How To Plan Your Business Launch Based On New And Full Moon Cycles

How To Plan Your Business Launch Based On New And Full Moon Cycles

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Every month we gather to set intentions for the moon cycle, meditate to “download” our visions and soul-guided action steps, and share them with a soul-sister to witness our growth.

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Want to grow your spiritual business with more flow and ease? Then do as the ancients did–select key business dates (i.e. launch dates, webinars, live events, courses, retreats etc) that align with the cycles of the moon. 

In this post, we’ll teach you how to plan out your business launch calendar for optimal success, according to the moon cycles. 

Why Is the Moon Powerful?

Lunar energy creates more flow and ease, which means your business can go from striving to thriving

Each month (which comes from the word moon by the way) has its unique flow, its own astrology, and its own business benefits. You can either go with the “flow” or swim “against” the tides.

Speaking of tides, fishermen have always known that during the full moon and new moon, they’ll have the biggest catch. This is called ‘moon-phase fishing’ due to the moon’s effect on the tides and aquatic life, allowing the fish to see better and to feed nocturnally. 

This is the same for spiritual entrepreneurs who are soulfully “fishing” for success, whether it be for likes, views, clients, prospects, or new leads.

To create an abundant and profitable business, every smart spiritual entrepreneur will want to utilize the power of the moon’s cycles. 

What Is the Lunar Cycle?

A full lunar cycle happens for 29.5 days and as the moon happens in 8 phases, 4 are “yin” and 4 are “yang.” 

Yin phases or “active” moons are connected with the feminine energy which are great for “feeling into things” so you can reflect and restore; while Yang phases or “receptive” moons are connected with masculine energy which is good for taking action and getting things done.

Moon Phases for Business


New Moon (New Beginnings) “Yang”

  • Keep manifestations in your mind or write them in a journal or using a new moon manifestation worksheet (click here to download our free Moonifestation Playsheet PDF). Plant your seeds then manifest everything you want by prayer and taking action. Write them out first, then visualize, and say it out loud just to let the universe know what you want. 
  • Join together in ceremony in the presence of other powerful lightworkers to download your visions and increase your manifestation powers on the new noon. We offer a FREE new moon ritual for women entrepreneurs at Aphrodite University, the premier Divine Feminine University and mystery school for Twin Flames. Women who attend the new moon ritual experience powerful shits that align their month ahead in business and beyond. 
  • Be flexible with your soul-guided action steps; you’re testing the waters. Dream big, have goals and visions for your business. Allow in surprises!
  • Answer these 2 questions each month: What would you like to achieve this month? What aspects of yourself are you hoping to develop this month?
  • Keywords like beginning, birth, emergence, projection, clarity are correlated to the new moon. As this new cycle emerges from your vision, inner or outer will be seeded into a new perspective.

Crescent Moon (Set Intentions) “Yin”

  • Create intentions for your manifestations. Manifest everything you want to happen, use the power of the mind. Gather all positive energies, all the people that can help you succeed and let the moon do the work. Plan for the best, while being prepared for the worst outcome so there will be no surprises. Stay open and surrender.
  • Answer these 2 questions: What need does your goal fulfill? How can you guarantee the survival of your vision?
  • Keywords such as expansion, growth, struggle, opportunity can be used with this moon cycle as growth and stability is knocking on your door.

First Quarter Moon (Take Action) “Yang”

  • Start your project and add actions to it. Make an action plan and align your vibrations with everything, expect that it will bring your manifestations quicker. Focus on having progress on any projects you’re working on, picking up the pace sound in the knowledge of what you’re building and working towards. It is essential to make forward strides, really catch onto the abundant growing power of the moon and the momentum that’s underway.
  • Questions to ask yourself are: What can you do to initiate the actualization of your vision for this cycle?  What insecurities are inhibiting you? 
  • Words like action, expression, growth, breaking away can be used as a correlation in this cycle.

Gibbous Moon (Trust & Evaluating) “Yin”

  • Trust the process and manifest abundance. Reevaluate and change direction if it is not working for you. Changes are inevitable so be ready for it. Filter and analyze the information that you have obtained as a result of your previous actions. The confidence of inner vision awakens and releases the power of creativity. 
  • Questions to ask yourself: How can your vision be refined and improved? What details have you overlooked?
  • Keywords like analyze, prepare and trust are the correlated words for this moon cycle as it is time to review your intentions for it to succeed.

Full Moon (Harvesting) “Yang”

  • This is a time to harvest. Plan social activities, make sales in your business or plan the final stage of your launch during the full moon. Your creative intuition will be strong now, so utilize it. Acknowledge all the active energy and maximize its full potential. The function of this phase is to begin the process of reshaping the goals in accordance with the awareness of the true meaning of the original vision.
  • Keywords that go hand in hand with this cycle are: fulfillment, illumination, realization, experience.

Disseminating Moon (Receiving Gratitude) “Yin”

  • Reflect on what you can do to succeed more. Focus on what is blocking you like fear, doubt or anything that makes you not focus on your goal. Free content and have live videos on your social networks. Connecting with your audiences can highly benefit you and your company. Allow yourself to teach what you’ve learned. The power of what is felt to be significant is a propelling force for its distribution.
  • Questions to ask yourself: How do your goals contribute to the welfare of the collective? Has your idealism turned into self-righteousness?
  • Keywords you can use for this cycle are demonstration, distribution, sharing and introspection.

Third Quarter Moon (Releasing & Giving back) “Yang”

  • Release and let go. All the disappointments, resentments, hurt and anger – let it go. Forgive, release and move forward. Clean your life and your soul, change into a positive mind. During this phase you become aware of what is and is not working with respect to the achievement of your goal for the cycle. Action is essential; either take a correcting action or make the final push needed to realize a successful outcome.
  • Realignment, revision, integration, cleansing are the keywords to be used with this cycle.

Balsamic Moon (Surrendering & Connection) “Yin”

  • As this is the last phase of the moon, you’ll feel empty and just want to surrender, get some rest, recuperate and that’s what you need to do. Be kind, gentle to yourself and just breathe. Trust the process.Liberation from the past must be attained in order to begin anew with consciousness and clarity. The function of this phase is to clear out the old patterns in preparation for a new cycle.
  • Questions to ask yourself: What do I need to release? What do I choose to take with me into the next cycle?
  • Keywords for this cycle are transition, release, transformation, renewal, purity. 

How to align your goals according to the moon phases

  • Have a Lunar Calendar – It is advisable to have a physical copy as it makes it more accessible to you.
  • Know what are the moon effects – before journaling, track the feeling you have each phase. Include everything – your energy, sleep patterns, eating habits, how you’re feeling e.g. motivated, lazy, happy, disappointed, etc.
  • Goals and the moon – after a month of reflection and analysis, you’ll have an idea of how impactful the moon is to you. Setting your goals per phase is the next step.
  • Make changes as necessary – there are million other things that affect us every day so don’t panic when things don’t go as planned. Find patterns, make small changes to avoid repetition, and just absorb those changes.

Even if there are 8 moon phases, focus on the 4 main phases.

  • New Moon
  • First Quarter
  • Full Moon
  • Last Quarter

Root Chakras and Twin Flames: The Importance of Grounding the Union

Root Chakras and Twin Flames: The Importance of Grounding the Union

As root chakra deals with our foundation of existence and how we see the world, it greatly impacts our relationships. Therefore, Twin Flames must ground this foundation first in order to heal trust issues, and open the upper chakras necessary for a full-pledged Twin Flame Connection

Twin Flame love is like a rose–the heart cannot ground in a swampy root!

Unfortunately most people today are dealing with some serious self-love and self-esteem issues. For instance, in a recent study by Dove, they found that only 4% of women see themselves as beautiful. 

Self-love and Twin Flame energies start at the root, and we must heal all the chakras. So, it’s important to start your healing journey at the foundation: the root chakra. 

What exactly is the root chakra?

The root chakra is our connection to Gaia, aka Mother Earth and her energies that empower our bodies and beings. It allows us to stay grounded so we feel safe, secure, centered, and happy in our bodies. It also connects us with our ancestors, the ones who have gone before us. 

The root chakra is connected to our survival energies, to abundance, to finances, and if we have unhealthy root chakras we are in lack, poverty, and survival mode. Many Twin Flames are healers who were taught to take vows of poverty, where money was “the root of all evil.” Such Twin Flames must clear their root chakras and their belief systems around money in order to create a strong foundation for their lives and Twin Flame Unions. 

What is the root chakra symbol?

The symbol of the root chakra is composed of a four-petaled lotus flower, often stylized as a circle with four petals with a downward-pointing triangle.

What does this symbol represent?

The downward-pointing triangle is a symbol of spirit connecting with matter, grounding on the earth and our earthly existence, in our bodies. It’s seen as the center of our vital life force and is the seat where kundalini stays coiled, dormant, until it wakes up to distribute its energy through all the other chakras.

Where is your root chakra located?

The root chakra or Muladhara (“mula” or root and “adhara” or foundation) is our body’s fundamental energy center which is located at the base of our spine or tailbone area.

What are the signs you have an unhealthy root chakra?

1. You either have trouble saving money or you’re obsessed with it.

You worry that you don’t have enough money, you have anxiety about your financial status, you either spend too much (or think you do!).

2. You have trust issues

You block everyone, you don’t have a healthy relationship with anyone since you’re lacking the “trust” part, and you always want to do it alone in your safe space.

3. Your focus is work, work, work (and little play)

You drown yourself with work, but with that you get burnout easily; you don’t usually go out to see people or friends as much as you’d like as you are always tired from work. You might have little energy left over for your Twin Flame Union.

4. You have an eating disorder

You tend to either eat more than you need and not care about yourself, or you starve yourself as a result of your inability to nourish yourself with Mother Earth’s love, which may connect to your anxiety or depression.

5. You have boiling anger inside

You may hold grudges and lash out to people when you feel like it. You have that powerful will to try to control everything and everyone around you.

6. You experience physical issues

Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, heart ailments, lower back pain, constant tiredness, digestive issues, cramps, strained legs and feet, weight gain especially in the lower part of your body, and your hands and feet are often cold.

7. You have not been going after your goals (or have few of them)

You don’t know how to proceed on your next step. You feel lost and are stuck in a loop wondering why you’re not moving forward with your career or life. You’ve let go of numerous opportunities saying it is “not yet.” You may be waiting for your Twin Flame relationship to come in “Divine timing,” but that time seems to never come and months or even years have gone by.

8. You have little to no interest in intimate relationships

You may say you want your Twin FLame, but there is a lack of desire. This is likely because you lack the confidence to be with anyone, and you tend to shut down anyone who wants to have an intimate relationship with you. You’re afraid to let go, and love.

How to heal your root chakra

The root chakra is the bridge between your soul and body, where the energy you supply to your body makes your body whole. If you have an unhealthy body and soul, your root chakra is suffering. 

You’ll want to heal yourself with these methods…

  • Have an affirmation – Light an incense stick, be on a calm and comforting side of your house and meditate while chanting your affirmations.

(insert affirmation here)

  • You and the environment  Enjoy the outside, be open with your surroundings, and be barefoot on the land if you want. Breathe in and out, connect with the ground and you’ll feel recharged.

  • Have a warm bath – Select your favorite grounding organic essential oils (such as patchouli, cedarwood, sandalwood, thieves, grounding, and frankincense), adding a few drops into your bath water within a base oil such as organic coconut oil; add sea salt or epsom salt to ease and detox your body. Just unwind. Breathe in the grounding from the essential oils, and breathe out the negativity you’re done with.

  • Exercise – Do yoga, walk, dance, or whatever you want to perspire and ground. Be happy being active. Enjoy the freedom of moving your body, be carefree and just enjoy what you’re doing!

  • Journalize – List all your fears and whatever makes you worry. Once you’ve accepted that you’re vulnerable and flawed (you’re human!), you can tap into love, and then your fears will lessen.

  • Eat healthy “root” or “grounding” foods – Vegetables (especially root veggies like potatoes, yams, radishes, turnips, carrots) and fruits that come from the ground will increase your root chakra and feminine Yin energies. So enjoy baked veggies, green smoothie with kale, avocado, and banana, and enjoy every bite or sip, thanking Mama Earth for the bounty you’ve received.

  • Have “red” stones or crystals – As red is the color associated with root chakra, it is advised to place red root chakra stones and crystals around your house. Jasper, agate, garnet, red carnelian. Bloodstones, hematite or any stones that are color red will help you (and thus your Twin Flame Union) to ground.

  • Red, red, and red – Red clothing, red accessories, red flowers, or anything red that can be near you if possible can heal your root chakra. Twin Flames will want to buy themselves red roses at some point if they find themselves single and ready to find true love!

  • Let go and move forward – Declutter – remove anything negative it may be things or even people who are toxic. Understand that you can be happy without negativity coming from anything or anyone. Let go of negativity and breathe in positivity.

  • Have intimacy – Surround yourself with people you can trust. Go slowly into relationships, and seek counseling, meditation, and journal when you realize that you have walls up. Engage in intimacy, don’t hold back in sharing your true feelings; when you feel safe, let another person touch you intimately and surrender all fears. Don’t worry about rejection–ask for what you need and desire. Just enjoy the feeling and release the stress! That is the foundation of a Twin Flame relationship.
What is the effect of the root chakra on Twin Flames?

As root chakra deals with your foundation of existence, how you see yourself and others, which affects your relationships. 

If this foundation is lacking in trust and love, then you’ll be dealing with self-love and self-esteem issues in your Twin Flame partnership. If someone’s sense of belonging is weak, that’s why they don’t believe that they’re capable of loving another person or being loved. 

Single and struggling? Spend the time working on your Twin Flame root chakra!

Try to open yourself to other people, unwind, make friends, and eventually have an understanding of having a Twin Flame Love to be with you always. As your Twin Flame will also understand you and be open to your flaws then you should also be accepting. 

Ditch the fear of rejection, lose the fear of uncertainty, and just accept your beautiful loving heart. A love that is true and unconditional, that’s what everyone needs, and so do you.

In summary, if your root chakra is blocked and unhealthy, you’ll feel it and have many of the signs above. But once that blockage are gone and released, all the love, acceptance, and compassion will flow through you and then to you. You’ll have a broader understanding of people, of partnership, and most of all of yourself. 

You’ll eventually accept that you can’t handle or control everything, and with that realization you’ll live feeling both secure and carefree, and will attract deep love to you from a solid grounding. 

Ready to strengthen your root chakra and make more money in soul-alignment? Join our Twin Flame tribe for a complimentary new moon ritual. Envision your goals in a sacred space, map out a clear plan-of-action so you can have a financially and spiritually successful month… 

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What Is Divine Feminine Energy?

What Is Divine Feminine Energy?

What was once a man’s world…

Even feminist women feel feel like they can’t escape the subconscious programs running in their minds telling them they can’t achieve anything in life they don’t go into agreement with the values and expectations of the old “masculine world.” 

Even the most sensitive men are expected to be strong and taught to ignore their emotional sides. They don’t know how to approach women without seeming sleazy, and gender roles are blurry. 

In order to create healthy, happy communities and relationships (especially the highest vibrational “Twin Flame relationship”), feminine and masculine energy must work together as a whole. 

Stating that one energy is stronger or better than the other is wrong; both male and female energy are necessary for balance. It’s important to understand what feminine energy is, so we can build it and balance it with the masculine.

Ten Ways to Boost Your Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is a powerful healing energy that allows us to open to receiving. Feminine, referred to as yin energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is an energy that tends to be more calm, compassionate, and caring.

Without the feminine, we’re in trouble…

Everyone–both men and women–have masculine or feminine energy, and that these energies must be balanced.  Many people, even women, are lacking feminine energy (or are hiding their feminine side) in the overly-masculine world. 

In the modern world, women are expected to be more nurturing, soft, and beautiful while being successful and sexy. We’re expected to be mothers and CEO, romantics and leaders. The past history where women were once suppressed is crumbling as women quickly break the chains. We are calling out old behaviors, creating #metoomovements, and are stepping away from the patriarchy.

Truly, the feminine is rising.

Feminine Energy Attributes

Though it’s honestly impossible to ‘boil down’ this sacred energy in its infinite form, in order to assist you in its understanding, we have put together a list of key aspects of feminine energy below. 

Because the feminine cannot exist without the masculine, it’s important to learn about both energies. There is only harmony when polarity comes into agreement. Thus, it helps to study masculine energy to know the feminine side. They are two sides of the same coin after all!

Feminine Energy














Internally focused












divine feminine energy aspects

Where do I find feminine energy?

We can find feminine energy in the Earth, especially in water sources such as lakes, springs, oceans, rivers, wells, and streams. Drinking crystalline water or meditating by bodies of water instantly boosts our feminine energy.

Feminine energy is an internal “yin” energy, thus we can find it in stillness. During deep thought and meditation we can embrace, boost our feminine energy to radiate confidence. 

Feminine energy is the love that the Universe has blessed you with, and as a daughter (or son) of Mama Gaia (Mother Earth), we are all abundant in Her medicine. Mother Earth is very loving, nourishing, and yet powerful, as is feminine energy. 

Feminine energy is healing

With our own individual and unique feminine energy intact, we can heal from insecurity, self-doubt, low self-worth, and past traumas. 

Many girls and women are being called to enhance their feminine energy at this time because the majority of females have struggled with self-worth issues at some point in their lives.

Clinical psychologist Robin F. Goodman of New York University states: 

“A girl’s self-esteem peaks when she is 9 years old, and then takes a nosedive afterwards.”

We can more quickly heal from self-esteem issues by boosting our feminine energy. The feminine energy can heal internal and generational wounds so we can embody the goddess within.

Tips to Boost Your Feminine Energy

ONE: Build your feminine confidence with affirmations

Write positive notes and put them where you can see them every day. Your mind is powerful and when you see the note regularly, it programs your mind and benefits your spirit. When we write these affirmations, it helps us feel more beautiful in our own skin–you’ll likely feel more radiant and confident within two weeks.

TWO: Get creative!

Channel your creative energy into doing something productive that you love. Take out your paint set and turn on some music, really go for it and have fun. Don’t worry about “getting it right.” Instead, just BE creative, and be free; take time every day to be present to your creativity and share it with those you love when it feels good.

THREE: Do what you love

Don’t do things to please…do it to please yourself. That boost your feminine essence! You’ll only understand true happiness when you’re doing what you love, regardless of what others think. Divine Love is an empowering energy that is emitted from our heart chakras when we’re doing what we love. 

FOUR: Sisterhood

You can boost your feminine energy simply by spending time with your female friends, women who understand you through and through, who will listen to you without judgment.

Click here to apply to become part of the Lunar Priestess Collective (it’s FREE!), a powerful priestess tribe of feminie Love Leaders who meet monthly online to set goals, mastermind, and participate in a new moon ceremony.

FIVE: Be open to acceptance

Being hostile can block your feminine energy which means you’re blocking the supplement that you need to blossom. Open yourself up, accept gifts and appreciate people more.

SIX: Look and feel feminine and beautiful

Dress beautifully, style your hair or even have a pamper session to make you feel beautiful. Attract the positivity that you are beautiful and worth it, that increases your feminine energy.

SEVEN: Negate the negativity

If you feel inferior about someone or something, stop your mind immediately. Breathe in and out then focus your mind on what blessings you have. Don’t attract negative energy; instead focus all your strengths in the positive ones. “Wherever I am, I choose love!” is an affirmation we love.

EIGHT: Uplift your female friends

Women are naturally meant to be caretakers, especially to and from other women. Women are only prone to bringing other women down when they’re taught to be competitive, but that’s not our nature! When women stick together we can uplift one another and instantly raise our feminine energy. 

Let go of female competition battles doing this. If you feel envy, don’t hate on her. Instead admire her and say, “I want that for me too!” and feel how the envy shifts to an abundance of “high-havingness” energy.

NINE: Take a “Me Day”

Do what makes you happy for a day…or even for a couple of hours. Relax at the spa, go out on your bike and exercise, or just meditate in your favorite nook if that’s what you want. Like Nike says, JUST DO IT! Don’t think about distractions during “me time” –instead just focus on you.

TEN: Nourish yourself

Understand what your body and soul needs. Eat healthy organic plant-based foods that feed your soul. Read positive books, fill your home with colorful artwork, and absorb it and live by it. What you feed yourself and your senses shows up in your life and influences others too.

In summary, embracing your feminine energy is not only important for balance in your life, but also in creating balance in the world. Take your time with it, enjoy it, indulge a little. Finding your Yin Yang is an art, definitely worth finding and once you’ve started understanding that you are on your way to transition, you’ll love the feeling of self-confidence and beauty from within.

3 Things You Need to Know About the July 2 Total Solar Eclipse

3 Things You Need to Know About the July 2 Total Solar Eclipse

Hey beloved! Get ready for a powerful TOTAL solar eclipse that’s coming up on July 2, 2019…

 In this video I’ll be sharing the 3 things you need to know about the event so we can optimize our growth, love, and abundance from this magnificent cosmic event!

 OK…So let’s dive in!

 For those of you who don’t know, a total solar eclipse happens when the Moon’s apparent diameter is larger than the Sun’s, and so when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, it blocks out all direct sunlight, bringing earth’s day into darkness. Pretty cool, right?

 But what’s most important are the astrological aspects… The psychological, energetic, and collective influences that inevitably come through this cosmic event–these are HUGE and we want to capitalize off them!

 In fact, this Total Solar Eclipse July 2019 astrology works synergistically with the July 16 Lunar Eclipse themes, and together, they make up an eclipse PORTAL that stays open until the solar eclipse on December 26, 2019!

SO…get ready for more change and opportunity!

Here are the three things you need to know about the July 2, 2019 Total Solar Eclipse!!! The first thing is, it’s time to…

ONE: Have a Soul Family Reunion! Positive aspects from Uranus and a star in the Gemini Constellation make this an opportune time for celebrating, connecting with friends, fam, and especially your Soul Family.

 Soul Family are people who share the same (or similar) soul mission as you. They’re from the same soul group or “cosmic constellation.” Your cosmic family will be influenced by the eclipse event in similar ways, so it’s a great time to connect, tap into collective energy, share stories, gather in person around a particular goal or theme. This could also be a time to resolve conflicts that have been going on personally and relationally.

Speaking of Soul Family, if you feel super called to hang out with some amazing Twin Flame tribe and Jack and I, and you’re committed to finding your Twin Flame on the fastest track possible, I have an invite for you!

Join us live on June 13th and 20th 2019 for Bring in Your Beloved Now, our free annual Masterclass giveaway where we offer our best guidance to single women who are ready to call in their Twin Flame within the next 12 months.

In this intensive the Masterclass, you’ll receive my best content–stuff that I don’t have time to get really deep into, like I can in a designated 75-minute class–that will help you move past dating dilemmas and love blocks.

Plus, at this Soul Family seminar, I’ll share insider information–Twin Flame tips, hacks, and exercises you can apply straight away to create your Twin Flame Dreams, without all the drama!


Going back to the 3 things about the Total Solar Eclipse…ultimately Soul Family is going to become so important for our missions this lifetime. Though it can be difficult at times to work through the conflicts that come up, Soul Fam helps us stay energized, inspired, protected, and empowered. We simply can’t do it alone, and won’t have time to figure it all out on our own, in isolation.

So if you really want to grow, you’ll want to gather on up some Soul Fam on July 2nd for some connection and healing. Here are a few ideas: share a meal together, sip cacao in a ceremony together, do a sound healing or lightworker gathering, pray or meditate, host an Ecstatic Dance party, or connect deeper through fun games like circling and Authentic Relating.

OK, so the most awesome thing about this eclipse you need to know is… 

TWO: Dreams Coming True! The Total Solar Eclipse on July 2019 can make your dreams come true…When you invest steady focus, hard work, and being open to the flow that is!

Don’t miss out.  This portal is a great time to take action on your long-term goals, especially those dreams that have haunted you for years in a good way—big ideas and dreams that keep popping up like that floater in the toilet bowl—this dream is not gonna go down so don’t flush it down until you bless it!

I don’t know if that was the best metaphor but what I do want to convey is now is the time to put those long time dreams into action.  Stepping out of procrastination by signing up for that online class to pursue your dream career, or looking to invest in the land for your eco retreat, making those plans to get married and conceive a child, or taking guided action on whatever your big dream is will guarantee amazing results!   

Don’t be discouraged if things look messy…We can often get held up on how things happen, thinking that they need to occur in the way expect them to occur. When really the best way for them to occur is by trusting the Universe! The total eclipse is a great time to become open to a Higher Path as we tap into 4,5, 6D and above vs getting stuck in 3D “shoulddas.”

Ask the Universe to bring you Her infinite blessings and opportunities in the most pleasurable and magical ways possible. Go with the flow vs expectations and you’ll yield a prosperous harvest of manifestations this month!

Remember, the Total Solar Eclipse July 2019 astrology works synergistically with the July 16 Lunar Eclipse themes and the eclipse phase run through December 26, 2019. So keep your eye on the prize and let your dreams come through as we lead into the end of this year.

The last thing you need to know is…

THREE: Positivity & Prosperity. The July 2019 Solar Eclipse promotes good health, wealth, and success. It joins Alhena a star in Gemini Constellation that brings all kinds of blessings and good juju…

This is the perfect time to buy a watercolor set and start splashing around with some color as Alhena is great for artists and creatives, creative problem solvers and even scientists.

That’s why it’s likely that some world conflicts and personal conflicts will be solved, so if you’ve been meaning to make up with your ex or ex bestie, now could be the time to say I’m sorry or presence your true feelings.

In summary, the upcoming July 2nd Total Solar Eclipse creates a powerful portal connecting with the this is an excellent eclipse for making some good memories with Soul Family (which likely includes a few members of your family so give mom a call). You’ll want to review your dreams and perhaps revisit a desire you’ve had for many years and take action. This event holds lots of positive energy and opportunity for prosperity so trust the flow, join hands with Soul Family, and dive into your dream life!

Because we only offer Bring in Your Beloved Now once or twice per year, I wanted to make sure you got the memo to sign up now and attend live, because not only are we gonna go deep and share some of our best content, it’s 100% free and there’s no icky stuff or catch! Just pure magic and Twin Flame tribe fun.

 Click the link here before spots run out!

Happy Total Solar Eclipse beloved, I hope to see you on the other side for BIYBN!

Big hugs from Bali!

Namaste, NamastGO!


New Moon in Aries April 4

New Moon in Aries April 4

Welcome New Moonifestor!

This New Moon in Aries video is for you if you are a badass spiritual bachelorette or boss babe who runs her business on bliss, and runs her Twin Flame partnership like a well oiled love machine… Now that’s, what I call ‘blissness!’

 If you’re ready to manifest love with optimal levels of abundance, bliss, and ease, hang out for the 7 things you need to know for a powerful new moon in Aries coming up on April 4th. I’ll also give you some Blissness Energy Updates for you badass boss babes, followed by Twin Flame Energy Updates for you Badass Bachelorettes and Twinsies.

The first thing you need to know about this new moon is: The Aries New Moon 2019 offers wealth, happiness and success due to the the star Alpheratz.

The second thing you need to know about this new moon is: But the square to Saturn means you have to fully show up, do the work, and prove to the Universe how badly you want your success and happiness. Sitting back and using the Law of Attraction just won’t do, and those who practice this “wishful thinking,” will only dig themselves into deeper debt and disappointment.

The third thing you need to know about this new moon is: this lunation with the moon conjunct Alpheratz will help you identify any fears, self-doubts, heartbreaks, or any old running blueprints that act as TFLBS (Twin Flame Love Blocks) blocking your Twin Flame Union.

The fourth thing you need to know about this new moon is: the new moon will help you identify any fears, self-doubts, heartbreaks, or any old-running blueprints that impede your business and financial growth, and general professional success. This could feel uncomfortable, as facing fears brings up fear, but keep reminding yourself to NOT let the fears stop you. People who succumb to their fear remain prisoners, and priestesses face their fears with the Warrior Goddess archetype of Aries which is Aphrodite Areia. Let the Warrior Goddess of Love in you slay fears with her love sword and never give up because Amor Vincit Omnia–love conquers all!

The fifth thing you need to know about this new moon is: the star Alpheratz bestows a certain harmonizing quality, which attracts positive relationships and perhaps even popularity and fame. This popularity and being in the spotlight however can come and go, so remain unattached and stay connected to yourself.

The sixth thing you need to know about this new moon is: The Constellation Andromeda offers integrity, honor, virtue, and dignity. It could also purge out some old fears from your past, including childhood wounds. So if your father cheated on your mother, you could be tuning into some abandonment pain; there could be some jealousy, cheater habits in yourself or your partner, or insecurities could just generally come up in your relationships. However, Andromeda can also mend marriages, heal adultery, and connect the love between the Flames, so this is an opportune time for healing these old wounds.

The seventh thing you need to know about this new moon is: due to new moon Asteroid Vibilia, expect to travel. This could be actual travel, especially big trips or frequent ongoing trips you may take. Or, it could signify astral travel in dream time, meditation, or general soul growth, self-love, and spritual ascension.


OK so goddess here are the Bli$$ness energy updates:

Now is the time to face your demons in your career and soul purpose. Turn on the lights in that creepy basement and see what’s going on. Are you procrastinating at doing a certain task? Are you afraid of speaking on stage or writing your book? Dive into the pain at this time by showing up and doing the work. The goal in this moment isn’t (at least at first) to get-er-done, but instead to notice what is stopping you.

Feel to heal, do your best to feel in your body, nervous system, and energy field what discomfort is coming up for you. Don’t worry if this is super intense, just feel it. Don’t fix it… Notice what shape it takes. What color. What temperature. Do you feel it in your throat or in your solar plexus.  

Before analyzing or changing anything, just sit with it. Hold it. Observe it. So many people don’t get to this place and they are in a state of constant dissociation which means they cannot fully access their power, and so they get stuck in old wounds that show up as procrastination, perfectionism, performance-anxiety, and it sucks the fun out of their funds and the bliss out of their blissness!

It’s also an ideal time to set your goals, as the New Moon is all about planting new seeds and MOONifesting miracles. I am excited to invite you to our complimentary live new moon cacao ceremony happening on 4/4/19 on Zoom video.

Together in sisterhood we set our goals, sip cacao together, and the results are truly miraculous…Register using the link I’ve popped into the description box. It’s free, and BYO cacao for best results!

Twin Flame Energy Updates:

This is the perfect time to dive in deep to excavate your Sacred Wound–that is, the biggest wound that you’ve been carrying from your childhood, and likely your ancestors have been carrying something similar. It’s a wound that impacts every area of our lives negatively until we heal it, and positively once it’s healed.

The Sacred Wound could also likely be connected to your past lives, but the beauty of it is that the Sacred Wound when discovered and healed becomes a source of incredible power and love. It’s actually the essence of our soul in the form of a wound.

We cannot fall into self-love and thus attract our Twin Flame, our other-soul-half, until we integrate the Sacred Wound and use it as a source of fuel. This integration requires introspection, healing, and oftentimes getting help from a guide, counselor, or trusted neutral Soul Family member so we can undo the blindfolds keeping us stuck in our love blindspots.

One of the most beautiful things I see about gathering in sister circles is that we can finally unveil our truest selves, possibly for the first time. That is what is required for us to feel safe to unveil ourselves in front of our other half, our closest (and sometimes most intense) mirror.

You weren’t born into this world alone, and you’re not meant to walk the Twin Flame path alone. When we’re brought into this life, we have parents, community, and ideally the proper guidance and tribe to help us thrive as children.

Unfortunately, if we are lacking the right tribe, it’s hard to heal the inner child, empower our adult, and be our best. That’s why it’s so important to go out and seek a safe tribe who sees you, as you deserve the success and healing you’ll receive from it; the world deserves your light and love too!

Alright sister, it’s been my pleasure assisting you on this journey, thank you for being with me for this new moon in Aries update. If you liked this video please gently pressing that thumbs up like button and subscribe …

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Much love! Namaste, Namastgo