So what crushes me is when I see spiritual women in their 20s & 30s with an infinite amount of Divine gifts who feel that they aren’t good enough…Worthy enough to invest in themselves financially, energetically, and with focus to grow their BLI$$nesses to 6 and 7 figures while healing the planet.

divine feminine power

It hurts me to see us High-Healed Priestesses (“HHPs”) with sacred, ancient gifts struggling to scrape like peasants, when they can easily live like queens again (like I FINALLY am)! The world is so abundant. Gaia wants to nourish us…We are all Divinely abundant after all!!!

I was sooo there too not long ago: in my 20s, as a hippie healer chick. I invested the absolute minimal amount of cash into my businesses, which is why I only made 4-figures! I spent more on Burning Man, intuitive training, travel and green supplements, than I did on my BLI$$ness dreams and financial goals. I was not grounded, so I couldn’t serve humanity in a grounded way… My full potential wasn’t utilized, and my healing energies leaked out into dysfunctional relationships, co-dependence, and I had a constant headache around money and I was secretly ashamed about it. Not so HHP (High-Healed Priestess)!

spiritual business womenAs a BLI$$ness coach for High-Healed Priestesses, my biggest challenge is to help my potential HHP clients see their financial potential and self-worth. To bust the belief systems that their spiritual gifts don’t hold a financial value in the world. I am learning how to teach my HHP tribe to invest in themselves and their BLI$$nesses so they can make financial AND spiritual growth. It hasn’t always been an easy process, but I still believe in each of them, even the ones who walk away from their huge opportunities and power, for now.

As HHPs, we each hold the wound of shame, abandonment, and trauma in our lower-chakras. It has harshly affected our relationship with money, the masculine, our Sacred Sexuality, and our ability to be High Priestess leaders again on this planet. Yet we must heal this hurt, and I feel that doing so through our heart-based BLI$$ness is the fastest way to do so.

What inspires me is the new wave of High-Healed Priestesses who ARE believing in their dreams – even when it is super-duper scary to make the commitment and necessary investments. We are stepping in with full hearts and two High-Healed feet into our soul-driven BLI$$nesses.

From here, anything is truly possible, and the Goddess Temple is being rebuilt! Love and Light to you all my dear soul sisters.


NamaStay, NamastGo!

Dr Amanda Noelle