Palma Rosa Essential Oil Heart Opening: How to Give a Guy a Heart Attack

Palma Rosa Essential Oil Heart Opening: How to Give a Guy a Heart Attack

Hi Priestess of Pleasure! Are you ready to call in your most delicious heart-based relationship–a guy (or gal) who gets hooked on your heart?

The following secrets are for you if it’s your time for:

  • Your divine partner (AKA Twin Flame)
  • Better sex coming from the heart
  • Passionate love that comes from a heart unbroken
  • Holy MatriMoney, money that flows from the heart

To give a man a heart attack, you simply have to heal your own heart first so you can mirror his love. A broken mirror yields broken reflections. A sparkly whole mirror yields her Twin Flame.

I learned this the hard way ladies, and ended up on heartbreak rinse-n’-repeat for decades. I wish I’d known these secrets back then!

But thank Goddess I learned how to heal my heart: now I have a man who is 110% committed, in love, and we have a deep heart connection that goes beyond words.

I want this for you.

palma rosa metaphysics

To give your dream guy a heart attack, you have to become the whole, radiant goddess you truly are, and fall in love with yourself first.  

Then, he will never leave you, always love you, and always listen to his own heart.

I’m not saying you can do this with just any crush–wait to see if he’s worthy before declairing that he’s the one. Only women who truly love themselves can let settling-for-less relationships go and trust that their is a Twin Flame out there for them.

So what if your heart was broken last year, last lifetime, or the last time you looked in the mirror? You can always heal your heart. If I did it, you can too as long as you put in the self-care time with self-love.

If you want love to come to you, then you will have to become the Beloved first.

Want a bit of heart chakra magic to blast off your fairytale? 

I have a heart-healing High-Healed Priestess anointment secret just for you: palma rosa essential oil.

The supportive qualities of sacred palma rosa:

  • Healthy skin
  • Cellular support
  • Calming yet refreshing
  • Helps to open the heart chakra -connect with Mother Earth -gives you a sense of security and unconditional love
  • Heals the heart chakra from boo boos, bad childhoods, and breakups

How to use palmarosa:

Use 50:50 base oil to essential oil

Apply several drops (2-4) on location
Apply to heart chakra and hand chakras
Directly inhale
Dietary Supplement

Amanda’s Heart Chakra Seductress Anointment:

Grab a little mixing bowl or mortar and pestle…

Add 10 drops palma rosa to
10 drops rose and
1 drop cinnamon essential oil
Mix in a heaping spoon of coconut oil

The anointment is ready for the heart-chakra opening meditation ritual.

Magdalene Rose Meditation Ritual Anointment:

Mary Magdalene represents the erotic rose energy of the Sacred Bride whose heart is open wide.

I designed this sensual meditation to be fun and playful. To me, meditation tends to be taught in our culture like a boring painful punishment where you have to sit still like Buddha or bust. No offense to anyone, but that has never worked for me as my feminine energy likes to move in waves of bliss. So I always prefer to create a spa-style sensual meditation ritual, one that invokes my lower chakras, body, and sacred sexuality.

You can use this love-rub alone or with a partner to heal your heart and blast open to more bliss, as a sacred palma rosa meditation.

Get naked and lay on your back somewhere comfy, candles and incense lit. Play sensual music; I like Pandora Radio’s Deva Premal station, it works well here.

Start by massaging the anointment into your palms to awaken the healing energy or qi. Then your spread it onto your heart and breasts, stimulating the heart energy.

Imagine expanding it and moving it out to your extremities as you physically massage the blood from your heart to your hands and feet.

Focus on any areas that need love, like the womb space, kidneys, low back, feet, etc. stating prayers for healing or listening to guided wisdom that comes through. Trust the process and enjoy.

Note: this oil isn’t the best for yonis since it contains cinnamon oil.

You will likely be turned on and heart-ready for some good sexy time with this Magdalene rose anointment, so be ready with some yoni-friendly oils if you wish to anoint your precious PU$$Y.

heart break healing essential oil

Enjoy, comment on the blog here, and see you soon! 🙂

XO, Amanda

Twin Soul Self-Love Secret: The Twin Flame Self-Marriage Meditation

Twin Soul Self-Love Secret: The Twin Flame Self-Marriage Meditation

What is the fastest way to your Twin Flame, the ultimate beloved?

I’m a Twin Flame Matchmaker, and I have seen it all. Many women I have worked with have attracted a Twin Flame runner, or even a Twin Flame Counterfeit–someone who looks like the part in every way, but who runs and who cannot sustain a long-term healthy relationship. Some of these ladies obsess over the lost love, but it brings them no where and Prince (or Princess) Charming doesn’t come back until they take this one action:

To choose self-love.

We must never abandon ourselves. We must crave our own love. We must heal our own hurts and tears and tears in our auras.

It’s simply falling in love with yourself, and aligning all your 7 chakras with YOU, singing at your own soul frequency.  Here is a Twin Flame meditation video I hope will help you:

Twin Flame Self-Marriage: Marry Yourself to Marry Your Twin Flame

Enjoy, and marry yourself, knowing that you are always pure love and deserve the very best from your beloved, and most of all, from yourself.



Dr. Amanda Noelle is a Twin Flame Matchmaker and the Founder of Aphrodite University.



You’re a powerful woman. A Divine Feminine healer, and possibly one of the most powerful people you know. Yet as an entrepreneur, you struggle in your biz. Sometimes you’re terrified, and you’re not even sure exactly why. You keep procrastinating, getting stuck, and you’re holding back. You have so much to offer, yet getting paid in abundance for your expertise hasn’t happened yet, and it’s almost killing you.

You know that you must have had something bad happen in your past that took away your power. You may even have had visions of being burnt at the stake, or just have a knowing that you were part of a witch hunt.

Is that lifetime(or lifetimes) being burned at the stake still holding you back in your business, life, and self-empowerment?

Hi, I’m Dr. Amanda Noelle, and I help women Divine Feminine entrepreneurs take back their power so they can make money in ease and have more impact. Most of my clients and students are like myself–they’re magical women who were burnt at the stake in past lives and they’re still getting over it. They have ascended as spiritual masters on some level, and must come back down to earth and ground. Yet there’s tons of old pain and terror standing in the way from living in true freedom.

It’s my soul purpose to help women overcome their past life persecution so that they can launch their soul-aligned 6-figure bli$$nesses, and fully live their soul purposes.

Every day I show up for work passionate, fired up, and also somewhat terrified, because I too am healing from lifetimes of persecution. And as all healers know, healing is an ongoing process, with layers of discovery into our subconscious. Yet I have gone from being stuck in fear and hiding, to running a sexy 6-figure bli$$ness that I love, traveling the world, leading retreats, and creating my dream bli$$ness called Aphrodite University, the world’s first Divine Feminine based MBA program for High-Healed Priestesses.

Here are the biggest three ways I see past life witch hunt fears show up in Divine Feminine entrepreneurs:

money mantras#1: Fear of Success

Most of my clients blame themselves, saying that they’re afraid of failure, which is also true. But I would say that the most common reason they’re terrified is that they’re actually afraid to succeed.  They are afraid that if they succeed and step into their power, it will be taken away yet again, and they’ll have to feel their past-live death experiences.

How to handle this:

Comfort yourself, reminding yourself that this is not that lifetime, and although it was tough now, you have come so far in your lifetimes and there is no one who can stop you anymore. You can also know that you chose death in those past lives because we (the Divine Feminine holders of the Light) wanted to show our devotion to the Divine. We learned and very strongly agreed NEVER AGAIN! And so it is. You do not have to fear actual death, thank God.  Your only true thing to fear is that you will let life pass you by, and that you’ll be living a life stuck in fear vs. living fully in service and bliss.

Affirmation: I choose life and I live it fully!

money goddess#2: Fear of Financial Instability

You’re probably not going to die because of a witch hunt. Yet your root chakra is programmed to believe it’s not safe to own your power. Therefore, your psyche creates all kinds of interesting ways to believe that there’s reason to panic. The best way we High-Healed Priestesses can create struggle, pain, and drama is through our finances.  Being stuck financially is one of the best ways to give away your power and live like a martyr. When you’re poor, you’ll often start off your sentences with:

“I can’t do that because I don’t have the resources”

“I can’t afford that right now”

“I don’t have the money to live the life I want”

Money becomes a fantastic excuse for staying underneath an invisible guillotine, where you feel like you might be executed at any moment, so you can’t feel into your power.  You see, the money systems that we use today were mostly created by dominant patriarchal political figures who did not want the power to go to the masses, and who wanted to keep it for themselves. Ironically, the women who want to free humanity from oppression often feel oppressed by these systems the most. We feel the greed, the pain, the control, and we often manifest headachy money situations that block us from fully living in our power.

How to handle this:

You must simply commit to wealth. Wealth and poverty are two sides of the same scale. Where do you choose to resonate? What frequency brings you the most joy? In order to tip the scale, you must choose to love money, and let money to love you. I call this marrying your Ka$h King, and we do rituals around this at Aphrodite University and in my private coaching work. You’d be surprised by how much old ex-husband or father energy gets in the way of allowing women to let money love them, which is why we have to do spiritual divorce rituals and money exorcisms in order to allow room for Holy MatriMoney with your Ka$h King!

Affirmation: I choose to marry my Ka$h King and we live in eternal Holy MatriMoney

dr amanda noelle #3: Feeling Financially Unworthy

When I look at my Soulmate Clients, fans, and followers, I see goddesses who have to realize how divinely worthy they are. In order to succeed in their soul-aligned bli$$nessses, they first have to see their value so that they can provide services of value that people are willing and excited to pay for.

There are two aspects of value that are important to harness as a Divine Feminine entrepreneur: (1) is self-worth, and (2) is the value that you deliver to your customers/clients.  These two aspects form a powerful trinity of power, which I believe created the success in my 6-figure business.

It’s vital that we as a Divine Feminine Entrepreneurs, work on the self-worth pieces, and remember that when we heal, those around us heal. In fact, I would guess that women across the world who are still being burned at the stake feel our increased self-love and mirror that.

Yes, there are still witch hunts happening to this day in  Sub-Saharan Africa, India and Papua New Guinea. Official legislation against witchcraft is still found in Saudi Arabia and Cameroon, according to Wikipedia. We are lucky to be living in a culture where women have granted so much power, and where there are men lovingly holding the space of the Divine Masculine.

How to handle this:

When you wake up in the morning, I ask you to think about the most important thing that drives you: is it fear, or is it love? As a Divine Feminine entrepreneur, you came here to create Heaven on Earth, and it was something that you have always been willing to die for. So don’t let a little financial fear or self-worth programs hold you back from healing yourself and rocking a revolution.


Dr Amanda Noelle

Dr. Amanda Noelle


Women, Sugar, Sex, Love, and Addiction

Women, Sugar, Sex, Love, and Addiction

I have been so addicted to sugar I once sleepwalked to the pantry and ate half a box of cookies, and didn’t hardly remember it in the morning (but the evidence was sitting by my bed).

I have been so addicted to men that I once followed a man to Italy and ignored the signs that he was not that into me until his friend told me that he was a player and that his invitation to come to Italy meant nothing, which was why he’d been ignoring my calls. Oh my!

Sugar, sex, love, and addiction have been common themes in my life. I have been heartbroken by men and infected with sugar-related chronic health problems over and over again. My weaknesses for the saccharine satisfactions nearly destroyed me…

BUT I held on. I stuck with it, and after years and years of being on a healing path, I have completely healed myself. OK, almost completely, as it is a path!

So can you, heal your addictions.  I want to support you, so you can live like the radiant goddess you are, free from addictions to the dark stuff. Except raw organic cacao that has medicinal benefits of course 🙂

I created a rocking video to heal your addictions to men, sex, food, etc. Watch it to get:

  • The most ridiculous SPIRITUAL reason women are addicted to sugar
  • How to feel effing gorgeous from the inside out
  • How to heal your sugar addictions so you can live vibrantly
  • How to heal your relationship and love addictions so you can attract your Twin Flame and Soul Family!

Enjoy the video, Women, Sugar, Sex, Love, and Addiction here!:

Addicted to Love, Sex, and Sugar?! (WATCH THIS!)

I know that if you want to heal your addictions quickly, you will. You deserve to be the gorgeous real you you truly are, in soul, body (imperfections and all), and spirit!  Girl, you’re the bomb.

If you want more sexy tips, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and please come join me for more tips during the complimentary New Moon calls over here!


Dr Amanda Noelle


Touch Yourself to Touch Your Twin: How to Attract Your Twin Flame Through Orgasm

Touch Yourself to Touch Your Twin: How to Attract Your Twin Flame Through Orgasm

So this isn’t a tip your mother would tell you about, but it works. As a Twin Flame Matchmaker with a proven track record of helping single spiritual women swiftly attract their Twin Flames, I swear by this powerful Twin Flame Attraction tool.

I Touch Myself (when I think about you) was a song I really liked at age ten, before I knew what it meant. What I also didn’t know then is that the vocalist Chrissy Amphlett probably increased her psychic connection with the person she was touching herself about, whether it was her Twin Flame, or just the next lover she wanted to bring in. This post, Touch Yourself to Touch Your Twin: How to Attract Your Twin Flame Through Orgasm, I will share how and why orgasm can align you with your one true beloved.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it already, I made a video that has gone a little viral, called How To Manifest Your Twin Flame With Orgasm. You can watch it here:

How To Manifest Your Twin Flame With Orgasm

Why Become a Twin Flame Sex Magnet?

The truth is that sexual energy is a very potent, attractive, healing and cleansing energy. Orgasmic energy is magnetic, electric, and only exists in the now.  When we are in the state of orgasm, we are in the present moment because the energy is flowing so quickly, it becomes one with the Higher Dimensions; darkness and stuck energy cannot exist there, so we can easily release the past.

Twin Flame masterbation is a phenomenal tool to bring in liquid light to the 7 chakras, to expedite Twin Flame healing, and to clear the blocks and past traumas. Most people who have met and married their Twin Flame will admit that it’s not been an easy road to arrive at the Twin Flame Union. It takes years of growth, lessons, and healing to align your 7 chakras to self-love (Twin Flame Love is self-love). You must heal your past hurts, pain, and inner child trauma. Then, you get to your Twin as a reward (and there is so much more healing work to come – it’s never-ending work, but hopefully more blissful and with bigger perks).

Thus, orgasms are an ideal time to send out your prayers and intentions.

To call in your Twin Flame, you can tell the Universe that you are ready for him or her through a prayer before, during, and after orgasm.

During our orgasmic state, our wishes, desires, and intentions can be sent to the universe at light speed. We are also more consciously connected to our Soul Family, Twin Flame, and our Oversoul during orgasm. We naturally enter a very open channeled state. Have you ever noticed how spiritually lucid you are after an orgasm?

You can experience orgasms with the soul of your Twin Flame before the Twin Flame Reunion happens in the physical world.

Think about Twin Flame masturbation as chakra target practice, fueling up the fire and desire on the spiritual level, so that you can converge in the physical. It is possible that your Twin Flame could be feeling your orgasmic energies too, so that by the time you meet you’re already experienced with one another!

30 Steps: How to do a Twin Flame Masturtation (Masturbation + Meditation)

  1. Set sacred space (light candles, play music, etc) in your silky sheets or wherever you may be
  2. Never assume you know who your Twin Flame is unless they’re in 100% agreement to committing to you (I meet hundreds of people who think they know who their Twin Flame is but it’s often a Karmic Soulmate coming in from a trauma/past wound or karma). Be open to the mystery in this meditation
  3. You might want to give yourself a gentle full body massage with coconut oil, rose essential oils, sandalwood, frankincense or any other sacred oils that call you
  4. I take a bite of raw chocolate to activate my physical energy centers (Edible Goddess is the highest vibration I can find)
  5. Call in your angels for psychic protection, or use your favorite psychic protection tools
  6. As you begin to touch yourself, start to feel your 7 chakras flowing and flooding with light
  7. Anchor your root chakra to the center of the earth (Mother Earth) with intentions of grounding
  8. Anchor your crown chakra to the cosmos (Father Sky) with intentions of expanding
  9. Bring in a golden thread of light from your cosmic energy to your earth energy, going back and forth, Divine Feminine Earth to Divine Masculine cosmos
  10. Feel your heart “pedals” unfolding, where the earth and sky merge within your body
  11. Envision your sacred sexual centers activating, water and fire coming together
  12. If you are female, contract your yoni and begin to call in your Twin Flame with pulsations and contractions
  13. The job of the feminine is to call in the masculine energy. So if your Twin Flame is the more masculine side of your soul, then call his/her energy in with the energy of the void
  14. Feel the sexiness of your body, mind, and soul. Validate yourself “I am worthy of my Twin Flame”
  15. See or imagine his or her aura coming into the room to meet you, 7 light chakras in the room
  16. As he or she enters your field of light, feel it, study it, savor it. Welcome him or her and see where you connect first
  17. Some Twin Flames connect at the heart first, others may connect at the crown, and others may connect with their 2nd chakras if they are passionate lovers first and foremost. We all have our archetypes!
  18. Adore him or her, and receive the same. Let her or him see you. Drink each other up
  19. Then, this is the fun part. Let your imagination run wild, and experience and play with as many fantasies as you wish!
  20. At some point, call him/her into your g-spot. You will be guided when to do this
  21. Always keep in mind that you are a healer bringing darkness into light, and you’re healing the past into a blissful now. Avoid staying in dark fantasies or engaging with entities

    I highly recommend you don’t judge yourself for anything you see or desire. You may have past lives that need clearing or to be remembered. You may have fantasies that seem strange or unhealthy.

  22. Just hold space from the Higher Self and ask for a clearing of all dark energies or anything that no longer serves
  23. Allow your Twin Flame to support you in healing past wounds, clearing traumas, and releasing the past by envisioning him or her with you as a witness at your side, holding your hand or hugging you
  24. If you were heartbroken, abused, or raped in the past in any way, ask for the loving energy that you need to receive in order to heal. Your Twin Flame is your reflection, so he/she will want this healing for you if you want it for you
  25. During orgasm, allow your Twin Flame’s male seed energy to come into the center of your womb, entering the sacred void space
  26. When hitting the end of your peak orgasmic state, send out a wave or really a grid of light and see it being wrapped around the earth. Ask your Higher Self to find and activate your Twin Flame with this love activation!
  27. Allow for your Divine Feminine energies to receive his/her Divine Masculine energies.
  28. Allow the orgasm to filter into your whole body – don’t hold back no matter how scary it feels. Women, you may have a female ejaculation or not
  29. After orgasm, you may want to take journal, as you want to remember any downloads you may need. You can ask any questions you have, like: “Where will I meet you?” or, “What do I need to do to prepare for you?” or, “What is in the way of our Twin Flame Reunion?”

Wow, I see you cumming right along into the path of your Twin Flame. Enjoy the healing, the play, and know that Twin Flame Love is the eternal medicine we are simply remembering. It’s awakening Divine Love, and resurrecting a Heaven on Earth.

Namaste! Amanda

PS – What’s really a pleasure is supporting women who are smart, successful, and single like you to call in their Twin Flames fast. If you are ready and you want my support, apply for a complimentary Twin Flame Activation Session here (a $697 value!).

25 Signs and Phases of a Divine Feminine Awakening

25 Signs and Phases of a Divine Feminine Awakening

Watch the video: 25 Signs and Phases of a Divine Feminine Awakening HERE:

25 Divine Feminine Awakening Signs & Phases

If you are a woman who is going through a deep awakening into the depths of the Divine Feminine, this article is meant to guide and inspire you.

The world is transitioning into a new paradigm, one where the Divine Feminine is honored as being a sacred equal alongside her Divine Masculine counterpart.

The old systems are crumbling away–the political, economic, governmental, environmental, social, familial, and so on–these systems are being replaced.

We are shifting into ‘the New Earth Paradigm.’

The patriarchy is coming to an end, as it served its purpose.

Through the patriarchy, humanity was able to fully understand that violence, evil, and greed are indeed a sin, and we have chosen in many places to eradicate violence. Though there are still wars happening, it is nothing like it was several thousands of years ago.

The patriarchal era has fallen away during the 2012 Shift, and is giving rise to a global Divine Feminine Awakening.

Women by the hundreds of thousands are being called to the forefront across the globe to step into their Sacred Feminine Power. I call this a ‘Divine Feminine Awakening.’

The Divine Feminine Awakening often occurs through a spiritual crisis, a past life recall or other mystical events, or through birthing a ‘starchild’–a spiritually-gifted daughter or son.

All enlightened women must go through the Divine Feminine Awakening to step into her full High Priestess potential.

The process of transmuting past pain and trauma allows her to step out of the patriarchal system, prepare her for her new Divine Feminine Activated life as a Feminine Leader.

In this article, I will layout the 25 phases so that you can understand more about this spiritual experience, and better navigate your Divine Feminine Awakening experience with less freakout and more bliss!

Also, you can share this list with your partner, friends, and family to help them understand the process that you are going through.

Here are the 6 signs of a Divine Feminine Awakening:

  1. The feminine aspect of your soul, especially your nurturing qualities, emotions, and intuitive gifts feel called to be awakened and aligned.
  2. You have consciously or unconsciously decided that your feminine energies are sacred and hold value for planetary healing. You may be called to open a business or exchange money or barter to honor the value of your gifts.
  3. You have a vague or even strong feeling or knowing that you have served as a priestess in one/many of your past lives.
  4. You feel called to attend women’s circles, goddess celebration ceremonies, and feel fed by being surrounded by feminine energies.
  5. You wish to immerse yourself in the healing world; you wish to become a teacher, healer, or leader in the field of holistic healing arts, mystical healing, or metaphysics.
  6. Your ancient Divine Feminine memories stored within your soul have been awakened by visiting a sacred site, through a traumatic event, by meeting a Karmic Soulmate/soul family member, or via past-life recall.

Prepare for Your Divine Feminine Awakening:

If you are a Divine Feminine leader, what I call a ‘High-Healed Priestess,’ or modern-day high priestess, life naturally initiates you into your high priestess energies via a Divine Feminine Awakening.

You don’t even have to know what the Divine Feminine Awakening is for it to happen to you–in fact, most women go through this harrowing initiation without knowing what it is!

The Divine Feminine Awakening process happens naturally, but it can be quite painful and messy. That’s why its important to have the right container in place to support the process to unfold with grace.

Unfortunately, for thousands of years, the priestess temples have been shut down, burned to the ground, priestesses deemed as witches or whores, and this persecution happened as a form of reptilian (draconian) abuse of humanity, for both women and men. During this period, High Priestesses were robbed of their wealth, abundance, and crowns. Most of all, they were robbed of their opportunity to attend the Divine Feminine Mystery Schools and get the proper training they needed to do their jobs as leaders, and become optimal mothers and female members of society.

Before I go into the phases, I want to emphasize how important it is to not go through the process alone; take your awakening seriously by getting the right care, mentorship, training, and structure you need to be a fully awakened High-Healed Priestess.

If you don’t, your gifts from the goddess will be lost, or at best diluted and suppressed.

Those women who don’t receive help from other priestesses or Divine Feminine mystery schools/ temples are often afraid to trust. They’ve gone through so much darkness.

Such women will often suffer unnecessarily for years, as they don’t have the proper preparation, infrastructure in their lives, or psychic techniques to clear the massive amount of emotional, mental, and financial energy that they may be working through during the Divine Feminine Awakening.

Though there is no exact set pattern to describe a Divine Feminine Awakening, there are some of the most common signs I’ve witnessed as a priestess and healer who has been working with thousands of Divine Feminine leaders for over 15 years:

  1. Your Divine Feminine Eye Opens: You are going along in life, then WHAM, something shifts, and you start seeing life differently. Maybe you get sick (chronic candida is common), lose a loved one, or have a traumatic event. But your way of seeing the world shifts, and you become more able to see things in a divine light, perhaps even with your third eye.
  2. You’re Younique: You notice that you are unique and different. You’re starting to see the world from a new spiritual light, and healing and revealing yourself to yourself first becomes a top priority.
  3. Who AM I? There is a time where it seems that no one totally gets you, and you hardly get yourself sometimes! But you keep asking the question: Who am I? Over and over…
  4. Release the Patriarchy: You realize that you were trying to fit into a man’s world of competition, judgment, ego, attachment, and jealousy. You decide to let it go, and while it feels like you’ve failed The Man, it’s incredibly freeing to let go and let goddess!
  5. Pleaser and Perfectionism Burnout: You become exhausted and cannot keep trying to please anyone other than yourself, especially men/male energies! You can’t go on any longer being that perfectionist and overachiever. Things get messy but you must be OK with this phase.
  6. Death of the Ego: You just can’t keep going with your old life, or you will burn out or even die…you feel called to do and be something bigger and more authentic. The search for spiritual answers begins.
  7. Self-Care Pronto!: You nurture yourself; you begin to fall in love with the goddess energies. You start to wake up to the mystical world, and world beyond the physical (aka the metaphysical world).
  8. Bliss Awakening!: After hitting multiple breakdowns, you start to experience joy and bliss in insane amounts! FREEDOM! Your psychic gifts open wider, you’re upgraded or activated! Your third eye may open up fully, your intuition sharpens, or your hands-on-healing skills activate. You might notice this while massaging a loved one or looking at someone and seeing their aura.
  9. Integration Time: You may have to be alone for some time, exploring your new goddess gifts and self – you are still in the closet but it feels so good! Or you may surround yourself with spiritual like minds and run away from mainstream people for a bit.
  10. Bodily Upgrading: You shift your diet and lifestyle to a more clean and healthy diet, so you can live higher and higher in bliss. You switch to more plant-based eating, focus on self-care, rest, and take up yoga, dance, or other sacred movement.
  11. Pain Clearing: Then you hit some intense pain codes, often having to do with isolation…You want to break out of the closet but you can’t see how you’ll be able to do so, because you’re so frightened that no one will see/understand you!
  12. Money Pain: money issues ensue. You wonder how you’ll make money as a high priestess and feel safe in the world. Will people respect you, or will they think you’re crazy? You often find yourself thinking of giving up and staying at your day job.
  13. Hopelessness and Depression: This can make you feel suicidally depressed and want to give up at some point…You feel alone and nearly hopeless.
  14. The Cry for Help: The pain gets so intense one day that you want to die, so you call out to your angels, “Help me!”
  15. Need for Community: Then you call out to your community for help, for love, for understanding. You are a Divine Daughter who needs to be held.
  16. Deepened Divinity: You then deepen your connection to Spirit, and surrender as you let go of control and self-judgement.
  17. Hope: You keep an inkling of hope in your priestess bootstraps at all times, even when it is very dark. There is still a candle lit for you in the Divine Feminine Temple.
  18. Cracking the Codes: You then hit HUGE breakthroughs because your love for God/dess is so deep and pure. You are an advanced soul tapped into something big…
  19. Manifestation Powers: You then begin to be able to manifest like crazy! The Law of Attraction sits in your favor. Money, opportunities, living situations, travel, etc. Or you at least discover the immense potential of your spiritual gifts.
  20. Confidence Clearing: You start getting the confidence back you had before you went through the Divine Feminine Awakening; sometimes you even have to keep that ego in check sister! 
  21. Root Chakra Grounding: Your finances stabilize, you quit that day job (slave job!?), and your high priestess manifestation skills carry you to time freedom and financial freedom.
  22. Ego Rebirth: Your ego may reactivate in a new way. You may be tempted to get greedy or capitalize off of others’ weak spots and pain. Contrarily at times, you may deny yourself from fully owning your power as to not seem domineering like the old patriarchy did.
  23. Fame Phase: You become recognized in your community as a Divine Feminine healer, leader, and priestess who produces results.
  24. Self-Doubt/Hatred: Self-doubt issues reveal themselves sometimes, especially when others who envy you try to tear you down because they’re not owning their Divine Feminine gifts. The past lives where you were burned at the stake come up to be cleared. You may fear persecution and suppress your voice again. Things go up and down until you realize that you are an ocean of love. Your waves  are not meant to be stable. The Goddess surrounds you and you start to build your bliss and serve your community from a deeper level. The unconditional love of God/dess saves you every time!
  25. Divine Feminine Activation!: You reach your full activation state. You become truly free!  You cannot but spread the bliss, the love, the creativity. You keep needing to share it with the world through words, acts of kindness, and embodiment. The growth cycles will continue to ebb and flow, but for the most part, you have stepped into your high priestess self-empowerment and are ready to make a huge movement on the planet.

So, in summary, the Divine Feminine Awakening experience is not for the faint of heart, but the results are beautiful. This initiation process is here to prepare you at each step to transform you to become the bold, bright, and beautiful woman–the High-Healed Priestess who reflects the Great Goddess Mother–that you are.

Integrating the Divine Feminine Awakening Phase

Before closing, I wanted to offer you my list of what happens after you become initiated as a High-Healed Priestess. Let’s say you’ve already gone through the 25 Phases of the Divine Feminine Awakening, and you’re on your game…

Where should you expect to go from here? Here are 7 post-awakening things you’ll likely start to notice in your life:

  1. You become an expert teacher to the other new paradigm healers, artists, and leaders.
  2. You realize that it’s going to be a long life and you want to give back to future generations.
  3. Your mission is less focused on money, fame, and success, and becomes about being in service, in giving back.
  4. It becomes bigger than just me me me, or my family, or my kids, or my money…It becomes about your tribe and beyond your tribe.
  5. You become a true planetary healer and connect your passions with ecology, community leadership, and healing the world.
  6. Money becomes a means to your healing, versus money being a healing source to your ego (which it is at first and that’s OK, women have been disempowered for so long it’s only natural to feel proud of owning land/money like men at first!).
  7. Ecovillages and sustainable communities, crystalline sound healing chambers, goddess temples, and New Earth projects rise.

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And that’s just the beginning of what I see! Be where you are now, my sweet sister. Embrace yourself in the now as you look towards where you want to go. And get the sacred support you need. We are in this together! Lots of love to you, Amanda Dr. Amanda Noelle is the Twin Flame Matchmaker and founder of Aphrodite University, helping women get what they want in romance and wealth.