regarding money, where it tends to be either a masculine forcing it energy, or an overly feminine flowy energy that can become ungrounded.

Side note: As a Twin Flame Matchmaker,  I have found that women healers in general must learn to anchor their divine abundance with solid masculine structures in order to make money and call in their beloved. 

Twin Flame Love Signs

I teach my clients that they are ready for their Twin Flame ONLY once they see the entire universe as their beloved. What does that mean?

I know it sound and can be quite frustrating to embrace everyone and everything under the sun with love. But believe me, though not easy, it is possible. The motto for Aphrodite University is “Love Conquers All” which is Amor Vincit Omnia in Latin and goes back to ancient times. It’s,also translated to “Love Heals All,” which I know to be true.

In order to know whether or not you are in a state of Twin Flame Love, you can watch the video here to learn the 5 Signs of Twin Flame Love:

5 Signs of Twin Flame Love

How to Call in Twin Flame Love

In order to stoke the flames and call in an energy of Twin Flame Love, all it takes is love.

It simply takes connecting to Love, which means allowing your limited Youniverse to connect with the limitless Source Creator.

Where most of us get stopped up is that we feel not good enough to receive love, we feel not good enough…

Most of us feel “not God enough” for our Twin Flames!

This needs to change. We awakened beings, holders of the Flame must awaken to Divine Love and not hold ourselves and our soul missions back by the oldest story in the book that tells us there’s an angry God looking over us, and that if we make one wrong move we’ll be sent to Hell. We won’t!

The Universe is made up of one thing that is divided into the polarity of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. As a High-Healed Priestess (healer in heels) I would say that the most common mistake that stops people from calling in and nurturing their Twin Flame Sacred Union is the lack of integration between their feminine and masculine qualities.

That’s where I got stuck, and what slowed/stopped me for years from getting what I wanted. Until I hired a mentor who helped me with my love blocks, and a business coach who helped me get out of wealth blocks, I simply could not manifest my Twin Flame because I was so out of energetic alignment!

It’s not easy to get through those splits in our soul, places where our Sacred Feminine has gone underground due to thousands of years of patriarchal rule. The healing work can be challenging, lonely, and I know what it’s like to go through a Dark Night of the Soul.

However, there is support, and I would be happy to support you as a woman who has gone through it all and overcome most of it, and will continue healing every step of the way.

I would also love to hear your story, your questions, and your Twin Flame Love signs!

Thanks for reading, much love to you.





Dr. Amanda Noelle, The Twin Flame Matchmaker

Divine Dating: 3 Secrets to a Sacred Soulmate Search

Divine Dating: 3 Secrets to a Sacred Soulmate Search

divine dating soulmate
As a Twin Flame Matchmaker, it’s my role to help single conscious women call in their Twin Flame in 6 months or less.

My beloved Jack and I often help our clients manifest true love even in the first month of working with us without online dating!

We have a very high success rate (approximately 90%) in helping women find love the easy way because we teach them how to matchmake themselves using their Higher Self.

I’d love to share our top 3 dating secrets with you so you can call in your beloved fast with what I call ‘divine dating.’ This  sacred approach to dating and Twin Flame Attraction removes the need for online dating, unless you like dating via the web of course.

Before we get started with these 3 secrets , I want to underline that Jack and I spend most of our efforts helping our clients clear out their Twin Flame Love Blocks–the old patterns that hold them back from manifesting their ultimate partner.

Truly, we are simply looking at ourselves in the Twin Flame Mirror: when we heal ourselves, we can quickly call in the love we desire. Thus, before using these tips, I highly suggest working with an expert or participating in a program that will quickly help you identify and bust your Twin Flame Love Blocks so you don’t attract a Twin Flame Counterfeits–a false Twin Flame who run and never give you the love you deserve.

OK, here we go, these are the three secrets to Divine Dating. Note that I list these in ascending order, so the most important secret is at the bottom.

dr amanda noelleSecret #1: Date Selfishly

This secret doesn’t sound very divine or heart-centered, but it actually is. In reality, when we come from a place of trying to please and appease others, we don’t do justice to us. You are your biggest responsibility and asset. When you put yourself last or even second, it tells the Universe that you don’t regard yourself as the most important center of your YOUniverse. Without honoring your desires, no one can truly hold the space for you either. No one can really fully connect with you when you aren’t connected to you.

Dating selfishly shows the other person you have a self–which is a total turn on to the enlightened guy or gal! You’ll attract your equal–someone else who is rocking his or her soul purpose and who has a strong sense of self. Then, and only then, you can become a Twin Flame Power Couple.

Start by stepping into your desires with a desires journal. Start writing down your biggest dreams and desires regularly if you don’t do this already. It will send a message to the Universe that you are ready for what your heart desires so you can call it in. There are some helpful ways to write Twin Flame affirmations in this blog here.

Secret # 2: Treat Each Date As Your Husband/Wife

twin flame desiresI know this may sound odd, but if you can treat the entire world as your Twin Flame, you begin to embody a Twin Flame frequency…

Most singles tend to make chit chat, try to act like they’ve got all their stuff together, and show their best self in front of a first date… But they don’t go deep and they miss the window of golden opportunity to really get to know someone.

Don’t waste your time. Go on a date and pretend that you are meeting a Divine King or Queen. Open your heart and speak to this person with the fullest respect, gentle listening presence, and hold them with love.

What I truly mean here is: treat the men/women you date as sacred beings. Know that you were divinely guided to connected with each other, by no mistake.

Treat them how you want to be treated as a goddess, knowing that this person was meant to go on a date with you, goddess! Hold that space for them, and soon the space will be held for you.

Basically, this one is the Golden Rule of Divine Dating… Treat others as you want to be treated, and hope that one of them will treat you as well as you’ve been treating them!

The good karma will come around fast.

I know it isn’t always easy to put yourself out there with a stranger and treat them with love at first glance. But this is what we Twin Flame Lovers must do.

“You are ready for your Twin Flame when you can love the entire Universe as your Twin Flame.” -Anonymous

It’s not easy…Trust me, I have gone out with many men on many bad dates, so I can imagine what you’re thinking of my advice right now! But give it a chance with unattached love.

I am not saying to mistreat yourself, to endanger yourself, or to break your sacred boundaries. Nope! In fact, I teach my clients how to own their ‘Sacred No’ so they can express love and say no to anyone while remaining in integrity…it’s what you do to honor and respect your Twin Flame because they are merely a reflection of you (to respect them it starts at you).

When I was dating, I started practicing treating each date as if he were my Twin Flame. I treated each man with the most respect, loving attention and care, and I communicated my thoughts openly.

I am a very open and loving spirit, but I was conditioned to hold it back because it’s not ‘normal’ to speak your thoughts so openly, especially on a first date. Maybe you feel the same way? You notice yourself meeting new people and hiding parts of yourself?

That’s natural. I mean why should we share who we really are and treat new people like they are divine reflections of us?  Often they were uncomfortable with it anyways…

I pissed a few men off because I spoke my heart, and what I shared wasn’t always something they wanted to hear, like “I feel like you want to kiss me right now, and I am honored by that, but I am not feeling an urge to be kissed by you.”  Sometimes disappointing people in a loving way towards you is the best way to treat them as your Twin Flame.

Which leads us to secret # 3…

twin flame purposeSecret # 3: Know That That it Is all Happening for a Divine Purpose

We think about dating as a have-to and a headache. We dread dating most of the time, especially these days where Tinder and all the online apps make it so convenient, yet such a hassle!

Most of us think of going on dates as this treacherous duty we have to fulfill and that God/Universe is not looking out for us. We think of it as random, haphazard, and that if we date duds we’re just unlucky.

I have dated many duds, but I look back and each dud dude was a divine gift. Wow! If only I’d seen it then…

I was dating mismatches because they were mirroring the way I was receiving and perceiving myself.  Then I started sending love to the duds and consciously letting them go, and at the same time I let go parts of myself that weren’t allowing me to shine and believe that I could have the perfect match.

It was then that I met my perfect Twin Flame, my fiancé Jack.

What if you were to think about dating as a divinely matched healing experience, where whatever and whomever you manifested is part of the reality you are creating?

Truly, every little nuance of a date is created for you, by you, to learn and grow. To see old patterns and release them.

This takes you from victim to victor, where you can really start creating your Twin Flame Life using the Law of Attraction. Then you can start seeing the miracles, the lessons, the gifts in each moment. Even the not-so-pretty moments.

Sure, you’re dating with the intention to meet and marry your Twin Flame. But you have to let go of expectations and surrender to the moment. You will call in your beloved, but it may take a few more dates, lessons, and adventures. Keep healing yourself, keep working with your mentors and getting the help you need to identify and bust your Twin Flame Love Blocks so you don’t repeat unhealthy programs and patterns.

Then, you will be on a date with your Twin Flame soon, and this will all be history 🙂

Each day is a sacred dance, as the earth rotates around its axis we learn and grow a little bit more towards the light.  Maybe your date next Tuesday won’t be the one, but it will be the one for that date, that day, that hour…Bring him or her your fullest presence, for you are a gift. And whenever you share it, you shine light and give something back to the planet.

Namaste, Amanda

PS: To learn more, watch this video: The #1 Dating Mistake Twin Flames Make (and How to Avoid It)

The #1 Dating Mistake Twin Flames Make (and How to Avoid It)


Twin Flame Video Guide: 11 Sacred Steps to Igniting Your Twin Flame Union

Twin Flame Video Guide: 11 Sacred Steps to Igniting Your Twin Flame Union

FREE Twin Flame Video Guide: Are you a single spiritual soul who is ready to attract her beloved Twin Flame, and you’re stuck in limbo? You’re tired searching for him/her over and over again and only the wrong people show up. Or Mr./Ms. Right shows up, but you’re hitting all these love blocks and all you end up with is a Twin Flame Runner? I know how much it can hurt, which is why I came up with my 11 Step Formula to help you call in your Twin Flame and keep them! And do so at light speed so you can be on your soul purpose faster and become the enlightened and grounded being you’re mean to be.

Watch the Twin Flame Video here!

11 STEPS: How To Attract Your Twin Flame and Ignite the Sacred Union

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You may have heard about the signs that someone is your Twin Flame, but what you might not know yet are the signs to tell if you have a Twin Flame.

7 Signs to Tell If You Have a Twin Flame

This video, 7 Signs to Tell if You Have a Twin Flame will help you:

  1. Tell if you are a Twin Flame (someone who has an incarnate Twin Flame who is walking the planet.
  2. Help you identify the 7 signs that all Twin Flames have so that you can make sure you are on your Twin Flame path.
  3. Align yourself with the main 7 keys that are required to attract your Twin Flame quickly.

Watch  7 SIGNS: How to Tell if You Have a Twin Flame HERE!

The seven Twin Flame signs shared in the video above will help you determine that you are a Twin Flame, and have a Twin Flame on this earth.

Many believe that not everyone has a Twin Flame incarnate on the planet…

Are you one of them?

Once you decided that you are on a Twin Flame Path, get started doing the work using Twin Flame Affirmations. Then, read my next article, Does Everyone Have a Twin Flame? The Best Way to Tell if You Have a Twin Flame by clicking HERE.

XO lots of love!

Dr. Amanda Noelle, The Twin Flame Matchmaker

PS: Learn why using Twin Flame Affirmations really works by reading my blog on Twin Flame Affirmations here.  You’ll get 7 Twin Flame Attraction Affirmations that rock!


Six Figure Guilt, Loneliness, and the Conscious Healing Crisis

Six Figure Guilt, Loneliness, and the Conscious Healing Crisis

Clearing. Cleansing. Hoping. Praying in the New Money Paradigm Shift. Intense shifting happening on the planet in regard to money, or at least in my world.
I am shifting from a ME paradigm into a WE paradigm. And while it’s beautiful, it’s also frigging painful and uncomfortable!

I had a dream about a former biz coach of mine earlier this year, and she was wealthy and famous. She had a home the size of a football stadium, famous celeb clients from LA, and her hair was shiny and perfect. But she was alone and miserable in her success, and the more rich and famous she became, the less people were able to truly see her, know her, and love her for her.

I could’ve been that! I used to want that!

I would subconsciously say “Love me for my success, love me for my body, love me for my wealth!” It was the little girl inside of me aching to be seen by her father.

In the dream my former coach was so sad, and alone, like a child wearing alone in her room, and I witnessed the emptiness she felt in her heart.

Because if love is money and you don’t share the wealth with many others who love (you, them, the New Earth, money itself) then what’s the point?

Something is shifting in me… I am falling more in love with dreaming up the new earth eco villages than I am with success, wealth, and looks (though I DO want it all as long as it’s in harmony with God/dess and Gaia).

I am on a path of Twin Flame Love and discovering who I am as a spirit, and having a body who needs resources. Who needs love.

I am unwilling to become super duper wealthy until I feel in my bones why I am doing this…

Money is not a big enough reason for us High-Healed Priestesses to become wealthy.

I have discovered that as a shaman and a BLI$$ness woman I have an immense capacity to rake in tons of dough. It’s easy for me. Yet is it sustainable for the planet for me to have several homes in exotic places, and is it healthy for everyone around me to witness my power if I don’t share it with them?

I have always wanted to be rich and famous, for as long as I can remember. I am both in love with and afraid of the reality that I am creating; as I receive large paychecks, become successful, and go on television I’ll continually be asking questions. What if living the American dream is actually unhealthy for me, for us, and for the planet? What if it’s not sustainable for everyone to become millionaires?
Am I going to rape the earth with my giant mansions with five car garages? And what if I send my kids to private schools that teach them that mental academics are more important and sacred than their own intuition, that success in the physical world is more important than success in their spiritual growth and happiness?

Can we really continue to grow our wealth as we grow our consciousness. And vice versa?

I do believe that their answers to these questions, and very good ones. But I don’t believe will figure it out all at once… I believe we have to have conversations, time for contemplation, and room for error. I also feel that other conscious millionaires and six-figure earners have a responsibility and helping the newbies guide the way and share feedback. Especially the vulnerable kind of where you have gone wrong and had to U-turn.

I recently ran into my former coach at a networking event. I felt a great deal of relief when she stood up in the group to share that she has been rewiring her business and taking a break because she is looking for more fulfillment. She’s looking for a more conscious and joyous path of doing business, and that the money is not enough. Thank God!

I am in the midst of a mid 6-figure crisis and I am figuring it out. Just sharing this feels like a blessing. I am so grateful for having this space to share my experience, fears, and wisdom. Namaste.IMG_0013.JPG

Twin Flame Angel Channeling by the Twin Flame Matchmaker

Twin Flame Angel Channeling by the Twin Flame Matchmaker

It was somewhere around 8am and I was deep in sleep….

My angels were having a chat with me, as they often do when I am in head-to-the-pillow-bliss and not ready to awaken to the ‘real world.’ I used to be afraid of encountering angels, but now I love being bothered by them! It’s such a luxury ‘problem.’ Before my Twin Flame Dark Night of the Soul, I rarely got to communicate with these beloved beings.

I’d shut them out because it was beyond what I was willing to accept, mentally or otherwise… but since I have gone through a soul awakening over the past few years, and passed through darkness through to the Light/other side, I have been able to open my awareness to angelic consciousness. Channeling angelic frequencies happens seemingly naturally now, and I want everyone to be able to do this.

I highly recommend a Power Pet during sleep. Having my chi-beagle Hazel, my shamanic spirit guide dog by my side when I sleep, I feel much safer to surrender during sleep.  I highly recommend the power of animal healing guides when working with angelic consciousness.

Perhaps when we are no longer afraid of the angelic consciousness, and have learned that ‘they’ are simply a part of us, representing our highest awareness, we can integrate them into one strain of consciousness.

Here’s what my Twin Flame angels began to tell me…

In order to help more souls, you (Amanda) must teach others how to use the powers of the Divine Feminine to clear out pockets of darkness.  Using the Divine Feminine will transmute the gray densities into light, into bliss, into fuel to spark a further rising of the Divine Feminine consciousness.

Archangel Haniel will be the angel to assist in the great portal opening of the Divine Feminine

For they say that it is Haniel who carries the Light of Aphrodite, the Divine Feminine, Innana, Ashtarte, Lakshmi, Venus, her many names. The sensual High Priestess, goddess of love. This hot pink ray of light will melt and transmute all grief, depression, anxiety, and stuck energies. The stagnancies that have been upon your planet for thousands of years will rise to the surface just life sea foam.

The angels suggest that there will be many who fear this Divine Feminine Awakening

They say: there are those who run away from the many faces and facets of the Divine Feminine. But the fact is, they are running away from themselves, from the parts of themselves that resonate within the Feminine Frequencies. For the dark fears the light and the light fears the dark, it is all just a game of polarity. The Angels want you to know that you are not lost in these times of transition in the Golden Era, you are loved.

Most of all, the angels teach that we are love itself, here to rediscover itself through human form! Did you know that you are love, love that was once forgotten, and it re-membered itself through the re-membering over and over again through various incarnations, in-memberations into your thick-skinned membrane? Yesss! You are indeed covered in a membrane of human form, but within you are soul, a soul of pure love and Divine memory.  Informatics of Divine form.  The Feminine form. and the Masculine form.  Holy, pure, real, re-membered entire universes reside within you. It is time for you to wake up, and realize that each of you are aboard on Her Royal Vessel, the Divine Feminine ship of Gaia floating on her orbit in space. Be carried upon her, ride swiftly upon Her salty waters, and rise up like the sea foam, as has done our Beloved Aphrodite.

Connect with the sea, and you will see, the sweet and salty memories of Her, and of your true origin reside within…

Remember, the word memory comes from Ancient Hebrew. Mem Ohr – memory: where Mem meant “water” and Ohr “light/spirit.” The 432 hz sound is carried in harmonized water. Salt, wave like motions, and the 432 hz tuning fork heals the water,  and this crystalized water can heal your body and align you with Twin Flame Love.

Memory is simply a way of explaining that information is stored within the 70-percent surface of Gaia.  We dear ones are made of water, are of the ocean, so truly the memories lie within.  Thanks for joining me Twin Flame Lover, I’ll see you soon.


Dr Amanda Noelle



Dr. Amanda Noelle, The Twin Flame Matchmaker, swiftly soulmates High-Priestesses with their Twin Flames and Starchildren.