Welcome to the realm of love transformation, where I’m Dr. Amanda Noelle, your guide on the sacred journey to your lasting union.

As a Duke University graduate with a PhD in transpersonal counseling, I’ve blended my expertise as a certified life coach, trauma-informed practitioner, somatic embodiment coach, energy healer, and love coach to empower high-achieving, spiritually-awakened women like you.

Having navigated my own intricate path to love, I now dedicate my life to helping others manifest their soulmates through a unique blend of sacred love alchemy.

From life coaching to chakra healing, psychic insights to masterful manifestation, my approach is a harmonious fusion of flow and expertise.

Embark on this transformative adventure with me and unlock the secrets to your own epic love story.

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Whether or not you have experienced it yet–deep, divine lasting love is available to you! Using a method I’ve developed called the Love Alchemy Formula, I have helped thousands of women attract healthy lasting love at quantum speed, and have witnessed true love miracles time and time again. 


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about dr. amanda NOELLE

 Dr. Amanda Noelle has helped thousands of single women to manifest their beloved at light speed.  Being a blocked bachelorette herself, she set off on a journey across the world seeking her ultimate beloved… As a wounded healer, she learned to heal her clients quickly as she worked through her own pain.

Over several decades, she studied all the love and dating hacks–she studied to become a certified love coach, matchmaker, doctor of transpersonal counseling, and received her BA in sexuality studies from Duke University. 

After soulmating hundreds of women, Dr. Amanda met and married her Twin Flame Jack on 3/33 at 3:33 pm. The couple have a daughter, Alisa Rose, and live between Bali, California, and travel the world leading workshops and retreats.


I strive to help my wide variety of clients, from all walks of life, to get the same result: to find deep soul satisfying love that lasts and leaves a legacy. Here’s what they’re saying…

“Amanda is a bright light and deep listener. I’ve so appreciated how she tunes into the energetic layers of reality and offers insight and clarity, and feel immensely grateful to her commitment and dedication to this path of empowering women in business, love, and life.”

Ayla Nereo

Music Artist, Code of the Flowers

“Amanda Noelle has a real gift. I know because I do readings for people as well. Amanda offered a reading at a time where I needed serious clarity about someone, whether they were my true twin flame or not. I was being told by many psychics that he was my TF, but Amanda stopped this delusion in my tracks. I admit I was slightly resistant, but open, because I was willing to give up the unreal for the real. Amanda helped me see the truth, that the other guy was not my TF.  I grieved the loss eventually, but the universe has a magical way of bringing you the truth when you’re ready for it. Fast forward my real TF showed up again in my life. I had to let the other delusion go, but was happy to step onto the new timeline that was REALLY meant for me. I am so happy, we are happy and fulfilling our REAL life mission. Thank you Amanda for being an important piece in our life, bringing me truth, and being your magical, gifted self. Blessings and Love…💓”

Ariel A

Life Coach

“After being in two relationships…negative experiences [with] lots of verbal abuse, I just stayed single.

While working with Amanda, I started healing myself. Everything happened so fast–I wasn’t even looking for my beloved!

He kinda showed up and he happened to be in front of me the whole time. It was so crazy! I’d known of him for three years already.

We became pregnant and had Rose when I was 44 after being told I was infertile.

Now we have a daughter and we have our matrimony. I am just grateful.”

Angela C.


“You ARE an amazing Twin Flame Matchmaker! Within months of signing up, my Twin Flame Counterfeit stepped out of the game and the new one came right. You are truly an amazing healer, matchmaker, divine channel, space holder, gorgeous Goddess. I adore you and Jack and LOVE being part of your community!”

Claudia Zabersky

Brand Strategist, Purplewing Studio

“At that point in time when you were my coach six years ago, it was exactly what I needed! Today, I am five years into a committed Relationship. Thank you for all you do! I don’t think I would be where I am today if it hadn’t been for the fun and playfulness and magnetism that I exhibited at that point in my life. After my divorce I felt shame and had very little self-confidence, but coaching with you helped raise me out of that, and a big part of it was learning to have some fun and not take everything so darn seriously!”

Karen S.

Busy Mom

“I am honestly the happiest I have ever been. I painfully cleared away a very toxic relationship (false twin flame) by clearing out a abuse cycle that I have been living out since I was a little girls. I have had lots of very deep insights and cleared out a lot of old childhood beliefs and traumas. Had two very powerful ceremonies; a divine divorce and calling of my twin flame.”

Jennifer K.

Yoga Instructor

Over the course of only two months working with Amanda, my dreams started coming true. Within a year, I married the man of my dreams! We own a business together and have two lovely children.”

Gina C

Ballet Studio Owner

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