How To Attract Your Twin Flame With the Support of Crystals

How To Attract Your Twin Flame With the Support of Crystals

Why Use Twin Flame Crystals?

Crystals are believed to have natural high vibrational frequencies that can be used to assist in cleansing and purification of your soul. Your Twin Flame’s soul is a mirror of your own soul and in that sense is your other half. The aim of a Flame is to align as individuals in your highest frequency, so two can come together as one. 

Many Twin Flames encounter difficulties resulting in Twin Flame separation; crystals activated with love frequencies can help support the resolution of such issues as you take action in healing your psychology, spirit, body, and union.

Crystals assist you as you strengthen, heal, and smooth things over so you have more understanding towards each other, and thus connect on that deep Twin Soul level.

Crystals That Activate the Energy Body

Be very careful when obtaining crystals as high vibration crystals can be so powerful that they release negativity all at once. For people with high toxicity, negativity and blocks in their body can be triggered by these crystals so be mindful as not to create a ‘detox reaction’ that results in lengthening the Twin Flame Separation Phase.


  • It will bring a soothing and calming energy into your life.
  • It will give unlimited energy that attract joy, satisfaction and manifestation
  • You’ll have healthy balance in dealing with relationship issues, challenges, and worries.
  • Crystals emit positive energy that help you restore and re-energize your relationship.


In Christianity, crystals were used to decorate religious objects as it was thought that crystals manifested transcendence and the light of heaven. Some scriptures even used crystals to describe a person they loved. Some crystals were used to symbolize faith, innocence, purity, mystery, desire and even erotic love. 

Indigenous shamans used crystals as an ancient form of medicine. In combination with prayer, plant medicines, energy healing they were believed to heal the mind, body, and soul. Crystal healing promotes the flow of good energy that helps get rid of negative energy that plays a big role for your physical and emotional state.

7 Crystals for True Love

1. Rhodochrosite – terrific for Twin Flame Love! Not to be confused with Rhodonite (great for romance or soulmates but will not help attract your Twin Flame… it’ll only bring in a karmic soulmate).

2. Clear quartz – a very high vibrational crystal that can amplify other crystals. For Twin Flames, this is helpful to dispel illusions of separation and perceived limitations.

3. Rose quartz – To heal your heart and be open to Unconditional Love. Opening to all kinds of LOVE.

4. Amethyst – This is a powerful stone to activate psychic protection and activating the Violet Flame (Feminine Love Aligned with Masculine Energy = FLAME). NOTE: don’t use rose quartz without amethyst because rose quartz opens your heart without discernment. Amethyst helps you tell who your true love is vs a False Twin Flame.

5. Ruby in Fuchsite – To have a passionate love and romance. Helps to boost your energy, courage, self-acceptance and pride. The combination of ruby in the fuchsite helps to activate latent psychic abilities by opening up the Heart Chakra to obtain psychic information (about your Twin Flame Union, or anything!).

This crystal strengthens your spiritual connection and a positive energizing crystal to assist in meeting your Twin Flame.

6. Amber – This crystal is key in protecting your Sacred Feminine energy and will assist you as you heal old blocks around intimacy. With amber, you’ll feel safe and willing to open your heart. Use it to remove fears of intimacy, sexuality, self-love, and unity. Will definitely be useful in your journey to clear blocks on your path.

7. Moonstone – The well-known crystal that opens the heart to nurturing which assists in the acceptance of love. Reunite with loved ones with the crystal. Also is the stone of love and eroticism – ultimate fertility crystal as this is perfect for awakening your Divine Feminine power.

How to Use Twin Flame Crystals

Program them with your intentions

– Crystals have energies that can be used for manifestation. Hold your crystals while closing your eyes and taking deep breaths; clear your mind and gently state your intentions. Don’t forget to say thank you. It’s awesome to set intentions on the new moon. Join the Lunar Priestess Collective here this month for a complimentary ‘moonifestation ritual’ for smart female entrepreneurs (and bring your crystals!).

Put them on altar

– You can meditate with them. Put them on an altar and hold them whenever you can. Connect with your metaphysical powers and have replenished spiritual energy.

 Crystal grids

– Combine energies of different crystals you use by placing them on a grid. 

  1. Have a clear idea for your manifestation – remember needs vs. wants.
  2. Choose your crystals wisely – trust your intuition and let it guide you.
  3. Cleanse your crystals before placing them on your grid, as you want a clear and clean crystal, right?
  4. Connect with your spirit and slowly state your intentions.
  5. Place your crystals in a grid – you can use sacred geometry as it is easier but you can also wing it.
  6. Activate your grid – touch each crystal with a clear quartz point, drawing an invisible line to connect them to one another. 

Wear them as jewelry

– Remember that the more you touch your crystals, the more you’ll tap your energies. 

Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, the more you wear them the better. Necklaces near the heart chakra are great for heart healing.

Place all throughout your space

– Cleansing the energy of your home or places you’re always around is vital. Place a few activated stones in your space to elevate your vibe plus it makes a beautiful decor. In your workspace, coffee table, kitchen, bedside, and of course in your meditation room.

Water bottle activations 

– Join in on the trend, you know though glass bottles with “gem pod” filled with crystal chips? You can simply DIY by adding a rose quartz crystal and an amethyst crystal to your water bottle. Always drink fluoride free and chlorine free water. These chemicals block your frequency and obstruct the third eye. 

– You can “ingest” the energy from the crystals and it is said to promote wellness and beauty to balance. The crystals between the energy of water back into the 432 Hz frequency, which is a twin flame frequency of balance in the feminine and masculine, as well as in the sacred geometry of the water structures so it looks like three-dimensional Stars of David, aka merkabas.

How to care for your crystals

  1. Place your crystals under cold, running water or any natural source of water. Just make sure it is cool water.
  2. You can use sea salt water to cleanse as salt is known to purify and absorb negative energy. But make sure to check if your crystals can disintegrate with water as you want to avoid that.
  3. Burn sage to get rid of unwanted energies and purify them.
  4. Leave it out to dry in morning sunlight or full moon light as this cleanses and charge the crystals. 
  5. You can bury them in dirt for a week. Earth allows them to cleanse and recharge.
  6. Use a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol to remove debris and sanitize them but it is advisable to follow up with the above step so it will be clean from energy.

Crystalline Conclusions

Twin Flame crystals can be very helpful in every way possible when it comes to aligning with your Twin Flame energy.

The energies crystals carry can be helpful in your love manifestation and support you when you’re lost and in separation with your Twin Flame. 

Remember that both you and your Twin Flame will go into separation or experiencing separation pain because of your separate journeys as individuals. Deep inner work is warranted, which is why we recommend working with a Twin Flame counselor or guide, or by attending our upcoming 3-day Twin Flame retreat online, called Twin Flames Live.

Attract your beloved now! Join us at our Twin Flames Live 3-day retreat at the Early Bird Rate here plus receive several juicy bonuses.

The crystals you gravitate towards will help you trigger a release of past negative energies and karmic issues that you need to cleanse, to harmonize the Twin Flame Union.

The right crystal will “speak” to you, so trust your intuition.

You can use this medicine not only to reunite with your Twin, but also to promote self-love, empowerment, abundance, and acceptance.

Be very careful when choosing your crystals as some are really powerful and have a mind of their own. Please do thorough research about their attributes and also do research psychically by feeling into your intuition. 

If you’re ready to receive your ultimate beloved in the most pleasurable and fun way possible, then join us for Twin Flames Live…Learn all about it by reading below. 


Dr. Amanda + Team Aphrodite

As a badass spiritual bachelorette, do you find yourself:

    Looking at your love life thinking, “Where in the world is my Beloved??!” even though you’ve scoured the globe and searched every dating site?

    • Convincing yourself that you’re happy being single when you are deeply craving your beloved on a soul level 
    • Frustrated with old patterns where you love someone else more than they love you, and you sit at home waiting for them to commit to you, but they never do? 
    • Yearning to be fully met by a partner energetically, emotionally, and erotically so you can continue your life’s mission and/or start a family?
    • Settling for less, the comfortable lovers who seem “good enough,” but you KNOW none of which are your Twin Flame?

    Twin Flame Reading December 12, 2018

    Twin Flame Reading December 12, 2018

    12/12 TWIN FLAME ENERGY UPDATE! December 12 Mercury in Sagittarius 

    Greetings Beloved, we’re Twin Flames Amanda and Jack here to deliver this special Twin Flame Energy Update and Channeling. We release content-rich videos around twice weekly so you can accelerate your Twin Flame Awakening, Ascension journey, and bring your life purpose to earth. Stay on until the end of this video for a potent 12/12 Twin Flame Channeling!

    Today is 12/12 here, and numbers hold meaning. The 12/12 activation is about moving your life forward in a direction that you didn’t expect, and the blessings are potent! Another meaning of 1212: keep a positive state of mind.

    Another meaning of 12 12, or seeing 12:12, is a reminder to be aware of your thoughts and keep a positive state of mind.

    Though Mercury retrograde is officially over (it ended just before this last new moon), the shadow period lingers with us until around Xmas eve…

    And while the Mercury energy isn’t done for this year yet, it actually holds a few important gifts for us, if we choose to receive them.


    As of this Thursday, December 12, 2018 Mercury will move from close-minded Scorpio to the communicative and adventurous Sagittarius.

    If you’ve been craving a little more communication (and a little less guesswork) now is the time to start having deeper conversations.

    It’s time for the feminine to cut to the chase… using less words and expressing what’s truly underneath the surface with clarity. It’s time to ask for what she wants, even if it risks hearing a no, or doing the deeper healing when she feels rejected.

    It’s time for the masculine to express what’s on his heart, and learn to become more vulnerable as a speaker, communicator, and lover.

    Before the 12th when Mercury is in Scorpio, talk needs to be deep, not cheap  — so don’t waste your time on gossip, beating around the bush, or small talk.

    Divine Feminines should get straight to the point, while we Divine Masculines may want to romance you, write you our poetry, putting our hearts on our sleeves…As well as using conscious communication to clear up any drama that may surface during this Mercury shadow period leading up to the 24th.

    Also, when Mercury makes this move on the 12th, you may be reminded of past projects that took up mental space, which you put on pause (like that training program you signed up for that you fell behind on, the Audible books you have piling up in your library, or you may finally feel the tug to recommit to your soul purpose mission and sign up for that year-long program.

    This could be be a great time to declutter your wardrobe or overall belongings as what we carry carries energy, and outdated objects and mementos in our space can even delay our Twin Flame Union and DNA activation shifts.

    Also, if you’re single, this chapter with Mercury in Sagittarius could be a great time to get out there and date new people.

    If you’ve been attached to someone you thought was your ultimate beloved, but they’re playing hot and cold, the sign of the Archer (which is Sagittarius) may be able to help in starting anew. He is is all about learning new things, connecting on higher levels, meeting new people, and going on adventures…

    So you may even feel like flirting, or being more outgoing and playful with that sexy new stranger who shows up, whereas in the past you may have had a wall up.

    You may be more carefree now to share the real you, and express what you’re truly seeking, as well as listen to him or her, and fully be present to take in their information. This is a great time to meet all kinds of people while remaining unattached…you never know where it will lead, so don’t compare them to your ex or the person you think is Mr. Right n’ perfect. Cuz all of our shit stinks and so make sure you give each human being or date a chance, or at least remain open in your heart with kindness and compassion.

    However it goes, you’ll feel ready for 2019 and reawakened to the possibilities that abound. Know that though the shadow period lasts up until Christmas, Mercury will remain steady in Sagittarius until January, so you’ll have time to play and explore with this alignment, adventure, and deepen your connections and communications!

    Speaking of communications, what is one thing you’re ready to express or embody in your love life, even if it scares you? Post in the comments below now.

    As the Twin Flame Matchmakers, we bow to you and salute you here; thank you for joining us on the ride to becoming an awakened Twin Flame bride or groom) as part of our tribe. We look forward to reading your comments below and do our best to respond to each one if we can. Much love and light!

    Also if you like this blog please subscribe on YouTube! We’ll be putting out more like this one, discussing Astrology, Twin Flame Energy Updates, and Divine Feminine/Masculine channeling messages in the many moons ahead!


    [special Twin Flame channeling]


    Namaste, namastGO

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    1111 Meaning for Twin Flames & the Spiritual Awakening

    Hi Twin Flame Lover!

    It’s me again, Dr. Amanda Noelle, the Twin Flame Matchmaker, helping badass spiritual bachelorettes align with their ultimate beloved so they can not only enjoy epic, ecstatic lasting love, or perhaps birth a starchild or two, but also so they can live on soul purpose and assist in the awakening of humanity!!!

    First I’m going to share the numerologic meaning behind 1111, and then how 1111 relates to Twin Flames and the spiritual awakening process. At the very end I’ll give you a sneak peek on the energy and astrology update for 11/11/18…

     So, what is the numerologic meaning behind 1111?

    And what does it have to do with Twin Flame energy and the spiritual awakening process?


    Before we dive into the training, I wanted to share with you an exciting global event that’s happening on 11/11/18…We’ll be tuning in on live-stream from Bali, the place I married myself on 11/11/11!

    Join us live online for a FREE Twin Flame Global Activation on 11-11-18…you’ll receive:  
    – A content-rich educational talk about the meaning of the numerology and the impact of the Twin Flame 1111 Codes
    – Get a karma clearing on whatever no longer serves you & your Twin Flame Union- Plus you’ll receive a guided meditation to awaken your energy for this shift on 11/11 on an 11 year

    -And a potent Twin Flame 11/11 activation channeled by myself Dr. Amanda and my beloved Jack to activate your Twin Flame DNA, awaken your soul purpose, and magnetize your ultimate beloved 

    -Plus we’ll gift you some awesome FREE STUFF: tips, meditations, perks, and bonuses from Aphrodite University!

    -You’ll also have a few minutes to ask us any questions you have how to call in your Twin Flame fast, at the end!


    Back to the meaning of 1111…

    We first need to ask “WTF are numbers?” in the first place!  Otherwise, we’re missing a step…

    Pythagoras, the ancient Greek philosopher you’ll remember from high school geometry and and history class while you were distractedly checking out that hot guy or gal from across the room, well Pythagoras knew that numbers hold vibration in this mathematically perfect universe that is built from geometry, law, and Spirit.

    Numbers hold a primordial, divine VIBRATION.

    They can be used as keys to do good, or to cause harm. They are merely tools, keys—or codes.

    Numbers can be used to create “new” codes—vibrations and realities made up of universal life force energy…

    Numbers are not mere digits you want to get from some cute girl or guy up in the club!

    Numbers are the code of the universe, that can write worlds within worlds–they create sound, light vibration, and color.

    In fact, speaking of color, each number corresponds to a color, a sound, a vibration, a chakra in the body, a time in history, a point in your yoni or lingam, as everything corresponds to everything else in this Divine Holographic Universe we call WTF is this place, get me outta here!

    Truly, the Universe is all about relationship between numbers and patterns.

    The base numbers of creation are:

    0 and 1.

    You and the Universe alike are made up of two tiny numbers, and you are bonded through the One and the Zero Point!

    Ones, and zeros folks, that’s the simple ingredient list in this recipe called life, love, light, and the Universe!

    OK.The 1s represent the Sacred Masculine (Yang), and the 0s represent the void, the Sacred Feminine (Yin) in the Chinese tradition.

    Everything is made up of yin and yang, dark and light, ones, and zeros. We are all One.

    To understand the power and meaning of the number sequence 1111, we first have to understand how Creation works.

    In the beginning there was nothing. Zilch. Nada…ZERO!

    From zero, we get nothing but a big black vortex, a hole, a giant yoni in the galaxy…We can call this, The Yoniverse (for those of you who don’t know, a yoni means Feminine Temple, womb or “Pussy” (which is NOT a bad word at all, the etymology dates back to Ancient Egypt where Puss came from Pasht, or Basset the feline spirit guide of the Great Mother, Isis.

    And then, out of nothingness womb, something was born. For there must be something for there to be no-thing! The Universe births itself from itself. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, remember?

    Therefore, the Holy Hole, that Holy Grail, or Holy No-thingness of ZERO birthed the concept of some-thingness. It was then that we went from zero to one, and Sacred Feminine to Masculine. And the circle came to be the line.

    The masculine phallus, or lingam.

    Thus, from the Sacred Feminine Yoniverse there had to be the Sacred Masculine Universe, and they came from each other, and come into each other, like the symbol of the serpent eating itself or birthing itself from its own tail/yoni/lingam.

    The entire Universe that ever can will and did exist, and all at once, in every combination has existed through this sequence of 1s and 0s. There truly is nothing we have not already experienced in the combination of infinite codes.

    When we see 11:11 over and over it means a few things.

    One, is that you’re waking up. Smelling the spiritual coffee so to speak.

    Two is that you’re in alignment…with something.  Not necessarily your ultimate Twin Flame. But it is a sign to pay attention to saying “you’re on the right path.”

    Three, it means “Pay attention to your thought.” One of the meanings of 11:11 is that the Universe is communicating with your thoughts, which are in alignment. This sequence can mean that your thoughts will manifest almost instantly in your physical reality.

    Four, 11:11 (as well as 1:11) is a message from your angels. Your angels are sending you love and guidance, and are reminding you to pay attention to your thoughts

    So make sure that you are focusing on the things that you want, and not the things that you don’t want.

    And five it means that there is a masculine energy aligning with your feminine energy. A yin-yang, Twin Flame balance.

    For behind each one is a zero. The 11s can’t align without zeros at the base. Remember, the Universe is represented by the infinite arrangement of codings of 1s and 0s.

    The Zeros represent Feminine Love, or wisdom.

    The 1s represent Masculine Light (or consciousness/knowledge). The Sacred Union between zeros and 1s brings an alignment of the 1s in 1111. Light is the Sacred Geometry master, coder, or architect aligning the mathematics. But the Feminine Love is like the glue that brings it all together, and this is felt or emoted, not intellectualized.

    So the light cannot do it alone, no matter how much he thinks he can.

    Behind every great Master is a great Priestess; similarly, behind every great One is a great Zero, which is why we must balance Masculine Though with Feminine Heart and surrender to the Union once we have found our balance.

    Now, more specifically, how does 1111 relate to Twin Flames?

    Well, some believe that the Temple of the Twin Flames was originally known by the name the Temple of Solomon.

    The Temple of Solomon means Temple of Sun and Moon, representing the Masculine Light (sun/Christ Consciousness) and Feminine Love (moon/Mother Womb) coming together to birth a Christed Child (awakened human).

    The Template of Solomon was built in the shape of the human body.

    Like Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the Temple of Solomon serves as a map comprised of specific codes, perfectly measured proportions known as sacred geometry, and was packed with occult symbolism. This was all devised to help humanity awaken, to build a better brain, and to bring the Twin Flames together.

    The Temple of Solomon, or the ethereal version which we call the Temple of the Twin Flames is a gateway to Higher Consciousness and spiritual mastery that aligns your Feminine and Masculine in union, so that Heaven and Earth may become one…

    The Twin Flame mysteries were embedded into the temple and used as keys, codes, and templates built into the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, which was passed down from earlier mystery schools from Atlantis through Northern Africa and Asia Minor using the Sun, Moon, and Flame Worship.

    These secrets then got passed onto the masons of the time who studied and built the architecture and performed initiations within mystery schools. The masons were both temple builders and alchemists, philosophers, and High Priestesses and High Priests who kept their secrets to protect the knowledge, but some kept the secrets to build their wealth.

    Unfortunately, greed always leads to wars, haves and have-nots, and we I believe that many so called powerful modern day Freemasons have learned how to use ancient occult tools for good, but some have gotten lost in evil which played out into the Patriarchal era which cut off the head of the High Priestess and shut down the 3rd eye in the majority of the populace, calling it a sin. This was enforced in all religions across the globe, creating a flock of sheep, in all but the elite.

    But at the center of your head lies the jewel–the pineal gland. It is ready to be activated and the 1111 codes can help with this as well.

    The pineal gland is a key player in aligning with, attracting, and keeping your Twin Flame Union.

    We all have different abilities to access our 3rd eye vision at the pineal gland–an open gland allows us to see the truth from the Divine Perspective… Each Twin has 1 gland, and together these create two eyes of our Twin Soul Body.

    In order to open the eyes to the God’s Eye level, each twin must individually work on herself, and then come together. This individual work includes keeping the temple body in alignment – calm enough, clean enough, balanced enough, and the chakras/energy clear, as well as the mind in a state of balance and gratitude. Perhaps even joy and excitement! We must also bring alignment into all aspects of our lives, representing each chakra.

    So many spiritual people have misaligned and abused root chakras, and many powerful wealthy people have weak upper chakras. True Twins do the work to become powerful in all 11 Twin Flame Chakras. The 7 chakras of the body, the Earth Star or Gain Chakra Below, and the 4 Transpersonal Chakras above the body. THat adds up to 12, but 0-11 is 12 chakras! These are all mapped out in the Kabbalah Tree of Life, in the Temple of the Twin Flames

    We use the acronym FLAME: feminine love aligned with masculine energy! Where the pink love combines with blue light (energy) to create the Violet Flame.

    Archangel Zadkiel calls the Violet Flame the flame of joy that flows with the Holy Spirit as it awakens humanity and frees every particle of energy that it touches. We’ll be doing an 1111 Twin Flame Activation at the ceremony that utilizes the Violet Flame, so stay tuned for that.

    Twin Flame energy as symbolized as the 1111 Codes is the type of energy that can heal world wars, nuclear disaster, and dark control forces. Not because 1111 is all light. It’s because it is the BALANCE of light and love, with dark and fear. 1111 is a number of alchemy, courage, triumph, and also surrender.

    Remember, These Twin Pillars are part of the Kabbalah Tree of Life–the pillar of the feminine is called the pillar of mercy and the pillar of severity. They share an central third pillar – the Pillar of Balance, representing the Twin Flame Union, and a balanced left and right brain.

    A vedic text  Taittiriya Upanishad Says “Where the skull divides there lies the Gate of God.”  Imagine swimming in the central main chapel, the chapel of the flames where there is water and fire together.

    It is in the central chapel that we can bridge our 2 physical DNA strands… That is, the stands science can see that is not the Higher-Dimensional based DNA. The higher dimensional DNA If you count  0-11, you get 12.

    Thus, the number 11 becomes a symbol of the 12 strands which align with the 12 chakras. I call this the 11 Chakras and 11 strands of DNA. They also correspond to the 11 balls on the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life (Sephiroth) and the 12 tarot cards.

    We’re so excited to see you at the global Twin Flame DNA activating event that’s happening on 11/11/18…An 11 year!

    Register now to join us live on 11/11 where you’ll:  

    – Learn more about the meaning of the numerology and the impact of the Twin Flames ’11 /11 Codes

     Participate in a karma clearing ritual on whatever no longer serves you & your Twin Flame Union

    – Get a guided meditation to awaken your energy for this shift on 11/11

    And my beloved Jack and I will  do a Twin Flame 11/11 channeling aimed to activate your Twin Flame DNA, awaken your soul purpose, and magnetize your ultimate beloved! Truly it’s meant to align you with whatever your heart desires, so start dreaming up your Twin-intentions!


    On the 11/11 gathering, you can ask us any questions you have how to call in your Twin Flame fast–so start thinking up some good questions 🙂

    Reserve your spot now!

    Here is the astrology happening on 11/11 2018:

    The Sun in Scorpio is sextile Pluto in Capricorn. This lends to dramatic long-term personal changes that involve commitment and focus can be a start of a positive path of development. This is a good time to conceive a new business project, love commitment, or perhaps even a baby!

    11/11 is an opportunity to find what you really want from life and go for it with heart, 100%. Utilize your inherent strengths and delegate the rest to those here to support you, perhaps even your other half.

    Then I will see you on 11/11!

    Namaste, Namast-GO

    The End of the Eclipse Season (August 2018), Twin Flame Energy Report

    The End of the Eclipse Season (August 2018), Twin Flame Energy Report

    Eclipse season recap:

    • solar eclipse on June
    • Total lunar eclipse on June 27
    • Solar eclipse on August 11
    • Mercury in retrograde from July to August

    Twin Flame Energy Report (nope, we’re not done yet!):

    On August 13, Mars moves from Aquarius to Capricorn.

    Though I love the medicine of Capricorn (and I am a Capricorn if you couldn’t tell) this could raise particularly challenging circumstances in relationship and at work.


    Since Mars is often referred to as the “angry planet” there could be more conflicts, disagreements, head-butting, etc.

    You’re probably thinking, “when will this ever end??” “Can I ever get some Astrology with good news??” 

    “When do I get a break from this madness?”

    But Mars in Retrograde can help us realize our strengths and weaknesses on a much deeper level.

    It can help us gain understanding of and get control over our wiry emotions (if we surrender our egos that is). If not it can allow our emotions to control US (the shadow side of Mars in Retrograde).  

    Which is it for you? Let us know in the comments below.  Also, give us a like if you enjoy our channel, and if you’re excited about all these stellar changes!


    It’s time to break your old habits! It’s the perfect time to let go of those negative habitual emotional reactivity and impulses. Can you imagine what your life is going to look like when you let these go! Think of how much better your relationship, life, diet, morning routines etc are going to be!

    If we do become reactive and get stuck in the old impulses, we can simply PAUSE…breathe, and set time aside to meditate about it, become aware of our own negative patterns, and apologize to those whom we may have impacted in a harmful way… Then focus on what we DO want and go for it!  Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in victim mode beating yourself up as this leads to nowhere.

    Jack has a few more tips to share about the Mars in retrograde Twin Flame energy report, but first I wanted to share an exciting announcement with you…

    For those of you committed to attracting your Twin Flame in pleasure, I’m running an upcoming Bali Retreat on 11/11 for committed divine feminine goddesses of love who are ready to align with their feminine power and Twin Flames fast.

    It’s happening on November 6-13 2018 in Ubud, Bali…

    Retreat Pray Love is right for you if you’re ready to

    • Swiftly attract and keep your Twin Flame, ultimate beloved, the pleasurable way
    • Tap into your Divine Feminine energy, without being too open or vulnerable
    • Awaken your Sacred Sexuality so you can become naturally magnetic to your beloved and
    • Become more magnetic to anything you wish to attract–such as high-paying Soulmate Clients, opportunity, and synchronicity!
    • The retreat is designed to help you reveal your full feminine power in a safe and sacred space
    • You’ll get to participate in deep healing work in a tribe of badass spiritual women for 7 full days
    • This retreat is also for those who are ready to celebrate and rebirth in body mind and spirit with organic vegetarian food, massages, raw chocolate, spa and holy water bathing rituals, and relax in a beautiful villa and tropical paradise setting, among smell the scent of Bali flowers, incense, and essential oils!

    Imagine if you were on the journey with us…Tune in and feel the energy–just hearing about Bali retreats this can be a healing activation!

    At Retreat Pray Love in Bali we will…

    • Stay in Ubud, the setting of Eat Pray Love, for 7 nights and days, the spiritual mecca paradise in Bali, just 1 hour from the Bali airport (Denpasar)
    • Do Twin Flame activations, psychic meditations, Divine Feminine readings, channeling, a self-marriage ceremony, yoni healing, womb clearing rituals, spa self-love pampering, designing our own self-marriage rings, and making a deep prayer to heal ourselves and Mother Earth!
    • Stay at a magical Balinese retreat equipped with a private pool, healthy food options, yoga deck, massage tables, and a private villa
    • Attend juicy workshops on self-love, Twin Flame Love, Sacred Sexualilty,  Pussy Power, galactic healing, channeling, meditation, goddess beauty secrets, tantra, and abundance attraction!
    • Drink activated crystalized spring water for the 6 days to help realign your aura’s crystalline field
    • Eat some of the most delicious, erotic, healthy, abundant organic food that will stimulate your senses
    • Body-image makeovers and seductive goddess photo shoots in rice paddies, on beach, and by the pool
    • Reunite with soul-family sisters for some dancing, healing, praying, anointing, adoring, accessorizing, creating, and giggling
    • Group goddess spa excursion
    • Self-marriage ritual and ring making with Pelé Jewellery
    • Take a day trip to the vulva-cano, the magical volcano of Mt. Batur and swim at a hot springs in the distance

    JACK: While I won’t be leading this goddess retreat for you ladies, I will be leading a workshop for you on healing with the Divine Masculine, so I can’t wait to meet you in Bali!

    Back to Mars in retrograde! This can help us see through our own delusions of reality. Holler if you are brave enough to admit you have had any of those!  

    I was so delusional in money-reality once, I was convinced that if I used the Law of Attraction I could create financial abundance without taking any action. I visualized my business taking off, but I ended up emptying my savings and going into debt instead, living at home with my parents and going back to my engineering job. It was tough to step out of illusions! But when I did, I committed to honoring myself by taking action; I then began honoring the Divine Feminine too by helping Amanda out in her work. I stepped up and gave 100%, which is when the abundance truly started coming true.

    If we are living in a fantasy, we’ll be given a large dose of the truth at this time.

    If we try to hold onto our illusions and delusions, it will be incredibly painful, challenging and difficult to navigate our lives and relationships during this time.

    But when we take the time to meditate, relax and practice patience, we’ll be able to see and hold space for a deeper and more beautiful truth to reveal itself.

    We’ll awaken even more to the truth of ourselves, our relationships with others and to reality itself. This is exciting

    Yet be careful with big decisions at this time. It’s a delicate phase.

    Please practice patience as it pays off.

    Instead of making decisions impulsively, try waiting and moving forward slowly from your deepest knowing.

    If you make impulsive decisions, you could get burned when you wake up and smell the spilled coffee. Don’t rush! Let it cool, sip, and savor…

    If you know your Human Design, and you’re a being with emotional authority it’s particularly important for you to sit with every decision before moving forward.

    Amanda is a Generator with emotional authority. I am a Projector with emotional authority.

    AMANDA: That is true!

    OK Gaias, I imagine you don’t want to jump into something hot and exciting, only to realize you made a complete mistake that is out of alignment and then need to backtrack. This can potentially impact others who are affected by the miscalculated decision!

    I’ve been there before 🙂

    In fact, recently Jack and I made a really impulsive decision to book a flight and spend a month in Florida for a retreat. We were SO excited!

    But to our shock, we slept on it and the next day we noticed something felt really off. We sat with our decision some more and realized it was completely out of alignment, and that our gut was practically screaming at us to cancel our plans—so that’s what we did. Then we found out that it was going to be a hot humid mess during this period, which would have been a disappointing trip.

    However, it affected other people’s expectations so we had to call them and apologize to clear up the messiness we made. It was hard to realize that our premature excitement could negatively impact others–we had to also process our feelings of shame and guilt of disappointing or inconveniencing others.

    It is never fun to UN-RSVP so it was a great reminder to take more time to meditate.

    But the real truth is, we’re human and we make mistakes. Forgiveness is one of the most beautiful things.

    JACK: Here are some MORE suggestions on how to deal with the energy at this time:

    You are very likely still in the process of integrating this powerful recent astrological season of eclipses in July and August 2018—in fact you may be integrating for the next many months or even years!

    That’s why it’s important to continue allowing deep emotions to rise, and have clearing conversations with family, lovers, friends, and even enemies.

    Allow yourself to be vulnerable, while at the same time having the warrior strength to set strong boundaries towards those who are cruel or toxic to open up your energy to.

    Once you learn to set strong, clear boundaries with people, you can feel more safe to open up and expose yourself in the name of growth and healing.

    In the process of opening up, you can heal old wounds so that you can become a more mature, strong, and grounded adult–a sovereign being who can be of service and hold space for the awakening of humanity.

    You can only be a healer and lightworker for others to the degree that you heal and hold space for yourself.

    It starts with you first. Only then you can serve others.

    This is the same in your Twin Flame partnership.

    You must be committed to healing and taking responsibility for yourself first, otherwise you won’t be able to harmonize with your ultimate soulmate, aka your divine mirror reflection and sacred sexual Union.

    AMANDA: But the truth is, the work is worth it and it can be pleasurable. And very pleasurable once the harmony occurs within your Twin Flame Union and in your chakras, that get set spinning.

    Speaking of which, I think it’s time to get off this video and do other things. Thank you for watching. If you’re ready to step up in your Twin Flame relationship and you’re curious about joining us in Bali, please click the link I’ve placed in the description box to learn more.


    What Is Feminine Energy?

    Ten Ways to Boost Your Feminine Energy

    Feminine energy is a powerful healing energy that allows us to open to receiving. Feminine, referred to as yin energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is an energy that tends to be more calm, compassionate, and caring.

    Without the feminine, we’re in trouble...

    Everyone--both men and women--have masculine or feminine energy, and that these energies must be balanced. Many people, even women, are lacking feminine energy (or are hiding their feminine side) in the overly-masculine world.

    In the modern world, women are expected to be more nurturing, soft, and beautiful while being successful and sexy. We’re expected to be mothers and CEO, romantics and leaders. The past history where women were once suppressed is crumbling as women quickly break the chains. We are calling out old behaviors, creating #metoomovements, and are stepping away from the patriarchy.

    Truly, the feminine is rising.

    How to Do Ancestral Karma Clearing: 5 Part Ritual to Attract Your Twin Flame

    How to Do Ancestral Karma Clearing: 5 Part Ritual to Attract Your Twin Flame

    heal your family karma, attract your beloved

    If you’re running in circles with love, and it feels like your love life is hopeless or cursed, then do this ritual to let go of the generations of family karma, unhealed wouds, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from epic love that lasts. 
    In order to attract and align with our Twin Flame (ultimate soulmate), we have to be in our highest vibration of truth, alignment, and love.
    Unfortunately, many of us come from backgrounds and families where the energy wasn’t in an ideal, high vibrational alignment.  Sometimes our ancestors when through experiences that were traumatic, toxic, and burdensome; and because the necessary healing for them never occurred, we may feel guilt when we incarnate into the lineage. Before we can remember things consciously, we inherited and took on their pain, and got stuck in “family karma.”
    Karmic family energy can be the toughest and most intense layer that can hold us back from our Twin Flame Union. I’ve seen so many of my clients try to sabotage or run from their Twin Flame simply because generations of negative family patterns are running (and ruining) their lives. But we have a choice! We don’t deserve the patterns of abuse as much as our ancestors didn’t deserve abuse.



    What if i leave my lineage high and dry?


    It takes courage to cut cords with family karma. Your ancestors might not have been able to experience the conocopia of abundance, the mental stability, the type of partner that you can manifest right now.  But you CAN do it! Yet hidden beliefs may tell us that we’re “turning our backs” on our family, unless we go along with their unhealthy sabotage patterns. Deep down you may be afraid to claim your happiness when your mother and father are arguing, aching, lost, depressed or divorced. But that is exactly why YOU must heal…

    When we choose to clear and free ourselves and call in our Twin Flame Union, not only may we move forward–so does the entire lineage. You heal your family tree! Saving ourselves is exactly what creates clear space for the generations ahead, and when we and our future children are thriving, the past becomes healed too.
    Instead of waiting for life to get better, for patterns to magically change, take your karma by the balls and create the love life you want, with freedom and soul-alignment. Do this family tree karma clearing excercise and watch the magic happen.



    How Do I Know If I Have Family Karma That Needs Clearing?

    The way to tell if you have family energy that needs clearing is:
    1. You are blocked in one or more area of life: (i.e. wealth, health, relationship) and no matter what you do there’s a massive upper limit
    2. You’ve tried a million ways for many years to heal yourself, but you’re not gaining traction
    3. There are generations of poverty, dysfunction, persecution, genocide, and/or abuse in your family
    4. Nearly everyone you’re related to is addicted to something
    5. No one in your family (both bloodline and/or adoptive) has the qualities or lifestyle that you want
    I am going to list out the following steps to doing a family karma clearing ritual that will help you attract and align with your Twin Flame.
    Do this ideally before the meet, marry, and especially conceive with your divine beloved. (However, it’s never too late to do this type of ritual, the results will be powerful!)




    While it might be tempting to want to throw in the towel and become thankless towards certain family members, your family gave you life. They did their best.
    Honoring those that have gone before you is a way of saying “Thank you, I love you, and I am ready to move forward.” Before the honoring step, you may wish to practice one of these two brief forgiveness ritual exercises.
    Once you open up the ritual and set intentions for what you’d like to create and release, simply offer a prayer of thanks.
    I like using holy water. Soak and infuse a few flower petals in water overnight. Jasmine, rose, and honeysuckle are my favorite. You may also use rosewater or spring water infused with sacred essential oils such as rose, jasmine, frankincense, or basil.




    For this step, you will need to find an objec that symbolizes the karma of your family tree. I recommend using an item that you can burn, such as a tree branch, dead leaves or vines, or even an object or item that you feel guided to release. First invite in the angel of protection, Archangel Michael who will keep you safe.
    You may wish to state this prayer:
    “Beloved Archangel Michael please protect me now.”
    Once you feel ready, invite the energy of your unresolved and lower vibrational family karma to enter into the tree branch (or sybolic item).
    State the last names of your family lineages, and/or names of any relatives with which/whom you wish to clear; if you are aware you share unresolved karma. Ask their energy that no longer serves to enter the tree branch/symbolic item.
    Ask your Higher Self whether or not you are ready to release the karma from your family tree.  If yes, let your Higher Self state what she/he is ready to release:
    Q: Higher Self, What am I ready to release?
    A: I am ready to release that grueling energy, the burden that sits on my shoulders. I release the energy where I am not allowed to be happy.
    In order to release the karma, we have to honor and retire our inner superhero who has been working so hard to be the Savior.
    We have to surrender and trust love to save us. We can pray that God/dess or the Universe will take care of our loved ones, and that our family members will be able to save themselves. Now is the time for you to save yourself…



    STEP THREE: Release the guilt

    No, you couldn’t save your mother, you couldn’t save your father. They will have to deal with their stuff. You couldn’t make the whole world happy, but you can make yourself happy. That’s where the magic starts and it is the only way we can heal the planet.  So that’s why it’s important to reeleasing the guilt of choosing your own path during the ritual.

    Visualize the guilt in your body and aura. Feel it as an emotion, see it as a color, or feel the tension around your heart. One of my clients said that the guilt, “Goes all over my body.” Feel the guilt draining out of your body, your head, limbs, shoulders, toes, fingers, everywhere…see it drain into the fire, which you will need to light.




    Light a fire in a fireplace, fire pit, or simply a fire-proof bowl on your porch. Be careful and mindful of fire, especially if you are in fire sensitive areas.  Have a bucket of water or hose handy and do not light the fire outdoors on a windy day.
    When you are ready, release the guilt from your body into the fire.
    Next, you are going to release your family tree branch or item symbolizing the pain of your lineage.
    “I let go of all karmic ties, curses, and negative energies that no longer serve me. I release these from my being, and I sever ties that no longer serve me with my lineage. I ask The Light to remove all darkness from my space and return it back to the Light. It is done. Amen.”



    STEP FIVE: planting the ashes with the new seeds

    Death is what sustains life, for everything happens within the circle, within harmony of polarity. 
    Pick 3-10 seeds. These may be fruit, tree, or flower seeds.  Each seed will symbolize a new wish or intention. Choose a single word for each seed after meditating for ten minutes or more.  Write each seed-intention down somewhere safe, so you can remember your wishes and watch them grow.
    Then, bury the seeds with the ashes.  From ashes to life, it is SO!
    Amen. Amama. Aho.
    Much love,

    Can My Twin Flame Be a Narcissist?

    Can My Twin Flame Be a Narcissist?

    Hi lovely!

    I dated many narcissistic men and here’s what I have to say if you’re wondering “Can my TF be a narcissist?”Hi lovely!

    I dated many narcissistic men and here’s what I have to say if you’re wondering “Can my TF be a narcissist?”  Watch, and comment on the video to let me know what you think!

    What Is Feminine Energy?

    Ten Ways to Boost Your Feminine Energy

    Feminine energy is a powerful healing energy that allows us to open to receiving. Feminine, referred to as yin energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is an energy that tends to be more calm, compassionate, and caring.

    Without the feminine, we’re in trouble...

    Everyone--both men and women--have masculine or feminine energy, and that these energies must be balanced. Many people, even women, are lacking feminine energy (or are hiding their feminine side) in the overly-masculine world.

    In the modern world, women are expected to be more nurturing, soft, and beautiful while being successful and sexy. We’re expected to be mothers and CEO, romantics and leaders. The past history where women were once suppressed is crumbling as women quickly break the chains. We are calling out old behaviors, creating #metoomovements, and are stepping away from the patriarchy.

    Truly, the feminine is rising.