Healing From Divine Feminine Isolation and Self-Hatred Syndrome

Healing From Divine Feminine Isolation and Self-Hatred Syndrome

A spiritual woman entrepreneur is only as happy, rich, and successful as how much she loves herself, and how willing she is to receive love and abundance from her beloved friends, clients, and soul family.

Most of us High-Healed Priestesses have been conditioned to hide who we really are, to believe that we are worthless or bad, and to isolate ourselves from other powerful women. Yet we cannot continue living in hiding and shame, for it’s our time to break-free to be successful 6-figure earners who are healing and shifting the planet for good.  You will gain from reading this blog if you experience/feel any of the following:

  • Do you want to attract more female friends and even high-paying female clients into your world and to your BLI$$ness?
  • Have you had a hard time finding and creating healthy relationships with other High-Healed Priestesses like yourself (HHPs)?
  • Do you have an unfulfilled deep desire to reuniting with your Divine Feminine soul family?
  • Have you been hitting up against social isolation, loneliness, depression, female competition, and feeling like you don’t belong (maybe on this planet!) socially?

As a High-Healed Priestess (or spiritual woman), you were programed to believe that there was something wrong with you.  It’s a common belief system that my friend’s ex just underlined here in his verbally abusive email (sending him golden light healing!):

“If you dropped the ‘I am a goddess facade’ and people actually saw the real you I very much doubt that you would have many friends at all…apart from a few other random dysfunctional beings.”

healing depression in womenYuck!!! Ouch…Reading his words hit something in me.  Like I wanted to strangle this guy for talking smack to my friend, but at the same time I knew he was just reading something in her and my sub-consicious mind (after all I would be one of the dysfunctional beings he was talking about!).

He was illuminating a painful piece that has been haunting the Divine Feminine for thousands of years. The High Priestess presence on this earth has been submerged because of this, so we absolutely must look at the wound and start to heal it. Thanks Anthony for your illumination!

And ain’t it funny!? We goddesses can believe deep in our subconscious that we are fake, bad, unlovable, ugly beings!  That we don’t deserve loving relationships and are disgusting, despite the fact that we are love portals and angel-like mortals here to illuminate and love Gaia.

women social isolation



Let’s burn this old false patriarchal belief system that women are somehow filthy, disgusting, and not good enough.  Time to let it go!


For the love of Goddess, can we stop believing this malarkey already!? It has created all kinds of weird and funky symptoms in our psychologies and BLI$$nesses, including:
  1. Eating disorders, binge eating, sugar addiction
  2. Body image issues and sexual shame
  3. Self-hatred
  4. Self-confidence issues
  5. Lack of permission to be self-empowered
  6. Financial self-sabotage, poverty issues, literally “poor self-esteem
  7. Not feeling smart enough (i.e. to run a business)
  8. Feeling hopeless about having deep friendships
  9. Intimacy fears, isolation, thinking people don’t like you
  10. Feeling not good enough with your clients, inability to attract clients
  11. Rejection and abandonment fears with men and women
  12. Perfectionism syndrome, which easily can sabotage your BLI$$ness financially and bliss-wise

I know I have fallen for the oldest trick in the book. It’s fu%ed me over majorly in the past. But I am moving on!

I know I have struggled with this – despite the fact that my heart is so full of love and desire for connection – I have many times found myself alone, isolated, and hurt by myself and others for no apparent reason, over and over.  And I am like “What’s wrong with me? Why don’t people love me!? Why does it seem like everyone has so many friends and I am a freak!?”  It’s not a pretty picture. So un-HHP!
I have worked very hard to heal this BS and thank Goddess it’s healing quickly! I am learning that it’s OK to be a High-Healed Priestess and that we HHPs are needed on the planet. I have attracted very deep female connections and my soulmate clients have come through because I am loving my Feminine. My relationship to men is also improving, and I have so much more to offer men!

New friends, old soul family sisterhood! Or sistarhood!

New friends, old soul family sisterhood! Or sistarhood!

It took me a long time to heal my wounds with women, and it's an everyday process.

We all must heal this wound and FAST so we can be in service and have a great time with our soul sistas.

Let’s erase the code that it’s not OK to be a goddess or god, that you’ll be alone if you come out of your goddess closet. You CAN let your Light shine and speak the truth. It is real Divine energy, and you are Divinely lovable! Let’s heal our inner children who felt rejected and abandoned because we were bright, shiny, happy, and magical, and the world wasn’t yet ready for this. The world needs our love, magic, and sister-bonds NOW!

divine feminine healing
Your love-power heals the planet. Don’t let the illusion of rejection stop you; be the unconditional love you have been waiting for. You will attract your soul family and tribe; it is your birthright.

We can rebuild the Goddess Temple only when we forgive ourselves for being such powerful BIG Goddesses of Love!

Sending you Light and love and asking for you to show up in your Light Power even if you fear that it will blind others or scare them off… Because it won’t! No it won’t!
Loving you….
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Healing From Divine Feminine Isolation and Self-Hatred Syndrome

How to Accept Credit Cards in Your Small Business as a Unicorn

Merchant account. Payment gateway. PCI compliance. Virtual terminal. Error message, again…. A million different passwords to remember and and hundreds of hoops to jump through, and all you wanna do is chill today meditating with the unicorns and fairies in your garden! What is a High-Healed Priestess (HHP) hippie-chick gonna do in her BLI$$ness when she absolutely must accept credit cards to make the big love buck$, yet the process of accepting them makes her tremble in her heels as she walks this uphill masculine road in the world of banks n’ business?

Today I navigated through some murky uncharted territories in banking and ecommerce; I wanted to share the process with you so that you can feel empowered to add credit card processing to your BLI$$ness, and you’ll be prepared to do so HHP style…. High-Healed Priestess big girls’ panties on  – unicorn-riding ladies, read on!

I wanted to hurl when I deal with money as a 4-figure hippie-healer chick.

I wanted to hurl when I dealt with my money (or lack thereof) as a 4-figure hippie-healer chick in my 20s.

I’m a heart-based healer, a spiritual coach, Divine Feminine Lightworker, energy practitioner, unicorn rider, and shaman by nature… I am a High-Healed Priestess, not a business woman, so I decided to come up with the term BLI$$preneur for myself and other luscious ladies who dig turning their BLI$$ into 6-Figure BLI$$nesses.  A few years ago, the thought of accepting credit cards for my holistic spa business would’ve made me want to vomit. Now that I am much stronger and have done lots of healing on my Feminine and Masculine, I am open to the Divine Masculine and I receive as a High-Healed Priestess, energetically and financially. So I have been accepting payments on PayPal’s credit card systems for around a year, but PayPal fees are high unless someone gives you their physical card to swipe. Experts had told me it was time to switch from PayPal to accepting credit cards, because my business had grown quickly and I had high dollar-amount transactions.  So about three months ago, I switched to using 1shoppingcart.com, authorize.net, and a merchant account with a gateway set up through my bank. Getting these systems in place took a lot of steps over the course of about a month; it was a big scary step for me in my pink heels! Yet since doing so, I now have automatic billing, and I am insured that my clients’ cards are being swiped (before I would occasionally forget, whoops!).

how to accept credit cards online small business

Steppin’ out as a HHP ain’t always comfortable.

My next big step

Last week, Kay Koh, my amazing bookkeeper, was like “Amanda, your credit card fees look insanely high!”  Let me first say that when I was an ungrounded hippie-healer chick, I would have hated having a bookkeeper because the thought of looking at and keeping track of money frightened me. I would feel death shuddering through my body when taxes came up and do anything to avoid paying them – probably why I only earned 4-figures throughout my twenties!  So this time around, as a more enlightened HHP, I knew I had to deal with the situation. Yech…

“Can’t we live in a world where we’re all one and don’t have to deal with money?” was my first thought.  My second thought in response to that was, “Yes, just not today!  You gotta deal with this $h*t and shift it in order to restore the wealth consciousness for the Divine Feminine.” Darnit!  Stupid spirit guides channeling through me with the truth…


Unicorn business tips

During my credit card escapade today, I was assisted on the phone by four different male and two female support employees at my merchant account, Authorize.net, and PayPal centers, and also via email a few times with my bank. It was head-spinning and I started to go into melt-down-mode at my desk. I hate that! There were all these little steps to take, being put on hold, getting passed to the next agent, and teensy tangles to sort out… In my past, I’d wanna run away and go back to being a hippie-healer chick stuck in her upper chakras, spiritual, woo-woo, and in a world only accessible to me and the unicorns (I still go there often, trust me, but now it’s more intentional than a fear-escape).

When I spoke with an account expert at First Data, my merchant account peeps, he explained some startling news about my transaction fees. While I had been told I’d be paying just 2.1% for each transaction, I was actually paying 3.5%.  Why have I been paying a whopping 3.5% for my credit card transaction fees? This isn’t even including what I pay annually for 1shoppingcart.com (around $700/year), which is crazy, and it’s even higher than PayPal’s Transaction fees!

How I dealt with the drama

This little guy did it, why can't we?

This little guy did it, why can’t we?

Suddenly, it hit me like a bolt of Divine wisdom! I became like a unicorn with a golden corn, letting that stress dance below me. Newsflash: my money and credit cards aren’t me, they’re just a game I play in the Divine game of life. I started smiling and laughing… I so think laughter is a spiritual key of doing BLI$$ness! We can get so serious about money and numbers until it turns us blue in the face and kills us…so un-HPP!

I noticed myself stop breathing, so I breathed. My posture was hideous, so I sat up straight.  I asked the guys if there was a way to lower my ridiculous merchant fees, and it turns out there was a simple solution!  We looked into it, and because I have international clients and some American clients who have unusual types of credit cards, my fees were not being approved for the 2.15% rate I was being promised.  So the guy, who seemed like a real sweetie, offered me a program called Interchange Plus which had rates that would fit me best, dropping my average transaction fees to a flat 1.9%.  Also, he apologized for the inconvenience of my super-high rates, and gave me a $100 refund, so mama can go buy a nice dinner in her new big girl bejeweled HHP panties!

Also, I imagined that the women were supporting me from a “you can do it sister!” vibe, and that the men were thinking “of course I want to support you, you are a High-Healed Priestess and we men like to serve!” which made it kinda fun. Years past I would have thought “they want to behead me or burn me at the stake for owning my pleasures and power,” but today felt relatively easy!  Funny how when we see the world differently, our world changes.  I dunno about you, but I choose to see BLI$$ everywhere!

Pampurr yourself!

It wasn’t BLI$$ful doing these actions today, so I am going to reward myself with a few treats (a new Canon SLR camera, green juice, and a beach walk!).  I’m also going to cut back on the things I was planning to do this afternoon because, let’s face it, you can’t do too many stressful things in a day without getting a bad complexion, and that’s not good for BLI$$ness!

Don’t forget to create your reality in your BLI$$ness – knock off those old unblissful victim patterns and just allow even the most mundane or difficult things be part of your HHP adventure!  Then, make sure you pamper yourself up the wazoo with some glorious things like baths, healthy foods, exercise, treats, tango lessons, whatever you want! Drink lots of water if you’ve just stressed, it’ll make you feel like a new woman. Finally, this may sound a little unicorny, but you are a queen now, so take that throne seriously sister, and FEMpower yourself by not wavering in your goals, bliss, and spiritual connection!

Aho, namaste.


how to become a millionaire online

BLI$$preneurs: A new Breed of Women Entrepreneurs

BLI$$preneurs: A new Breed of Women Entrepreneurs

Women in BLISSness

I believe that BLI$$preneurs are the sexiest species of women on earth

It is time women, time for the Divine Feminine to rise in all aspects of ourselves, espeically in areas where we have shut Her out. And yep, we have shut out the Divine Feminine from so many areas, including:

  • In our bodies (hence the high rate of hormonal imbalances, high breast and female cancers, etc)
  • In our schools and universities
  • In childbirth (hence high rates of C-sections and overuse of drugs in birth)
  • In medicine in general (overuse of antibiotics, doctors prescribing treatments as if we have too many organs and not enough natural chemicals inside our bodies)
  • In business (!!!)
  • In our farming practices
  • In our finances and banking systems
  • In marriage and relationships

Oh Goddess (Lakshmi, Aphrodite, Ashtar, Innana, Kuan Yin, and all of your many other faces and names!),we are ready to bring you into our world, all the way down to the lower chakras.  Business takes place in the lower chakras, and I say it’s time to bring bliss down from the Heavens and do BLI$$ness Divine Feminine style.

The Divine Feminine has been hiding from being big and beautiful in Her path on Earth in sooo many ways, and it’s time to change this! We women have been hiding from the Divine Feminine within ourselves for so long, in every aspects of ourselves and our lives, especially in relationship to the masculine, in business and with money.  Oops!  Yet finally, we are waking up. Finally!!!  It’s OK to play big, receive our abundance and wear fancy gowns and crowns again and prance around the temple as High Priestesses (or modern day High-Healed Priestesses in heels as I call us!) with our soul sistas.

It’s time to stop playing small ladies, because that’s no fun.  Let us live boldy and ruthlessly and BIG with our Divine Feminine energies channeling throughout all aspects of our lives: love, business, spirituality, childbirth, our farming practices, friendship, fashion, the way we dance, do our hair, touch our children, etc., etc…

It’s also time to stop self-abusing our bodies/minds/spirits, and to stop letting ourselves get abused by anything or anyone. Eat more kale. Wear more of your favorite colors. Take more time to walk the beach. Move somewhere you’ve always wished to live and quit that job that’s literally killing you on the inside.  That’s all a game, an illusion: everything is US, everything is Oneness.  You are a powerful goddess holding Her light, the Light of oneness through the Feminine so woot woot, embody it baby!

I used to wear all black in order to appear thinner which was really funny because I was thin, a size 2.  I wanted to be that perfect model-thin girl and I tried to keep up with the rich preppy kids at my college and I was so miserable.  After ten years of trying to be like a man, I belly flopped and became super feminine and spiritual and I guess you could call me a hippie healer.  Now I’ve come back to center and I am helping the Divine Feminine rise through the structures of the Masculine in business, and I’ve seen how easy and beautiful it is to let business meet  your bliss and make BLI$$ness.

It’s time to let go of the old  funky stinky patriarchal paradigms and systems and to create our own that feel so delicious and alive in our Feminine bodies.

Finally: It’s Time for the Divine Feminine to Rise in Business!

divine feminine abundanceLet’s be honest…We all need money to survive and thrive as living breathing goddesses. And we women are indeed reflections of the Great Goddess herself. So let’s stop treating ourselves as peasants, slave girls, rejects, settling for less, believing that we’re “not good enough” or even “not God enough,” for we are God/godess created in her/his/Oneness’ reflection.  Business is simply an exchange of goods or services for money, and money is a form of Divine Love brought through an agreed value-exchange.  BLI$$ness, as I call it, is the Divine Feminine way of doing business.

The Divine Feminine is rising on Gaia, and She has been rising slowly but surely for the past 5,000 years since the Her fall in Egypt way back when!  We are all awakening, remembering, and reclaiming the Divine Feminine and restoring the sacred connection with her Masculine counterpart, the Divine Masculine. Like the ocean rising worldwide, her Feminine wisdom is returning and restoring the memory of the Ancient Sacred ways of the Goddess. I totally get the vivid image of Aphrodite riding the clam as I write this! Here’s a fun artwork my friend/client/graphic artist Cora Flora created for me:

goddess wealth consciousness


We women have been controlled by limiting thoughts, The Illuminati (the shadow of our collective consciousness), and we have given up our power through the financial systems, through patriarchal marriages, and by being afraid of money and business. We convince ourselves that business isn’t spiritual and that money is the root of all evil in many lifetimes.

We take vows of poverty and swear that we are more holy because we sever the Divine Feminine from our financial lives. What a hoax! What a mistake!  Money is a form of Divine Feminine spiritual love. Love coming through a physical masculine form. It’s kinda sexy just talking about this! The tantra of money fascinates me.

Financial systems are meant to reflect the highest potential and sharing and Love of humankind. And guess what?  We aren’t meant to run from this potential. We are meant to connect with the great exchange of money and love. As we do this we will:

  • Eradicate all forms of slavery and enslavement, sex trafficking etc
  • Free ourselves into abundance and financial wealth
  • Step into limitless prosperity
  • Quit our day jobs that don’t serve our highest potential
  • Allow us to be honored with coins of Gold as Goddesses
  • Make love to our money, and live in Holy MatriMoney
  • Donate massively to charities
  • Rebuild the Goddess Temples, which are friggin expensive and beautiful!

That’s all I have to say for now. What a fun article to write. My BLI$$ness is done for the day.  Lovin’ you!

So looking forward to the launch of DrAmandaNoelle.com next week. Can’t wait to share it with you luscious ladies!