Women, Sugar, Sex, Love, and Addiction

Women, Sugar, Sex, Love, and Addiction

I have been so addicted to sugar I once sleepwalked to the pantry and ate half a box of cookies, and didn’t hardly remember it in the morning (but the evidence was sitting by my bed).

I have been so addicted to men that I once followed a man to Italy and ignored the signs that he was not that into me until his friend told me that he was a player and that his invitation to come to Italy meant nothing, which was why he’d been ignoring my calls. Oh my!

Sugar, sex, love, and addiction have been common themes in my life. I have been heartbroken by men and infected with sugar-related chronic health problems over and over again. My weaknesses for the saccharine satisfactions nearly destroyed me…

BUT I held on. I stuck with it, and after years and years of being on a healing path, I have completely healed myself. OK, almost completely, as it is a path!

So can you, heal your addictions.  I want to support you, so you can live like the radiant goddess you are, free from addictions to the dark stuff. Except raw organic cacao that has medicinal benefits of course 🙂

I created a rocking video to heal your addictions to men, sex, food, etc. Watch it to get:

  • The most ridiculous SPIRITUAL reason women are addicted to sugar
  • How to feel effing gorgeous from the inside out
  • How to heal your sugar addictions so you can live vibrantly
  • How to heal your relationship and love addictions so you can attract your Twin Flame and Soul Family!

Enjoy the video, Women, Sugar, Sex, Love, and Addiction here!:

Addicted to Love, Sex, and Sugar?! (WATCH THIS!)

I know that if you want to heal your addictions quickly, you will. You deserve to be the gorgeous real you you truly are, in soul, body (imperfections and all), and spirit!  Girl, you’re the bomb.

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Dr Amanda Noelle