How to Clear Dark Energy That Blocks Your Twin Flame Union

How to Clear Dark Energy That Blocks Your Twin Flame Union

Even the most magical women get hit by dark energy sometimes… This can blocks us from attracting what we want: our abundance, our soul purpose, and our Twin Flame.

Beloved, does this sound like you?:

– Is a destructive energy blocking you from your Beloved?
– Do you keep attracting energy vampires left and right?
– Are you having trouble sleeping, focusing, or feeling grounded and safe?
– Is your life being sabotaged for no apparent reason?
– Does something just feel off?

This blog is for you if you’re ready to clear your aura for good and get a sparkly clear love life, sans demons and darkness, to get down to your true essence so you can attract a divinely aligned Twin Flame Love.

I actually recently hit my own struggles with darkness and it was quite a journey returning the crown back on my Crown Chakra. It happens to all High-Healed Priestesses!

My Twin Flame Jack and I just spent the summer between Europe and the East Coast. We stayed in a few spooky old farmouses and castles in France, Vermont, and Upstate New York…places that felt, well, a little HAUNTED! Here’s a pic of me in front of the super spooky haunted barn.

how to clear dark energy

Since returning to San Diego a few days ago, I have been noticing an upper limit to my magic….Something just felt off.

Even all four of our websites went down with malware, even after we’d invested hundreds of dollars in getting them clean! It’s as if the demons are saying they wanted to destroy everything in their path….

But I decided that I am DONE with darkness, and I am ready to spread my light fully!

Would you like to release the darkness too, to tap into your peak priestess performance?

Great! It’s time! By claiming your energy field and building a radiant shield of protection (divine light), you are making room for your Twin Flame to come in.

Your Twin Flame will only be attracted to your soul when he/she  an actually recognize your soul, which means your auric field needs to be squeaky clean. No energy blocks or old cobwebs sister!

Here are some juicy goddess tools I have used over the years that really work to spruce up the ol’ energy field. They’ll help you call in your Twin Flame and virtually anything your gorgeous soul desires.

But first…Note that there are many ways to clear an aura.

Here are four useful principles to help you get and keep your aura clean:

  • You’ll want to clean your aura regularly, as a practice, and also clear your home and office, and wherever else you spend your time regularly.
  • Also, dark energy must be cleared out with love and light, not fear, panic, or paranoia.  Love and compassion are the the holiest of sanitizers, like a psychic version of Purell!
  • I also suggest having a huge sense of humor, and laughing at the darkness and silly demons (maybe even cackle to loosen things up!).
  • Practice makes perfect, and over time you’ll realize how sensitive you are to unclean energy, and you’ll get better at keeping things pristine.

Tips to Cleanse Your Aura

Feather dust! Take a feather–I like wild turkey feathers or ostrich feathers—and ‘dust’ your aura from head to toe, down the arms, down through the feet, and throw all the negative energy into an invisible drain that returns it to the center of the earth.

Light Shower

Turn on the shower of white light, or the violet flame (a cleansing ray), use a rose hue, or anything thing will do! Imagine light pouring down from the heavens and cleansing the parts of you that feel triggered or stuck.

Golden Egg of Protection

This energy field filters out negative energy trying to get in. Sometimes I see women how to clear your auraattempting to call in their Twin Flame, but because they aren’t protecting their auras, they’ll keep calling in dark energy which keeps the Karmic Soulmates, Twin Flame Counterfeits, and lower vibrations coming in…

To use this tool, the Golden Egg of Protection, place a bubble–something that looks like a golden egg–around you, about 12-18 inches outside of your body. This sits just at the edge of your aura. Make sure if you have a tendency to have big aura to tuck in your aura so it fits inside this bubble so you’re not up in everyone else’s energy fields! This will help untangle you from other people’s drama and help you claim your own power so you can really step into self-love.

Additionally, you may place any symbols of protection you like in the Golden Egg of Protection, like Egyptian ankhs, Mary Magdalene roses, pagan crosses, merkaba, etc at the edge of the egg and watch energy bounce right off.

Goddess Cleansing Bathing Rituals

twin flame matchmaker

Clear things up with the holy sacrament of water! Water be used in ritual to bless our body that is made of water, and our soul that vibrates at the merkaba structure that is held within water.

Use Himalayan or Dead Sea salt to neutrailze negatively charged energy in your aura. Or take a dip in the ocean! The negative ions will balance you out.

Boost your bathing rituals by saying a prayer asking your angels and guides to remove negative and toxic energy. I like to add epsom salts, essential oils, and herbs. Most essential oils have some cleansing properties, though I really like peppermint, lavender, frankincense, and rosemary for cleansing.

It’s crucial to clear your aura of energy from exes, past lovers, your parents and ancestors, and doing an intentional ceremony to help clear out your past from these energies and spirits will be of use. Otherwise, you may get caught in a Twin Flame Runner and Chaser loop, where you try to pull in your partner, but there are past energy blocks impeding him or her from coming in.

Design your own cleansing bathing ritual and use the energy from the fire before and after your bath with smudging.


I normally smudge daily, and I wish I’d done this during my travels!

I was once told by a psychic that it is scientifically impossible for ghosts (spirits without bodies) to reside in homes that have been smudged. Dunno if it’s true, but I’ll take that! I like the way that smudging feels–so purifying! You can use palo santo, cedar, sweet grass, or frankincense as well.

Smudging with sage or other plants clears out negative energy in your aura and in area you’re in. Take an abalone shell and place a handful of loose white sage inside and light them. Or use a smudge bundle and light the leaves.

Allow the sage to smoulder and wave this smoke using a feather or fan into your aura or area of the room with stagnant energy.

Pass the smudge across your heart and hold it there for a few moments stating “I clear unhealed heartbreaks from my past and I now step into a Twin Flame frequency at my heart

Don’t forget to smudge the bottoms of your feet to get grounded, and your crown chakra, and also smudge closets, bookshelves (all that mental energy!), and corners extra well. Enjoy the difference after a good smoke down!

These tools are each super powerful in their own right, and you can use them at your own pleasure, leisure, and way.

I’d love to hear back from you about what you have used to cleanse, or what you’ve struggled with in the aura clearing process.

Simply post in the comments below and share your thoughts, and I’ll do my best to reply!

XO, Amanda

PS: Tell me what color your aura is, and I’ll bonus you a kiss!

Twin Flame Essential Oils: Aromatherapy for Twin Flame Love and Attraction

Twin Flame Essential Oils: Aromatherapy for Twin Flame Love and Attraction

Photo Credit: We Heart It

Photo Credit: We Heart It

As a Twin Flame Matchmaker and healer, I love using essential oils to help my clients align with and call in their Beloved fast.

Essential oils help us heal our vibrational alignment. It’s important to align with the essence of our soul in order to call in the Twin Flame Mirror, the highest mirror of our soul. Our Signature Soul Song is the essence of our soul’s sound vibration. Our Signature Soul Song is constantly changing, yet it is also constant–just like everything in the universe. We have an essence behind the fluctuations that never changes, and it’s based on love.  That is our Twin Flame Essence.  Using the magic of essential oils can support this on the metaphysical level.

Additionally, oils help us ground, heal, and nourish our physical bodies through our DNA, our cells, muscles, bones, detoxification and nourishment systems, etc.  They are medicines that support our whole.

Here are four categories of Twin Flame essential oils: Twin Flame Grounding Oils, Twin Flame Self Worth Oils, Twin Flame Aphrodisiacs, and Twin Flame Blessings to support you in your Twin Flame attraction and awakening process.

Twin Flame Grounding Oils

These oils will take you from fantasy relationships into deeper states of Twin Flame Love. They will help you bust your Twin Flame Love Blocks (the energies that stop you from calling in a true Twin Flame Union), as well as to align you with your 11 Twin Flame Chakras.

  • Basil
  • Cyprus
  • Rosemary
  • Pine
  • Frankincense
Photo Credit: We Heart It

Photo Credit: We Heart It

Twin Flame Self-Worth

  • Anise
  • Fennel
  • Lemongrass
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Jasmine

Twin Flame Aphrodisiac

Twin Flame Blessings

  • Angelica
  • Jasmine
  • Geranium
  • Ylang Ylang

There are many Twin Flame essential oils that one can use in Twin Flame Anointments. I also highly recommend preparing yourself as a Twin Flame partner with a Twin Flame Facial–a sacred facial ritual in which you cleanse and clear psychic energies away from your face (while also purifying your skin).

twin flame bathDr Amanda Noelle is a Twin Flame Matchmaker and High-Healed Priestess who helps smart single women to call in their Twin Flame in 6 months or less, the sexy spiritual way.

What Your Yoni Likes More Than a Jade Egg: Moonstone Egg Magic

What Your Yoni Likes More Than a Jade Egg: Moonstone Egg Magic

Chances are, if you are a modern day goddess (aka High-Healed Priestess) you have heard of jade eggs.

Yes those tiny little egg-shaped stones made of jade that you slide up into you Divine Feminine temple to keep her tight, taught, and tempting..

Well, I might have something that’s even better than the jade egg.

It’s a moonstone egg!

moonstone egg properties

I’ve got a egg carved out of moonstone up my yoni as I write this, and I like it way more than its green cousin made of jade.

I love the moonstone egg properties because they particularly support the wombspace, healing sexual energies, and activating the Divine Feminine temple.

The properties of jade supports the body in self-healing by clearing the underlying, non-physical reasons for a precipitation for disease. Jade is particularly helpful for kidney, heart and stomach complaints.

So jade eggs are quite dandy too for generic healing. However, that’s not a good enough reason to use jade in my yoni…

Here’s why I prefer using moonstone:

  • Moonstone connects us with the magic of the moon, and creates the tides and rhythms of the ocean and the Divine Mother.
  • It is a gift of lovers for passion and raw intimacy.
  • The stone is a channel for PU$$Y Power Prophecy – a path to wisdom.
  • Moonstone encourages natural, painless and balanced menstural cycles by harmonizing us with the rhythms of Mother Nature.
  • It promotes a powerful feminine energy for your Twin Flame tantra experiences.

Indeed, my moonstone egg and I are tight :)

She gets me in touch with my lunar magic during my menstrual cycles and during the new and full moon.

I like to activate my PU$$Y Power with moonstone’s intuitive magic by meditating with the stone inside my yoni temple-chalice. Take notes while meditating with this powertool up your girl–you’ll certainly get some awesome Divine Feminine downloads!

I of course enjoy doing daily Kegels with something so sexy and feminine inside me; the beautiful oceanic energy slides in and out, connecting me back to Mama Ocean and to Oneness.

You’ll appreciate how calming and sensual moonstone is – it’s so nurturing, feminine, and even cooling.

You may even notice how the energy assists in the release of past traumatic sexual experiences, previous sexual partners, and sexual energies just don’t jive with you anymore.

Where to buy a moonstone egg?

I bought mine on the internet using my PU$$Y Power Prophecy (intuitive powers), which brought me right over to It was easy, relatively fast shipping from India, and I enjoyed my product right away just after doing a brief cleansing ritual.

Other egg companies that are not high-vibing will require much heftier cleansing, so beware.  Make sure you purchase from a company that you have a feeling of alignment with, or the vibes won’t do justice for your ‘gyna.

How do I clear my moonstone egg?

Once you purchase your moonstone egg, you may wish to begin with a major clearing. My PU$$Y couldn’t wait so I jumped on it then came back to do a larger clearing.

Here is how I suggest doing a major clearing:


Pure spring water

Sea salt

Himalayan salt

Rose petals (organic)

Rose mary (fresh picked is nice, if available)

Any cleansing crystals to your liking

moonstone yoni egg

Instructions to charge and cleanse your moonstone egg:

Moonstone, like all crystals, need to be charged in order to provide you with the maximum amount of energy flow into your body. 

Wait until a full moon to clear your moonstone egg. Then prepare the mixture starting with the water and salt. Add the rose and rosemary. Put your left on your heart, and your right hand over the bowl, stating a prayer of purification to your choice. The blessing could be, for instance:

“May this moonstone egg (or whatever name you’ve given her) be purified and in vibration with the highest light and the blessing of Luna. May these energies align with my the moon of my heart, womb, and body. Aho!”

Next, visualize a flower of life or merkaba shape (the flower of life is more in resonance with the Divine Feminine). Place the sacred geometry from your mind’s eye into the water as it will assist with the structural balance and vibration  of the water.

Next, place your moonstone egg into the water and place your dominant hand in the water stirring clockwise three times. You may wish to add a prayer here to supercharge the water with your deepest desires. I suggest doing this while connecting to your yoni.

Allow your sacred stone to rest in her bath overnight during the full moon. I like doing this for at least 11 hours (a Twin Flame number). You may keep her in her bath for several days if your intuition directs you to do so.

You may also boost the cleansing process with the addition of palo santo after the crystal bath. I prefer the energy of palo santo over sage as it has a more resonant vibration and Divine Feminine energy as compared to the super smoky masculine sage. But that’s just what my PU$$Y Power is saying–listen to yours.

How often do I cleanse my moonstone egg?

You’ll need to cleanse your sacred yoni stone as often as your PU$$Y Power speaks. I suggest waiting no more than 1 moon cycle (28 days) as if you are using your stone regularly, you’ll be clearing loads of energy from your wombspace and past sexual energies will be dropping off into the stone.

It would be ideal to cleanse your stones twice a month

yoni egg healingMay the moonstone energy bless your womb, yoni, and Sacred Feminine space!

There’s so much more to learn about yoni eggs and wombspace clearing, but hopefully this will get you started creating a more aligned vibration in your body and Divine Feminine sacred temple.

Note: do the ceremony on a full moon, or slightly before (when its’ waxing). Do not do it on a waning moon, as this is a time when you risk that the crystals could begin losing their power/charge.

I’ll be teaching much more about yoni eggs and Twin Flame Attraction at Twin Flames Live  in San Diego on June 10-12, as yoni eggs are a useful tool that promotes Twin Flame Love clearing and awakening, if used properly. Click here to learn more about Twin Flames Live.

Rock on with the moon sister, enjoy your day or eve!

Blessings, Dr. Amanda, The Twin Flame Matchmaker

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twin flame retreat

Three Ways to Remember Your Dreams and Heal in the Dreamtime

Three Ways to Remember Your Dreams and Heal in the Dreamtime

Would you like to recall your dreams so that you can:

  • Heal your body from illness, energy blocks, and chronic pain?
  • Remember and heal your past lives or early childhood?
  • Forgive and let go of past relationships that are stopping you from being in a healthy partnership with your Twin Flame
I love using the astral (dream) realms to heal myself, particularly when I have tried everything under the sun on the waking world and nothing works.
Last night I studied and played for 8 hours in the astral realms. All shamanic cultures incorporate dreams into their healing work, and this is where I give and receive massive healings and activations.

I’ll share this healing dream download with you as an example of how you can heal in your dreams.

I was watching these beautiful codes: numbers and symbols, floating in space. They were intricate and intentional created by the Higher Powers.
I was ‘told’ by a Higher Mind (within myself and within the dreamtime) that the digit one is a key, as it unlocks the heart(s) of The All. For everything is made up of 1s and zeros!

The Masculine is represented by 1s, and the Feminine by womb-like zeros.

Yoni = 0
Lingam = 1
Together, patterns of 1s and 0s create our entire Universe.
In the dream I found that one of the ways to heal ourselves and the planet is by using these codes in meditation.
The old codes are the past codes of pain, like that heartbreak you just can’t seem to shake. Or your issues with men, money, your body, depression, etc.
The old codes don’t feel blissful and light, so they are here to be unlocked, so we can move from the past pain into presence and pleasure. So women and men can thrive in sexy, successful, soul-based and soul purpose-based partnerships. So our children are born into healed hearts and wombs, from proud loving seeds of vivacious consciousness!
We are all One, and no one on this planet no matter how separate they may feel can escape this!
Therefore, through Oneness, we can heal ourselves and the planet in the dreamtime. These are the 3 tools I hope may inspire and support your healing:

STEP ONE: Have a Dream Journal

A dream journal is a journal you place by your bed that you fill primarily with dream notes. It holds energy, wisdom, and magic for you while you sleep. During your divine download time at night, the dream journal will be there waiting your notes as you experience dreams and healings.
When I first got a dream journal, I instantly began remembering my dreams. I had more dreams, better dreams, and was able to become more lucid and thus moved myself around in dreams.

STEP TWO: Have an Orgasm Before Bedtime

What did you say crazy lady!? Yes, although this tip sounds a bit odd, this tip really works. In order to awaken your dreamtime chakras, it helps to have the orgasmic energies running through your body. So play with yourself or a partner and while you’re orgasming have the intention to bring this magic into the dreamtime.
I often have orgasms during my sleep that feel very healing if I have had an orgasm before going to bed.  Last night I had 3 orgasms in my sleep using this tactic, and I was able to clear some emotional blocks I had been working on intensively this week post full moon.
twin flame dreams

STEP THREE: Claim Your Dream Power!

This is the most important piece. Most of us simply go to sleep and sleep. Some of us have dream recall, and some don’t. But everyone is dreaming at night–if we didn’t we’d go insane. It’s a proven fact that has been studied by psychologists: if someone doesn’t dream for 2 days or so, they begin to go mentally insane. If you’re saying “I don’t dream,” what you really mean is that you don’t remember your dreams.
It’s at this time that you must claim your dream power! You are made up of Oneness, and at night your conscious mind shuts off, while your subconscious mind awakens without limitations. It’s the perfect ripe place to perform deep self-healing and planetary healing work.
Right now we are at a time of crisis on the planet with global warming, overpopulation, wars, terrorism, etc. Not to get into a soapbox or scare anyone, but it is our time to address these issues and the place to do that is in both waking life and the dreamtime.
Dreamtime is the space where the divine mind in us can communicate with the dark subconscious of itself that is mirrored in the ‘other’–in terrorists, dark places, leaders, etc.  We can beam love towards where it needs to go, and the limits of waking life are not present.
Claim your dream time! Practice healing yourself and the planet and even calling in your Twin Flame in the dream time. Life is moving too fast, and it’s too short to wait. 
Twin Flame Facial Ritual for Radiant Skin, Spirit, & Soulmate Attraction

Twin Flame Facial Ritual for Radiant Skin, Spirit, & Soulmate Attraction

Hey there Twin Flame Lover!

I am feeling beautifully creative today, and wanted to do a spa pampering blog post for y’all this week on how to do a Twin Flame Facial!

Healing the energy on and around your face is an important step for self-care and Twin Flame attraction, for you must awaken your Inner Goddess in order to call in your King or Queen!


twin flame ritual

Twin Flame Facials can heal and transform your mood, and shift your outlook on your own beauty. Here are some of the real hot benefits of doing your own or getting facials done:

  • You’ll have more gorgeous hydrated, toned, supple, smooth sexy skin that your soulmate will appreciate from afar and by touch
  • You’ll cleanse the skin of dead skin cells, hardened oil, clogged pores, and old toxins
  • You’ll nourish your skin with energy, minerals, oils, and healthy natural products to give a more vibrant youthful energy and look
  • You’ll feel more sexy and confident in your own skin, which invokes a higher vibration energy that is required to attract your Twin Flame
  • The pampering act of self-care tells your human physical form that she’s sacred; pampering aligns your corporeal self (body) with the Higher Self, so that both become nourished, high-vibing, and loved
  • In giving yourself or another person a facial, you activate your hand chakras, emitting a heart-chakra frequency from your own heart, which is good practice to be in a Twin Flame Love vibration
  • Facial massage promotes relaxation, soothed muscles, and a general sense of grounded wellbeing, a very yummy energy for a Twin Flame Bride to be found with!

A lesser known fact about me is that I worked as a licensed esthetician for about 5 years, and have always loved doing beauty treatments on Twin Flame-seeking clients.

The spa is where I discovered that I have the Twin Flame Matchmaker in me…I owned and ran a small studio spa where I did organic facials, foot baths, and psychic healing.

When I worked my woo-woo magic at the spa, I quickly help my single clients get soulmated to their Twin Flames. It was wild to see how fast it happened, truly incredible!

As a spa practitioner, it’s amazing to see how your clients can quickly transform on the inside and out when you honor their beauty and bodies.

It is no wonder that facials are one of the most powerful Twin Flame rituals that worked for my clients.

What I love about facials is that they can transform your skin within; the skin holds psychic and psychological memory or information.

Your face holds a lot of energy, as it’s where your eyes–the windows to your soul–meet the world. Your skin is also where people often first see you, recognize, you, judge you, or remember you from a past life.

If you’re holding stuck psychic energy in your skin and face, your Twin Flame might not be able to recognize you through your mask of pain, shame, or hiding energy.

That’s why it’s important to clear the face of both physical and psychic degrees during your Twin Flame Facial.

While there’s no simple solution to eradicating wrinkles, healing acne, or having pores no more where there were many before, facials do heal skin in the long-term and can impact all kinds of skin issues.

The impact of ongoing facials over the years is undeniable. I got to see this first-hand as an esthetician in my older clients (60+). Those who had been getting facials done over the years on a regular basis had noticeably younger looking skin.

How old do you want to look in front of your Twin Flame partner when you’re 60 without having to go under a knife!?

how do i find my twin flameWhat is the Twin Flame facial?

As a Twin Flame Matchmaker, I help High-Healed Priestesses fall in love with themselves, create incredible careers and incomes while saving the world, and to attract their one true Twin Flame.

I have created this Twin Flame Facial that is good for all (or most) skin types. You can adjust the recipe if you have a preference for certain ingredients.

This facial ritual holds a specific vibration for calling in your Twin Flame.

Or, if you are already with your Twin Flame, you can do this facial on yourself or the both of you to activate the Twin Flame energies between  you!

The Twin Flame Facial requires the following tools:

  • 1 small towel
  • 1 large towel
  • 1 large bowl
  • 2 smaller bowls
  • A pillow
  • A 432 hz tuning fork, available online or in music or metaphysical shops
  • Blender
  • Cotton balls

It requires very tiny amounts of the following ingredients:

  • Gentle creamy cleanser
  • Rice powder (finely ground rice flour)
  • Raw organic coconut oil
  • Essential oil of rose, rose geranium, and rosemary
  • Rose petals
  • Clay – French clay or really any type of dry powdered clay from healthfood store
  • Cucumber slices
  • Organic aloe vera gel
  • Organic raw honey
  • Toner (I like Ilike Organics of Hungary Rosehip Toner)

Note: always educate yourself before working with essential oils and do a patch test to see if you’re sensitive/allergic. Don’t apply oils neat (without a base oil/mask) lest ye wish to get burned!

How to give yourself a Twin Flame Facial

  1. Charge all of the liquid ingredients with the 432 hz tuning fork (the 432 frequency is a Twin Flame vibration that harmonizes water with sacred geometry).
  2. Cleanse your face twice gently but thoroughly until all makeup and dirt is removed. You can use coconut oil on a cotton ball to remove heavy eye makeup first. The first cleanse cleanses dirt/debris; the second cleanse will deeply cleanse the skin.
  3. Rinse really well with splashes of tepid-warm water. Do not use hot water, especially if you suffer from acne, rosacea, or inflammation
  4. Next, take a few pinches of the rice powder and add it to a little bit of water until it becomes a fine paste. Do a very gentle facial scrub using gentle circular movements with almost no pressure, and rinse
  5. Do an oil cleanse: take a spoonful of the coconut oil mixed with a drop of rose and massage it into the moist skin. Use light strokes moving your fingers intuitively where it feels right.  Keep massaging for about 3-5 minutes until your blackheads have emulsified and disappeared
  6. Next, take a warm cloth or esthetician’s sponge to remove the oil.
  7. Detox mask: mix the clay powder with a drop of rosemary. Add enough water to mix to a cake batter consistency. Apply with a soft fan brush or gently with your fingers.  Rest lying down with cucumbers on the eyes
  8. Remove the mask once it sets, before it gets too dry and crumbly (otherwise the toxins may start to reabsorb in your skin)
  9. Then, apply a thin layer of raw honey to the skin. I suggest warming it in a bowl or in your hands first so its soft and smooth
  10. Layer your honey mask with a mask made of aloe gel mixed with a drop of rose geranium essential oil
  11. Layer this final mask with rose petals on top, and you’ll feel like the Rose Queen!
  12. To complete your facial, gently rinse and remove the final mask, tone, and apply moisturizer or organic sunscreen

palma rosa heart

Finish your Twin Flame Facial ritual with a foot bath and a warm cup of tea, or perhaps even a masturtation to quickly call in your Twin Flame!

Take care of yourself as the goddess you are, and your Twin Flame mirror will come running towards you to serve your highest essence.

Twin Flame rituals like these will help you call in the one, especially when you practice them regularly as part of a self-care routine.

Enjoy your Twin Flame Facial darling, and let me know how it goes!


Amanda, The Twin Flame Matchmaker


Twin Flames and Soul Family Reunion

Twin Flames and Soul Family Reunion

“Help! I don’t know how to find my Twin Flame!”

As a Twin Flame Matchmaker, I get this a lot.
I want to be able to say, “Just use the Law of Attraction, and your Twin Flame will come!”

But it’s really not that simple.  We can use the Twin Flame Law of Attraction, but we do have to evolve and grow on the spiritual, mental, and emotional levels before calling in our Beloved.

That’s why I highly suggest using this tip before calling in your man or woman, as it’s a powerful tool for self and soul development that will prepare you for the real deal.

Find your Twin Flame fast with Soul Family

Calling in a Twin Flame is quite a journey for many of us–it certainly was for me! I used this very powerful key to call in my Beloved who fits me like a glove, and I discovered it on accident.  I have shown my clients how to call in their partner using this tool as well, and it seems to be an important step for those stuck in a dating rut.

There are many ways to call in your Twin Flame, and everyone will walk a slightly different path. However, one real simple way to ‘practice’ calling in your Twin Flame is to call in Soul Family first.

soul family reunionSoul Family connections activate Twin Flame Love

Soul Family are people in your ‘soul group’ with whom you reincarnate (don’t worry if you don’t believe in reincarnation though, just think of them as people you instantly feel connected to). They’re  those special people with which you easily resonate.

With Soul Family, you literally resonate at a similar vibrational frequency in many aspects, and it feels really really good.

Soul Family Reunions prepare you for your Twin Flame Union because you learn how to match frequencies, form bonds, work through difficulties, and navigate intimacy.

Soul Family is an alternate form of Twin Flame Love

Here is an example of my Soul Family Reunion success story! My soul sister Chiara and I met in Florence, Italy years ago in 2003, and it felt immediately as if we were old friends. Past life perhaps?

After moving back from Italy, Chiara and I were mostly out of touch for a decade because it was way before Facebook and even email was rather rare in Italy.

Then, two years ago, in 2013, I reunited with Chiara and we had an incredible summer friendship in Greece/Italy, followed by another 2 month visit in Tuscany because we had so much to connect on, catch up on, and create together!

As it happened, I could feel there was lots of soul growth and evolution happening through our connection. I’d been going through a stuck patch for several years regarding my own Twin Flame process (very annoying when you’re a Twin Flame Matchmaker helping others get what they want!).

Chiara and I would sit at cafes laughing and talking about what our Twin Flames looked like, fantasizing about the cute business men walking in or the hot Greek waiters (who did turn into brief love affairs for both of us!). The energy was playful and I felt like my Soul Sister and I could create anything together.

I felt way less stuck in the Twin Flame department after spending time with Chiara, and I don’t think it was a coincidence that the last time I saw her in person was during the same timeframe in which I met my Beloved.

There is much healing, and magic that happens in Soul Family Partnerships.

To this day, I have Chiara to thank for helping her meet my Twin Flame, Jack. I met Jack for the second time at Ecstatic Dance Oakland the night that I brought Chiara in for a visit! I love both of my Soul Family Members and know that Chiara was an important gateway to my reunion with Jack.

My message to you is to spend time with people who really fill your cup, who melt your heart, and who even push your buttons at times because they help you grow so swiftly!

I am indebted to Chiara especially for the difficult fight we got in at the end of her last visit–it pushed me to grow and face my worst fears. We worked through it together and stepped into a new level of love and surrender. It was not easy.

It wasn’t easy…But neither are Twin Flame relationships!

Have you called in your Soul Family–people who:

  1. really get you
  2. who have a similar frequency
  3. share a similar set of spiritual tools
  4. are on the same path of growth and soul evolution
  5. fill your cup fully
  6. feel like brothers/sisters
  7. have that instant soul bond ‘recognition’

I hope that you are able to call in your Twin Flame fast by activating some powerful Soul Family relationships.  I also hope that you can use these sacred connections to experience the first levels of Twin Flame Love. Twin Flame Love goes way beyond two people; it is an energy inside you and is of God. It is truly everywhere.

How does Twin Flame energy presence itself in your life RIGHT NOW?  And how can you call in support from your Soul Family to prepare for your Twin Flame Union?

Twin Flame and Soul Fam Love, Light & Blessings!

Dr. Amanda Noelle,

The Twin Flame Matchmaker