Twin Flame 1111 Rituals | For Magic and Manifestation on 11/11/17

Twin Flame 1111 Rituals | For Magic and Manifestation on 11/11/17

The date 11/11 is a Twin Flame number and offers a Twin Flame Love frequency.

In this post, I will share with you a list of things that you can do to invoke Twin Flame Love on 11/11/17, or on any 11/11 date, or even at 11:11 time, any day, to create an invocation or Twin Flame awakening ritual. 

There are an infinite number of ways to create Twin Flame 1111 rituals, but I have found that several things have worked to help my clients attract their Twin Flames at light speed so I’ll share them here.

I think you’ll find this guided Twin Flame Reunion Hypnosis Meditation supportive in preparation for your Twin Flame ritual. You can listen to it now, and if you can, re-listen regularly over a period of several days before doing your 1111 ritual!

⇒ Watch the Twin Flame Reunion Hypnosis Meditation Video HERE

Twin Flame Reunion Hypnosis Meditation (Good For Sleep!)

11 Twin Flame Ritual Tips for 11/11 or 11:11

  1. Do a count down and light a candle at 11:11:11pm
  2. Celebrate with arms wide open with the sound “eeeee” (like Spanish/Latin “i” sound) which is a Twin Flame frequency
  3. Do a clearing burning ritual by burning something representing energy from old love(s)and Twin Flame runners
  4. Do a Twin Flame Activation ritual in a group
  5. Unite the elements of fire and water in some way, which represents the Yin and Yang Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine counterparts
  6. Wear your favorite colors representing Twin Flame Love
  7. Wear crystals on your heart such as amethyst, rose quartz, clear quarts, and rhodonite that attract Twin Flame Love
  8. Connect with dolphins on 11/11/17, through music, statues, photographs/art, or actual dolphins if possible
  9. Feel into the frequencies that are available on 11/11 during your meditation
  10. Tune into the 432 hz tuning fork energies for Twin Flame love
  11. Spend time alone out in nature connecting with your Twin, or if you re in Divine Union already, bring them with you to celebrate!

There are many ways to celebrate the beautiful frequencies that are indeed always here, but come in through the celebration of the numbers 11/11 and 11:11.  Find your own unique way to harness Twin Flame Love that day and every day!

Whoa! Synchronicity!!!:

I love this… I just noticed the time of publishing this blog; I copy-pasted the time just now before publishing! “Last edited by Amanda at 11:11 pm.” Holy cow, 1111 is for real! 🙂

Lots of love and 1111 Twin Flame Blessings,

Dr. Amanda Noelle, the Twin Flame Matchmaker, helps women attract their Twin Flames at light speed and create soul-purposed missions that heal the planet.

How to Clear Dark Energy That Blocks Your Twin Flame Union

How to Clear Dark Energy That Blocks Your Twin Flame Union

Even the most magical women get hit by dark energy sometimes… This can blocks us from attracting what we want: our abundance, our soul purpose, and our Twin Flame.

Beloved, does this sound like you?:

– Is a destructive energy blocking you from your Beloved?
– Do you keep attracting energy vampires left and right?
– Are you having trouble sleeping, focusing, or feeling grounded and safe?
– Is your life being sabotaged for no apparent reason?
– Does something just feel off?

This blog is for you if you’re ready to clear your aura for good and get a sparkly clear love life, sans demons and darkness, to get down to your true essence so you can attract a divinely aligned Twin Flame Love.

I actually recently hit my own struggles with darkness and it was quite a journey returning the crown back on my Crown Chakra. It happens to all High-Healed Priestesses!

My Twin Flame Jack and I just spent the summer between Europe and the East Coast. We stayed in a few spooky old farmouses and castles in France, Vermont, and Upstate New York…places that felt, well, a little HAUNTED! Here’s a pic of me in front of the super spooky haunted barn.

how to clear dark energy

Since returning to San Diego a few days ago, I have been noticing an upper limit to my magic….Something just felt off.

Even all four of our websites went down with malware, even after we’d invested hundreds of dollars in getting them clean! It’s as if the demons are saying they wanted to destroy everything in their path….

But I decided that I am DONE with darkness, and I am ready to spread my light fully!

Would you like to release the darkness too, to tap into your peak priestess performance?

Great! It’s time! By claiming your energy field and building a radiant shield of protection (divine light), you are making room for your Twin Flame to come in.

Your Twin Flame will only be attracted to your soul when he/she  an actually recognize your soul, which means your auric field needs to be squeaky clean. No energy blocks or old cobwebs sister!

Here are some juicy goddess tools I have used over the years that really work to spruce up the ol’ energy field. They’ll help you call in your Twin Flame and virtually anything your gorgeous soul desires.

But first…Note that there are many ways to clear an aura.

Here are four useful principles to help you get and keep your aura clean:

  • You’ll want to clean your aura regularly, as a practice, and also clear your home and office, and wherever else you spend your time regularly.
  • Also, dark energy must be cleared out with love and light, not fear, panic, or paranoia.  Love and compassion are the the holiest of sanitizers, like a psychic version of Purell!
  • I also suggest having a huge sense of humor, and laughing at the darkness and silly demons (maybe even cackle to loosen things up!).
  • Practice makes perfect, and over time you’ll realize how sensitive you are to unclean energy, and you’ll get better at keeping things pristine.

Tips to Cleanse Your Aura

Feather dust! Take a feather–I like wild turkey feathers or ostrich feathers—and ‘dust’ your aura from head to toe, down the arms, down through the feet, and throw all the negative energy into an invisible drain that returns it to the center of the earth.

Light Shower

Turn on the shower of white light, or the violet flame (a cleansing ray), use a rose hue, or anything thing will do! Imagine light pouring down from the heavens and cleansing the parts of you that feel triggered or stuck.

Golden Egg of Protection

This energy field filters out negative energy trying to get in. Sometimes I see women how to clear your auraattempting to call in their Twin Flame, but because they aren’t protecting their auras, they’ll keep calling in dark energy which keeps the Karmic Soulmates, Twin Flame Counterfeits, and lower vibrations coming in…

To use this tool, the Golden Egg of Protection, place a bubble–something that looks like a golden egg–around you, about 12-18 inches outside of your body. This sits just at the edge of your aura. Make sure if you have a tendency to have big aura to tuck in your aura so it fits inside this bubble so you’re not up in everyone else’s energy fields! This will help untangle you from other people’s drama and help you claim your own power so you can really step into self-love.

Additionally, you may place any symbols of protection you like in the Golden Egg of Protection, like Egyptian ankhs, Mary Magdalene roses, pagan crosses, merkaba, etc at the edge of the egg and watch energy bounce right off.

Goddess Cleansing Bathing Rituals

twin flame matchmaker

Clear things up with the holy sacrament of water! Water be used in ritual to bless our body that is made of water, and our soul that vibrates at the merkaba structure that is held within water.

Use Himalayan or Dead Sea salt to neutrailze negatively charged energy in your aura. Or take a dip in the ocean! The negative ions will balance you out.

Boost your bathing rituals by saying a prayer asking your angels and guides to remove negative and toxic energy. I like to add epsom salts, essential oils, and herbs. Most essential oils have some cleansing properties, though I really like peppermint, lavender, frankincense, and rosemary for cleansing.

It’s crucial to clear your aura of energy from exes, past lovers, your parents and ancestors, and doing an intentional ceremony to help clear out your past from these energies and spirits will be of use. Otherwise, you may get caught in a Twin Flame Runner and Chaser loop, where you try to pull in your partner, but there are past energy blocks impeding him or her from coming in.

Design your own cleansing bathing ritual and use the energy from the fire before and after your bath with smudging.


I normally smudge daily, and I wish I’d done this during my travels!

I was once told by a psychic that it is scientifically impossible for ghosts (spirits without bodies) to reside in homes that have been smudged. Dunno if it’s true, but I’ll take that! I like the way that smudging feels–so purifying! You can use palo santo, cedar, sweet grass, or frankincense as well.

Smudging with sage or other plants clears out negative energy in your aura and in area you’re in. Take an abalone shell and place a handful of loose white sage inside and light them. Or use a smudge bundle and light the leaves.

Allow the sage to smoulder and wave this smoke using a feather or fan into your aura or area of the room with stagnant energy.

Pass the smudge across your heart and hold it there for a few moments stating “I clear unhealed heartbreaks from my past and I now step into a Twin Flame frequency at my heart

Don’t forget to smudge the bottoms of your feet to get grounded, and your crown chakra, and also smudge closets, bookshelves (all that mental energy!), and corners extra well. Enjoy the difference after a good smoke down!

These tools are each super powerful in their own right, and you can use them at your own pleasure, leisure, and way.

I’d love to hear back from you about what you have used to cleanse, or what you’ve struggled with in the aura clearing process.

Simply post in the comments below and share your thoughts, and I’ll do my best to reply!

XO, Amanda

PS: Tell me what color your aura is, and I’ll bonus you a kiss!

The Rise of Divine Feminine Wealth: Women Healers Stepping Into Financial Healing

The Rise of Divine Feminine Wealth: Women Healers Stepping Into Financial Healing

Dr Amanda NoelleAre you a healer, mystic, Angel lover, or just a spiritual woman who views life beyond the physical reality?

This post is for you creating a new reality with wealth.

Twin Flames are here to create big change on the planet, so we cannot negate the conversation around money. Luckily things are changing for the better, and rapidly so.

Maybe you have noticed a shift in the way that healers are relating to money? Yes, things are changing very quickly with this information era. The Internet is bringing together the healers, and they are stepping out of shame and hiding at light speed.

You may have seen your theta healing friend go to a business weekend workshop and invest in a $10,000 program, a number that is beyond her annual income. Then she starts generating that amount every month and it blows your mind.

Or may have gotten on a sales call with a conscious business coach and had butterflies in your tummy and said yes to the program. Or maybe you declined because you didn’t have enough cash coming in yet but the fact that you even considered signing up to learn how to launch your own business says that things are really shifting.

Hippie healer chicks (including myself) formerly only paid for:

+Tickets to Burning Man/festivals
+Superfoods and supplements
+Tantra workshops and reiki certifications
+Really expensive festival clothes and gemstone accessories
+Super cheap rent (maybe)

But now, everything is changing.
We have started seeing our own value, and we’re not willing to play small like that anymore.

I think each and every last hippie chick realizes that hiding off grid isn’t sacred empowerment–it’s an expression of shame, unhealed trauma, and lack.

We are rising fast! And we’re not acting like dependent little girls anymore… We’re not running from “the man” or trying to become like him, and we’re not needing to burn the man either.

As financial freedom diva Patrina Wisdom says, “A man is NOT a plan!” I so agree.

As a former helpless hippie chick who got dumped on her ass by her man-plan amidst legal and medical bills with no income or financial plan at all, I’m now passionate about helping women realize that they’re worthy of (a) generating their own incomes, (b) choosing whatever amount they wish to generate using their soul purpose, knowing that we are limitless beings, and (c) helping women pick men who don’t ditch out or energetically squash their financial empowerment.

We are waking up to the fact that money is–like everything–sacred. And that running from it or hating on it or not sharing and it is a form of spiritual bypassing!

I also believe in the power of investing in ourselves. If I hadn’t invested 10s, maybe even 100s of thousands of dollars in my education and healing with top mentors like Sage Lavine, Susan Liddy, Christina Morassi, Nathalie Chapron, Bill Baren, and Fabienne Fredrickson, I’d probably still be living my life around a Burning Man calendar and hiding out.

I have done hundreds of sales calls with hippie chicks who have used money as the biggest spiritual bypass, excuse as to why they can’t change their lives. I’m no longer excepting this as an excuse, as money is a mere reflection of our pleasure or pain.

Jack and AmandaMoney is the mayor of our inner masculine, and if you aren’t willing to invest it in yourself, you probably aren’t going to be a good candidate for coaching and making real change in your life.

I am so proud of the hippie chicks who have risen to the real level of high priestess or as I call it High-Healed Priestess.

And I know that the real men will be thrilled that they don’t have to raise us as their daughters, they don’t have to be our sugar daddies. They can be our equals as we each step into Holy MatriMoney.

May you become a healer who steps in as part of a Twin Flame Power Couple–sacred partnership where are you move each other forward together on all levels.

Divine Wealth Secrets for Twin Flames

Divine Wealth Secrets for Twin Flames

twin flame moneyTwin Flame Wealth Warriors! Are you a Twin Flame lover or seeker who is here to live a fully abundant Twin Flame life?

Does this sound like you:

  • You have always had your heart out there for the other half of your soul, and you cannot wait to unite!?
  • You believe in the Law of Attraction, and refuse to get stuck on limiting belief systems
  • You are fully committed to ending pain on the planet, and to living in pleasure and bliss
  • You believe in the concept of Heaven on Earth and you want to unite with your Twin Flame to carry out this mission to fruition!

Lately I have been noticing a LOT of conscious Twin Flame seekers worrying about money.

It even happens to many 6-figure coaches. I meet spiritual people who believe in the Law of Attraction, who have hit 6 figures and a certain level of success, yet they STILL freak out about money all the time.

Twin Flames are here because we know of Divine Abundance. We know of the infinite and eternal aspects of the universe. We are here to merge with our Beloveds in the lower worlds (3rd Dimension Earth) through the Higher Dimensions (heavenly realms).

As Twin Flames, we are meant to become masters of the 3rd Dimensions, meaning that we live in Truth and Trust.

Why do I see so many of you aligning with scarcity and lack, when these are simply not true?

Yes, I see so many brilliant Twin Flame women running on a hamster wheel investing, working, stressing, and it’s just like the full time job they left, even if they’re passionate about their work!

I have been there myself many times, and it’s frustrating that we are still in this old energy trap.

Some of my Twin Flame friends, Soul Family, and clients even freak out about money, then have an $85K launch the next month, then go back to freaking out a few months later. Oye!

I hate seeing my loved ones worrying about money because my parents used to worry about money when I was a kid, it stressed me, and it still gives me PTSD.

Though it feels like there’s no escaping the slave-job mindset in this country, we do live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! We are meant to release ourselves from these fear-based thought forms.

I am aware that it is incredibly expensive to live in this modern era; right now I joke that 6-figures is the minimum wage, especially if you live in Californian cities/NYC etc.!

But in actuality, I feel what the real reason why everyone is freaking out about money is…We haven’t healed the scars of scarcity from the past!

twin flame attributesTwin Flames, it’s time to step into your Divine Abundance.

I think our ancestors came to this land (especially the US) to escape the oppression and harsh control by the elites. It is ingrained in us to ESCAPE poverty and oppression, but we aren’t good at doing what we need to do:

We must ENTER into a calm, Divine Feminine wellspring of Viagra Professional; we must know that there never really was poverty.

Divine Abundance is one of the many Twin Flame attributes.

Scarcity wasn’t ‘real’ — especially for us in this lifetime!

Sure, if you hit 6-figures, good for you. But even if you’re broke in this country, you won’t starve…There’s nothing to fear. For instance, I just heard about a woman who is a single mom and totally broke who gave just birth at Marin General hospital facing the mountains and was fed green juice afterwards. I think this is an example that even if you ‘hit bottom’ you will likely be OK.

There is so much wealth to share. It might *feel* scary but in most circumstances (especially if you don’t have severe health needs) it’s a pretty easy lifetime to survive.

So stop worrying! Stop being a slave to 6 and 7 figures, and focus on being in service and buy Viagra Professional online . (Thanks for the self-reminder).

Never stop following your dreams due to the ‘fact’ that you don’t have the resources right now. You can absolutely find them! I went from being a 0 to 4-figure earner to being a 6-figure earner in just a few years!

Your Divine Abundance mirrors your Twin Flame energies…

I also mirrored my scarcity with men; and when I believed in the abundance of what is truly out there for me, I manifested my Twin Flame Jack.

So believe that you can receive! And you will.

Loads of love and light,


Dr. Amanda Noelle, The Twin Flame Matchmaker and Founder of Aphrodite University


How to Overcome Being a Perfectionist Woman

How to Overcome Being a Perfectionist Woman

Hi Gorgeous Goddess! Are you a struggling overachiever who needs to slow the f&ck down?

This is a love-note for YOU if…

  • You struggle with perfectionism
  • You find yourself trying to please the men (or women) you date before pleasing yourself
  • You try to say and do the right things to please everyone else first and you drain yourself
  • You want everyone else around you to like you, but…
  • You don’t even like/love/or even know yourself enough
  • You are the one who volunteered to save your family and sponge up their negative energy (because somehow, as a kid you decided it was “your job”)

Then sister, I got some nuggets to share with you here.

You have been struggling a lot lately: with men, health, bliss, wealth, etc… 

The good news is you can swiftly shift your struggle into sweet success with the Sacred Feminine.

[Click HERE to watch “Start Manifesting Like a Goddess,” a video that will help].

Everything in my life used to be a struggle too. Sigh.

I worked my body, mind, and spirit into the ground until she nearly broke.

My menstrual cycles dried up, as did my passion for life; I had no more feminine juiciness, so I tried pushing harder.

I thought if I worked hard enough, I would be the perfect woman!

I pushed and pushed for happiness and success. I was like a middle-aged workaholic man from Manhattan…

Until I flatlined. 

I started getting scary-insane sugar cravings, chronic pain, gaining weight, didn’t want to get out of bed, and I got hormonal acne. Not cute!

I also got my heartbroken (for the zillionth time), because the men I dated eventually would see how little self-respect I had–they’d lose affection and their initial sexual attraction would fade.

My friends were all getting married, going to law school, making big money, climbing the corporate ladder–what was wrong with me?!

I felt so lost and alone in my circle of overachievers, I didn’t know where to go.

I couldn’t keep up any longer. 

So, without a choice, I decided to STOP struggling and start following my bliss instead. And guess what?

My life became a dream! 

I’ve got my man (my Twin Flame), my money, my life flowing with ease and abundance without feeling like I’m trying.

I’m not saying this to brag, or to show off–I know this annoys the shit out of people (especially me!). 

I want to help you if you too are a an overachiever so you can have what I have (finally!). Your own desires, owned and realized.  

I want you to call in your Twin Flame fast.

I am not saying it was easy for me; it wasn’t. 

I am just telling you to slow down, tune into your Divine Feminine bliss, and you’ll get what you want as long as you’re committed to your healing and growth.

You’ll get way more out of life the pleasurable way anyway. 

By opening to Divine Feminine bliss you’ll:

  • Attract a Twin Flame, a Highly Conscious Man
  • Receive an abundance of easy money
  • Birth and raise your children ecstatically 
  • Run your business with feminine flow
  • Take on the world with your sacred feminine magic!

Step into your pleasure and commit to it forever. Endless bliss will be yours to kiss!

Why struggle when it can be this blissful and easy!? 

It’s ironic isn’t it? It can feel totally counterintuitive to slow down and follow your pleasure. 

We struggle because it was what our people knew for thousands of years. 

They survived floods, famine, atrocities, and holocausts.
They worked through abuse patterns and survived lots of pain and depression.

But guess what? Life can be peachy if you allow it to be.

You can lead your people to higher ground by living your life in pure bliss, Ananda in Sanskrit.

You don’t really even have to DO that much, except receive love.

If you are an overachieving woman, you will have to be brave to surrender to your Divine Feminine bliss. It won’t be easy!

For me, it was the scariest death of my ego as I had to follow MY truth. MY bliss. MY desires and let go of what others, family, and (perhaps the hardest) men wanted from me.

Here’s a short video about how to stop struggling and start manifesting like a goddess! It’s how I attracted my Twin Flame and everything else that’s yummy in my life…

Click to see it here:

I’d love to hear how you’ve been struggling or making strides [First Name], so please comment on the video here and I’ll do my best to respond to all comments.

Here’es to stepping into your Sacred Feminine succsexiness! 


Amanda + Aphrodite

Dancegasm to Attract Your Twin Flame

Dancegasm to Attract Your Twin Flame

Have you every had a Dancegasm

abundance channelingDancegasm–yes I said it….It’s almost like an orgasm…but better

I think as good as (or even better than) a fully body orgasm too.

Because it’s like having sex with your entire body with the Higher Dimensions and your Twin Flame.

But Dancegasms aren’t just for fun or child’s play…this is an ancient high priestess practice, a tool for enlightenment, healing, and spiritual channeling!

Dancegasms can also help you rapidly heal your body, mind, and soul and call in your Twin Flame.

Dancegasms have helped me to create absolute miracles in my life and I want this for you too, Darling!

Juicy miracles can happen with a Dancegasm practice, such as:

  • Attract your Twin Flame while having a dancegasm (I did it, so can you!)
  • ​Heal your body instantly from chronic pain, like that gnarly toothache I had
  • Astral travel out of your body into the Higher Dimensions…wheeee!
  • Feel absolutely connected to The Universe
  • Release heavy stuck fears and blocks that hold you back from getting what you want

Wanna know how to have a Dancegasm too? 

Sure you do.

And love to share my secrets with you so you can call in your man, your money, and your mojo!

Watch the Dancegasm video below. 

In this video, I’ll teach you more about the art of Dancegasm so you can call in…

your Twin Flame, better health, sexy booty, and get more confidence than you’ve ever had by shaking that sexy ass!

Watch th before we call in your Twin Flame at the Twin Flame new moon on 11/11 next week!

Simply click here to see the Dancegasm video above. 

When you’re done watching the video, be sure to show some comment love so I can know what you think! And join us next Wednesday for the 11/11 Twin Flame activations!

XO, Amanda

PS: Reminder! Don’t forget to schedule the 11/11 Twin Flame New Moon Ceremony for Wed. at 5pm PST, don’t miss it. Opt-in here to attend!