Six Figure Guilt, Loneliness, and the Conscious Healing Crisis

Six Figure Guilt, Loneliness, and the Conscious Healing Crisis

Clearing. Cleansing. Hoping. Praying in the New Money Paradigm Shift. Intense shifting happening on the planet in regard to money, or at least in my world.
I am shifting from a ME paradigm into a WE paradigm. And while it’s beautiful, it’s also frigging painful and uncomfortable!

I had a dream about a former biz coach of mine earlier this year, and she was wealthy and famous. She had a home the size of a football stadium, famous celeb clients from LA, and her hair was shiny and perfect. But she was alone and miserable in her success, and the more rich and famous she became, the less people were able to truly see her, know her, and love her for her.

I could’ve been that! I used to want that!

I would subconsciously say “Love me for my success, love me for my body, love me for my wealth!” It was the little girl inside of me aching to be seen by her father.

In the dream my former coach was so sad, and alone, like a child wearing alone in her room, and I witnessed the emptiness she felt in her heart.

Because if love is money and you don’t share the wealth with many others who love (you, them, the New Earth, money itself) then what’s the point?

Something is shifting in me… I am falling more in love with dreaming up the new earth eco villages than I am with success, wealth, and looks (though I DO want it all as long as it’s in harmony with God/dess and Gaia).

I am on a path of Twin Flame Love and discovering who I am as a spirit, and having a body who needs resources. Who needs love.

I am unwilling to become super duper wealthy until I feel in my bones why I am doing this…

Money is not a big enough reason for us High-Healed Priestesses to become wealthy.

I have discovered that as a shaman and a BLI$$ness woman I have an immense capacity to rake in tons of dough. It’s easy for me. Yet is it sustainable for the planet for me to have several homes in exotic places, and is it healthy for everyone around me to witness my power if I don’t share it with them?

I have always wanted to be rich and famous, for as long as I can remember. I am both in love with and afraid of the reality that I am creating; as I receive large paychecks, become successful, and go on television I’ll continually be asking questions. What if living the American dream is actually unhealthy for me, for us, and for the planet? What if it’s not sustainable for everyone to become millionaires?
Am I going to rape the earth with my giant mansions with five car garages? And what if I send my kids to private schools that teach them that mental academics are more important and sacred than their own intuition, that success in the physical world is more important than success in their spiritual growth and happiness?

Can we really continue to grow our wealth as we grow our consciousness. And vice versa?

I do believe that their answers to these questions, and very good ones. But I don’t believe will figure it out all at once… I believe we have to have conversations, time for contemplation, and room for error. I also feel that other conscious millionaires and six-figure earners have a responsibility and helping the newbies guide the way and share feedback. Especially the vulnerable kind of where you have gone wrong and had to U-turn.

I recently ran into my former coach at a networking event. I felt a great deal of relief when she stood up in the group to share that she has been rewiring her business and taking a break because she is looking for more fulfillment. She’s looking for a more conscious and joyous path of doing business, and that the money is not enough. Thank God!

I am in the midst of a mid 6-figure crisis and I am figuring it out. Just sharing this feels like a blessing. I am so grateful for having this space to share my experience, fears, and wisdom. Namaste.IMG_0013.JPG

Six Figure Guilt, Loneliness, and the Conscious Healing Crisis

How Do I Find my Business Niche? Make More Money, Serve More Peeps

How do you find your business niche? And is niching really necessary to break 6-figures?

This post will help so that you female BLI$$preneurs get excited about developing your niche so you can more easily:

  • Become known as an expert
  • Get paid way more money, way faster
  • Grow your BLI$$ness at light speed
  • Get more biz opportunities such as: speaking gigs, sell to private clients, get YouTube channel hits, make faster sales on your website, get hot book deals etc.

Many of us already know that it’s typically a great deal harder and more time-consuming to build a business without a niche. Generally, unless you have a ton of start up capital to spend on marketing, it’s ideal to have a niche when you’re first getting started in your small BLI$$ness as a solopreneur. When you get started, no one knows who you are; they don’t trust you enough to buy from you.

Trust takes time to build, and it’s faster to build trust when you have a particular niche where you can stand out as the ‘perceived expert’ on something very specific.

There’s lots of competition out there in the marketplace. Other entrepreneurs do the same thing that you do perhaps? Often times who have more experience, with better branding, and at charge cheaper rates?Yes. Indeed. There is a lot of competition out there, especially now that we live online.

You simply have to pop from the crowd and stand out in front of your Soulmate Clients!

But how do you boil your soul purpose down to one teensy tiny expert topic?!

With a  bazillion potential niches, how do you pick just one? This can make anyone crazy, and everyone goes through the niche bitch stage, but we can just as easily turn on the switch and pick our P2PP.
I call a niche a “P2PP”–a Pain to Pleasure Problem–something you solve in people’s lives that they’re happy to pay you for because it saves them a huge headache, time, money, health issues, etc.

divine feminine entrepreneur

P2PP problems are in one of three categories:

1) LOVE                 2) WEALTH/BIZ          3) HEALTH/WELLNESS

Your P2PP, will usually be in the topic of relationships, health, or wealth/biz. Sometimes you can combine two of these, but either way, your P2PP should be super clear and defined so someone can figure it out in a second and go “Oh, that’s for me!” if it’s for them.

Good examples of P2PPs are:

  • Helping tech boys get ten dates a week so they can find their solute
  • Helping spiritual women with their online marketing so they can make more money
  • Helping business women who travel get over jet lag so they can function better

Examples of wishy-washy lame P2PPs would be:

  • Helping empower people (everyone wants to be empowered, but why would they pay top dollar for something vague when they need help from an expert?)
  • Helping women become more confident (still too vague)
  • Life coaching for women
  • Reiki for wellness

The above bad examples are way too vague to charge high-end rates and expect a big following, unless you’re super lucky.  It would be hard to ask someone for a lot of money for simply “empowerment” “health” or “wellness” as you aren’t really an expert. Would you want to go to a general practitioner doctor or a specialist if you had some rare disease? Easy answer, right? For your Soulmate Clients it will be the same: they will hire you when they see you as an expert problem solver to the problem they have on their plate.

how do i pick a niche Get specific! Get more specific. Get even more specific.

Most of us tend to fear niching and we stay vague and our Soulmate Clients don’t want to pay us high end-rates or sign up at all.

Carve out your hot P2PP – the problem in the marketplace that you solve for your specific type of Soulmate Client. She or he is waiting for you and you must speak to her (him) using lingo and concepts that she’s ready to hear! You have to let her know that raging problem she has has a solution: which is you!

Blessings on your unleveled BLI$$ness with your hot P2PP. Share in the comments box what your P2PP is or if you haven’t chosen it yet, some options. Some of us here can give you feedback or ideas!

Namaste and light,



How to Throw a Money Tantrum

How to Throw a Money Tantrum

For the love of money! Holy MatriMoney Moly!

OK…so here’s a pic of me loving money. And I do. But today I am throwing a TANTRUM about money… Not because I don’t love money or have money in abundance (because I finally do now, though I am still getting used to being a recovering starving healing artist), but because I am holding some ancient emotions about the money systems in my bones and spirit. I feel that while money is meant to serve the planet and to be a symbol for sacred exchange, our money consciousness holds all kinds of crap and is hurting so many good people for no good reason! It’s just that I am pissed about the distribution of wealth having gone into an icky pyramid shape time after time. When truly don’t we all deserve and desire to live like queens and kings!?

egypt money codesSometimes the most enlightened way to release pain and emotion is to do what kids do, which is to throw a tantrum. So put your fists in a ball and stand on your feet, and shout whatever you want, and rant and rave about the wrongdoings of the money system! Promise… It’ll make you feel better.

I am releasing some deep dark money codes this week, and I know it’s unattractive, but necessary stuff, and you might need to do the same. All of us have grown up with many of the same toxic belief systems around money.

Wanna hear my tantrum? OK, but it’s best to put up your psychic screen first, because I am about to whine and spew and release, and it’s gonna be a messy money tantrum…

(Disclaimer: I usually never talk like this, or about this, because I want to stay positive, lover of rainbows n’ butterflies I am! And so I usually only focus on the Light and healing aspects of money. I don’t want to stay in the energy of the tantrum either, but I do have to let it out. So please excuse me as I shout n’ clear out the former BS (belief systems) about money that have been affecting me/us for the past 4-5,000 years…)

My mean money tantrum:

“Goshdarnittt! Why did we create such shady, shamelessly greedy, shitty money systems in Egypt so long ago?! Wasn’t the point of money to mirror the Holy Currency of Mother Nature? Wahhh! I hate the fact that there are so many human slaves still walking this earth for money, and that the collective consciousness regarding money has been so dark, desperate, and dreary. Divided from divinity.

“I hate that money hasn’t nurtured people like mother’s milk as it should! And that money hasn’t spread out resources evenly as it should, and that money hasn’t flowed like water as it should. Oh, and that half of my taxes go to the military – I don’t even like or believe in the military! Oh I would invest in a love military though!

“What pangs my heart most is that we don’t live on a ball of bliss ALL OF THE time, and put money where our bliss is. That parents are too distracted by the stress of paying bills that they don’t have time or energy to delight in the true love of their children and families. Some people live their entire lives like slaves and then they die, just because of the way the money systems were designed thousands of years ago. Haven’t we f$(*%ing evolved beyond this!? When I have all of the money my heart desires I am investing it into bliss-based communities, projects, and people that heal the world and make it more blissful and I am going to build the new love-based military that shoots love out of our heart chakras!”

egypt slavery money


All better!

Phew, I just had to say it, hadda get it out. I feel all better. Can I get a love money piggybank oink? Now you try. Write down or better, scream and shout out your money tantrum and let the ugly old past out, so it doesn’t block your BLI$$ abundance.

To switch it into something positive, money is love.

Love is everywhere. And money is everywhere, so let’s all learn to share, build the new love-based paradigms and blast the bull$hit out of our culture and make sharing resources and tools and technologies cool again. Walk like an Egyptian, way oh way oh….Namaste!

holy matrimony money

With love of the Goddess of Abundance,


Dr. Amanda Noelle is a modern-day high priestess in heels, AKA High-Healed Priestess, helping other High-Healed Priestesess reclaim their sacred position within our culture as leaders, healers, and hot mamas.




25 Signs and Phases of a Divine Feminine Awakening

25 Signs and Phases of a Divine Feminine Awakening

Watch the video: 25 Signs and Phases of a Divine Feminine Awakening HERE:

25 Divine Feminine Awakening Signs & Phases

If you are a woman who is going through a deep awakening into the depths of the Divine Feminine, this article is meant to guide and inspire you.

The world is transitioning into a new paradigm, one where the Divine Feminine is honored as being a sacred equal alongside her Divine Masculine counterpart.

The old systems are crumbling away–the political, economic, governmental, environmental, social, familial, and so on–these systems are being replaced.

We are shifting into ‘the New Earth Paradigm.’

The patriarchy is coming to an end, as it served its purpose.

Through the patriarchy, humanity was able to fully understand that violence, evil, and greed are indeed a sin, and we have chosen in many places to eradicate violence. Though there are still wars happening, it is nothing like it was several thousands of years ago.

The patriarchal era has fallen away during the 2012 Shift, and is giving rise to a global Divine Feminine Awakening.

Women by the hundreds of thousands are being called to the forefront across the globe to step into their Sacred Feminine Power. I call this a ‘Divine Feminine Awakening.’

The Divine Feminine Awakening often occurs through a spiritual crisis, a past life recall or other mystical events, or through birthing a ‘starchild’–a spiritually-gifted daughter or son.

All enlightened women must go through the Divine Feminine Awakening to step into her full High Priestess potential.

The process of transmuting past pain and trauma allows her to step out of the patriarchal system, prepare her for her new Divine Feminine Activated life as a Feminine Leader.

In this article, I will layout the 25 phases so that you can understand more about this spiritual experience, and better navigate your Divine Feminine Awakening experience with less freakout and more bliss!

Also, you can share this list with your partner, friends, and family to help them understand the process that you are going through.

Here are the 6 signs of a Divine Feminine Awakening:

  1. The feminine aspect of your soul, especially your nurturing qualities, emotions, and intuitive gifts feel called to be awakened and aligned.
  2. You have consciously or unconsciously decided that your feminine energies are sacred and hold value for planetary healing. You may be called to open a business or exchange money or barter to honor the value of your gifts.
  3. You have a vague or even strong feeling or knowing that you have served as a priestess in one/many of your past lives.
  4. You feel called to attend women’s circles, goddess celebration ceremonies, and feel fed by being surrounded by feminine energies.
  5. You wish to immerse yourself in the healing world; you wish to become a teacher, healer, or leader in the field of holistic healing arts, mystical healing, or metaphysics.
  6. Your ancient Divine Feminine memories stored within your soul have been awakened by visiting a sacred site, through a traumatic event, by meeting a Karmic Soulmate/soul family member, or via past-life recall.

Prepare for Your Divine Feminine Awakening:

If you are a Divine Feminine leader, what I call a ‘High-Healed Priestess,’ or modern-day high priestess, life naturally initiates you into your high priestess energies via a Divine Feminine Awakening.

You don’t even have to know what the Divine Feminine Awakening is for it to happen to you–in fact, most women go through this harrowing initiation without knowing what it is!

The Divine Feminine Awakening process happens naturally, but it can be quite painful and messy. That’s why its important to have the right container in place to support the process to unfold with grace.

Unfortunately, for thousands of years, the priestess temples have been shut down, burned to the ground, priestesses deemed as witches or whores, and this persecution happened as a form of reptilian (draconian) abuse of humanity, for both women and men. During this period, High Priestesses were robbed of their wealth, abundance, and crowns. Most of all, they were robbed of their opportunity to attend the Divine Feminine Mystery Schools and get the proper training they needed to do their jobs as leaders, and become optimal mothers and female members of society.

Before I go into the phases, I want to emphasize how important it is to not go through the process alone; take your awakening seriously by getting the right care, mentorship, training, and structure you need to be a fully awakened High-Healed Priestess.

If you don’t, your gifts from the goddess will be lost, or at best diluted and suppressed.

Those women who don’t receive help from other priestesses or Divine Feminine mystery schools/ temples are often afraid to trust. They’ve gone through so much darkness.

Such women will often suffer unnecessarily for years, as they don’t have the proper preparation, infrastructure in their lives, or psychic techniques to clear the massive amount of emotional, mental, and financial energy that they may be working through during the Divine Feminine Awakening.

Though there is no exact set pattern to describe a Divine Feminine Awakening, there are some of the most common signs I’ve witnessed as a priestess and healer who has been working with thousands of Divine Feminine leaders for over 15 years:

  1. Your Divine Feminine Eye Opens: You are going along in life, then WHAM, something shifts, and you start seeing life differently. Maybe you get sick (chronic candida is common), lose a loved one, or have a traumatic event. But your way of seeing the world shifts, and you become more able to see things in a divine light, perhaps even with your third eye.
  2. You’re Younique: You notice that you are unique and different. You’re starting to see the world from a new spiritual light, and healing and revealing yourself to yourself first becomes a top priority.
  3. Who AM I? There is a time where it seems that no one totally gets you, and you hardly get yourself sometimes! But you keep asking the question: Who am I? Over and over…
  4. Release the Patriarchy: You realize that you were trying to fit into a man’s world of competition, judgment, ego, attachment, and jealousy. You decide to let it go, and while it feels like you’ve failed The Man, it’s incredibly freeing to let go and let goddess!
  5. Pleaser and Perfectionism Burnout: You become exhausted and cannot keep trying to please anyone other than yourself, especially men/male energies! You can’t go on any longer being that perfectionist and overachiever. Things get messy but you must be OK with this phase.
  6. Death of the Ego: You just can’t keep going with your old life, or you will burn out or even die…you feel called to do and be something bigger and more authentic. The search for spiritual answers begins.
  7. Self-Care Pronto!: You nurture yourself; you begin to fall in love with the goddess energies. You start to wake up to the mystical world, and world beyond the physical (aka the metaphysical world).
  8. Bliss Awakening!: After hitting multiple breakdowns, you start to experience joy and bliss in insane amounts! FREEDOM! Your psychic gifts open wider, you’re upgraded or activated! Your third eye may open up fully, your intuition sharpens, or your hands-on-healing skills activate. You might notice this while massaging a loved one or looking at someone and seeing their aura.
  9. Integration Time: You may have to be alone for some time, exploring your new goddess gifts and self – you are still in the closet but it feels so good! Or you may surround yourself with spiritual like minds and run away from mainstream people for a bit.
  10. Bodily Upgrading: You shift your diet and lifestyle to a more clean and healthy diet, so you can live higher and higher in bliss. You switch to more plant-based eating, focus on self-care, rest, and take up yoga, dance, or other sacred movement.
  11. Pain Clearing: Then you hit some intense pain codes, often having to do with isolation…You want to break out of the closet but you can’t see how you’ll be able to do so, because you’re so frightened that no one will see/understand you!
  12. Money Pain: money issues ensue. You wonder how you’ll make money as a high priestess and feel safe in the world. Will people respect you, or will they think you’re crazy? You often find yourself thinking of giving up and staying at your day job.
  13. Hopelessness and Depression: This can make you feel suicidally depressed and want to give up at some point…You feel alone and nearly hopeless.
  14. The Cry for Help: The pain gets so intense one day that you want to die, so you call out to your angels, “Help me!”
  15. Need for Community: Then you call out to your community for help, for love, for understanding. You are a Divine Daughter who needs to be held.
  16. Deepened Divinity: You then deepen your connection to Spirit, and surrender as you let go of control and self-judgement.
  17. Hope: You keep an inkling of hope in your priestess bootstraps at all times, even when it is very dark. There is still a candle lit for you in the Divine Feminine Temple.
  18. Cracking the Codes: You then hit HUGE breakthroughs because your love for God/dess is so deep and pure. You are an advanced soul tapped into something big…
  19. Manifestation Powers: You then begin to be able to manifest like crazy! The Law of Attraction sits in your favor. Money, opportunities, living situations, travel, etc. Or you at least discover the immense potential of your spiritual gifts.
  20. Confidence Clearing: You start getting the confidence back you had before you went through the Divine Feminine Awakening; sometimes you even have to keep that ego in check sister! 
  21. Root Chakra Grounding: Your finances stabilize, you quit that day job (slave job!?), and your high priestess manifestation skills carry you to time freedom and financial freedom.
  22. Ego Rebirth: Your ego may reactivate in a new way. You may be tempted to get greedy or capitalize off of others’ weak spots and pain. Contrarily at times, you may deny yourself from fully owning your power as to not seem domineering like the old patriarchy did.
  23. Fame Phase: You become recognized in your community as a Divine Feminine healer, leader, and priestess who produces results.
  24. Self-Doubt/Hatred: Self-doubt issues reveal themselves sometimes, especially when others who envy you try to tear you down because they’re not owning their Divine Feminine gifts. The past lives where you were burned at the stake come up to be cleared. You may fear persecution and suppress your voice again. Things go up and down until you realize that you are an ocean of love. Your waves  are not meant to be stable. The Goddess surrounds you and you start to build your bliss and serve your community from a deeper level. The unconditional love of God/dess saves you every time!
  25. Divine Feminine Activation!: You reach your full activation state. You become truly free!  You cannot but spread the bliss, the love, the creativity. You keep needing to share it with the world through words, acts of kindness, and embodiment. The growth cycles will continue to ebb and flow, but for the most part, you have stepped into your high priestess self-empowerment and are ready to make a huge movement on the planet.

So, in summary, the Divine Feminine Awakening experience is not for the faint of heart, but the results are beautiful. This initiation process is here to prepare you at each step to transform you to become the bold, bright, and beautiful woman–the High-Healed Priestess who reflects the Great Goddess Mother–that you are.

Integrating the Divine Feminine Awakening Phase

Before closing, I wanted to offer you my list of what happens after you become initiated as a High-Healed Priestess. Let’s say you’ve already gone through the 25 Phases of the Divine Feminine Awakening, and you’re on your game…

Where should you expect to go from here? Here are 7 post-awakening things you’ll likely start to notice in your life:

  1. You become an expert teacher to the other new paradigm healers, artists, and leaders.
  2. You realize that it’s going to be a long life and you want to give back to future generations.
  3. Your mission is less focused on money, fame, and success, and becomes about being in service, in giving back.
  4. It becomes bigger than just me me me, or my family, or my kids, or my money…It becomes about your tribe and beyond your tribe.
  5. You become a true planetary healer and connect your passions with ecology, community leadership, and healing the world.
  6. Money becomes a means to your healing, versus money being a healing source to your ego (which it is at first and that’s OK, women have been disempowered for so long it’s only natural to feel proud of owning land/money like men at first!).
  7. Ecovillages and sustainable communities, crystalline sound healing chambers, goddess temples, and New Earth projects rise.

Are you ready to awaken your Divine Feminine energy to the next level?

Attend the complimentary New Moon Cacao Ceremony this month at Aphrodite University!

We’ll activate your Divine Feminine power, abundance, bliss, set your goals, help you call in your Twin Flame, and MOONifest what you want. Click here to register!

And that’s just the beginning of what I see! Be where you are now, my sweet sister. Embrace yourself in the now as you look towards where you want to go. And get the sacred support you need. We are in this together! Lots of love to you, Amanda Dr. Amanda Noelle is the Twin Flame Matchmaker and founder of Aphrodite University, helping women get what they want in romance and wealth.


Twin Flame Dolphin Activation

Twin Flame Dolphin Activation

Twin Flame Dolphin Activation

Watch my Dolphin DNA Activation for Twin Flame Attraction above!

Dolphins are an ancient symbol of Twin Flame Love, and they can help you with your Twin Flame attraction by activating your energy field. In our ancient collective subconscious mind, we view dolphins as a symbol of soul pods and soul reunion.

Can I get an 11:11 eeeee! Dolphins sing a song of oneness in the water; they sing individually but the water carries the sound creating sound healing vortexes and unity that contribute to the 11:11 frequency – or Twin Flame Oneness frequency where 1+1=a greater 1.

twin flame dolphin healing

Dolphins emit joy, play, and freedom when given the open ocean. They are a great inspiration for us humans who can get a tad serious, attached to our desks and picket fence dreams. Dolphins need nothing but water, food, and love. They remind us of our own basic need, which is to love!


Dolphins can help you attract your beloved by invoking the emotional frequency that you desire that come from watching dolphins, swimming with dolphins, praying and meditating with their energy, or simply gazing at an image of a dolphin!

Dolphins are symbolic of freedom and bonds, like water molecules themselves. They are free and follow their bliss, and love openly. Dolphins have an immense capacity to open, heal, and activate the human heart.

Dolphins are like living crystals, mammalian bodies holding crystalline energy. They emit frequencies and sound healing acvtivations that crystalize your water, blood, and energy field. The sound healing and crystalline healing of dolphins can activate Twin Flame Love, especially when prayers and intentions are in place. Even looking at pictures of dolphins activates a frequency – can you feel it? Can you feel into the joy, bliss, and Higher Dimensional vibes. Right now I don’t have the evidence or technology to prove this (though it may be out there), but those of you who can feel that love in your heart and can imagine dolphin clearing pain codes through the center of your being


Secret One

Pray over a bowl of sea salted spring water or ocean water. Add a hunk of amethyst, rose quartz, and crystal quartz. Sit and do your Twin Flame prayer or meditation. Imagine the image of you and your Twin Flame appearing in the water, swimming together.

Secret Two

Connect with dolphin spirits. At least one or two.  Or perhaps you are connected to an entire pod.  You may be feel connected to a Sirian or Pleaidian consciousness as you do this.  Ask the dolphin spirits to help you activate the Twin Flame prayer blessing. Imagine them lifting blocks and heartache, DNA disturbances, energies and toxins that hold you back.  Ask the Dolphins to activate your Twin Flame DNA.


twin flame dna


Secret Three

Imagine 144 dolphins surrounding you in the center of a crystal healing cavern under the sea. You may even want to imagine your Twin Flame mermaid self as your Twin Flame merman approaches you. Have the dolphins send you the 432 hz sound healing frequency which is a highly activating Twin Flame and water crystallizing frequency.

Secret Four

Galactivate – activate Twin Flame Love with dolphin star power! Staring at the stars, or praying underneath the stars can help you activate your upper chakras, which represents your Higher Self. Dolphin consciousness exist in the Higher Dimensions and we are learning how to do this as humans. During your dolphin Twin Flame prayers or meditations, you can go outside underneath the stars and feel a connection to your starry origins. Everything is made of stardust, and your soul comes from this Higher Dimensional home. You can partake in a starseed activation: ask the energy of the Pleiades and Sirius through the Galactic Family of Light and the Dolphin Dimensions to bless you and your Twin Flame. 

Secret Five

Get a 432 hz tuning fork and ask your dolphin spirits to activate it. Bang a 432 hz tuning fork and put the base against a bowl of spring water with sea salts inside. This water is activated. You can put in your Twin Flame blessings and use the water for a sacred ritual, such as placing it on your chakras or temples. 

Secret Sixtwin flame matchmaker

You can simply pray over images of dolphins and ask the dolphin spirits to assist you in your Twin Flame magnetism! Google search images of dolphins and you’ll feel connected and giddy just tuning into their soul frequency!

Secret Seven

Paint your own dolphin portrait that represents your Twin Flame energy. I did this, and it worked miracles! The secret here is to pain from your pleasure, from your joy, and let go of expectation.

I hope you enjoyed learning a few dolphin secrets and that you feel your Dolphin DNA tingling, a good sign your Twin Flame energies are revved up!

I look forward to seeing you at the Twin Flame Activation on 11/11 here!

Twin Flame Dolphin Love,

Dr. Amanda Noelle


Six Figure Guilt, Loneliness, and the Conscious Healing Crisis

Healing the Inner Critic That Gets you Lost in Love, Money, and Life

My Inner Critic used to be a real B-I-T-C-H. I struggled with her big time, though you wouldn’t know it now, because I am a new woman.  At age 30 I died a ‘shamanic death,’ and flew to the Higher Dimensions.  When I came back down, I returned to the same body, but began a new life as a high priestess. After communing with the angels and my Higher Self and remembering who I am and that we’re all one, I suddenly didn’t care about impressing people anymore.

healing self-hatred

Yet straight after my shamanic death, I went through the most painful ego death. AKA a Dark Night of the Soul, and you know what I’m talking about if you’ve gone through one yourself. Not so pleasant! Many of my Twin Flame clients have gone through their Dark Night after having encountered a Twin Flame Counterfeit, a type of Karmic Soulmate who initiates them into Divine Love and then who suddenly disappears. It’s quite excruciating, ego-anhillating, and yet in the end, you come out cleaner, and stronger than ever.

shamanic rebirthGoing through my shamanic death, my Inner Critic went down with my ego (which is still healthy and intact but not in the oppressive way it once was), and my Higher Self finally grounded into my body and 7-chakras so that I could channel the Higher Dimensional energies here into the Third Dimension, the dimension in which we live on Earth. We are currently collectively shifting into the Fourth Dimension and each of us are waking up to this Ascension together.

My Inner Critic no longer holds me back like it did, and I feel like I have a free pass towards shame, guilt, embarrassment and feeling like I’m good enough. I now I put myself out there, and let it all hang out. And I love it! Because I deeply love myself on a soul level. Now I actually enjoy baring my A$$ to the world in hopes that people will join me in the self-love revolution. It’s what High-Healed Priestesses do!

But ten years ago, or even three years ago, it wasn’t this way… I was an Inner Critic victimy mess. I pretty much had a love-hate relationship with myself on every level of my being:

  • Body image (hated my body, my skin, my hair, and my breasts without a bra on)
  • Food and binge eating issues (I was addicted to sugar and always roller-coastering back and forth between overeating and over exercising)
  • Major poverty issues – my self worth in the money department was like a negative number on a scale of 1-10. I was making a 4-figure salary and had so much shame about it!
  • I thought my boyfriend was better than me. He was 3 years older, a mechanical engineer, and an Italian stallion. Somehow I thought that this meant that he was wiser, hotter, smarter, and sexier than I, and that I had to work hard to keep up with him or I’d be unlovable.
  • Location. I lived somewhere I dreaded and feared (China) because I followed the stallion to join him and his dream in Shanghai to help boost his career. I was the support role in his life, and meanwhile no one was taking care of me, and it was not an easy place to try to rescue someone! But boy did I love trying to rescue him, as I did with all my boyfriends and lovers in my 20s…

inner critic hypnosisCirca 2004. So, here I am running around in Shanghai China 10 years ago. I used to work on the 35th floor of Jin Mao Tower, which at the time was this new hot icon of Shanghai, the tallest building in the world, at 88 stories (cool number, huh?).

My low-self esteem got me Shanghaied to Shanghai

Getting Shanghaied is a term they used back in the 20s. In San Francisco, they would get sailors drunk and put them on ships to Asia, and they’d arrive in Shanghai finding themselves sobered up by the fact that they had a new culture and country to call home. To this day, they supposedly have a few pubs in San Francisco on the water that have these special back doors that were the doors to Shanghai.

My Italian stallion tricked me too. He promised me that, like him, I’d have a secure $70K salaried job waiting for me there through his family connections. When I arrived with just $2K in savings, they told me to go find an English teaching job for $5/hour at a local elementary school. I’d already been teaching English to Italians for $25/hour a few days a week in Italy and was burnt out on it. In Shanghai, everyone told me I was crazy to come to China then, as the economic bubble had already burst a year beforehand for us foreigners with no tech skills or Mandarin language.

Determined not to starve to death, I networked my little fanny off and found a job through my brother’s Princeton alumni network because I have always been a savvy networker despite the fact that I didn’t really know how to make money off of it!

inner critic meditationI worked at a prestigious American law firm as an editor, but really all I did was play around on the internet and get free lunch. So, I certified myself online as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant and at age 25, opened Spot Fitness my first business! I also became a well-known fitness and nutrition writer within the large expat community, and got to attend speaking gigs and taught group classes.

Yet when I left China at 25, I felt like a huge failure because I hadn’t become a financial success, and because my partner got that 70K salary as a mechanical engineer with family connections. Now I look back and I’m like Amanda, that’s amazing! You were 24, went to a country where you didn’t speak the language, and you carved out your own career and became known in your field within a year and a half!

I know you had a hard time in your life in your earlier years where you did the best you could, and you thought it wasn’t good enough. Where you were harsh and criticized parts of yourself that needed nurturing, encouragement, and love rather than the brutal beatings you gave yourself! I want you to go back to those memories and tell yourself how amazing you are. And I want you to forgive yourself for any shortcomings, any dreams that hadn’t come true yet. And now, I want you to live out those big dreams for the little parts of yourself that are insecure and need to be shown that they CAN do it! You can! It’s in you, but it had to come at the right timing, and through deep self-love. One of my favorite tools I teach women is the FUKKIT tool that helps you get over your perfectionism and resistance to getting boring tasks done:

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Have you ever followed love and gotten lost? Like literally to the wrong side of the planet? I did.

healing the inner criticThis is a picture of ME circa 2004 AD in China, when I was a very lost goddess remembering who I was. I got “Shanghaied” (look it up) and taken by an Italian lover to Shanghai, China. I was lost and confused and hit all kinds of self-esteem and money issues, hoping that my beloved would save me. But I had to save myself in the end, and it was complicated!

Ironically, I found myself in a land where no one understood me, literally (that language is damn hard!). I was always running out of money and had no cash to get places and it was kinda scary. I once had to use sign language to ask where the lake was and caught a bus not knowing if it was really going to the lake or if I was going somewhere else in China. I set up my own business there, and there were a lot of good things, impressive ways I grew. Yet it was one of the hardest things I could have done at the ripe age of 23-25!

tantric weight loss I highly suggest finding yourself first before following some beloved off to the depth of his/her universe. What is YOUR universe, why are you here? What is your soul’s calling? What do YOU desire? And create that.

My beloved ended up marrying his Twin Flame in China at the end, 3 months after I left him, and it was a bitter sweet result of our 2-year journey together. The life of a Twin Flame Matchmaker in her 20s!

When you lack self-esteem, you lead a life that reflects this lack. It can get you into big trouble. Slaying my Inner Critic and falling in love with myself as a High-Healed Priestess has reinvented my life. Now I love my body, live in community, travel where it blisses me, work with my Soulmate Clients, and make 6-figures following my passions, and so can you.