I’m an Ivy League Spiritual Hippie-crit, and I love It!

I’m an Ivy League Spiritual Hippie-crit, and I love It!

Soul Mates Come in Pairs

I often adorn myself in High-Healed Priestess couture, but I’m still a hippie at heart.




I am part of a growing breed of women who walk this planet, wearing designer heels and a hippie attitude. We’re a hybrid of sorts: we’re both (a) ancient-souled high priestesses and (b) modern-day movers and shakers who like the finer things in life.  We’re crunchy on one side – hippie-gal healers at heart. On the other side, we love high fashion and living high-end.  We’re a sort of “normal-abnormal,” or maybe it’s “abnormal-normal,” contradiction; a growing group of hippie-chic chicks caught in the middle of two international women’s movements: wealth empowerment, and The Divine Feminine Rise.

The Hippie Chick Goes Hip-n-Chic

We look mainstream on the outside sometimes...almost.

We look mainstream on the outside sometimes…almost.

Our hippie-gone-high-end taste can often be seen it in our fashion choices, our strange dietary choices, the way we speak and write, and the way we connect with you. While we used to “fake it” in the past, tried to blend in hoping that you’d accept us as one of you, we now are ready to step up and stand out to become movement-leaders.

We mastered, or at least played a bit, in the mainstream world, only to realize that we were here to change it, not blend into it. We hippie-crits know that we can maneuver through life better than most mainstreamers can, and with less effort. Now we’re ready to come out of our closets to become spiritual teachers/healers, paradigm shifters, and love leaders, all while getting rich and living the dream too!

Maybe we’ve worked at corporate jobs, attended top universities, achieved a moderate (or even high level) of success – climbing ladders, collecting labels or titles, and perhaps even making good money. But it just doesn’t do it for us! All that external success isn’t enough to keep us satisfied.

There just isn’t enough heart n’ soul in the mainstream world, which broke our hearts open, and we’re on a mission to open the hearts of the mainstreamers and awaken them to Divine Love.

By dropping out of the mainstream, we hippie-crits expanded into our higher chakras. We realized that our soul purposes are precious and vital to our survival, and that we are no longer tempted by just money or success alone. We realized at some point that we weren’t to suffer in some cubicle as pawns in a meaningless game, because a Higher Purpose was guiding us. Plus, it isn’t good for our luscious goddess body to sit around in a desk all day, because she needs the vitamin D and fresh energy of being outside of the office!

High-Healed Priestess Defined

Unavoidably Hippie Burner I AM!

There’s nothing wrong with being a hippie-crit! We hippie chicks gone hip-n-chic are what I call “High-Healed Priestesses.” We’re an awesome mix of hippie chick and high-end chic here to do good on the planet; we balance out the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies quite well. Our higher chakras are quite alive and activated with Enlightenment Consciousness, but we haven’t cut off our connections to the “real world,” in the lower chakras. We like might even like nice cars, Cartier, and caviar, or at least decent quality footwear as we walk our mission to save the planet through our healing and soul-purposed missions.

As spiritual beings, instead of disconnecting ourselves from money, we’re integrating money and spirituality together. We as High-Healed Priestesses treat money as if it’s sacred, as if it’s a sacred currency to honor each other.

We realize that money has a potential to steal and hurt, or it can have a potential to heal and nourish. We HHPs choose the latter and are turning money greed into Divine Feminine Love Buck$!

Here Are the top Signs of Being a High-Healed Priestess:

  1. You can speak woo-wooease as well as you can speak with the mainstream lingo.  Woo-wooease includes spiritual language terms like: ‘grounded,’ ‘Higher Self,’ ‘Law of Attraction.’  You say things like “I need to get some wheat grass in me to clear out this energy blockage in my 7th chakra,” or “I’m feeling really ungrounded today because I am going through a dimensional shift.” Stuff that when you say it out loud to a mainstreamer, they look at you as if you’re on glue. If you haven’t seen Shit New Age Girls Say, this will give you some idea of the crunchy side: [fvplayer src=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOavbyDKSi0′]
  2. You can keep up with the mainstream, because you tend to be a little competitive and like success, but you at some point chose to drop out of the mainstream, at least partially.


    Why should I have to choose between being a hippie chick and a high-end hip and chic healer?

  3. You like fancy things, cute clothes, shoes, accessories, designer juicers, expensive organic face creams, enjoy luxury retreats and spend a fair amount of money on yourself or at least want to.  Because deep down you feel like you are a High-Healed Priestess who deserves the best. Sometimes you still struggle with self-worth issues that may affect your money a little, or even a lot.
  4. You have struggled with finding your right crowd, because some of your friends might are more hippie than you, and they don’t have as much grounding as you want, like maybe they can’t afford to go on that vacation or invest in a day at the spa.  Other friends are grounded, but they are way less hippie and sometimes don’t get you.  Especially when you talk about past lives, spiritual stuff; and you definitely don’t want to start talking about being a Starbeing or your connections with the Pleiadians with them!
  5. No matter what, you cannot, simply cannot, avoid being in your heart chakra, as you are a Goddess of Love and are here to let the Divine Feminine Rise so that you can
    High-Healed Priestesses often struggle choosing between being hippies and high-end goddesses. But they're both!

    “I hope that by wearing this sparkling Cavalli dress, I can enlighten mankind.” -Anonymous HHP

    create more bliss, love, light, and let Divine magic fully flow on the planet once again.

  6. We feel  a strong knowing that we can have whatever we want, so we don’t settle for karmic soulmates or Twin Flame Counterfeits. Nope! We want the soulmate of soulmates, the one true Twin Flame partnership. To learn the difference between a karmic soulmate and a Twin Flame, click here.
  7. We seriously like to party as much as we seriously like to pray. I’m not talking about getting wasted at a drunken bash. Nope, that’s not our type of part. We HHPs like to party because it’s part of our royal celebration of divinity, of embracing Oneness. Partying is our natural way of embracing each other in pure bliss (ananda in Sanskrit) in a group. We celebrate Heaven on Earth frequencies as we dance, listen to high-vibing music, and ingest divine wine together (divine = di vino, “of the wine,” or “of the ancient divine life blood”). This ancient tradition is our birthright, and I say it does us good!

I personally have struggled a lot trying to find my sweet sweet spot as a High-Healed Priestess. Integrating these very different sides of myself has not been easy. In my teens I just wanted to be accepted, so I went the success track getting As at an Ivy League caliber school, and by age 22 I was completely burnt out. In my 20s, I sought spiritual answers and went all-out-hippie chick, living month to month working as a healer and gypsy. But really it wasn’t until I turned 30 when I had a Dark Night of the Soul, spiritual-breakthrough, that I could bring all of myself together so I could be both a hippie and a high-end success, and most of all, accept myself.