Scorpio Full Flower Moon Report: Twin Flame Energy Updates

Scorpio Full Flower Moon Report: Twin Flame Energy Updates

Greetings and welcome Twin Flame Lovers!

Today we’re going to hit you up with a Full Moon Twin Flame Energy Report for the May 18, 2019, Full Flower Blue Moon.

We’ll serve you some hopefully helpful astrology forecasting, with Twin Flame tips and transmissions to get you ready for the potentially intense full moon influences and energies rising up that may bring our subconscious minds back to the Great Flood, and the fall of Atlantis…but we’ll talk about that later.

Oh, and those of you who are new here to our channel, I’m Amanda and this is my beloved Jack, and we’re Twin Flame Alchemists here to help you crack the code on Twin Flame Love, so you can attract the love you want and deserve.

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For now, let’s take a deep breath, stay tuned, and then we’ll dive into the Twin Flame Energy Update and Astrology Report in just a sec…



So I’m curious honey as we get into the General Astrology, why is this lunation called a Blue Moon, and why a “Blue Flower Moon?”

AMANDA: Well, in recent times, the term “Blue Moon” has been applied to the second full moon within a single calendar month, but this is not the original meaning!

The traditional meaning of  “Blue Moon,” which is now called a “seasonal Blue Moon,” is a somewhat rare phenomenon; the original Blue Moon was described as the third full moon in a season that has four full moons, and according to NASA, that only happens every 2.5 years or so, hence the term, “once in a blue moon.”

Jack: Hmm reminds me of an ice cold Blue Moon brew (beer), though I don’t drink anymore….

Amanda: The May 18 Blue Moon marks the first full moon of May, which is also known as a Flower Moon to signify the flowers that bloom during this month in the Northern Hemisphere… Other names for May’s brightest Moon phase are Corn Mother’s Moon, Planting Moon, and Milk Moon because once upon a time cows were milked three times a day…

JACK: Oh, I see… Thanks for explaining that…   little mama.

(Future momma)


OK guys and gaias, for the general astrology and energy updates, the full moon is happening at 2:11 PM Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, May 18, 2019, at 27° in Scorpio and makes aspects to Mercury, Pluto and minor planet Sedna.

In general, a full moon occurs when the Sun is opposite the Moon which brings out the polarized energies and aspects of our lives. Places where we’ve been unclear or even in denial about in our lives suddenly cannot be hidden and we have to deal with things.

While we hate to be the deliverer of bad news, this moon has some “Shadow elements,” so beware!

With Scorpio opposite Mercury, a more masculine, self-centered and overly heady mindset could interrupt with disharmony and drama. Scorpio decan 3 signifies “drunkenness, fornication, wrath, violence and strife,” according to Henry Cornelius Agrippa, 16th century Author of Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

Even more shadowy, the Moon in the Constellation of Lupus “the Wolf” makes aggression and bullying major themes for this May 2019 full moon. However, positive aspects to Pluto offer understanding and transcendence through sacrifice and offering.

Perseus Constellation implies events caused by major meteorological phenomena that affect large numbers of people.

With the Sun with Planet Sedna and the notorious star Algol that is associated with evil and debauchery could potentially bring up loss, negative memories, or even illness, traumatic events, or natural disasters.

JACK: Not the most rainbowy forecast indeed! However, we’ll talk about why this is coming up right now due to the potentially repressed lifetimes of cataclysms that sunk Atlantis. And knowledge is power, so we can make smart choices, listen to our intuition, and tune into the tarot cards when times get tricky…We’ll be releasing a tarot reading live on the full moon, and before this, we’ll share our recent crazy tarot story…

Want to tell the story honey?


Sure, but first… real quick let me share an epic resource for fully committed Twin Flame Lovers on the path of awakening to their heart’s truth…

I’ve recently finished my super valuable Twin Flame Signs Of Reunion cheat sheet for all you twinsies… it’s been years in the making, and…

I created it so you can have a blueprint to improve your chances of calling in your ultimate soulmate with clarity…

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Download the 22 Twin Flame Signs Of Reunion here 


Now for the story…

After focusing on setting up a few new systems and getting shift DONE in our business before the baby comes, Jack and I were planning on going on our babymoon. For those of you who don’t know, a “babymoon” means you’re taking your last vacay, a “honeymoon holiday” before becoming parents.


So we booked a trip to Gili Air, our favorite small island near Bali known for its amazing sunrises and sunsets, friendly locals, delicious vegetarian food options, white sandy beaches, and clear blue sparkly water. We were set and psyched!

However, after researching into this ominous lunar forecast, I was a little apprehensive because, well first, we’d have to go on a 2 hour speedboat ride through some potentially high waves in the Indian Ocean at 19 weeks pregnant right around the full moon, and second, last year the island was hit by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake which destroyed 80 percent of the buildings on the neighboring island, Lombok, and we saw many bungalows and buildings had fallen down on Gili Air too when we visited last November.

Though we have deep spiritual faith, and the island is now in recovery, we were still feeling a little unnerved knowing that the sinister stars and planets would be aligned right on the full moon over us and my pregnant belly.


So I told Jack about this strange forecast, and his immediate reaction was, “Let’s reschedule,” because he’s a safety dad, the protector guide of the family.


Me, the more adventurous and also stubborn one was like, “The odds are so low honey, it’s probably fine!” But just in case, I decided to pull a 3-card tarot card spread to investigate since I did feel a twinge of uneasiness…


The first 2 cards looked fine and normal, but when I asked “Is it safe to go to the island on the full moon in Taurus,” I pulled the final card, and it was the Tower Card…


According to Biddy Tarot: “When the Tower card appears in a Tarot reading, expect the unexpected – massive change, upheaval, destruction and chaos. It may be a divorce, death of a loved one, financial failure, health problems, *natural disaster*, job loss or any event that shakes you to your core, affecting you spiritually, mentally and physically. There’s no escaping it. Change is here to tear things up, create chaos and destroy everything in its path.”


And suddenly I was like “No thanks! Honey, I think you’re right, let’s postpone!” It felt right and relieving to trust our guidance until it felt 100 percent right to go.


Then I pulled another card to see if leaving a few days after the full moon would work, and I pulled the Nine of Pentacles, which according to Biddy says “Now you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor. Thanks to your independent efforts, self-confidence and discipline, you attained a well-deserved success and created a stable foundation for your material wealth and comfort…

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the luxuries and pleasures of the good life – money, leisure time, fun, material comfort and rest. You deserve it!”  


That made it worth postponing our reservations and accepting the modest cancellation fees that my Capricorn energy would normally avoid.


JACK: So we’re going on a babymoon and avoiding the stress.  What measures might you care to take around the May 18 full moon intensity to feel safe and relaxed?

Share in the comments below!

Now let’s move into the Full Moon Twin Flame Energy regarding love and relationships…. Twin Flame Unions will evolve to a deeper level at this time, OR unhealthy relationships will dissolve, and it will be clear to some that it was a TFC “Twin Flame Counterfeit” union, and that it’s time to move on. The Full Moon opposite Mercury makes it harder to express feelings. You might find yourself in an argument lacking empathy because you’ve lost your compassion and rational. You could even find yourself putting the ones you love down because you’re trapped in black and white thinking.

Avoid drama by turning away from touchy discussion topics unless you’ve created a safe container and are fully prepared. If you find yourself in a touchy space, tell your beloved, friend, or family member that you’d like to take some deep breaths together and sit down to address your feelings together in a calm way; and if that doesn’t work, ask them to discuss this in a few more days when the intensity of the full moon has passed!


This is an ideal time to reflect on your relationship, do healing work around your feelings for this person, and/or work with your love coach or mentor to start breaking through the love blocks holding you back. The good news is that Mercury trine Pluto has a big healing influence at this full moon. It helps us get in touch with our deeper feelings, even repressed emotions and hidden blindspots that have created tricky love patterns.



Now is the time to heal those Atlantean past lives guys and gaias, the ugly ones holding residues from the floods, fires, and devastation.


Randall Carlson, the master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar whose research was the backbone of the acclaimed 1997 TBS/CNN documentary “Fire from the Sky” talks about the fall of Atlantis as a massive catastrophic event. He says:


“The evidence is that the Taurid meteor stream is the debris trail of a giant comet that was thrown into the inner solar system by gravitational disturbances some 20,000 years ago and that broke into multiple fragments some of which hit the earth 12,800 years ago, with further impacts 11,600 years ago.


The result was a sustained global cataclysm (known to geologists as the Younger Dryas) that was accompanied by worldwide extinctions of animal species, and [he suggests], by the almost complete destruction of an advanced human civilization that had flourished during the Ice Age.”


What does a cataclysmic event that happened 20 to 12K years ago have to do with your Twin Flame Union today? Everything!

On a higher level there is no time, no space ladies and gents! if we’re holding onto the trauma of a catastrophic event from the past, something we haven’t integrated yet, we’re stuck in that history. The timeline needs to be rewritten; otherwise, we’re holding onto old repressed baggage and we don’t want that to block us from true love!


There are so many smart, successful, spiritual women and men who have no idea why they’re seemingly “cursed” in their love lives. They have everything going for them on the outside, and they’ve done lots of healing work on themselves already. They don’t seem to be trapped in a childhood abuse issue or abandonment wound anylonger…and yet they still have symptoms of being blocked and their love lives keep on reflecting this.


If this is you, the first step to healing is to educate yourself about the catastrophe, remember what happened on some level, and come out of amnesia. It’s time to undo the brainwashing of our history books and dumbed down Illuminati-designed schools teaching us to forget and deny the earth’s true history.


When we look into the matter of the fall of Atlantis, whether on a geological level, a historical level, or a shamanic level, we begin to realize that we already have been drinking the purple Coolaide and that Coolaide was given to us by our governments, schools, media, and even religions often built on top of the sacred sites of earlier megalithic Atlantean structures and geometries.


It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee folks, and only then can we recall our souls from the severe pain and trauma and transmute it back into wholeness, power, and true order (not being ruled by the New Order).


I believe that this full moon would be a great time to go inward, do a past life regression on your lifetimes in Atlantis, and to do some karma clearing work on this.


You and your beloved cannot fully unite in the flesh and certainly not on the soul level if there’s a part of your soul stuck in the past of this massive collective trauma.  You old souls out there know who you are.


You know why you’ve come here to do this deep work, to undo the trauma, and reclaim the DNA codes of love and light so humanity can thrive again, vs getting stuck in seemingly endless systems of slavery.


One of the epicenters of the cataclysm was North and South America, so if you’re living there you may want to do a prayer and healing for the land and envision it turning back into the Garden of Eden vs getting stuck in the Tower Card!


I have recently channeled that the floods of Atlantis represent the rape of the feminine mother Earth, and the fires of Atlantis represent the suppressed rage of the Masculine Sun. Together, we can unite them as one, as we Twin Flame individuals and couples and do this healing work on ourselves first.


As above so below. What we hold in our Akashic Records as memory manifests here on earth in 3D. To avoid a future of repeating the cataclysms, we need to step into our sovereignty and heal our trauma, even the really old stuff.



Woohoo! This was fun…

Last chance… if you’d like to download the 22 Twin Flame Signs of Reunion checklist you can do that by clicking the link in the description box below.

I think you’ll get a lot out of it… plus you’ll get an opportunity to read Amanda’s Twin Flame PDF Guidebook called “The Twin Flame Attraction Guide for Women: How to Call in Your Beloved in 6 Months or Less” where she shares the 7 Surefire Ways to Manifest Your Twin Flame! So check that out too.

Always remember… you are worth having all of your heart’s desires in this life. All that’s required is for you to receive what it is you’re wanting…

Repeat after me if you’re ready to claim and affirm the love that is your birthright…

“I am ready for real love”

“I am good enough for real love”

“I deserve someone who’s emotionally available”

“I am worthy of my Twin Flame”

“I am love”


We love you all!

Thanks so much for watching.

Namaste, Namasgo…






New Moon in Aries April 4

New Moon in Aries April 4

Welcome New Moonifestor!

This New Moon in Aries video is for you if you are a badass spiritual bachelorette or boss babe who runs her business on bliss, and runs her Twin Flame partnership like a well oiled love machine… Now that’s, what I call ‘blissness!’

 If you’re ready to manifest love with optimal levels of abundance, bliss, and ease, hang out for the 7 things you need to know for a powerful new moon in Aries coming up on April 4th. I’ll also give you some Blissness Energy Updates for you badass boss babes, followed by Twin Flame Energy Updates for you Badass Bachelorettes and Twinsies.

The first thing you need to know about this new moon is: The Aries New Moon 2019 offers wealth, happiness and success due to the the star Alpheratz.

The second thing you need to know about this new moon is: But the square to Saturn means you have to fully show up, do the work, and prove to the Universe how badly you want your success and happiness. Sitting back and using the Law of Attraction just won’t do, and those who practice this “wishful thinking,” will only dig themselves into deeper debt and disappointment.

The third thing you need to know about this new moon is: this lunation with the moon conjunct Alpheratz will help you identify any fears, self-doubts, heartbreaks, or any old running blueprints that act as TFLBS (Twin Flame Love Blocks) blocking your Twin Flame Union.

The fourth thing you need to know about this new moon is: the new moon will help you identify any fears, self-doubts, heartbreaks, or any old-running blueprints that impede your business and financial growth, and general professional success. This could feel uncomfortable, as facing fears brings up fear, but keep reminding yourself to NOT let the fears stop you. People who succumb to their fear remain prisoners, and priestesses face their fears with the Warrior Goddess archetype of Aries which is Aphrodite Areia. Let the Warrior Goddess of Love in you slay fears with her love sword and never give up because Amor Vincit Omnia–love conquers all!

The fifth thing you need to know about this new moon is: the star Alpheratz bestows a certain harmonizing quality, which attracts positive relationships and perhaps even popularity and fame. This popularity and being in the spotlight however can come and go, so remain unattached and stay connected to yourself.

The sixth thing you need to know about this new moon is: The Constellation Andromeda offers integrity, honor, virtue, and dignity. It could also purge out some old fears from your past, including childhood wounds. So if your father cheated on your mother, you could be tuning into some abandonment pain; there could be some jealousy, cheater habits in yourself or your partner, or insecurities could just generally come up in your relationships. However, Andromeda can also mend marriages, heal adultery, and connect the love between the Flames, so this is an opportune time for healing these old wounds.

The seventh thing you need to know about this new moon is: due to new moon Asteroid Vibilia, expect to travel. This could be actual travel, especially big trips or frequent ongoing trips you may take. Or, it could signify astral travel in dream time, meditation, or general soul growth, self-love, and spritual ascension.


OK so goddess here are the Bli$$ness energy updates:

Now is the time to face your demons in your career and soul purpose. Turn on the lights in that creepy basement and see what’s going on. Are you procrastinating at doing a certain task? Are you afraid of speaking on stage or writing your book? Dive into the pain at this time by showing up and doing the work. The goal in this moment isn’t (at least at first) to get-er-done, but instead to notice what is stopping you.

Feel to heal, do your best to feel in your body, nervous system, and energy field what discomfort is coming up for you. Don’t worry if this is super intense, just feel it. Don’t fix it… Notice what shape it takes. What color. What temperature. Do you feel it in your throat or in your solar plexus.  

Before analyzing or changing anything, just sit with it. Hold it. Observe it. So many people don’t get to this place and they are in a state of constant dissociation which means they cannot fully access their power, and so they get stuck in old wounds that show up as procrastination, perfectionism, performance-anxiety, and it sucks the fun out of their funds and the bliss out of their blissness!

It’s also an ideal time to set your goals, as the New Moon is all about planting new seeds and MOONifesting miracles. I am excited to invite you to our complimentary live new moon cacao ceremony happening on 4/4/19 on Zoom video.

Together in sisterhood we set our goals, sip cacao together, and the results are truly miraculous…Register using the link I’ve popped into the description box. It’s free, and BYO cacao for best results!

Twin Flame Energy Updates:

This is the perfect time to dive in deep to excavate your Sacred Wound–that is, the biggest wound that you’ve been carrying from your childhood, and likely your ancestors have been carrying something similar. It’s a wound that impacts every area of our lives negatively until we heal it, and positively once it’s healed.

The Sacred Wound could also likely be connected to your past lives, but the beauty of it is that the Sacred Wound when discovered and healed becomes a source of incredible power and love. It’s actually the essence of our soul in the form of a wound.

We cannot fall into self-love and thus attract our Twin Flame, our other-soul-half, until we integrate the Sacred Wound and use it as a source of fuel. This integration requires introspection, healing, and oftentimes getting help from a guide, counselor, or trusted neutral Soul Family member so we can undo the blindfolds keeping us stuck in our love blindspots.

One of the most beautiful things I see about gathering in sister circles is that we can finally unveil our truest selves, possibly for the first time. That is what is required for us to feel safe to unveil ourselves in front of our other half, our closest (and sometimes most intense) mirror.

You weren’t born into this world alone, and you’re not meant to walk the Twin Flame path alone. When we’re brought into this life, we have parents, community, and ideally the proper guidance and tribe to help us thrive as children.

Unfortunately, if we are lacking the right tribe, it’s hard to heal the inner child, empower our adult, and be our best. That’s why it’s so important to go out and seek a safe tribe who sees you, as you deserve the success and healing you’ll receive from it; the world deserves your light and love too!

Alright sister, it’s been my pleasure assisting you on this journey, thank you for being with me for this new moon in Aries update. If you liked this video please gently pressing that thumbs up like button and subscribe …

Oh, and most importantly please join our tribe and I for the Twin Flame and blissness activating New Moon ceremony happening LIVE on April 4th, it’s going to be incredible and it’s 100 percent FREE!

 Click the link below to register. And I’ll see you soon 🙂

Much love! Namaste, Namastgo

333 Meaning of March 3, 2019 Portal | Twin Flame Energy Update

333 Meaning of March 3, 2019 Portal | Twin Flame Energy Update

Hey Guys and Gaias! 3-3-3 is coming up which is gonna be a HUGE exciting event!

March 3, 2019 is the only 3-3-3 we’ll be having for a while… And if you’re a numbers person, you’ll know that 2019 breaks down to 2 + 0 + 1 + 9… which equals 12, which is then reduced to 1+ 2 which comes out to three.


Three in numerology is very significant, and even more significant is 333! During this 3 Universal Year (2019) we’re activated with more creativity and optimism, joy, ease, social connection, and communication that ever.


And guess what… 3-3-3 is not only a special numerological date, it’s also our 1-year wedding anniversary and we’re going to announce something pretty exciting at the end of this video, so stick around for the end to hear our big life changes! But first, let’s talk about the meaning of 3-3-3, so stay tuned!


Numerology is the study of numbers and their cosmic vibrations.

Many people resonate with numerology, some may connect to certain lucky numbers, and others see certain numbers show up in their lives over and over again, offering them messages and code activations. These people may have naturally tapped into something with roots that stretch back through the millennia to ancient mystery schools such as the ones in Egypt and Babylon. In spiritual and religious lore, the number 3 represents the Trinity, most commonly associated with the idea of the Father-Son-Holy Spirit. Yet early Christians identified the Holy Spirit as “Mother,” up until the fifth century making it the trinity of the Divine Father, Mother, and Child


333 is associated with the three dimensional equilateral triangle, or the star of David, or the Merkaba triangles which are very important as we move our from the four lower chakras to integrate the three higher ones.


Here are the keys of the numerological meaning of 3-3-3:


– Overflowing with power and energy

– 333: Ascended Masters are with you and you’re divinely protected

– It’s time to make big decisions

– It’s time to express and channel your authentic soul’s truth.

– Self-confidence, growth, and a time for maturity


You’re growing a lot. You’re stepping up or you’re feeling the call. If you’re still sitting on the sideline, you will likely manifest a situation to kick start you in the right direction right through your fears…


When it comes to love for all your Twin Flame Lovers, 333 is calling you to be decisive, stop wavering, and make serious choices in your relationships. So if you’ve been considering moving in with that special someone but you’ve been too afraid or nervous to spring into action, now would be the time to do so. Or if you’ve been feeling like you need to get back into dating but you’ve been procrastinating, now is the time to get back in the dating pool, and splash around with commitment to fulfilling your heart! Even if date #333 is not your Twin Flame, he or she could be that stepping stone to the one–remember that every single relationship is an opportunity for learning and growing! So what are you waiting for?? Get in there and swim into some fun.


-333 means you have a clean handle over your life, or at least an aspect of life. So it’s time to stop perfecting (which is a form of procrastination). Step out into the world with your purpose work!


Jack is doing this by re-launching his Highly Conscious Man Podcast and Youtube channel! Click the links in the description box below to check out his interviews with JP Sears, Elliott Hulse, and Daniel Eisenman to name a few…and ladies share it with your Highly Conscious Man folks!


Indeed, 333 encourages us you to work on our spiritual growth and stretch ourselves. 3 is the number of the channels within the etheric body which align with the spine and Twin Flame Kundalini: the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. 33 is the number of spinal vertebrae. Ida is the left channel, is white or silver, feminine, cold, and represents the moon or Divine Mother.

Pingala is the right channel, is red, masculine, hot, represents the sun or Divine Father. Both arrive from the Root chakra, and go to their respective right or left nostril.

The Sushumna is the central channel and is associated with the Twin Flame Union, where there is a “Trinity” of three more subtle channels: Vajra, Chitrini and Brahma nadi through which the Kundalini moves upwards running up the body from just below Muladhara chakra to Sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head. 333 represents the Twin Flame Kundalini or Union of the serpents, coming together to form Infinite Life. In Esoteric Masonry 333 means building. We are actually building the rainbow bridge from the physical to the divine via the Sushumna.

March 3rd would be an opportune time to connect with yourself or your Twin Flame Twin Flame and create a sacred space for tantric breathwork, for exploring the kundalini, and stepping in deeper with your Sacred Sexual Union. We’ll talk more about this at the end of our video…

One thing to remember is that despite all this Divine perfection, there will always be areas of life that don’t go the way we plan… So do your best to see God in everything.

Here’s a quick challenge… take 3 minutes today to literally see everything you set your eyes onto as the most miraculous expression of God. See yourself as God, see the table as God, see the flowers as God, see your roommate as God. Go ahead try it! Let me know in the comments below how this goes!


3-3-3 is a great time for letting go.

Offer forgiveness to yourself or to those who have wronged you…

there’s actually a scientific experiment in which two groups of people were tested on how high they could jump. one group went through a brief forgiveness exercise beforehand, and they noticed they were able to jump higher! While the other group did not do the forgiveness exercise and their jump stayed the same.

Don’t let the past drag you down… Let go of what’s not serving you so you can leap to greater heights!


Here’s a quick forgiveness exercise:

  1. Put your awareness on someone you are holding a grudge or resentment towards
  2. Identify the underlying emotions attached to this resentment
  3. Connect to and feel the emotions. Set a timer for 12 minutes. Sit and just give yourself permission to feel your emotions. Even if it’s uncomfortable, just be with it until the timers done. As you feel your feelings, simply let them go. Visualize your emotions being pulled out of you and being sent to the center of the planet. Let it gooo
  4. Next, Identify the underlying needs underneath these emotions – what needs weren’t being met for you?
  5. Give to yourself what you need… if you need respect, how can you respect yourself more today? If you need understanding, go journal in your notebook and write about the parts of yourself that you would like to understand better. If you need quality time, give yourself some quality time to relax and self care today.


The number 333 on March 3 is encouraging you with the opportunity to let go of whatever habits, thoughts, emotions, relationships, or things that are no longer bringing you joy or happiness.


333 ultimately comes out to the number 9 which represents Unconditional Love and abundance. 9 in Pythagorean numerology means the number of spiritual completion.


Speaking of completion, Jack and I wanted to complete this video with a personal share about something we’re coming into completion with, as well as the opening to a new phase.


Yes, last year at our wedding we kissed at exactly 3:33PM! It’s pretty synchronistic because the number 33 and 333 has followed me for years. And Jack has been seeing 111 everywhere, which comes out to 3. My dog hazel has 333 Union City on her dog tag, and her Twin Flame Jimmy has 3331. I used to live on 333 Willow Ave in apt. #3, and at 33 Via Dei Neri in the 3rd apartment in Florence Italy. My father is working his way up from a 32 to 33 degree Freemason.


But the real announcement is…we’re likely going to be parents!

So I’ve been a Twin Flame Alchemist and love coach for high achieving women for over 10 years now…

and it’s ironic how over the years in my career, I’ve seen many high-achieving women in their early 40s make work their #1 priority; they tell me “I’m still hoping to find my Twin Flame and have children.” Yet so often when I probe deeper, I see that they are scared of committing to getting what they truly want–which is what they came here to create! They make a million excuses as to why they don’t have the time, energy, or financial resources to get the support they need.

This is so sad, because often I’ll chat with these these women 2 years later and they’ve invested time, money, and resources in building their careers out, and yet they’re stuck in the exact same place when it comes to love and family. Luckily there are women I’ve helped who have accepted that they need support to break their habits, and together we create fast miracles! Last year I helped matchmake two single women around age 40 who wanted to have children, and they have them now from their Twin Flame baby daddies!

That’s why I was guided to offer you something special this full moon, to the women who ARE ready to step out of the gray zone. This month only, I am offering 11 lucky ladies a FREE Twin Flame Activation Sessions designed to help single women who are truly committed to self-love and calling in their life partner this year. During the session you’ll learn exactly how to magnetize their ultimate beloved, a partner who fully supports your soul purpose.

No more guesswork! I’ll help you find the perfect strategy that will lead you to a lasting partnership as quickly as possible, while avoiding dead-end online dating, Karmic Soulmates, and relationships that suck your energy and pull you down.


You’ll also gain the proper tools to attract the lover you truly want–someone who you are eternally bonded to yet perhaps have not come home to, your other soul half with which you will create your most fulfilling life and soul purpose mission, and perhaps even a starchild or two!


Because this is one of the most potent times to bust through your biggest love blind spots that are holding you back from feeling worthy of love, I have decided to open up my calendar to 11 lucky ladies to receive this high-value session for FREE. Normally the session is offered at $697 but until March 1, you can apply for the session at no cost by clicking the link below. Though I won’t be able to approve all applications, my team and I will go through each of them, and the ones who are not selected this round will be gifted my Twin Flame Ignition Kit, a gift pack that is valued at over $297 and comes with all sorts of Twin Flame attraction ninja secrets and tools. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive offer to join me at Twin Flame Self-Love Bootcamp!


So if you are that woman who has been waiting for Prince Charming to find her, or you’ve been lost in procrastination, or you feel like you’ve tried everything and it’s still not working, I’d love to help you meet and marry your one true love. Let’s figure this out together and create your love miracle story by setting you up with the right strategy, a Twin Flame Treasuremap! So excited to serve you! All it takes is: click the link below. You’ll then enter a special Twin Flame Activation page. Watch the brief video tutorial there, then fill out the application form below. Trust me, just filling out the application is an initiation and luck-booster in itself! Tell the universe exactly what you’re ready for.  Again, there’s no risk and you’ll get the Twin Flame Ignition Kit if your application doesn’t get selected at this time.


If you link this video, please subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can get more videos like this one!


Talk soon Twin Flame Lover!


Namaste, Namastgo.

Full Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse January 21, 2019

Full Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse January 21, 2019

Hey guys and Gaias! We are Twin Flames Jack in Amanda here, and we have an astrology report for what could be one of the most important astrological events of the year!

The Full “Wolf” Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse is the last total lunar eclipse until May 2021!  

And it happens on January 21, 2019 and is highly affected by Uranus (no, not his anus, Uranus!).

This Hot Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Energy Report is coming your way, so stay tuned beloved!

Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen cuz It’s going to be an emotional roller coaster with some big ups and downs, hopefully no nausea, but maybe a little bit of uncertainty about the future.

This Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse will be more intense than a regular ol’ vanilla full moon… It’s like a full moon on steroids that will bring our attention particularly towards our emotions, intimate relationships, home life, friends, and family. So if your kitchen pipes just sprung a leak, like ours did, or things are going bonkers in your relationships, then join the club!

However, Sun opposite Moon piques our intuition and instincts which reach their peak at this lunar eclipse.

The period between the January 5th solar eclipse and the January 21st total lunar eclipse is a particularly potent time. We’re going to be moving forward taking a massive quantum leap… It might even feel like a glitch in the matrix…

In the turbulence, some people will find it difficult to find stability or clarity.

But because you will be so tapped into your own needs and intuition, you will clearly see any imbalances in your life and relationship that are causing disharmony, or matrix glitches.

Some people may experience strange relationship triggers, betrayals, or confusions. They may go back-and-forth like they’re on a see-saw, while life somehow seems to be speeding up!

This isn’t an ideal time to make big life changing decisions. If you made a big commitment in the midst of the storm of these mood swings, you might regret it when the storm passes—so think “baby steps” or “small commitments” until then.

This Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse is an opportunity to do an emotional detox!

It’s the perfect time for self-forgiveness and compassion. Maybe there’s some old self-hatred coming up… Practice forgiveness to move forward.

However, do not wait for others to forgive you, because you are the one to emancipate yourself… after all, they too may be in this astrological turbulence and may have some upsets that really have nothing to do with you…

This January 21st blood moon will shake you up, and trigger you in a lot of juicy places to awaken your soul.

It is also a time of great change, and the Hopi saying, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” is going to apply, and come in handy.

We must move onward on our missions…and we can’t stall if we encounter a demon in disguise telling us he’ll save us and we can just relax and give away our Power away him. Or worse, that we’ll be punished if we take our power back.

You’re stepping into a new level of your sovereignty. After the blood moon, it will become apparent that there is no more time for wavering, wandering, or waiting for others to approve, accept, or even like us!

Now is the time to tap into our deeper truth, get organized, speak up, and take action; remember what your came here for.

The January 2019 Lunar Eclipse is opposite Mercury and square Uranus, which triggers unexpected events that bring us into the unknown and potentially into a rather anxious state, if we’re not careful.

Here are some solutions so you can have an intentional and not overly-intense, overwhelming, or insane-feeling Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse!

  1. View any anxiety provoking situations as initiations that will pass, and bring you to greater heights in the long-haul.
  2. Process difficult emotions alone and then connect with your partner.
  3. You’ll be feeling emotions much deeper and with more intensity, so take advantage by getting real with your situation!
  4. Journal to release those unexpressed emotions that will be expected to come out and be purged.
  5. Communicate your needs and boundaries clearly with others.
  6. Get exercise, cut caffeine down, and follow a meditation routine to reduce potential anxiety and stress.

It’s time to liberate the deep emotional places inside ourselves that need to be loved and cared for by coming out into the light. These parts may not be pretty, so practicing self-compassion is very important at this time.

Allow yourself to grow and follow your inner authority–even if that means making mistakes and learning from it.

You are human after all! This time is a ripe time for deeper self-actualization and self-realization, so if you’ve been putting it off to write that book, or make that video, just get the outline going and take baby steps…. This will eventually lead into a harmonious and expansive path, so allow yourself to be a bit messy without self-judgement.

It’s time to commit to unshackling ourselves from the chains that have bound us and kept us small. “To unbind we must go unblind,” meaning we have to be willing to see the truth!

This may mean admitting to ourselves that we have been chasing a lie or living in a fantasy, and that it’d serve us to be brutally honest with ourselves.

Standing strong in our truth means taking responsibility for the beauty AND the ugliness and messiness… We will need to see others for who they truly are at this lunation, and where or how they are not showing up for us. And do not settle for less any longer, so that you can learn to love and accept yourself on the deepest level and call in what does serve you.

Emotional outbursts from loved ones is to be expected at the eclipse—these are gonna be triggering but actually require taking a few deep breaths, a step back, and extra patience.

It also will require setting healthy boundaries for yourself. It may even mean ending a key relationship (or obsessions), you’ll be more ready than ever to clear anything that doesn’t feel feel right. This opens the gateway to receiving what we DO want.

I once learned to finally set a boundary for myself and told a man I was flirting with, “I’m no longer willing to date men just to date, but thanks for asking me out!

I am looking for marriage and to start a family so I don’t think it’s a fit unless you’re into that.” Setting the boundary was perfect because this guy was excited to prove it to me that he was ready for commitment…and to my surprise the one for me—and here we are today!

The problem is that most single women don’t have a clear sense of what they want or they don’t feel good enough to handle it, which is exactly what we’ll been helping break free from at Twin Flames Live, our 2.5 day virtual experience.

Trust your gut through the process, even if you worry it might upset others; this always leads to Liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness! Even if another person doesn’t get it at first, you’ll start to have a tribe of like minded people who support your pursuits.

At this lunation, we can absorb these powerful astrological energies to strengthen us. This is the time to step into deeper commitment in our soul purpose—and step up as leaders in our careers, in our romantic Union, and with our families.

We’d love to hear what you’re up to. Post in the comments below one thing that you are committed to in your soul purpose at this time, that you would like to activate through this powerful lunar eclipse.

Next, I’m going to share how to do a blood moon total lunar eclipse bath ritual for self-care and healing, but first…

I hope you don’t mind me sharing with you a special upcoming event, a 2.5 day Twin Flame Activation  experience happening before Valentine’s Day, on February 10-12.

If you’re a spiritual bachelorette it’s the perfect Self-Love Valentines Day present!

The experience is designed for smart, conscious, successful women ready to bring in their beloved in 2019.

This year we’re holding it online virtually, so women around the globe can easily attend.

…Badass spiritual bachelorettes often find themselves:

  • Looking at their love lives thinking, “Where in the world is my Beloved??!”
  • Convincing themselves that they’re happy being single when they’re actually craving their beloved
  • Recently broken up with a man and they know they have some unconscious “blind spots” to uncover in their love life
  • Yearning to be fully met by a desirable partner energetically, emotionally, and erotically

Well…. I say, “Enough with settling…or waiting…or doing endless online dating!”

You deserve a beloved who is powerful, confident, sexy, conscious, and committed. Not just someone you dream about, or someone you settle for!

I’ve created Twin Flames Live and I’d love to share with you a little of it today…

In just two and a half days, we’ll help you gain the resilience, tools, and support you need to uncover your blind spots and call in your beloved…  in an empowered sisterhood environment!

There are 3 main stages of Twin Flames Live…

DAY ONE: Step Into Unstoppable Self-Love… you’ll learn how to…

  • Fall in love with yourself deeper
  • Understand what we call the “22 Most Hidden Twin Flame Love Blocks” and how they apply to your life

DAY TWO: Awaken Your Twin Flame Energy… you’ll learn how to…

  • Release & Reprogram hidden Unconscious ‘Heart Blocks’
  • The art of becoming Magnetic to Your True Beloved

DAY THREE: Attract Your Ultimate Beloved

  • Call in Your Twin Flame From Your Feminine Power
  • Integrate your body/mind/spirit so that you’re in a high vibration

BONUS #1: On day two you’ll get High-value Loveseat Coaching from Jack and myself

BONUS #2: AND you’ll also get the super hot BONUS with your sign up today….   the Identify and Bust Your Twin Flame Love Blocks 6-Module Home Learning Program…

This is a 6-week intensive course for you that’s a $2997 value training to go through from the comfort of your home to help you swiftly identify your Twin Flame Love Blocks, so that you can bust them and eventually call in your Beloved.

It gets even better….

To make this decision an absolute no brainer for you, I’m gifting you a special coupon code today that brings a $775 savings! This incredible deal is available until the end of tomorrow, on January 22, 2019 –

What are you waiting for?? if you feel the call, take action.

Click the link below to enroll in Twin Flames Live.

As promised…

Here’s how to to do a Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Ritual:

Draw yourself a nice warm bath. Add Celtic, Dead Sea, or Himalayan bath salts. Sprinkle in some lavender in a sachet or add a few drops of the essential oil. Drop in a bloodstone which enhances the energy of the blood moon.

Then, focus on what you’re ready to release and let go of–emotionally, patterns, and old relationships, or in your career. Imagine yourself letting go of the shame, guilt, old energy, and any energy you wish to release into the water. Allow the ritual to cleanse your spirit, mind, body, and soul.

Next, go into a receptive state where are you then call in the things that you do you want in your life, and replace the things that you let go of. You may wish to call and more love, compassion, strength, harmony, and new direction, etc. Excited for you! Whatever it is you feel will serve your highest good at this time!

If you enjoyed this blog and video, then click that subscribe button on YouTube! We come out with Twin Flame tips, channelings,  energy updates every week so stay connected with us! We’ll continue to send epic content your way.



2019 January 5, Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse

2019 January 5, Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse

Welcome New Moonifestor!

So this blog and video are for you today because you are a badass spiritual bachelorette or boss babe who runs her business on bliss, and runs her Twin Flame partnership like a well-oiled love machine…

Now that’s, what I call ‘blissness!’

Ok, so you may have heard that we have two eclipses this month, and that the January Eclipses will set the tone of the year.

So if you’re ready to manifest abundance with optimal levels of love, pleasure, and ease, listen to this astrology and energy forecast in full to prepare for the first eclipse on the upcoming powerful New Moon in Capricorn with partial Solar Eclipse, which is at 15 degrees in Capricorn coming up on January 5th.

First I’ll share the general astrology so you can get prepared, then I’ll dive into the Blissness Energy Updates for us badass boss babes, and I’ll wrap up with a  juicy Twin Flame Energy Report so you Twinsies can maximize your connection and pleasure this month!

General Astrology:

FINALLY, the general astrology is positive due to the harmonious fixed star Vega in its alignment. Thank you goddess! I know, it’s been a little rough over the past few months.  

Vega is a massive pale blue star in the Lyra Constellation and has a positive, joyful, creative, and magical influence. Wahoo!

This lunation is a great time to set and write down your goals…So if you missed us at the free New Year goal-setting workshop I led yesterday, then make sure to do some goal setting on your own this week.

Before we start in, what I’d say is perhaps is most important about January 5th is that we are not just getting a new moon, this is a partial solar eclipse. We have three periods of Eclipses this year, the first in January, the next in July, and the last in December.

A solar eclipse is so powerful because the Moon darkens the Sun and its influence about 6 months, whereas a moon’s effect lasts only 28 days! Eclipses are always influential as they often deliver transformation, and set our lives in a new direction. Eclipses can also destined events, so fingers crossed child that you have some good karma sister!

This partial eclipse sits between Saturn and Pluto which has some negative energy attached to it, but because it’s sextile to Neptune and is influenced by Vega, this eclipse will have a balanced and overall positive and light feel.

The first trimester of this year will have a high energy feel, and we’ll be guided to move around, take action and I know Jack and I are in the midst of selling our belongings, moving to Bali, and I’m hoping that this sexy thing will put a baby in my belly soon. What are the big changes and moves you’re seeing flow from your life? Post in the comments below, we’d love your updates!

During the first three months of 2019, you might feel pulled to a new path that aligns with your power. Take action and listen to your gut. Another quick mention is that 2019 is a number 3 year and from a numerology perspective, this is all about self-expression. Are you ready to express yourself in every aspect of your life?

The Solar Eclipse January 2019 astrology will harmonize with the energy we’ll be experiencing during the January 21 Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon. 

Get ready, we’re going to have 3 blood moons in a row over January, February, and the last one finishes up on Spring Equinox, which is where we’ll be doing a Twin Flame Activation on a Sacred Site in Bali at Mt Batur.

Before I share the Blissness and Twin Flame Energy  Updates, I wanted to share about where we (Jack, our Twin Flame Tribe, and I) will be on the 3rd blood moon.

I’m excited to be running my 5th Bali Retreat for committed divine feminine goddesses of love who are ready to align with their feminine power and their Twin Flames.

It’s happening March 17-24 in Ubud, Bali and the final of three blood moons on March 18 is the day we’ll do a ceremony from the hot springs. Mt. Batur and Lake Batur are sacred to Dewi Danu, the Goddess of the Lake who is regarded as the provider of irrigation water in the form of bubbling natural springs. In times where 660 million humans are missing clean water, and our water systems are getting clogged with things we don’t want, this women’s gathering is for women who are not only ready to manifest her Twin Flame, but also work as a water bearer and heal the planet’s womb.  

Retreat Pray Love will speak to you if you’re ready to:

  • Awaken the sacred waters of the earth, as a high priestess
  • Swiftly attract and keep your Twin Flame, ultimate beloved, the pleasurable way
  • Tap into your Divine Feminine energy, without being too open or vulnerable
  • Awaken your Sacred Sexuality so you can become naturally magnetic to your beloved and
  • Become more magnetic to anything you wish to attract–such as high-paying Soulmate Clients, opportunity, and synchronicity!
  • The retreat is designed to help you reveal your full feminine power in a safe and sacred space
  • You’ll get to participate in deep healing work in a tribe of badass single spiritual women for 7 full days
  • This retreat is also for women who are ready to celebrate and rebirth in body mind and spirit with organic vegetarian food, massages, raw chocolate, spa and holy water bathing rituals, and relax in a beautiful villa and tropical paradise setting, among smell the scent of Bali flowers, incense, and essential oils!

Imagine if you were on the journey with us…Just listening to this can be a healing activation.  

In Bali we will…

  • Stay in Ubud, the setting of Eat Pray Love, for 7 nights and days, just 1 hour from the Bali airport (Denpasar)
  • Do Twin Flame activations, psychic meditations, Divine Feminine readings, channeling, a self-marriage ceremony, yoni healing, womb clearing rituals, spa self-love pampering, designing our own self-marriage rings, and making a deep prayer to heal ourselves and Mother Earth!
  • Relax and stay at a magical Balinese retreat equipped with a private pool, healthy food options, yoga deck, massage tables, and a private villa
  • Attend juicy workshops on self-love, Twin Flame Love, Sacred Sexualilty,  Pussy Power, galactic healing, channeling, meditation, goddess beauty secrets, tantra, and abundance attraction!
  • Drink activated crystalized spring water for the 6 days to help realign your aura’s crystalline field
  • Eat some of the most delicious, erotic, healthy, abundant organic food that will stimulate your senses
  • Body-image makeovers and seductive goddess photo shoots in rice paddies, on beach, and by the pool
  • Reunite with soul-family sisters for some dancing, healing, praying, anointing, adoring, accessorizing, creating, and giggling
  • Group goddess spa excursion
  • Self-marriage ritual and ring making with Pelé Jewelry
  • Take a day trip to the vulva-cano, the magical volcano of Mt. Batur and swim at a hot springs

I’ll be sharing a lot more details about this deep healing retreat in the New Moon Ceremony happening on January 5th.  

Click the link to register for our Bali retreat at our early bird rate.


Blissness is a term I invented for badass boss babes who refuse to do business in a boxy, boring ho hum busy-ness way. You prefer to do blissness from your highest pleasure and divine flow.

Good news is that at this lunation, the biggest influence as I’ve mentioned is Vega. Vega is a positive star for the most part.

Vega is supposed to give artistic talents, but it also has some detrimental effects. If you’re a superstar in your work this could be a great time to bring more creativity into your work. But if you’re all creativity and no structure, Vega could derail your flow, so now would be a good time to speak to a business coach, hire an organizer, or put some structures in place for your business. Or, you may serve as that structure and do really well as a mentor or a guide to those who need the more masculine grounding energies this month.

Vega can however make people critical, abrupt, reserved and unpopular. So if you’re a boss lady with a bit of a rough edge, you might do your best to take some breaks to breathe and lighten up this month. The solar eclipse conjunct fixed star Vega is also a good omen for starting or expanding a business.

Saturn sextile Neptune brings financial gain from spiritual pursuits. Lightworkers who take action with a solid and sensible approach should expect financial success. Saturn provides discipline and determination to fulfill our duties and obligations, so start with a to-do list and get cracking on the things your business needs to grow, stabilize, and bliss out! Then take action.



This lunation is coupled with a double-hit of cosmic energy due to the the partial solar eclipse, so it’s the perfect time for some powerful New Year’s goal-setting in love and relationships!

Capricorn’s lunar energy is about deepening the love for the one you’re with, so with the mountain goat energy of Cap, it could be a good time to go on a mountain getaway weekend with your lover, or at least go for a grounding hike together.

If you’re single, you could do it as a self-love retreat or hike.

Since it’s a new moon in Capricorn, here’s what you might want to bring to the FREE upcoming new moon ceremony happening on January 5th (linked in the description box below)

  • Elemental energy: Earth – you may wish to bring a pot of dirt with seeds to plant for the new year.
  • Hues: wear strong earthy colors, orange-reds, grays and browns
  • Gemstones: garnet, agate, amber, and black onyx
  • Flowers: pansy, orchids (my favorite!), carnation, cyclamen, geranium
  • Essential Oils to bring: tea tree, ginger, lavender, rosemary, lemon, Eucalyptus, chamomile, patchouli, sandalwood, to name a few!

Lastly, you’ll likely notice greater empathy and even telepathy–true receptivity in your relationships that could bring deeper understanding that goes beyond words.

Group activities and spiritual meditations will inspire you to reach a greater level of pleasure, understanding, and fulfillment. We’ll be doing a Capricorn moon activation on the night of January 5th, so if you feel called to awaken your 2019 with awesome lady lunar vibes then click here to attend.

This lunation with partial eclipse is a good time to express your more caring and vulnerable side by serving others and coming with an open-heart. This will also likely increase your self-esteem, allow your ego to fall away some more, and increase overall joy and satisfaction.

Alright sister, it’s been my pleasure assisting you in this new moon in Capricorn update. If you liked the YouTube video please consider subscribing to our channel by gently pressing the like button and subscribing here…

Oh, and please join me for Twin Flame New Moon ceremony on Jan. 5th, it’s going to be awesome!

Much love! Namaste, Namast-go!

Dr Amanda




Twin Flame Reading December 12, 2018

Twin Flame Reading December 12, 2018

12/12 TWIN FLAME ENERGY UPDATE! December 12 Mercury in Sagittarius 

Greetings Beloved, we’re Twin Flames Amanda and Jack here to deliver this special Twin Flame Energy Update and Channeling. We release content-rich videos around twice weekly so you can accelerate your Twin Flame Awakening, Ascension journey, and bring your life purpose to earth. Stay on until the end of this video for a potent 12/12 Twin Flame Channeling!

Today is 12/12 here, and numbers hold meaning. The 12/12 activation is about moving your life forward in a direction that you didn’t expect, and the blessings are potent! Another meaning of 1212: keep a positive state of mind.

Another meaning of 12 12, or seeing 12:12, is a reminder to be aware of your thoughts and keep a positive state of mind.

Though Mercury retrograde is officially over (it ended just before this last new moon), the shadow period lingers with us until around Xmas eve…

And while the Mercury energy isn’t done for this year yet, it actually holds a few important gifts for us, if we choose to receive them.


As of this Thursday, December 12, 2018 Mercury will move from close-minded Scorpio to the communicative and adventurous Sagittarius.

If you’ve been craving a little more communication (and a little less guesswork) now is the time to start having deeper conversations.

It’s time for the feminine to cut to the chase… using less words and expressing what’s truly underneath the surface with clarity. It’s time to ask for what she wants, even if it risks hearing a no, or doing the deeper healing when she feels rejected.

It’s time for the masculine to express what’s on his heart, and learn to become more vulnerable as a speaker, communicator, and lover.

Before the 12th when Mercury is in Scorpio, talk needs to be deep, not cheap  — so don’t waste your time on gossip, beating around the bush, or small talk.

Divine Feminines should get straight to the point, while we Divine Masculines may want to romance you, write you our poetry, putting our hearts on our sleeves…As well as using conscious communication to clear up any drama that may surface during this Mercury shadow period leading up to the 24th.

Also, when Mercury makes this move on the 12th, you may be reminded of past projects that took up mental space, which you put on pause (like that training program you signed up for that you fell behind on, the Audible books you have piling up in your library, or you may finally feel the tug to recommit to your soul purpose mission and sign up for that year-long program.

This could be be a great time to declutter your wardrobe or overall belongings as what we carry carries energy, and outdated objects and mementos in our space can even delay our Twin Flame Union and DNA activation shifts.

Also, if you’re single, this chapter with Mercury in Sagittarius could be a great time to get out there and date new people.

If you’ve been attached to someone you thought was your ultimate beloved, but they’re playing hot and cold, the sign of the Archer (which is Sagittarius) may be able to help in starting anew. He is is all about learning new things, connecting on higher levels, meeting new people, and going on adventures…

So you may even feel like flirting, or being more outgoing and playful with that sexy new stranger who shows up, whereas in the past you may have had a wall up.

You may be more carefree now to share the real you, and express what you’re truly seeking, as well as listen to him or her, and fully be present to take in their information. This is a great time to meet all kinds of people while remaining unattached…you never know where it will lead, so don’t compare them to your ex or the person you think is Mr. Right n’ perfect. Cuz all of our shit stinks and so make sure you give each human being or date a chance, or at least remain open in your heart with kindness and compassion.

However it goes, you’ll feel ready for 2019 and reawakened to the possibilities that abound. Know that though the shadow period lasts up until Christmas, Mercury will remain steady in Sagittarius until January, so you’ll have time to play and explore with this alignment, adventure, and deepen your connections and communications!

Speaking of communications, what is one thing you’re ready to express or embody in your love life, even if it scares you? Post in the comments below now.

As the Twin Flame Matchmakers, we bow to you and salute you here; thank you for joining us on the ride to becoming an awakened Twin Flame bride or groom) as part of our tribe. We look forward to reading your comments below and do our best to respond to each one if we can. Much love and light!

Also if you like this blog please subscribe on YouTube! We’ll be putting out more like this one, discussing Astrology, Twin Flame Energy Updates, and Divine Feminine/Masculine channeling messages in the many moons ahead!


[special Twin Flame channeling]


Namaste, namastGO

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