Hey Guys and Gaias! 3-3-3 is coming up which is gonna be a HUGE exciting event!

March 3, 2019 is the only 3-3-3 we’ll be having for a while… And if you’re a numbers person, you’ll know that 2019 breaks down to 2 + 0 + 1 + 9… which equals 12, which is then reduced to 1+ 2 which comes out to three.


Three in numerology is very significant, and even more significant is 333! During this 3 Universal Year (2019) we’re activated with more creativity and optimism, joy, ease, social connection, and communication that ever.


And guess what… 3-3-3 is not only a special numerological date, it’s also our 1-year wedding anniversary and we’re going to announce something pretty exciting at the end of this video, so stick around for the end to hear our big life changes! But first, let’s talk about the meaning of 3-3-3, so stay tuned!


Numerology is the study of numbers and their cosmic vibrations.

Many people resonate with numerology, some may connect to certain lucky numbers, and others see certain numbers show up in their lives over and over again, offering them messages and code activations. These people may have naturally tapped into something with roots that stretch back through the millennia to ancient mystery schools such as the ones in Egypt and Babylon. In spiritual and religious lore, the number 3 represents the Trinity, most commonly associated with the idea of the Father-Son-Holy Spirit. Yet early Christians identified the Holy Spirit as “Mother,” up until the fifth century making it the trinity of the Divine Father, Mother, and Child


333 is associated with the three dimensional equilateral triangle, or the star of David, or the Merkaba triangles which are very important as we move our from the four lower chakras to integrate the three higher ones.


Here are the keys of the numerological meaning of 3-3-3:


– Overflowing with power and energy

– 333: Ascended Masters are with you and you’re divinely protected

– It’s time to make big decisions

– It’s time to express and channel your authentic soul’s truth.

– Self-confidence, growth, and a time for maturity


You’re growing a lot. You’re stepping up or you’re feeling the call. If you’re still sitting on the sideline, you will likely manifest a situation to kick start you in the right direction right through your fears…


When it comes to love for all your Twin Flame Lovers, 333 is calling you to be decisive, stop wavering, and make serious choices in your relationships. So if you’ve been considering moving in with that special someone but you’ve been too afraid or nervous to spring into action, now would be the time to do so. Or if you’ve been feeling like you need to get back into dating but you’ve been procrastinating, now is the time to get back in the dating pool, and splash around with commitment to fulfilling your heart! Even if date #333 is not your Twin Flame, he or she could be that stepping stone to the one–remember that every single relationship is an opportunity for learning and growing! So what are you waiting for?? Get in there and swim into some fun.


-333 means you have a clean handle over your life, or at least an aspect of life. So it’s time to stop perfecting (which is a form of procrastination). Step out into the world with your purpose work!


Jack is doing this by re-launching his Highly Conscious Man Podcast and Youtube channel! Click the links in the description box below to check out his interviews with JP Sears, Elliott Hulse, and Daniel Eisenman to name a few…and ladies share it with your Highly Conscious Man folks!


Indeed, 333 encourages us you to work on our spiritual growth and stretch ourselves. 3 is the number of the channels within the etheric body which align with the spine and Twin Flame Kundalini: the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. 33 is the number of spinal vertebrae. Ida is the left channel, is white or silver, feminine, cold, and represents the moon or Divine Mother.

Pingala is the right channel, is red, masculine, hot, represents the sun or Divine Father. Both arrive from the Root chakra, and go to their respective right or left nostril.

The Sushumna is the central channel and is associated with the Twin Flame Union, where there is a “Trinity” of three more subtle channels: Vajra, Chitrini and Brahma nadi through which the Kundalini moves upwards running up the body from just below Muladhara chakra to Sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head. 333 represents the Twin Flame Kundalini or Union of the serpents, coming together to form Infinite Life. In Esoteric Masonry 333 means building. We are actually building the rainbow bridge from the physical to the divine via the Sushumna.

March 3rd would be an opportune time to connect with yourself or your Twin Flame Twin Flame and create a sacred space for tantric breathwork, for exploring the kundalini, and stepping in deeper with your Sacred Sexual Union. We’ll talk more about this at the end of our video…

One thing to remember is that despite all this Divine perfection, there will always be areas of life that don’t go the way we plan… So do your best to see God in everything.

Here’s a quick challenge… take 3 minutes today to literally see everything you set your eyes onto as the most miraculous expression of God. See yourself as God, see the table as God, see the flowers as God, see your roommate as God. Go ahead try it! Let me know in the comments below how this goes!


3-3-3 is a great time for letting go.

Offer forgiveness to yourself or to those who have wronged you…

there’s actually a scientific experiment in which two groups of people were tested on how high they could jump. one group went through a brief forgiveness exercise beforehand, and they noticed they were able to jump higher! While the other group did not do the forgiveness exercise and their jump stayed the same.

Don’t let the past drag you down… Let go of what’s not serving you so you can leap to greater heights!


Here’s a quick forgiveness exercise:

  1. Put your awareness on someone you are holding a grudge or resentment towards
  2. Identify the underlying emotions attached to this resentment
  3. Connect to and feel the emotions. Set a timer for 12 minutes. Sit and just give yourself permission to feel your emotions. Even if it’s uncomfortable, just be with it until the timers done. As you feel your feelings, simply let them go. Visualize your emotions being pulled out of you and being sent to the center of the planet. Let it gooo
  4. Next, Identify the underlying needs underneath these emotions – what needs weren’t being met for you?
  5. Give to yourself what you need… if you need respect, how can you respect yourself more today? If you need understanding, go journal in your notebook and write about the parts of yourself that you would like to understand better. If you need quality time, give yourself some quality time to relax and self care today.


The number 333 on March 3 is encouraging you with the opportunity to let go of whatever habits, thoughts, emotions, relationships, or things that are no longer bringing you joy or happiness.


333 ultimately comes out to the number 9 which represents Unconditional Love and abundance. 9 in Pythagorean numerology means the number of spiritual completion.


Speaking of completion, Jack and I wanted to complete this video with a personal share about something we’re coming into completion with, as well as the opening to a new phase.


Yes, last year at our wedding we kissed at exactly 3:33PM! It’s pretty synchronistic because the number 33 and 333 has followed me for years. And Jack has been seeing 111 everywhere, which comes out to 3. My dog hazel has 333 Union City on her dog tag, and her Twin Flame Jimmy has 3331. I used to live on 333 Willow Ave in apt. #3, and at 33 Via Dei Neri in the 3rd apartment in Florence Italy. My father is working his way up from a 32 to 33 degree Freemason.


But the real announcement is…we’re likely going to be parents!

So I’ve been a Twin Flame Alchemist and love coach for high achieving women for over 10 years now…

and it’s ironic how over the years in my career, I’ve seen many high-achieving women in their early 40s make work their #1 priority; they tell me “I’m still hoping to find my Twin Flame and have children.” Yet so often when I probe deeper, I see that they are scared of committing to getting what they truly want–which is what they came here to create! They make a million excuses as to why they don’t have the time, energy, or financial resources to get the support they need.

This is so sad, because often I’ll chat with these these women 2 years later and they’ve invested time, money, and resources in building their careers out, and yet they’re stuck in the exact same place when it comes to love and family. Luckily there are women I’ve helped who have accepted that they need support to break their habits, and together we create fast miracles! Last year I helped matchmake two single women around age 40 who wanted to have children, and they have them now from their Twin Flame baby daddies!

That’s why I was guided to offer you something special this full moon, to the women who ARE ready to step out of the gray zone. This month only, I am offering 11 lucky ladies a FREE Twin Flame Activation Sessions designed to help single women who are truly committed to self-love and calling in their life partner this year. During the session you’ll learn exactly how to magnetize their ultimate beloved, a partner who fully supports your soul purpose.

No more guesswork! I’ll help you find the perfect strategy that will lead you to a lasting partnership as quickly as possible, while avoiding dead-end online dating, Karmic Soulmates, and relationships that suck your energy and pull you down.


You’ll also gain the proper tools to attract the lover you truly want–someone who you are eternally bonded to yet perhaps have not come home to, your other soul half with which you will create your most fulfilling life and soul purpose mission, and perhaps even a starchild or two!


Because this is one of the most potent times to bust through your biggest love blind spots that are holding you back from feeling worthy of love, I have decided to open up my calendar to 11 lucky ladies to receive this high-value session for FREE. Normally the session is offered at $697 but until March 1, you can apply for the session at no cost by clicking the link below. Though I won’t be able to approve all applications, my team and I will go through each of them, and the ones who are not selected this round will be gifted my Twin Flame Ignition Kit, a gift pack that is valued at over $297 and comes with all sorts of Twin Flame attraction ninja secrets and tools. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive offer to join me at Twin Flame Self-Love Bootcamp!


So if you are that woman who has been waiting for Prince Charming to find her, or you’ve been lost in procrastination, or you feel like you’ve tried everything and it’s still not working, I’d love to help you meet and marry your one true love. Let’s figure this out together and create your love miracle story by setting you up with the right strategy, a Twin Flame Treasuremap! So excited to serve you! All it takes is: click the link below. You’ll then enter a special Twin Flame Activation page. Watch the brief video tutorial there, then fill out the application form below. Trust me, just filling out the application is an initiation and luck-booster in itself! Tell the universe exactly what you’re ready for.  Again, there’s no risk and you’ll get the Twin Flame Ignition Kit if your application doesn’t get selected at this time.


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Talk soon Twin Flame Lover!


Namaste, Namastgo.