Happy TuTu-Tuesay Everyone!

In this newsletter, I will be covering the importance of covering your badA$$-lady-bottom in – yes – a tutu, in order to get your marketing done so you can become a 6-figure BLI$$ness earner!


Did you know that it takes approximately 7 marketing “tastes” before a client or customer actually whips out her/his wallet and pays you a cent? It could be a Facebook post, Google ad, a blog, a word-of-mouth mention, a webinar, seeing your name on another website, meeting you in person, etc… But 7 hits is what it takes to build that trust, and it seems like a lot!



Yes, the key to successfully marketing your BLI$$ness and getting paying clients is consistency. That’s why we gotta spend around 4 hours per day 4-5 days/week marketing our BLI$$nesses at the beginning, if we want to blast off into 6-figures. That’s how I have made my BLI$$ness succsexiful, and I don’t know any healers, coaches, nutritionists, etc who are rocking 6-figures without putting in some hefty marketing time.

Tutu Marketing Power! Putting on a tutu and marketing your cute little butt off four hours a day, 4-5 days a week can seem intense to us High-Healed Priestesses who seek bliss 24-7, but the tutu makes it so much more palatable. The tutu reminds us to dance, and laugh, and sing and not take things seriously. Forget the belief system that marketing has to be boring, or even worse…scary!

I know as a fairy I used to be terrified by marketing, but I now see marketing as simply communicating my message with my community. And I know you too are a messenger with a big message, love, and healing essence to share, and that you’re willing to do what it takes to spread your magic to make a better planet!


Celebrate your YOUniqueness, get outside of the box… Instead of a boring business-as-usual marketing model, make your BLI$$nesses your unique creation. Make the process of running your business blissful. Make marketing fun, sexy, and fresh. Throw on some Janice Joplin, pour your favorite tea, light some incense and candles, and put on that tutu…Let’s get down to marketing like a BLI$$preneur!

Let the magic of the tutu motivate you. If you’re like me and have a big inner child/bliss bunny, you lose total motivation to even sit down to do your marketing unless it’s sparkling glittery magic pink tutu fun! Maybe even a little weird, woo-woo, and exotic. When I turn marketing into a magical and playful ritual, the 4 hours passes by in no time. Hence blissful marketing (perhaps in a tutu)=the only way to your 6-figure success!


Next, it’s a good idea to wear a tutu so that you can stand out from the crowd. When you wear your YOUqueness – in this case a tutu – in your marketing materials (say in Facebook pics, blog photos, YouTube vids, etc) your potential clients and fans can really see who you are. This is how you’ll reach out to your perfect “soulmate clients,” those that are willing to be wild and fun and free like you are. They will feel encouraged, inspired, and awed by your confidence (or lack of caring of what others think!) when you sport the style that suits you.  Rockin’ your YOUniqueness helps your brands stand out. Take a look at one of my latest videos to see how I have been standing out here. 




Lastly, standing out (in a good way) in your marketing actually his converts to more cash,because you’ll be standing out from the competition.  Let’s face it, bright colors, flashy headlines, shocking words, and even sex sells (as if you didn’t already know).  When used tastefully, in alignment, or even hilariously, our own exotic quirks can attract more hits to our posts, blogs, and newsletters. The more you can up-level and make yourself into a high-end unique brand, the more dollars per hour you can charge.


So, if you are with me and you are ready to blast your BLI$$ness to 6-figures, it starts by marketing your cute little bum for 4-hours a day at least 4-5 times per week. Get your calendar out and find a cozy time to put in these hours for the next three months. You’ll be flabbergasted by the results. You can do it your way, write your blogs from your voice, send out your newsletters with ridiculous little pics, create your YouTube videos any way you like.  Just get cracking. The more you are marketing from the true wild and free you, the more your clients will see you, and see the potential to be free and wild and weeee!

That’s why we sport tutu in our marketing game, especially on Tuesdays – like they do at Burning Man, where both women and men wear tutus. So go put on your fluffiest tutu and do an Aphrodisiac Marketing sexy dance and sing, “Happy TuTu-Tuesday!”


I gotta go plie-kick myself outta here, lots of love! <3