As a female entrepreneur and High-Healed Priestess, I teach women how to bliss out, let their hair down, and feel sexy in their businesses while making 6-figures, what I call doing BLI$$ness (business + bliss + big buck$).

People are asking me, “Amanda, what is the deal with the heels?”  So I thought to answer that question in this blog, and also to explain what high heels do for me as a BLI$$ness owner and HHP (High-Healed Priestess).  I have also included a few shots from a recent photo shoot in Florence, Italy to show the transformation that heels can impart.

Before: lacking confidence, shorter, shriveled sense of self-worth, average looking woman.

Before: lacking confidence, shorter, shriveled sense of self-worth, average-looking woman.

Every inch of hard material under a woman’s heels gives her an inch of extra confidence… It’s kinda like inches on a man’s body – (within reason) the longer the better. In fact, women began wearing high heels to be tall like men. Click here for the history of high heels and their invention in Europe. So we walk around on little pedestals to show off that we’re women of leisure, and that we deserve as much respect and power as men do. A woman’s confidence can fluctuate as quickly as her mood and her hormone cycle.  A good pair of heels can help correct a confidence level on a day when it’s, well, tipsy…

Every woman secretly wants to be put on a pedestal. Heels provide a platform for self-confidence.

Is this ridiculous? Certainly.  Should we question it? Most definitely. There are High-Healed Priestessmany reasons not to don heels. Bad backs. Not being able to run away from a rapist when traipsing around shady parts of the downtown at night in your mini dress like your mother taught you not to do (though these heels could definitely come in handy and I bet I could kill someone if I used their sharp point as a weapon as I’ve seen in movies!). Not to mention twisted ankles and monster bunions… All good reasons not to wear heels, right?

Yet I am a HHP and I am not practical all of the time – we priestesses simply cannot resist peculiar customs that make us feel like goddesses, no matter how ridiculous they may be!  We can’t let our lady feet lag around in flats all the time…But with bunions, potential back problems, and the risk of toppling over, are high heels worth it, and are they anti-feminist?

Come on lil' caterpillar...

Come on lil’ caterpillar…

Honestly, I think that wearing heels on a daily basis would be plain dumb. Do I walk around in high heels often? Nope. I’m actually more frequently caught laying around in them on soft surfaces, nibbling things and doing naughty things…They’re much more comfortable that way.  I’m also seen with heels at live business events, but most of the time I am either barefoot or wearing a pear of studded Jimmy Choo/Uggs or sexy slippers with the heels parked nearby.  I value my own comfort and safety more than I value looks (except when I am on camera since those images last forever).

Heels are healing. Like acupuncture: pain now, but good energy for life!

BAM! Heels are healing. Like acupuncture: pain now, but good energy for life! I feel like I can butter-FLY in ‘dese!

Is it unfeminist to wear heels? Wah wah! I find that it feels divinely feminine to strut around in heels, actually (just not longer than is painful). Sometimes I get turned on just wearing them around the house, even while Skyping from my virtual office with my clients who have no idea what I’m wearing down yonder. It’s like wearing sexy lingerie to a board meeting: you’re the only one who knows about your secret weapon. Board meetings, that seems so 80s to me as a BLI$$preneur!

The answer to the above question is: Do I care about being feminist anymore? Should we care? Where did that get us? …to be angry man haters? …acting just like men? OK, it got us to some awesome places, but now it’s time to break the rules again and just do as we please and also think about what intuitively feels right.

I love doing BLI$$ness in the most feminine, pleasurable way possible. In fact, I am so stubborn and also scared $h*tless of things that aren’t blissful and easy, that I tend to not get anything done at all unless it’s done in a High-Healed Priestess playful and sexy manner.  It’s how I’ve had my success and how I teach my tribe of HHPs to build their 6-figure BLI$$nesses, too.

Just be you. As weird as you may be!

That’s the secret to dressing for success and succsexiness.  If you feel better wearing combat boots, by all means do that. I grew up in hippie feminist Berkeley where most moms didn’t wear makeup and all I wanted to do was play with Barbies and dose up on the eyeshadow already.  Call me repressed, but this girl wants to be a little girly sometimes, especially when it comes to stepping on the stage…

And isn’t that what we’re doing as BLI$$ness women? Stepping up on the stage, where others can see us, hear our unique messages, and learn from what we have to speak?  Heels represent that, the little pedestals we walk on. God bless you if you don’t need heels or hair or makeup to feel confident as a woman on stage.  Or if you have flawless skin that doesn’t need concealer, or long legs that don’t need that little boost (and boost of your caboose, which heels do so nicely may I say!).

After: healed, whole, happy in heels hottie with confidence!

After: healed, whole, happy in heels hottie with confidence!

I say this: do whatever turns YOU on, and your clients will come.  Waiting around to do what’s right or what you “should” do will attract no one or just people who are as repressed and boring as you are being, which is going to burn you out fast in your BLI$$ness.

I love working with fun, funky, sexy, freed women who have been waiting to stomp around not caring what other people think.  The magic is when you do that and people still actually want to pay you for your bliss!

“The fact is, sometimes it’s hard to walk in a single women’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then – to make the walk a little more fun.”

 Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & The City

The moral of the story: high heels make you look hot. You might sprain an ankle, but heels look great with Ace bandages!

The moral of the story:  high heels make you look hot. You might sprain an ankle, but even Ace bandages look great with heels! Careful walking down those uneven stone staircases!


Come on ladies, just put on whatever the f%&k makes you feel like the sexy BLI$$ness bombshell you are and embrace all those A$$ets and come on and do a little dance with me. I’ve kicked my heels off already, since I like to breakdance and belly dance at the same time and it’s too hard to do in heels. Girl, I love you! Now let’s go have some fun.

“You put high heels on and you change.”

– Manolo Blahnik

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Top three tips to wearing high heels like a HHP:

1)Bring a change of flats, here’s a great portable option- foldable shoes with a wrist pouch by Dr. Scholl’s ($12.99) available at most drug stores.

2) Don’t wear really high heels for more than a your feet enjoy, a few minutes at a time perhaps – life is too short to be in pain! Never dance in heels since no one will be looking at your feet anyway, and you won’t fully enjoy the experience.

3) Take as many photos earlier in the evening after you make your grand high-healed entrance. You’ll be forever remembered for those adorable fuck-me-shoes that everyone will see on Facebook for years to come. On top of this, your makeup and hair will be fresh at the beginning of the evening anyways. You’ll pull a Mr. Rogers and switch to the flats. You’ll stay grounded and balanced instead of tipsy (unless you have that new pink cosmo drink). Most people think it’s adorable that you have your little back-ups. Ladies will constantly be asking you where to buy a pair!

Futuristic Fuck-Me’s

Looking into the future with high heels, I see inventions that work with the ever changing foot-fetish needs of the High-Healed Priestess. I pray for the day when someone invents an adjustable high heel so that you can walk comfortably, then click a button at the back of the shoe to elevate yourself 2-5 inches, depending on the height of your date or how much confidence you’re needing that day.  Let’s see if I can patent that before some designer nerd gets to it, I’m sure I’ll make a fortune!

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