1111 Meaning for Twin Flames & the Spiritual Awakening

Hi Twin Flame Lover!

It’s me again, Dr. Amanda Noelle, the Twin Flame Matchmaker, helping badass spiritual bachelorettes align with their ultimate beloved so they can not only enjoy epic, ecstatic lasting love, or perhaps birth a starchild or two, but also so they can live on soul purpose and assist in the awakening of humanity!!!

First I’m going to share the numerologic meaning behind 1111, and then how 1111 relates to Twin Flames and the spiritual awakening process. At the very end I’ll give you a sneak peek on the energy and astrology update for 11/11/18…

 So, what is the numerologic meaning behind 1111?

And what does it have to do with Twin Flame energy and the spiritual awakening process?


Before we dive into the training, I wanted to share with you an exciting global event that’s happening on 11/11/18…We’ll be tuning in on live-stream from Bali, the place I married myself on 11/11/11!

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Back to the meaning of 1111…

We first need to ask “WTF are numbers?” in the first place!  Otherwise, we’re missing a step…

Pythagoras, the ancient Greek philosopher you’ll remember from high school geometry and and history class while you were distractedly checking out that hot guy or gal from across the room, well Pythagoras knew that numbers hold vibration in this mathematically perfect universe that is built from geometry, law, and Spirit.

Numbers hold a primordial, divine VIBRATION.

They can be used as keys to do good, or to cause harm. They are merely tools, keys—or codes.

Numbers can be used to create “new” codes—vibrations and realities made up of universal life force energy…

Numbers are not mere digits you want to get from some cute girl or guy up in the club!

Numbers are the code of the universe, that can write worlds within worlds–they create sound, light vibration, and color.

In fact, speaking of color, each number corresponds to a color, a sound, a vibration, a chakra in the body, a time in history, a point in your yoni or lingam, as everything corresponds to everything else in this Divine Holographic Universe we call WTF is this place, get me outta here!

Truly, the Universe is all about relationship between numbers and patterns.

The base numbers of creation are:

0 and 1.

You and the Universe alike are made up of two tiny numbers, and you are bonded through the One and the Zero Point!

Ones, and zeros folks, that’s the simple ingredient list in this recipe called life, love, light, and the Universe!

OK.The 1s represent the Sacred Masculine (Yang), and the 0s represent the void, the Sacred Feminine (Yin) in the Chinese tradition.

Everything is made up of yin and yang, dark and light, ones, and zeros. We are all One.

To understand the power and meaning of the number sequence 1111, we first have to understand how Creation works.

In the beginning there was nothing. Zilch. Nada…ZERO!

From zero, we get nothing but a big black vortex, a hole, a giant yoni in the galaxy…We can call this, The Yoniverse (for those of you who don’t know, a yoni means Feminine Temple, womb or “Pussy” (which is NOT a bad word at all, the etymology dates back to Ancient Egypt where Puss came from Pasht, or Basset the feline spirit guide of the Great Mother, Isis.

And then, out of nothingness womb, something was born. For there must be something for there to be no-thing! The Universe births itself from itself. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, remember?

Therefore, the Holy Hole, that Holy Grail, or Holy No-thingness of ZERO birthed the concept of some-thingness. It was then that we went from zero to one, and Sacred Feminine to Masculine. And the circle came to be the line.

The masculine phallus, or lingam.

Thus, from the Sacred Feminine Yoniverse there had to be the Sacred Masculine Universe, and they came from each other, and come into each other, like the symbol of the serpent eating itself or birthing itself from its own tail/yoni/lingam.

The entire Universe that ever can will and did exist, and all at once, in every combination has existed through this sequence of 1s and 0s. There truly is nothing we have not already experienced in the combination of infinite codes.

When we see 11:11 over and over it means a few things.

One, is that you’re waking up. Smelling the spiritual coffee so to speak.

Two is that you’re in alignment…with something.  Not necessarily your ultimate Twin Flame. But it is a sign to pay attention to saying “you’re on the right path.”

Three, it means “Pay attention to your thought.” One of the meanings of 11:11 is that the Universe is communicating with your thoughts, which are in alignment. This sequence can mean that your thoughts will manifest almost instantly in your physical reality.

Four, 11:11 (as well as 1:11) is a message from your angels. Your angels are sending you love and guidance, and are reminding you to pay attention to your thoughts

So make sure that you are focusing on the things that you want, and not the things that you don’t want.

And five it means that there is a masculine energy aligning with your feminine energy. A yin-yang, Twin Flame balance.

For behind each one is a zero. The 11s can’t align without zeros at the base. Remember, the Universe is represented by the infinite arrangement of codings of 1s and 0s.

The Zeros represent Feminine Love, or wisdom.

The 1s represent Masculine Light (or consciousness/knowledge). The Sacred Union between zeros and 1s brings an alignment of the 1s in 1111. Light is the Sacred Geometry master, coder, or architect aligning the mathematics. But the Feminine Love is like the glue that brings it all together, and this is felt or emoted, not intellectualized.

So the light cannot do it alone, no matter how much he thinks he can.

Behind every great Master is a great Priestess; similarly, behind every great One is a great Zero, which is why we must balance Masculine Though with Feminine Heart and surrender to the Union once we have found our balance.

Now, more specifically, how does 1111 relate to Twin Flames?

Well, some believe that the Temple of the Twin Flames was originally known by the name the Temple of Solomon.

The Temple of Solomon means Temple of Sun and Moon, representing the Masculine Light (sun/Christ Consciousness) and Feminine Love (moon/Mother Womb) coming together to birth a Christed Child (awakened human).

The Template of Solomon was built in the shape of the human body.

Like Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the Temple of Solomon serves as a map comprised of specific codes, perfectly measured proportions known as sacred geometry, and was packed with occult symbolism. This was all devised to help humanity awaken, to build a better brain, and to bring the Twin Flames together.

The Temple of Solomon, or the ethereal version which we call the Temple of the Twin Flames is a gateway to Higher Consciousness and spiritual mastery that aligns your Feminine and Masculine in union, so that Heaven and Earth may become one…

The Twin Flame mysteries were embedded into the temple and used as keys, codes, and templates built into the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, which was passed down from earlier mystery schools from Atlantis through Northern Africa and Asia Minor using the Sun, Moon, and Flame Worship.

These secrets then got passed onto the masons of the time who studied and built the architecture and performed initiations within mystery schools. The masons were both temple builders and alchemists, philosophers, and High Priestesses and High Priests who kept their secrets to protect the knowledge, but some kept the secrets to build their wealth.

Unfortunately, greed always leads to wars, haves and have-nots, and we I believe that many so called powerful modern day Freemasons have learned how to use ancient occult tools for good, but some have gotten lost in evil which played out into the Patriarchal era which cut off the head of the High Priestess and shut down the 3rd eye in the majority of the populace, calling it a sin. This was enforced in all religions across the globe, creating a flock of sheep, in all but the elite.

But at the center of your head lies the jewel–the pineal gland. It is ready to be activated and the 1111 codes can help with this as well.

The pineal gland is a key player in aligning with, attracting, and keeping your Twin Flame Union.

We all have different abilities to access our 3rd eye vision at the pineal gland–an open gland allows us to see the truth from the Divine Perspective… Each Twin has 1 gland, and together these create two eyes of our Twin Soul Body.

In order to open the eyes to the God’s Eye level, each twin must individually work on herself, and then come together. This individual work includes keeping the temple body in alignment – calm enough, clean enough, balanced enough, and the chakras/energy clear, as well as the mind in a state of balance and gratitude. Perhaps even joy and excitement! We must also bring alignment into all aspects of our lives, representing each chakra.

So many spiritual people have misaligned and abused root chakras, and many powerful wealthy people have weak upper chakras. True Twins do the work to become powerful in all 11 Twin Flame Chakras. The 7 chakras of the body, the Earth Star or Gain Chakra Below, and the 4 Transpersonal Chakras above the body. THat adds up to 12, but 0-11 is 12 chakras! These are all mapped out in the Kabbalah Tree of Life, in the Temple of the Twin Flames

We use the acronym FLAME: feminine love aligned with masculine energy! Where the pink love combines with blue light (energy) to create the Violet Flame.

Archangel Zadkiel calls the Violet Flame the flame of joy that flows with the Holy Spirit as it awakens humanity and frees every particle of energy that it touches. We’ll be doing an 1111 Twin Flame Activation at the ceremony that utilizes the Violet Flame, so stay tuned for that.

Twin Flame energy as symbolized as the 1111 Codes is the type of energy that can heal world wars, nuclear disaster, and dark control forces. Not because 1111 is all light. It’s because it is the BALANCE of light and love, with dark and fear. 1111 is a number of alchemy, courage, triumph, and also surrender.

Remember, These Twin Pillars are part of the Kabbalah Tree of Life–the pillar of the feminine is called the pillar of mercy and the pillar of severity. They share an central third pillar – the Pillar of Balance, representing the Twin Flame Union, and a balanced left and right brain.

A vedic text  Taittiriya Upanishad Says “Where the skull divides there lies the Gate of God.”  Imagine swimming in the central main chapel, the chapel of the flames where there is water and fire together.

It is in the central chapel that we can bridge our 2 physical DNA strands… That is, the stands science can see that is not the Higher-Dimensional based DNA. The higher dimensional DNA If you count  0-11, you get 12.

Thus, the number 11 becomes a symbol of the 12 strands which align with the 12 chakras. I call this the 11 Chakras and 11 strands of DNA. They also correspond to the 11 balls on the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life (Sephiroth) and the 12 tarot cards.

We’re so excited to see you at the global Twin Flame DNA activating event that’s happening on 11/11/18…An 11 year!

Register now to join us live on 11/11 where you’ll:  

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And my beloved Jack and I will  do a Twin Flame 11/11 channeling aimed to activate your Twin Flame DNA, awaken your soul purpose, and magnetize your ultimate beloved! Truly it’s meant to align you with whatever your heart desires, so start dreaming up your Twin-intentions!


On the 11/11 gathering, you can ask us any questions you have how to call in your Twin Flame fast–so start thinking up some good questions 🙂

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Here is the astrology happening on 11/11 2018:

The Sun in Scorpio is sextile Pluto in Capricorn. This lends to dramatic long-term personal changes that involve commitment and focus can be a start of a positive path of development. This is a good time to conceive a new business project, love commitment, or perhaps even a baby!

11/11 is an opportunity to find what you really want from life and go for it with heart, 100%. Utilize your inherent strengths and delegate the rest to those here to support you, perhaps even your other half.

Then I will see you on 11/11!

Namaste, Namast-GO

New Moon in Scorpio Twin Flame Astrology Report | November 7, 2018

New Moon in Scorpio Twin Flame Astrology Report | November 7, 2018

Hey Sisters! Welcome New Moonifestors!

So this article is for you if you are a badass spiritual bachelorette or boss babe who runs her business on bliss, and runs her Twin Flame partnership like a well-oiled love machine…

Now that’s, what I call ‘blissness!’

Ok, so…If you’re ready to manifest abundance with optimal levels of love, pleasure, and ease, check out this astrology and energy forecast for the New Moon in Scorpio.

First I’ll share the general astrology report so you can get prepared, then I’ll dive into the Blissness Energy Updates for us badass boss babes, and at the end of the video, I’ll release a  juicy Twin Flame Energy Report so you “Twinsies” can maximize your connection and pleasure this month!

Here are the general themes for the November 7, 2018 new moon in Scorpio:

Each new moon brings new beginnings, and with the moon married together with the sun in Scorpio, we’ll be certain to notice some fresh yet intense vibes coming through…. 

With newness comes some darkness at times. But don’t worry, this Scorpio lunation offers deep reflection and opportunity for resolution in the dark.

Though new moons are about starting something fresh, with Scorpio’s energy, it can be also be about clearing the way.

That’s why I want to mention that we’re doing our complimentary ceremony on November 7th’s New Moon in Scorpio to set and MOON-ifest your love, business, and life goals to clear the path for easy and blissful money manifestation and MAN-ifestation!

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  • Learn the financial fundamental of manifesting your Yoni Money. Learn how to anchor the Eye of Isis into your womb to receive income in feminine ease & grace.

  • Discover the 3 deadly sins that will stop your womb wealth and keep you running on the money treadmill.

  • Experience a Moon Goddess “Yoni Money Activation” to blissfully MOONifest your desired income and wealth in sisterhood.

  • A Global Goddess New Moon in Scorpio Raw Cacao Ceremony to set your monthly intentions in sacred space around relationships, business, self-care, wealth, and health.

  • The Goddess Goals Sheet (PDF) Use this complimentary tool to help map out your next action steps and get what you want this month!

  • Cool FREEBIES: complimentary cacao recipe, astrology report, video training, plus complimentary tips and bonuses from Aphrodite University!

The moon in Scorpio creates the need to delve into your feelings as deep as possible.

With Scorpio sextile its planetary ruler Pluto and trine dreamy Neptune, this is an especially ideal time to start over, as this new moon will be aspected by a yin-yang balance. The balance: Pluto’s influence which comes with passion and purpose, and Neptune’s feminine medicine brings bliss, magic, and acceptance.

Next, here are some suggestions for the energy themes this new moon:

Embrace Darkness; it’s all about embracing the darkness, and unapologetically standing in your power.

This is a new moon of forgiveness and service.

Find the gift in the shadow Truth is, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there, and in the end, that is the core essence of Scorpio.

Explore your polarity. Scorpio is the lightest light and the darkest dark combined, as there is no meeting halfway with this energy. It is a complete mix of the highs and lows, which is another reason why its intensity is like no other.

Access Your Higher Self. When Scorpio is at its full potential, aka most evolved state, this energy has the ability to tap into the highest realm of truth, integrity, and emotional strength. Scorpio can easily help us tap into the Tao, the Higher Self.

Blissness Themes:

New Moon trine Neptune makes you more sensitive and empathetic.

You’ll feel a calling to help others.

You will gain a deeper and wider understanding of your place in the world. Importantly, you may realize that achieving your goals and dreams is of prime importance before you can help others.

So birth it sister! Now is the time to go for your dreams and make them happen!

This time you’ll come from hard work and determination blended with your feminine magic… not just one or the other.

Twin Flame Themes:

Themes related to intimacy, power, and finance may change during this lunation. Are you and your partner being completely transparent with one another?

Gender roles may change as the old structures crumble; so if you notice you’re a feminine woman doing the manly things or holding space tenderly as your partner cries or opens up his feminine, don’t be surprised.

You desire meaningful emotional exchanges now more than at ever, even if it is not easy and you are forced to change many things. Shallow relationships are not an option with the moon in Scorpio; they do not satisfy you nor do they align with your soul purpose or blissness.

So it’s time to cut out the small talk, and ask for what you do want: deep meaningful connections and conversations.

Scorpio energy is drastic, so don’t let its passion and depth get the best of you.

Due to Scorpio’s intensity, this lunation can spark powerful new romantic beginnings for Cancers out there.

It’s time to take a spiritual duster and do some late fall cleansing so we can forge forward into the new lunar cycle, new month, and soon a new year.

Every new moon provides a sacred opportunity to plant new seeds and awaken new visions.

When you participate in a raw cacao ceremony with your soul sisters, you’ll easily be able to set your life, relationship, and business goals.

Join me at Aphrodite University for a complimentary new moon raw cacao ceremony this new moon. Our growing global goddess tribe is committed to making an impact and healing the earth with love.

Click the link here to register. And I’ll see you soon at the new moon! 🙂

And please check out my YouTube channel here and then hit the subscribe button if you haven’t done so already so that you can stay updated on all future new moon and full moon energy forecasts as well as Twin Flame energy reports!

Much love!

Namaste, Namastgo

Dr. Amanda Noelle


Twin Flames International, LLC

Full Moon Taurus – Big Changes!

Welcome back MOONifestors!

 It’s Dr. Amanda Noelle and Jack Peterson here, and we’re Twin Flames hitting you up with this blog post and video!

 We’re excited to give you this October 24, 2018, Full Moon Energy FULL SCOOP.

 We’ll start with a General Astrology Report and Twin Flame Ascension Updates.

 Towards the end, we’ll share the three biggest astrology themes up this full moon which–heads up! It might be quite intense.

 You don’t want to miss this part of the blog update because we’ll also share some solutions and tips to support you during this time of big change.

 We’ll also share how to skyrocket right through the challenges with ease, so stay tuned!



Official “General Astrology Report and Twin Flame Ascension Update!”

On October 24th the Full Moon is at 1 degree in Taurus, in Union with Uranus.

With Venus opposite Uranus this means uncertainty and big changes in relationships as well as finances!

You may feel vulnerable at this time…

But don’t get discouraged!

The full moon actually works well with Saturn to turn unpredictability into new commitments that lead to greater stability.

Time to tap into your intuition to overcome any relationship drama. Old pain patterns may arise at this point creating a familiar tension or conflict. But this time you’re gonna cut right through the old BS (Belief Systems) and see beyond the veil!

At this time you may return into old patterns that bring up the familiar doubts, fears, victim mentality, that thought in your l head that says:

“I’m not good enough…”

Or: “My partner is not good enough, maybe I should change my partner.”

Or even: “Maybe I should change partners all together!”


So make a mental note to yourself that when you get to this junction, instead of looking for an easy way out by escaping back into the old familiar yet toxic patterns…

You will instead likely have a breakthrough!

The breakthrough this time requires not only your intuition but complete compassion for your own emotions, which may feel a little intense at this full moon.

It will also require compassion for the feelings coming up in your lover or partner. So don’t freak out on him/her if s/he’s moody.

This October 24 full moon at 01°13′ Taurus is conjunct Uranus a conjunction that is the main astrological influence on the full moon.

 Expect to feel a blend of excitement and the unknown. Agggh!

 For the two weeks of this moon phase, you’ll feel a sense of both freedom and uneasiness so embrace change and let go of control.

 One suggestion we have is to sit by a body of moving water, such as a river, brook, the ocean or even a moving lake like this one.

 Envision letting go of control and see it released into the water, knowing that mother earth has got you and the water will wash away all worries.

 Also, the Sun opposite Moon means this month implies a time of change and transformation is the unknown and applies to you Twin Flame Union and all of your relationships.

 Surrender is the keyword this full moon, and it will help you relax and enjoy the process as it unfolds and brings you great blessings in abundance.


Top 3 General Astrology Themes

Here Are The 3 Biggest Full Moon themes:

  • Unexpected love!
  • Big Changes ahead!
  • Time to Befriend your weaknesses


1. Unexpected Love


 Be open to new romance! If you’re single, you can expect romantic surprises or even kinkiness.

 Expect some sexual attention (which may or may not be desired).

 As always, it’s important to be in your own energy and set healthy boundaries when needed. Know your worthiness and don’t budge with any people pleasing addictions or habits.

 Also, if it feels good, take a risk if your desire is saying yes!

 There is a lot of uncertainty at this time. As always, listen to your inner authority – it will feel like a gut instinct or a subtle intuitive tug within your being.

 You may also notice an increased need for affection during this time. Because of this, you may manifest feeling secluded or disconnected from loved ones.

 If you’re single, you’ll probably feel a strong yearning for your Twin Flame Beloved. You may have strong urges to indulge in junk food, alcohol, or other old habits.

 The best solution at this time… is to self-care. Feel the emotions, identify your underlying personal needs, and give yourself what you need.

 Instead of binge eating, go take a hot bath with your favorite candles, incense, and bath salts.

 Instead of projecting your needs into your fantasies about your Twin Flame, feel the depth of your own love pointed inwards so you can rise as the Beloved that you are.

 Instead of reaching for the alcohol, eat a few bites of organic dark chocolate with your favorite healthy home cooked meal.

 Then go out on a date with that guy that’s been showing you interest.

 You’re sooooo worth it!

 Be open to new romance! If you’re single, you can expect romantic surprises, or even kinkiness.

 Expect some sexual attention (which may or may not be desired).

 As always, it’s important to be in your own energy and set healthy boundaries when needed. Know your worthiness and don’t budge with any people pleasing addictions or habits.

 Also, if it feels good, take a risk if your desire is saying yes!

 There is a lot of uncertainty at this time. As always, listen to your inner authority – it will feel like a gut instinct or a subtle intuitive tug within your being.

 You may also notice an increased need for affection during this time. Because of this, you may manifest feeling secluded or disconnected from loved ones.

 If you’re single, you’ll probably feel a strong yearning for your Twin Flame Beloved. You may have strong urges to indulge in junk food, alcohol, or other old habits.

 The best solution at this time… is to self-care. Feel the emotions, identify your underlying personal needs, and give yourself what you need.

 Instead of binge eating, go take a hot bath with your favorite candles, incense, and bath salts.

 Instead of projecting your needs into your fantasies about your Twin Flame, feel the depth of your own love pointed inwards so you can rise as the Beloved that you are.

 Instead of reaching for the alcohol, eat a few bites of organic dark chocolate with your favorite healthy home cooked meal.

 Then go out on a date with that guy that’s been showing you interest.

 You’re sooooo worth it!


2. Big changes ahead

There is calmness before the storm.

 Take advantage of the stable times before or during this full moon to get grounded, identify what’s most important, and keep your eye on the prize. Expect big changes that may not be so pretty.

 Big shifts in relationships or vulnerability with finances are likely. This is not a time to make lavish investments. Wait it out for a bit, stay grounded and focus on your goals.

 No need to worry! If you’re struggling, know in your heart that there will be better days ahead.

 If you’re single, the relationship that you’re entering could be a very positive one for your growth. It’s likely that you could fall into a connection with someone who is much younger or much older than you. Don’t let your ego get in the way! Focus on the essence of the connection above all else.

 Your spirit knows what is good for you regardless of the physical aspects! Allow yourself to surrender into the unknown because you’re going to experience a big change whether you like it or not!

Face the storm courageously – know that you’re strong enough to face whatever comes your way, even if you don’t always believe it.


3.Befriend your weaknesses

You may feel emotionally needy during this full moon.

Your weaknesses will be visible for yourself and others to see.

Or, you may notice other’s weaknesses more clearly than ever – and you may find it annoying or unpleasant.

Learn to accept weaknesses rather than resist them.

What we resist persists!

What we perceive as “weaknesses” are there for a reason!

To move through unwanted resistance and assist your awakening process, follow these 4 simple steps.

One: identify what we are resisting

Two: Feel the feelings

 Three: Identify the underlying need(s)

  • Do you need connection? Self love? Understanding? Space?

Four: Give to yourself what you need.

If you need connection, connect with yourself. If you need to express yourself, share what you’re feeling. If you need some space or alone time, take action and find a space that feels comfortable to you.

 This full moon will bring you strength to rebuild yourself. Take advantage of this powerful time.

 If you’re ready to go all the way on your Twin Flame path…

 Join us on 11/11 this “11 year” for the 1111 global ceremony…

  • Attend the FREE Twin Flame Global Activation on 11-11-18 and Receive:  
  • A content-rich educational talk about the meaning of the numerology and the impact of the Twin Flames ’11 /11 Codes’
  • A karma clearing on whatever no longer serves you & your Twin Flame Union
  • A guided meditation to awaken your energy for this shift on 11/11/1
  • A potent Twin Flame 11/11 activation channeled by Dr. Amanda and Jack to activate your Twin Flame DNA, awaken your soul purpose, and magnetize your ultimate beloved
  • Cool FREE STUFF: tips, recipes, perks, and bonuses from Aphrodite University! Ask us any questions you have how to call in your Twin Flame fast!

Register here right away to save your seat….There are only 111 seats available.

 You deserve it and you are sooo worth it!

 Your Twin Flame Union awaits you…happy full moon in Taurus!


XO, Dr. Amanda Noelle 


Venus in Retrograde Astrology October 5 to November 16, 2018:

Venus in Retrograde Astrology October 5 to November 16, 2018:

Venus Retrograde 2018 Report

Evaluate, Heal the Heart, Release Your Venus Energy!

Venus in Retrograde Astrology October 5 to November 16, 2018:

Greetings Twin Flame Lover!

So this video is for you if you’re a high-vibing, high-achieving female love leader who is here to align with your Twin Flame and you understand the impact that the planets have on your love life, your relationships, and even business prospects…

And maybe you’ve heard that Venus is currently in retrograde from October 5th until November 16th, 2018…

You’ll may want to use this astrology report to your advantage by taking notes! Then you’ll be able to work more love magic, and avoid potential negativity at this Venus retrograde.

First I’ll explain what Venus retrograde actually is and why it’s so important to be aware of.

Second, you’ll get the General Venus Retrograde Astrology Themes so you can capitalize on the bliss while minimizing on the drama.

Third, I’ll share my Blissness & Money Updates for your badass boss babes.

And, finally, I’ll give you a juicy Twin Flame Venus Retrograde Energy Report including the 3 things you should avoid at this time so you Twinsies can keep the love vibes high like Aphrodite Venus herself!

Before we dive any deeper… what in the universe is a Venus retrograde? You may be wondering…

Despite the cosmic urban legend, planets do NOT “move backwards” during a retrograde :).

“To retrograde” means to become, to appear, to behave—or appear to move—in a backwards motion.

However, it simply looks that way because of the planet’s position in relation to the Earth and Sun at different times during the year.

Venus retrograde occurs for approximately 40 to 43 days every 18 months.

Many people get a little nervous when they hear the term “retrograde” in their astrology forecast–because let’s face it, Mercury retrograde is usually intense, causing technology and other aspects of life to go a bit haywire…

While it’s true that if you’re not prepared, Venus retrograde could kick you in the bootay

But luckily for you, Venus retrograde can be an astrological asset because you are taking the time to understand its themes!

Here Are the General Venus Retrograde Astrology Themes:

Venus retrograde is an ideal time for setting intentions for what you want to manifest when the planets go direct.

It is not however a time to overdo it on big beauty projects, redecorating, making extravagant purchases, or making a big commitment in your love life at this time…

So hold off on that whimsical elopement and don’t impulsively hop off to the beauty salon for an ombre blue-purple hairstyle until AFTER the retrograde please my dears!

During this retrograde, Venus starts on October 5th at 10° Scorpio, lasting for 40 days, ending around November 16th when Venus goes direct at 25° Libra.

Starting in Scorpio could makes things challenging–as Scorpio, the most intense sign of the zodiac.

Scorpio corresponds to death, drugs, sex, taboos, finances, and perhaps even the shadow government.

It’s all about primal instincts, reflexes, and our reptilian brain.

Ultimately, Scorpio is all about the parts people are too afraid to talk about, know about–or don’t even WANT to know about.

Interestingly, according to Jamie Partridge, Venus this retrograde is on the same degree as the Ascendant of Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein!

The good news is that this retrograde will be ideal for creativity and art projects.

And fittingly, one thing that’s really special that many people are not aware of is that Venus makes a beautiful sacred geometric shape–a five pointed star-flower as the apparent path as observed from the Earth it rotates around the sun! I’ll talk more about this in a moment.

The ultimate purpose of the “test” for the Venus retrograde period is resurrect your biggest asset–your heart.

That’s why this is an important time to focus on healing your heart from past loves, childhood and past life wounds, and awaken your heart to your God/Goddess of Love potential!

I have an incredibly easy suggestion on how to do that if you’re interested…

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Alright SeaStar…

More about the pentagram of Venus

As I’ve stated, the Pentagram of Venus is the apparent path of the planet Venus as observed from Earth.

It’s also known as the Rose of Venus, because it has 5 ‘petals’ where Venus makes its closest approach to Earth.

Herein lies a clue to the origins of Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Roseline.

Mary Magdalene represents the divine beloved, the Twin Flame Bride, and the one who has resurrected herself, having been deemed a whore (and it wasn’t until 2016 that the Vatican took that one back with a public apology saying they’d mixed her up with another Mary).

Venus is universally associated with the sea, and with the Morning and Evening Star. Like the Virgin Mary, she bore the title Stella Maris: “Star of the Sea.” Like the Mother Mary, her sacred flower is the rose, and she was sometimes simply called “Mari” (meaning Sea Goddess Mother).

Spend time at the sea, listening to ocean meditations sounds on your favorite device, and add a little sprinkle of Celtic sea salt to your water, always a good practice, especially during Venus retrograde.

Venus’ flow has some nice synchronicity with the Fibonacci numbers in sequence: 3, 5, 8, and 13, as well as evidence of having resonance with the Golden Ratio, phi Φ.

Also interestingly, in Latin name for the planet Venus is Lucifer.

Perhaps during the patriarchy we were duped to believe that the Goddess of Love was the Devil?

This V-retrograde would be a great time to ponder about where we have demonized or undervalued parts of our Divine Feminine selves, and overly rewarded or even deified masculine aspects.  

Then we can connect all aspects of our self–real and false, love and light, male and female–at the heart and resurrect the Flames.

Blissness & Money Updates Time!

As Venus also rules money, it’s traditionally thought that Venus retrograde is not an ideal time for investing or buying luxury items.

But this IS going to be a powerful 40 days to review, revisit, re-evaluate not only your love life and your relationships, but your money space, and most of all your value.

And yes a woman’s value relates to how she earns or (perhaps more appropriately) receives her value financially.

Since Venus is all about value, and the Divine Feminine has not felt of value and that is why there is a huge pay gap even today where female entrepreneurs make only 83 cents to the dollar.

It’s a time to question everything about value, including money, the money system, even the supposedly revolutionary cryptocurrency–and really take a deep look at the shadows there.

But more importantly, it’s a time to assess your values around value-exchange and your value in the money system… and prepare to create from there.

And hopefully then we can start to send bridge the wealth gap, see money go to good causes, pay our teachers, cut back on military spending, and make being a priestess or lightworker who chooses to monetize her gifts not a taboo, but a revered and even prestigious career.

To be honest, it’s been a hard path opting out of the mainstream way of earning money, going from Duke’s pre-med program years back to pursue my deep soul calling which was terrifying for many years! It led me down a path where I traveled the world, studied energy medicine, channeled my own path, and eventually became the Twin Flame Matchmaker.

But even though we’ve learned to monetize our gifts, as shamanic lightworkers, there are those in our own family who believe it’s wrong for Jack and I charge money for our work–even when we’ve cured many mental and physical ailments when working on the energetic level.

It’s an outrage to be deemed as “bad” or at best not be taken seriously because some family members believe that only the doctors, dentists, psychologists, etc are considered real healers and deserve money, even when we’ve worked just as hard at mastering our craft.

Yet Jack and I have made the commitment to send them love as we set a boundary so their beliefs don’t stop us from doing our lightwork while owning our value. We hold them with compassion and pray that they too someday will honor their divine healing gifts to the value of the Divine Feminine.

Twin Flame Venus Retrograde Energy Report

I forecast that the retrograde will be a big initiation for us Twin Flames on a soul purpose level.

The number 144 comes up at this time…Wiki states:

“Successive inferior conjunctions of Venus repeat with an orbital resonance of approximately 13:8—that is, Venus orbits the Sun approximately 13 times for every eight orbits of Earth—shifting 144° at each inferior conjunction.”

You’ll remember that 144,000 is a special number for Twin Flames.

144,000 is a sacred number–many believe that there will be 144,000 lightworkers (Flames) who explain and reveal the divine mission, to create Heaven on Earth because of evidence expressed in religious texts including Revelations 7.

So we have 144 and if we multiply it by 1000 we get the magic Twin Flame number. These numbers may not be literal, but more symbolic.

The number 1000 is an Angel number that symbolizes divine help in its universal form. This means you will have the strength to achieve anything you desire.

The number 144,000 represents our shot at achieving heaven on earth, and apparently we need Venus’ help at this time.

At this point you’ve heard that exchanging love and affection could become more difficult.

As a preventative measure it could be a really powerful time to do some journaling about any relationships you’re in, and discuss and evaluate the relationship together.

This would be a good time to evaluate but not commit to making changes in the relationship.

Exes or old karmas may arise to be sorted. This could be a great time to cut heart chakra cords and understand what brought you together in the first place in this manner.

Using the symbol of a rose might be helpful–try sending your exes psychic rose of completion at this time by envisioning a bouquet of white roses representing death and rebirth using this prayer:

“May these roses represent a completion of what was lived between us. They represent forgiveness for what hopes were not lived out between us. May we sever the tie that no longer serve us, and may we walk our paths individually in Love and Light.”


Ah that felt good. You can repeat this for any old loves.

With your Twin Flame, I highly recommend that you create a sacred space for contemplation of the new chapter starting November 16th.

Ask yourself:

What do we want to do together with our time here?

How do we want to hold our union?

What is our biggest soul purpose?

What actions do we need to take next?

Are there any rituals we need to partake in this year, monthly, annually, on the Solstices/Equinoxes to keep things running smoothly?

OK next, the three things to avoid this month are:

Sexual Tension, Pent Up Anger, and Impulsiveness!

The main influence on Venus stationary retrograde is a tense square aspect to Mars.

The sexual tension could be high in either one or both partners…

Take this as a time to connect with self-touch and exploration, or even moving the sexual energy into non-sexual places.  

The man thing is to remain conscious of what is happening and not suppress the energy.

Creating sacred sexual rituals that occur over several hours could be a particularly powerful act, especially during the new moon in Libra on October 8 and full Hunter’s moon on October 24th.

The second to avoid is to pent up your anger!

The last time we had a Venus retrograde was Fall 2010; Jack and I went through a major up-heaving of stuck anger in our union….

Since we didn’t know that much about astrology at that time–we didn’t know what was happening. But the arguments spiraled out of control…So our minds assumed the worst (that it was time to break up) instead of focusing on feeling through the intense emotions.

All of Jack’s commitment fears came up—Jack was especially terrified of making the “wrong” choice, or to be stuck in a codependent, disempowered relationship.

My abandonment fears came up and I manifested my worst fear during Venus retrograde–Jack asking me to take our engagement bands off.

Luckily we stayed detached throughout the situation and got professional help so that we could make clear individual decisions, then came back to make a compromise.

We learned important tools and we learned to express our anger in healthy ways and miraculously cleared up some verbal abuse patterns carried in our lineage for generations.

Some of you may remember this from those YouTube days! Comment below if you do… Thank you so much for continuing to trust us. 

It was to our surprise, that during the last retrograde “test of the heart” that we truly fell in love on a much deeper level of authenticity and trust.

We hope that you utilize this potent period to integrate, evaluate, and heal your heart chakra, and spread this love further and wider after the retrograde.

If you want my support to heal and activate your Anahata (4th chakra), take advantage of the 66% off rate and purchase your Home Learning Program HeartBreak to HeartBreakthrough by clicking this link. Act fast to grab your $11 off coupon code,

The first 144 lucky buyers will access this sacred savings!

Thank you so much for joining me. Sending you loads of love from my heart to yours, in the name of Venus Aphrodite. Amama!




The 7 Signs To Tell If You Have a Twin Flame

The 7 Signs To Tell If You Have a Twin Flame

Here are the seven signs to tell if you have Twin Flame.

Sign No. 1: Something Has Always Been Missing

From birth you felt a really strong calling. You felt like something was missing, and you wanted to find it. You didn’t necessarily know what it was, but you just felt this like “ugh” feeling–this feeling–a strong desire.

Sign No. 2: Obsession

You have been obsessed with Twin Flames. You’re Googling, you’re checking out all the blogs, you maybe have been read books on Twin Flames, or perhaps you’ve hired a Twin Flame expert or coach. You are so into finding your beloved that you can’t get enough info about Twin Flames and aligning with yours!

Sign No. 3: Intense Relationships

You have been in many or at least a couple of really intense relationships. And you are soaking up all the knowledge and learning about Twin Flames from this experience.  Whether the person you love is your Twin Flame or not, you are in love with learning… You love deep.

Sign No. 4: You’re a Love Machine

You are just a loving person. You care a great deal.  You are PASSIONATE, and even though you may have highs and lows you’re a very loving tender being. You love the planet; this makes you a natural humanitarian and planetary healer.

Sign No. 5: You’re Here to Build the New Earth

You have a huge soul purpose and you want to build the New Earth. You know you’re not here to just have a cute little picket fence kinda nice life with your family. Instead, you’ve woken up to seeing a higher vision–you really wish share your purpose and gifts to heal the world.

Sign No. 6: You Are a Healer With a Purpose

You feel that you have been a healer in many lifetimes, and possibly have been persecuted, maybe even burned at the stake. You are an intuitive with a high level metaphysical skills set that goes beyond the physical world; you’ve woken up to this at least recently, if not as a child. Many of us wake up in different times in our lifetime but you have at least recently been feeling like you wish to share your healing gifts with the world and that you cannot just work nine to five in a soul-suckinng job. Your soul purpose drives you.

Sign No. 7: You Work Hard to Love Yourself

You are willing to do whatever it takes to heal all of you, all of your chakras, and you know that self-love is the only answer. You know that in order to manifest your Twin Flame (ultimate and holy union), you must heal and love thyself. You are so dedicated on your own healing journey that you are willing to do what it takes and receive the help to give you the fastest breakthroughs. You are aware that healing yourself isn’t not only  for you or to attract your own beloved, it’s also for your family, your community, or for the clients/fans who follow you. You’re here to awaken and activate the planet by shifting consciousness, vibration, and taking action.. You can even become obsessed with learning new modalities of healing the planet and sometimes it keeps you up at night. You dream about shifting the planet, because you’re here to create the Ascension for humanity.  You are constantly researching new methods, looking into self-development courses and maybe you’ve hired a ton of experts or healers to improve yourself.

These seven signs will help you determine that you are a Twin Flame, and whether you have a Twin Flame on this earth.

However, many believe that not everyone has a Twin Flame incarnate on the planet…

Are you one of them? Learn more here and let me know… 

If you are a female on a Twin Flame Path, upgrade your love luck by signing up for your complimentary Twin Flame Ignition Kit here.

XO… lots of love!

Dr. Amanda Noelle, Mystical Matchmaker & Love Code Hacker

What Is Feminine Energy?

Ten Ways to Boost Your Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is a powerful healing energy that allows us to open to receiving. Feminine, referred to as yin energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is an energy that tends to be more calm, compassionate, and caring.

Without the feminine, we’re in trouble...

Everyone--both men and women--have masculine or feminine energy, and that these energies must be balanced. Many people, even women, are lacking feminine energy (or are hiding their feminine side) in the overly-masculine world.

In the modern world, women are expected to be more nurturing, soft, and beautiful while being successful and sexy. We’re expected to be mothers and CEO, romantics and leaders. The past history where women were once suppressed is crumbling as women quickly break the chains. We are calling out old behaviors, creating #metoomovements, and are stepping away from the patriarchy.

Truly, the feminine is rising.