I used to think people who made hella money were dark and dirty greedy beings. So I didn’t make any money, just enough to get by – I made 4-figure salaries throughout my twenties.  It kinda sucked!  But then I had a wakeup call that changed my life and made me see money differently, as a holy and divine “Currency of God’s Love” flowing everywhere that we can choose to swim in! I now make an abundant living working around the world over Skype and doing in-person retreats teaching women how to fill their 6-figured BLI$$ness piggy banks in the most spiritual way.
This article is for you if you’re always short on cash yet you feel like an abundant soul with lots to offer, and you secretly love luxury and the finer things in life and want to experience and even own them for yourself, in the most divinely abundant pathway.

How to become “Money Enlightened”

Now everything is different since I have gotten more Money Enlightened. I don’t hate money. Nope! I love money. I am healing my relationship with money more and more every day, so that I can live in Holy MatriMoney as I call it, where it’s you, God/dess, and money in a sorta holy trinity making love and love buck$ all over the place.

1) Have wealthy friends and mentors around.

I just love having millionaire friends and making loads of love buck$ as a starbeing! There’s no shame in having golden vibration when making da golden abundance. Hanging around crowds who love money and have a ton will quickly help you raise your vibe!  People who are about to make money too are great, but don’t surround yourself with people in the Law of Attraction community who are all poor and struggggggling!

2) Realize that you have a divine right to receive money as a “Goddess of Abundance

Women have wombs – sacred places that create life in abundance. We have been living in a world where money could only be received through inheritance or through our husbands until fairly recently in history. We were even owned by our husbands and in some countries women are still treated as chattel. Yet each of us are Goddesses of Abundance, and some of us feel particularly drawn to expressing this and modeling it for others in this lifetime. There is nothing wrong with that – I in fact deem this as our sacred birthright, and when we choose to cut ourselves off from this calling, it’s like cutting off a part of ourselves and our God/dess given desires or gifts!
3) Imagine a world where money was based at love, not fear
What if we all quit our lame day-jobs and started making money off of our passions? What if each of your relatives had had a healed and loving relationship to money so that we could share the love, spread the abundance, and be celebrating and building with more creativity?

Money is sexy. The Goddess of Abundance in you is sexy – and you are Her!  It’s time to heal that broken record playing in our heads that it’s not holy or OK for women to be powerful, to have money, and to play in the divine golden currency. To me it even sound feels sacred and erotic spreading my love and money through the galaxy as a BLI$$ness woman!goddess of abundance

Someday we will live in a world where we don’t need money to represent divine exchange. Many are already living in sustainable communities and are building off the grid societies built on barter, heart-based connection, and that don’t use money at all.  I am sure all of us will get there, but some of us have a different karma and must heal our relationship to money, numbers, and healing the sacred commerce exchange.


Dr. Amanda Noelle is the BLI$$Ness Coach, helping High-Healed Priestesses turn their bliss into 6-figure BLI$$nesses that change the world.


Watch the sexy money video here to get your abundance on!

Watch the sexy money video here to get your abundance on!