Going from Starving Hippie Chick to Hip n’ Chic High Priestess Business Owner!

Going from Starving Hippie Chick to Hip n’ Chic High Priestess Business Owner!

Guess what!? Gone are the days where we believed that money is the root of all evil. That was so silly! We fell for the oldest trick in the book in fact. Money isn’t the root of all evil; evil is the root of all evil. Evil people tricked us into believing that it was money so that we could give up our root chakra power and financial freedom to become their slaves. Women got hit the most with these money “belief systems” (BS) because we are more vulnerable due to our smaller size, lesser physical strength, and mainly because we get pregnant and it’s harder for us to run off and be financially independent when raising children.  As a former starving healing artist, I used to have all these BS (belief systems/bull shit ideas) that money was evil. Now that I am making a living doing what I love, I realize that it’s not only not evil, it’s freeing and having money in the hands of good peeps can heal the world fast!

Are you done choosing between:

  • being rich and being spiritual?
  • dating someone spiritual who gets you but who has no cash, and dating someone who has money but who doesn’t understand your High Priestess spirituality?
  •  a life of love and happiness, and a life of success and wealth?
  • living in luxury as an environmental vampire, or living like a peasant as a do-gooder?
  • fitting into the mainstream or being this weird alternative rebel who can’t fit in anywhere but an alternative spiritual (aka poor) community?
divine feminine business

Then this article is for you my soul searching sister! As a High-Healed Priestess, it’s my job to match juicy spiritual women with their soul purpose BLI$$ness. To do so, we have to integrate the inner spiritual hippie chick (fairy/mermaid/goddess/High Priestess, etc), with the adult grounded human, future mother, career maven, stellar woman, etc.

Let’s talk about how to balance you out to integrate the woo woo and the grounded you…

So you’re a bit of a hippie chick. I dig it… I am one too – or at least I was one throughout my twenties. I still am one at heart – in a big way – though you can’t totally tell it from the outside.  See, I wear better clothes now, pay for high-end haircuts, and can actually fit into mainstream crowds. I even own a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. I’m currently hitting up some posh spots Italy in Greece without standing out too much (apart from the fact that my jewelry is way too big and rainbow colored, I have big crazy blond hair, and my dresses are bold and artsy. But they’d never guess that I meditate, talk to fairies, channel, believe in the Law of Attraction, and consider myself a Pleiadian as much as I do an American. Hippie with a capital H, and a mystic too.

What I’ve learned since I graduated from full-time hippie chick university and moved onto living wealth goddesshigh-end hip & chick as a BLI$$preneur.

I am living my dreams as a high-end spiritual matchmaker, writer, and woo woo woman and I want this for every High Priestess on the globe.

In this post, I’ll share the 3 biggest mistakes we hippie chicks make to sabotage our financial abundance, so you don’t make ’em anymore. And, I’ll give you some gems so that forever after you will have endless prosperity, my hip n’ spiritual sister!

Stop fearing money and diving into dumpsters

When I was a starving hippie chick, I used to dumpster dive for clothes and housewares and would brag about how eco-friendly I was because I hadn’t gone shopping for anything new in a few years. I once literally dove head over heals doing a handstand in a dumpster (it was clean!) dragging about $300 of clothing items out. While this was kinda fun in a way, I never liked and truly feared money. When it came to paying for things, I panicked or froze up. Truth be told, I was just too cheap or poor to afford anything nice for myself and I had low self-esteem issues I didn’t want to deal with or admit to. I had to find excuses to seem like I had my $h*t together (when I in hindsight, clearly didn’t). Really, I was $h%t scared of money, and had no idea how I was going to make it through my fear.  My abundance consciousness needed a little massaging to say the least:)

Quit sabotaging streams of income

I was either unemployed, leaving a business I started, planning something new, switching out of something that wasn’t spiritual enough, or moving back in with my parents. Again! Rent is expensive in California, but that wasn’t even a real excuse like I made it out to be – I just wasn’t making more than 4-figures a year! I somehow found a way to avoid receiving money or having to work at all.


Me in my office with a view in Crete, Greece

Me in my office with a view in Crete, Greece

My crash landing and bounce-back

Then I hit thirty, my life fell apart in almost every way – happy 30th birthday Amanda! I pretty much fell out of my skin and absolutely had to make a change in every aspect of my life. You try getting arrested, losing the man of your dreams, getting kicked out of your housing situation, and dying a shamanic death while on magic mushrooms all in the same month!  No, don’t try it..Not recommended at all. After months of panic, humiliation, insomnia, and wanting to leave the planet, I eventually began to sew myself together energetically and financially; and I had to because I was running out of cash and mental stamina.
So I got my first long-term job ever in my life (note, long-term for me means longer than 4 months!).  I worked at a high-end (aka snobby and better paying) spa as an esthetician in a chi chi area of Marin, CA for nearly two years.  Finally, I committed to something with promise that would pay the bills, weren’t my parents relieved!
Yet I was working for ‘the man’ full-time in a dark spa room doing work that robbed my soul on the weekdays, and doing what I loved on the all-too-brief weekends, while dreading Mondays. Wash, rinse, repeat. I was miserable at work; I felt like I was energetically raping myself, and for what? So I could have health insurance that I rarely used (I use TCM, nutrition, and holistic healing instead)?  Or was it so that I could shop at Lululemon and Wholefoods?
The thing was, while working at that spa and making decent money, I realized that I really did like money and the finer thing in life.  I didn’t like how I did it – I didn’t like selling my soul to da man or catering to knit-picky snotty women who wanted me to trim their bush because they didn’t get the memo that you have to trim it to half an inch before a bikini wax.  Oh God, I can’t believe what I did for money! What a waste of my time; pube trimming was not soul purpose at all (thank God!). I am a High-Healed Priestess for Heaven’s sake.
goddess of wealthSo after a year or two, I knew I fearlessly had to escape spa-hell to launch my own dream. I knew I’d do whatever it took. “But I’m a hippie girl!” I self-consciously thought to myself. How could I do business if I am just a hippie-chick? Every other business I’d owned had failed financially. Like Ananda Skin Spa, my own organic spa, and Spot Fitness, my nutrition, fitness, and wellness consulting company I ran for expats in Shanghai. All great ideas and visions, never spot on the money.  Why? Because I sabotaged them!
Here’s the thing: we hippie chicks are truly a magical and brilliant breed. We’re full of creativity, spark, sensual essence, and often a pinch of extra beauty and magic. Hippie chicks can be really HOT selling items if you think about it!  He he he. We also have great ideas once we ground and come to earth.
Lemme break it down for you. Here are three mistakes I made when why I was poor as a hippie chick, and why 99% of the hippie chick community is poor too. I will explain how to start changing that in three simple steps so you can go from starving hippie chick to a stylin’ hip-n’-chick high-end hippie too! Wahoo, I hope that sounds good to you?!

Fail One:

We “don’t like money because money isn’t spiritual.”
Translate: we are fucking afraid of our own Divine Feminine power. We are so petrified by the idea of grounding into our lower-chakras and functioning in the “real world” that we get all dispy-tipsy hippie flaky without taking a reality check for Heaven’s sake. I did this all throughout my twenties. I always said that I would “just manifest everything,” so it would work out, and to be honest I kinda did. But it sucks to live like that forever. How much of an impact can you have on the world if you’re freaking out about how you’re going to make rent or pay for gas? How are you going to manifest a roof over your head for your future kids to be a good mama? How are you going to manifest huge changes in the world through your voice when you can’t even afford a functioning laptop?  Money isn’t not spiritual ladies, it’s food for the physical world. And a healthy physical world is going to provide you with a smoother-sailing spiritual world and energetic body.  All seven healthy chakras start at the root with a grounded first chakra.
Step one here is to have HUGE compassion for your wounds in the lower chakras. I was in denial about mine, and it wasn’t until a horrific experience of getting dumped, arrested, losing my housing situation, and having my finances fall apart all in one week that I woke up to the fact that I didn’t have it all together. It was just a few weeks before my 30th birthday and I realized that I needed money to grow up, and that I had a lot of current and past life trauma sitting in there. Sexual shame, fear of being powerful, and lifetimes of getting persecuted for being a healer and High Priestess. Ouch, it sucked!  My reality check sent me into a spiral of desperation and I took my first full-time job for two years straight. I’m so glad I did it though, because it helped me ground and have a paycheck and pay for stuff, and then transition into being an empowered and successful BLI$$ness owner.
I now love money and money loves me.  Affirm that, it feels really yummy.  You can be both a hippie chick and rich – I am just that, a rich hippie chick. Ahh, doesn’t that feel good to own?

Fail Two: 

We focus on fun and forget about what the marketplace needs
If someone is going to pay you loads of money, don’t you think it’s kinda important to think about what they want before they buy, and what they think they need?
Hippie girls often omit one simple step in their business: marketing!  Argh, why does that seem so hard for goddess of abundanceus? I guess because 99.9% of the marketing out there is crap and not even close to heart-based. We flower children want to change the world and make a difference, so we try to help everyone by spreading our love and light.  But without marketing, we are like little children who have no cash and no mic to spread our voices.  Listen, clean marketing will spread your message to a marketplace. Marketplace is the place where there is a money exchange. Hippie girls tend to hang out in places where there is NO market.  In fact, this is how we best sabotage ourselves financially. We do ‘business’ (or something that resembles business) without anything close to a business plan or strategy or marketing launch.  Translation: self-sabotage, letting your inner child run wild, and not focusing on what your audience – the people that pay you by the way – need.
A few years ago I was in Bali and my friend Anna who owns a popular cafe and also a jewelry company told me that she had to learn to make jewelry and products that sell, not just do things from her passion. How sad! I thought.  But she explained how when she made all this fun colorful jewelry it would sit there and not sell, and when she made too many of the unpopular dishes, they’d rot.  What’s the point of expressing all your creativity if no one’s going to buy?

Fail Three: 

We own businesses without really treating them like businesses.
We hippie chicks are famous for being spiritual know-it-alls and for breaking rules. We do it so much that we’re like “I’m gonna own a business and not even follow any rules on having a business because that’s no fun!”
Posing at Positano, Italy
Fact, if you charge money for something and it’s your main source of income, that’s called a business.  I’m not saying that I want you to do business boring, no, not at all. In fact, that’s why I am a BLI$$ness woman, helping High-Healed Priestesses turn their bliss into 6-figure BLI$$nesses that heal the world in the most blissful way possible.
We do dumb $hit they never recommend in business and act as if it’s spiritual, like procrastinating on getting our message out there because we go play with fairies alll day. Or we discourage a client from working with us because they say they “can’t afford it” yet they invest their money in new clothes, festivals, vacations, etc and they really need our help as healers!
After some intensive healing, some major life changes, and a few miracles, I launched a successful BLI$$ness about a year and a half ago as a Twin Flame Matchmaker.  It’s been an incredible road that I am grateful for and I know it’s because I surrendered my fears to God/dess and have been going balls-out on my mission.
I guess I am a high-end hippie girl now, as well as a grounded High-Healed Priestess. I am free to follow my bliss, both energetically and financially.
I’m currently writing this from Crete, Greece where I am soaking up life to it’s fullest and sending you loads of love; check it out!greek goddess of love
I know we high-end hippie chicks are a growing breed… The High-Healed Priestesses are on a rise and we’re bringing our Twin Flames with us!
Gone are the times when we had to choose between being spiritual, and living in luxury. Gone are the times when we had to choose between being free, and having a husband/marital partner.
To your love, your riches, and to your dreams come true, whatever they look like!
Dr. Amanda Noelle


How to Think Like a Millionaire (a Conscious Millionairess)

How to Think Like a Millionaire (a Conscious Millionairess)

Have you ever secretly (or even admittedly – that’s cool too!) wished you were a millionaire? Yet the thought of being a lame ol’ traditional greedy millionaire makes you want to cringe because you’re a caring spiritual diva? I know you would be a millionaire in a feminine, sexy and spiritual way, as a “Conscious Millionairess,” because that’s your style!
Amalfi, I love you!

Amalfi, I love you!

What I am so excited to share here today is HOT advice to help you to start to think like a Conscious Millionairess so you can be live in luxury and aligned with your spirituality. This for those of you who are deeply committed to earning 6 or 7-figures while living wildly, radically, and freely with the Divine Feminine in Her unlimited and oh-quite-sexy abundance!

Conscious Millionairess signs

We Conscious Millionairesses are a growing segment of women around the globe who love to:

  • do work that feels pleasurable and easeful, working 3 days or less!
  • give back and make a HUGE difference in the world
  • indulge in the best restaurants, boutiques, eco-resorts, spas, sustainable communities, etc
  • eat, travel, pray, love, dine, and drink wine with the Divine!
  • live in luxury and be conscious in all aspects of our lives
wealth goddess

Is this you? Yay!!! If not, close this article ASAP and get back to that soulless underpaying J-O-B you slave at…snore! Or to being a starving hippie chick without a dime in her pocket like I was throughout my 20s, yikes!

I have 3 sizzling secrets to help you unleash your unlimited wealth potential as a Conscious Millionairess (what I often jokingly call PU$$Y Power since it often resides there on an energetic level!).

I also have a special invite to my upcoming retreat in Bali called RetrEAT, Pray Love, CLICK HERE for details.


Tip # 1: YOU get to decide your abundant bliss

Your BLI$$ is up to you. If you wait around for your friends, your parents’ subconscious, or your boyfriend to decide your level of wealth consciousness and earnings, you’re settling for less! It’s like waiting around asking the wallpaper to do your homework for you. If you’re not earning at least 6-figures doing what you love, you’re probably eating someone else’s scarcity beliefs.  All of us have been programmed to do this, so don’t be ashamed, but get out now! The Gates of Goddess Abundance are open to all of us. Yet when you become passive about your wealth consciousness, you’re letting go of your divine role to self-empower yourself.


goddess of abundance No one else can do it for you (darn it!), but luckily God/dess made you quite capable of allowing your destiny to align with your desires. Committing to yourself by loving yourself divinely in every way – including through your finances and abundance consciousness – is an important part of your soul’s evolution.  Stepping into harmonized wealth consciousness heals all parts of your soul, in every single chakra, and makes you feel whole and empowered as a High-Healed Priestess. You become a better teacher, leader, love, bride, mother, and wife when you ground your finances into your lower chakras.


Just like Cinderella had to ask for it to her Fairy Godmother,  you have to call out your wishes and stand with open arms.  But you must ask, and with command! Allow yourself to be cradled in the mother-matter of the earth – “Maternos” (our Divine Feminine earth-material Mother) as the Divine Masculine spiritual essence of Father God “Paternos” – (patterns, or pa-terr-nos “our Father on earth”merges with Her to make you a Conscious Millionairess in the spiritual and real-world realms.  Receive the earthly blessings – cash, gifts, gold, riches, hotel visits, visits to Italy, new clothes, etc.,  as you receive the energetic blessings behind these divine gifts. Then…give back, financially (to charities, projects that heal the planet, small businesses, other healers/practitioners, etc.) and beam out the love!money goddess

 Tip # 2: Write it consciously! 

Journal asking yourself “what does my inner Conscious Millionairess desire?” And let the words flow unedited onto the paper. There are no write or wrongs!  When you write with a stream of open consciousness, you let your deepest yearnings out onto the physical plane (on paper/on your laptop, etc) so they can become manifest in the “real world.” Be creative and permit yourself to fantasize about your dream life, dream BLI$$ness, dream indulgances – what you will do as a Conscious Millionairess. Then, take action based on however your Higher Self guides you.

For instance, I was writing in my diary a few months ago…it came out that I wanted to travel the Mediterranean with my boutique coaching BLI$$ness. I had no idea how badly I wanted this dream to come true (I’ve had it in the back of my mind for a few years now). I also wrote that I badly wanted to finally take a group of women with me to Bali that I had been talking about forever. Wow, how I wanted this badly! Without writing out my desires, I might not have become aware of them.  Without awareness, we’re so much less likely to step into what we want, as quickly as we want it. I then realized that both of these goals were entirely attainable and I booked tickets for Italy and Crete, and instantly several of my current clients started signing up for my Bali retreat. Like magic, write?

goddess couture

Tip # 3: Dress it, eat it, live it, be it… One high-healed step at a time.

Dress for succsexiness. I have a little secret that can help you step into divine wealth a ton faster…  Dress for succsexiness!  Seriously, when you invest in better clothes and dress a little more high-end chic (or a lot more if you’re starting from yoga clothes like I was), it puts an aura of success as well as admirable sexiness around you. People naturally start becoming drawn to you and listen to you more carefully.  By taking your fashion, hair, makeup and accessories more seriously, people see that you mean business (I mean BLI$$ness!).  I’ve also gotten so much more male attention since my Conscious Millionairess fashion makeover – they’re pretty simple-minded folk when it comes to looks eh, and pretty transparent about it!

bliss business

Eat rich. Even indulging in more expensive, exotic, or high-end foods can evoke a Conscious Millionairess vibe around you.  Unless you are alcohol sensitive, make it a habit to sip a glass of sacred wine several times a week. Make it a spiritual practice and sip slowly while feeling the love within the wine!  Buy, order, or make a very special, flavorful and sensual meal for yourself (and your Beloved or a friend if you like) to celebrate your divine abundance as often as you can.  Raw chocolate cake is my personal favorite in the US.  I’ve been eating out every night here and I can’t tell you how much I love being pampered and spoiled by Greek cuisine (and the cute waiters too!).  It’s fueling my energy for my BLI$$ness as well, so it’s almost a business investment, despite what the IRA would say!

Why wait for bliss to come to you, when you can go to it?!!!

Live like a Conscious Millionairess. Travel, live, breath, act as if, and it becomes!  I have officially launched the retreat in February, 2014 in Ubud, Bali, to help you become a Conscious Millionairess. We’ll be staying at a fresh water spring’s resort with yoga, spa treatments, organic food, workshops, and a goddess photo shoot, all included!  Check it out HERE; the early bird discount won’t last much longer!

spiritual millionaire


So, here I am soaking up the Med’s sunshine as I write you this I am in an ancient sea view cave in Crete. I find it pretty amazing that I have an iPhone with internet that works as a hotspot so I can send this article to my beloved virtual assistant! Remember, it’s YOU, conscious one, who must make your wealth consciousness shift. The leap over the ravine is much smaller as it seems, as you’ll be lifted by your angels. You CAN do it, and it’s so friggin pleasurable.  We are doing this together to change the collective consciousness for women worldwide. Your angels are here to help you and guide you every step of the way, and I am so glad to gently guide you along the way from time to time. Sending you so much divine abundance and strength to break through as a Conscious Millionairess, wherever you are on your path!