Twin Flame Sacred Marriage | Our Wedding Announcement!

Twin Flame Sacred Marriage | Our Wedding Announcement!

Yay! It’s official–Jack and I are getting MARRIED and I wanted you to be one of the first to know!

Becoming a bride has been a dream of mine for as long as I could remember… But getting here hasn’t been easy, and has taken me what feels like forever! 

I also wanted to say thank you you to all of you who have been so patient with me while Jack and I resurrected ourselves from the ashes, it’s been a truly beautiful, humbling, and intense process at times stepping into Twin Flame Union and integrating that with the marriage systems! I am so grateful you are here to celebrate the triumphs. 

Today I’m sharing with you the 3 things that saved our relationship, has made it indestructible (dare I say!), and has made the idea of marriage ecstatic

Until a few months ago, I was stuck in the wrong mindset about marriage and I didn’t even know it.

I thought women had to either chose to: (1) stay single, OR (2) get sucked into the traditional “Matrix Marriage” relationship energy; you know, the type of marriage that traps you, and that is not healthy, sexy, or revitalizing for either partner!

But during this process, here’s what I have decided…

Marriage should never mean:

  • Sacrificing your Sacred Feminine freedom
  • Settling “down,” getting sluggish, playing small, and settling for less
  • Letting your pussy go dry after being married for a few years!
  • Ditching out on ladies’ nights to become a codependent Matrix Wife
  • Becoming a second class citizen to ‘da man (it’s not the 50s anymore, but many modern wivesstill do it!)

Divine Marriage is meant to be expansive, erotic, explorative, and a path of evolution. Your pussy should start wet and stay wet!

Holler if you’re a YES to that!

Yet so many women fall into the Matrix Marriage trap. They sacrifice much of who they are, just so they can have male company, be in a relationship, get married, and/or have children. 

Confession: even I myself, Dr. Amanda Noelle, “a love guru” recently almost trapped myself in a Matrix Marriage!

When Jack and I got engaged last year, the engagement felt magical at first–how is a man getting down on one knee and proposing to you not romantic?! But after a few months, something felt off… 

Strange things started to happen that shocked both of us; we hit our deepest, ugliest fears and emotional blocks. Suddenly, we started unveiling our worst childhood patterns, the emotions were intense…We started shouting at each other (and I never shout!). Things were spinning out of control…

While Jack and I tried staying positive, nothing seemed to work for months. Our connection and sexual expression were blocked. We were trapped in something heavy, but we didn’t know what…

Then, one day it happened. My man freaked out and gave me the biggest wakeup call. He told me that he realized that he was unhappy, and that he wasn’t coming from his place of power when he asked me to marry him. He said needed to take a 10-day break from being together before he could commit to moving forward!

Holy fu*k. Am I getting ditched before the altar? His words shocked me to the core.

After a painful and confusing ten days apart, long meditations in nature, and supportive conversations with friends and family, I came to my own conclusion and truth…

Then Jack came home.

We sat down nervously, and talked and eye gazed on the couch. We both realized how much we loved each other, but that this engagement was indeed holding the blueprint of a “Matrix Marriage,” and we needed to spend 3-months problem solving and making the decision of whether or not to move forward as a married couple, “shit or get off the pot” as they say.

I won’t lie to you and say that it was easy taking off my engagement band and surrender to the process of trusting Twin Flame Love. It was a humiliating blow to my ego… I shed many tears, spent lots of time alone meditating by the creek, hanging with girlfriends, and taking cleansing baths. I thought I would feel empty and lost.

But the process awoke something deep in me… It allowed me to become more resilient, fuller, tapped into my feminine, and most of all, aligned

Amanda, what I have learned is that marriage is only a reflection of my own self-love. 

We rely on the Matrix Marriage energy when we haven’t learned who we are as Source Consciousness, and Twin Flame Beloveds. 

I’ve learned so much over the past few months. Relationships aren’t always easy or romantic. They’re the greatest teachers.

Here are the top 3 secrets to make your relationship sexy + indestructible!

Here’s the #3 secret to make your relationship indestructible: Fall In Love With  Yourself

Did you know that it’s OK to totally fall apart!? Then put yourself back together again? That’s the first step of Twin Flame Alchemy: to fall apart, slay your ego, and unravel the subconscious mind…Then you can be reborn!

Did you know that 95% of our thoughts are stored in the subconscious mind, and that this mind is crafted between age 0-8, and even in past lives? Women who sit stewing in their early childhood wounds (we all have them!) often continue attracting unsatisfying relationships who mirror their daddy and mommy issues, self-esteem blocks, sexual blocks, and the list goes on. 

That means that a smart conscious woman allows herself to fall apart, and fall in love with the perfect shattered mirror of herself. She actually looks at herself, with unconditional love–even if it feels uncomfortable to look.

Would you rather look at your subconscious pain now with unconditional love, or later while you’re being ditched, dissed, or disappointed by a partner who can’t meet you fully?

Good answer…

That’s why it’s time to work on identifying and healing the conscious and subconscious blocks in your psyche, heart, chakras, and spirit.

Here’s the #2 secret to make your relationship indestructible: Self-Marriage

I teach my clients how to marry themselves first, and tell them that your Beloved is only a mirror of self-love. Self-marriage rituals are proven to work, and you will instantly feel the difference in  your levels of self-love. But you want to do them in an intentional, and sacred way that infuses magic with your practical vows. 

I married myself on Bali on 11/11/11 in a flower bath of holy water with two long candles representing the “11s” – it was an unforgettable initiation into my journey of deep, unwavering self-love. I did a lot of preparation work leading up to that day, and I customized the ritual in a very curated and specific way. I recently renewed my vows during a powerful plant medicine journey in a field near my home. 

Now, I support my clients in marrying themselves first before attempting to find a man who can love and satisfy them. I call it Twin Flame Self-Marriage. I am so grateful that I married myself in Bali and made my self-marriage ring that I wore it while Jack was away and didn’t feel nearly as much of him missing from my life as I would have if my ring sat empty. 

I’d love to teach you how to create a self-marriage ceremony! Hit reply and let me know if this is something you’re interested in doing on 11/11 or Valentine’s Day 2018. 

Here’s the #1 secret to make your relationship indestructible: Practice Sex Magic

Over the 3 months Jack and I reevaluated our potential marriage, I actually had more orgasms on my own than I have in years. Sex Magic is what healed me.

There’s no shame in self-pleasure! Yet so many women are conditioned to think their pussies are only made for men to enter…

Using Twin Flame Sex Magic, my orgasms have gotten deeper, longer, and more celestial (if ya know what I mean?) so now when I cum with Jack (or by myself) it’s so much better! 

So, now that my pussy is more awake than ever, I’ve crafted a system called Twin Flame Sex Magic, which can be done alone or with your Beloved.

It combines meditation, the law of attraction, seduction artistry, and tantric practices. It implements specific orgasmic manifestation techniques that help you call in your Beloved, and/or it can help you as a couple to attract a life you love.

I have not yet revealed my system publicly, and I can’t wait to deliver it to you when it’s time!

We also wanted to share that Jack is stepping out of Twin Flames International LLC, and is following his OWN path and is launching his own more masculine business (details coming soon!). He says hello and will still be on videos from time to time, and will help me in the back end of the business. 

So much change… I will be coming back into a more feminine space in the Temple of Aphrodite, and in my bli$$ness, after running my bli$$ness with a very masculine man! 

So stay tuned, as I will soon be revealing Twin Flame Sex Magic secrets in the near future!

Maybe in the next month or so…When Jack and I settle in Austin…That’s right! Did I forget to tell you? We are moving there this week, so watch out Texas!  We are moving due to a soul calling, and I am trusting the flow despite the fact that I have never been to Texas before!

So Amanda, visit me in Austin 🙂 Grab a (green) drink with me! Plus I’ll likely be running an upcoming Twin Flames Sex Magic Retreat some time Austin between 11/11 and when I get married on 3/3 next year, so stay tuned for that too… Oh, and I will be upgrading and reformatting Aphrodite University as the premier mystery school and certification for love coaches and Twin Flame Matchmakers, so excited!

Thanks for reading all the way through this, that really touches my heart. I look forward to seeing you at the New Moon in Libra Raw Cacao Ceremony in 3 weeks!

XO, Dr. Amanda

PS: Want help MOONifesting your Twin Flame? Another big announcement is that I am returning back to doing the complimentary New Moon Raw Cacao Ceremonies for the rest of this year! Join me on the New Moon in Libra on October 19th here (it’s FREE!).

What Is Feminine Energy?

Ten Ways to Boost Your Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is a powerful healing energy that allows us to open to receiving. Feminine, referred to as yin energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is an energy that tends to be more calm, compassionate, and caring.

Without the feminine, we’re in trouble...

Everyone--both men and women--have masculine or feminine energy, and that these energies must be balanced. Many people, even women, are lacking feminine energy (or are hiding their feminine side) in the overly-masculine world.

In the modern world, women are expected to be more nurturing, soft, and beautiful while being successful and sexy. We’re expected to be mothers and CEO, romantics and leaders. The past history where women were once suppressed is crumbling as women quickly break the chains. We are calling out old behaviors, creating #metoomovements, and are stepping away from the patriarchy.

Truly, the feminine is rising.

Twin Flame Power Couple Signs

Twin Flame Power Couple Signs

Times are a-changing! In the past, we saw higher levels of world politics, education, wealth, and health industries being dominated by men. Now, the planet is about to get dominated by…

Twin Flame Power Couples!

Since the 1960s, planetary shifts gave way to a rise of feminism and feminine power. We’ve seen high numbers of women on top. But the problem is, many women on top have sacrificed their true Divine Feminine nature in order to step into the spotlight. And, they’re walking alone without a true balance of Divine Love feeding their hearts.

It’s critical to heal the planet with a balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.

twin flame power couple

So hold onto your hats – we’re in for an exciting new paradigm ride! Post 2012 Shift, we are witnessing the rise of Twin Flame Power Couples stepping into leadership.

We are experiencing the rise of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine and their harmony through union.

We are seeing these love leaders who come together through Divine Union as Twin Flame Power Couples.

But what exactly classifies a Twin Flame Power Couple? In this blog, I will identify the 11 signs of a Twin Flame Power Couple. There are many more than 11, but 11 is a Twin Flame number, so we’ll start there. While each Twin Flame Union is unique, there are certain themes I see over and over again.

Here are the 11 Signs of a Twin Flame Power Couple:

  1. You are not defined by your ego or led by greed, control, or seeing power
  2. You are here to heal the planet and serve with the Light
  3. You two are on a soul purpose mission together
  4. Your Twin Flame Union is a container for intimacy, yet it also holds your soul purpose
  5. You want to birth a Twin Flame Legacy – either biological children, or something to impact the greater good of the planet
  6. You are motivated by bliss and love, not punishment or fear
  7. You are ready to accelerate your spiritual growth, at light speed
  8. You are committed to non-violent communication and ahimsa – treating others through Oneness and non-violence
  9. You are both committed to self-evolution in order to evolve your relationship, the planet, and Oneness
  10. You are connected on a Higher Self level, not just through your daily life
  11. You are willing to die for the cause – your passions and love are that strong

As a Twin Flame Matchmaker, I have witnessed hundreds of my clients attract their Divine Partner at light speed.

I myself moved in with my Twin Flame within a week!  We fell in love at first sight and felt an instant sense of Twin Flame soul recognition.

You can watch the video about our reunion here:

Twin Flame Recognition: How Do You Tell If Someone Is Your Twin Flame or Not?

The Divine Feminine has risen and it’s an exciting time on the planet for women and for planetary healers in general. The rise of the Divine Masculine is catching up with us ladies, and conscious men are on the rise!

Things are happening quickly. Men are reassessing their old roles and are becoming more conscious in their hearts, and are asking their partners and wives to join them in the power seat. This is true for Bill and Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. This is the first time in history where a single couple have both run for president, which is groundbreaking in Twin Flame history!

Men and women are making new waves and are stepping into conscious relationships, Twin Flame Unions, and spiritually-based relationships.

This is a very exciting time for love. Venus energies (the Goddess of Love and the planet of love) is merging with our Earth Consciousness. Our hearts are merging with the lower chakras.

Twin Flame Power Couples operate from the higher, more spiritual chakras, rather than just the lower three chakras (the root chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar chakra) relating to survival, sex, and power.

Twin Flame Power Couples are  aligning their sexual energies via the Twin Flame Kundalini pathways that link through the 11 Twin Flame Chakras. They come together through all seven chakras of the body, the Gaian Chakra, and the three Transpersonal Chakras. These couples are most linked at the heart.

The Twin Flame Union has been relatively rare in its physical form on the planet until recently, humans are still “getting the hang” of Twin Flame Love.

Twin Flame Love is an ancient, timeless, sacred, and raw energy to return to the mainstream systems. Indeed it is needed, and it is time.


Dr Amanda Noelle

Dr. Amanda Noelle is the Twin Flame Matchmaker helping women attract their Twin Flames at light speed.