Twin Flame Past Lives, Atlantis, and Atlantean High Priestesses

Twin Flame Past Lives, Atlantis, and Atlantean High Priestesses

Are you a single spiritual woman who believes in past lives?

This article will help you get educated on the significance of past life healing. I will offer you a few tips on how to clear your Twin Flame past lives in order to be fully clear and present to your Twin Flame…

I will also talk about lifetimes in Atlantis, and how to utilize Atlantean energy for Twin Flame Attraction!

Why Heal Your Past Lives for Twin Flame Attraction?

I believe that in order to call in what you want in THIS lifetime, you have to clear out your past lives…

Here are the 3 major reasons to consider focusing on clearing your past lives in order to prepare for your Sacred Union:

  1. Past life clearing is required in order to call in our Twin Flame, vs a Karmic Soulmate or Twin Flame Counterfeit (aka False Twin Flame).
  2. We also want to tap into the GIFTS of our past lives; these healing skills are needed on the planet at this time.
  3. Twin Flames tend to be powerful healers who are here to align the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies…

5 Common Types of Past Lives Twin Flames Experience

Here are the 5 most common types of past lives I have had to clear in dozens of past life regression sessions with my clients who are seeking their Twin Flame:

  1. Traumatic past lives involving war, disease, and death
  2. Oppressive past lives with authorities like governments, religions, and family
  3. Past lives where a Karmic Soulmate--in a past life, a soulmate left you and you perceived they were your true Twin Flame (so they show up in this lifetime to make you feel the same way, but this lifetime it’s your job to see their abandonment behavior as abuse, not love)
  4. Past lives where your Twin Flame is totally in love with you (a healing memory that can be used to strengthen the subconscious mind)
  5. A traumatic past life where you were separated from your Twin Flame (must be cleared)

To learn more on how to clear your past lives, click here for a brief article and mini video training to help you clear your past lives:

Click here for: How to Do Past Life Regression: Remember Twin Flame Past Lives

Atlantean Twin Flames and Past Lives in Atlantis

I see so many of my clients with lifetimes in Egypt and Atlantis.

Atlantis is no myth…

Archaeologists have discovered that Cretan soil contains micro-organisms that are usually found only on the ocean floor. The only way they could have been deposited on land is by a powerful tsunami.

Watch the video, “Signs That You’re an Atlantean High Priestess” here:

Signs that You're an Atlantean High Priestess (for Twin Flames and Lightworkers)

Many of us Twin Flames are currently holding onto old stuck debris, traumas from the fall of Atlantis.

What was Atlantis?

Around 1600, B.C., wealthy Minoan seaport Akrotiri was shaken by a violent earthquake after an volcanic eruption occurred at Santorini.

This eruption was one of largest in human history. It blasted over 10 million tons of ash, rock, and gas 25 miles into the atmosphere.

Atlantis was both a civilization and an energetic grid. It was an advanced society with high level spiritual, political, educational, and healing systems.

Many Twin Flames remember (in dreams and through past life recall) their most difficult lives taking place in Atlantis, where they became separate from their Twin Flame Beloved during this great deluge.

Atlantis represents our peak potential juxtiposed by our greatest demise. The deluge represents our over eagerness and greed, but the current rise of Atlantis through the Divine Feminine represents our come back!

It’s time to rise Atlantis again….

As a past life regression therapist, I will never forget my client Michelle, whom I regressed back into an island Ancient Greece.

Michelle recalled lighting incense in the temple to appease the gods who were angry due to the greed of humanity. She then remembered a giant quake. She ran outside to find her beloved. Unfortunately, she wasn’t too lucky; while she was awaiting him, the cliff broke and she fell into the ocean.

This lifetime, Michelle had also been unlucky with love; she’d lost her fiance in a bike accident after they had gotten into an argument and he’d stormed out of the house. It wasn’t until Michelle and I cleared her Atlantean karma that she could move forward as a free woman and call in true love…

Do you have Atlantean codes? Atlantean karma stored in your Akashic Records? Click here to find out!

About 10 years ago, I started having vivid dreams about Atlantis, and I started remembering past lives there.

I have had many bizarre signs and synchronicities with Atlantis, as do many of  my clients and fans.

It is my belief that what was intended to happen in Atlantis--which was experiencing and creating Heaven on Earth--has not yet happened. Yet the Codes of Atlantis are held in our soul, and in our subconscious mind and we Twin Flames often feel called to complete the mission.

Atlantean High Priestesses can usually tap into certain specific healing gifts and energies, not knowing why or how they’re doing it. They also make powerful channels.

Hey, priestess, I would LOVE to hear from you! Share on the comments area here and share any Atlantean or other past life priestess secrets you may be holding!

Love, Amanda

What Is Feminine Energy?

Ten Ways to Boost Your Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is a powerful healing energy that allows us to open to receiving. Feminine, referred to as yin energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is an energy that tends to be more calm, compassionate, and caring.

Without the feminine, we’re in trouble...

Everyone--both men and women--have masculine or feminine energy, and that these energies must be balanced. Many people, even women, are lacking feminine energy (or are hiding their feminine side) in the overly-masculine world.

In the modern world, women are expected to be more nurturing, soft, and beautiful while being successful and sexy. We’re expected to be mothers and CEO, romantics and leaders. The past history where women were once suppressed is crumbling as women quickly break the chains. We are calling out old behaviors, creating #metoomovements, and are stepping away from the patriarchy.

Truly, the feminine is rising.

How to Do Past Life Regression: Remember Twin Flame Past Lives

How to Do Past Life Regression: Remember Twin Flame Past Lives

How to Do Past Life Regression: Remember Past Lives

How do you remember your past lives?

I know that I have remembered some of the most wild past lives, from lifetimes in Atlantis as a high priestess, to being in the head of the Sphinx in Egypt, to being in the witch burnings in Boston, Massachusetts, to being the Holocaust in Germany.

In this article I will teach you how to remember your past lives so you can be healed in this lifetime.

Three Power Tools to Instantly Remember Your Past Lives

#1: Have a Meditation Practice to Prepare You for Past Life Recall

Have a metaphysical detoxification practice. Meditation can serve to help you release old codes, old energies, old belief systems that get stuck in the aura. This feels like old waste clogging the aura, and is vibration lowering.

You do not have to recall all of the trauma you experienced in difficult past lives; you do not have to re-traumatize yourself. You don’t have to even look at it, at least not consciously, until and unless you are ready and desire to go there.

I teach my Aphrodite University students exactly how to clear an aura over several months. But in a pinch, I will give you a brief meditation you can do to clear your aura!

7 Chakra Grounding and Aura Clearing Meditation:

  1. Connect to the celestial (Sky Energy) to the top of the head and bring it down the spine
  2. Connect to the terrestrial (Earth Energy), drinking up energy from the center of Gaia
  3. Clear out the legs with the Earth Energy, visualizing energy washing away there
  4. Drop down a Grounding Cord, a line of energy extending from your tail bone to the center of the planet
  5. Release excess energy in your root chakra down into the center of the planet using a Grounding Cord
  6. Mix the Earth energy (approx. 20% Earth Energy) and send it up your spine and cycle it up through each of your chakras
  7. Keep bringing Earth Energy up through the legs
  8. See each of the chakras spinning and vibrating with vibrant rainbow colors according to each color
  9. At the crown chakra, allow the Earth-Sky Energy to fountain out of the top of your head
  10. At the Throat Chakra, allow the Earth-Sky Energy to flow down your arms and out  your hand chakras
  11. Continue running the energy throughout your entire spine, 7 chakras, and fountain throughout your entire aura
  12. Keep dropping off the waste into the Grounding Cord
  13. You are now ready to enter your past lives!

#2: Go Deeper With Your Diet: Detox to Prepare to See Past Lives

Once you’ve cleared your or your client’s aura and chakras, you will be ready to dive in deeper and look at your past lives.

But first, I highly recommend doing a dietary detox before exploring past lives. Here’s why…

I have literally seen where my clients who are carrying toxins--pesticides, heavy metals, candida, parasites etc, they will end up manifesting chakra blocks and we’ll start seeing heavy past lives.

A toxic body will reveal past lives such as rapes, pillages, traumatic deaths, diseases, etc.

In order to engage in your past life Akaishic records, you’lk want to do some dietary preparation

#3: Past Life Regression Therapy

In order to recall your past lives, you will want to participate in some sort of past life regression therapy.

At Aphrodite University, I teach our students a method called Rainbow Past Life Regression Therapy which is fun and engages in all of the 7 rainbow chakra colors.

To keep it short and sweet here, you can simply start out with the following.

  1. Do grounding meditation above
  2. Start with a prayer to open the sacred space
  3. Have an intention on what you want to heal and clear in this lifetime
  4. Move from seated position to lying down (be above client)
  5. Guide yourself or your client to a beautiful safe space out in nature
  6. Have a portal open i.e. a door or tree or wormhole
  7. Count yourself or client down from 10 to zero
  8. See a symbol or hear a sound at zero (I snap for my clients at zero)
  9. Enter a tunnel where you are met by a misty red color, the first of 7 colors as you go backwards in time:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple. These represent going backward through the “Mists of Time” until you reach the lifetime most significant to your current issue, or person of interest (instead of mists you can use colorful steps instead)
  10. After the Purple Mist of Time, you will have reached the end of the tunnel--see a portal opening to your intended past life
  11. Remind  yourself or client of your healing intention
  12. Once the door opens you will become the witness. Look around, see what you’re wearing, notice the time period, your environment, what did you do there?
  13. Learn the lessons by asking your Higher Guidance what you were meant to learn in that lifetime that you are clearing NOW

Learn more about past life regression therapy, watch the video above, post in the comments below, and stay tuned for more Twin Flame and past life teachings and tips!


Dr. Amanda Noelle, the Twin Flame Matchmaker

Ready to call in your Twin Flame at light speed? Check out my services page here.

What Is Feminine Energy?

Ten Ways to Boost Your Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is a powerful healing energy that allows us to open to receiving. Feminine, referred to as yin energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is an energy that tends to be more calm, compassionate, and caring.

Without the feminine, we’re in trouble...

Everyone--both men and women--have masculine or feminine energy, and that these energies must be balanced. Many people, even women, are lacking feminine energy (or are hiding their feminine side) in the overly-masculine world.

In the modern world, women are expected to be more nurturing, soft, and beautiful while being successful and sexy. We’re expected to be mothers and CEO, romantics and leaders. The past history where women were once suppressed is crumbling as women quickly break the chains. We are calling out old behaviors, creating #metoomovements, and are stepping away from the patriarchy.

Truly, the feminine is rising.

Valentine’s Day and The Twin Flame Theory As Per Plato’s Symposium

Valentine’s Day and The Twin Flame Theory As Per Plato’s Symposium

You’ve heard the term “Twin Flame,” and maybe you’ve even become a bit obsessed, scouring the web for answers.  Valentine’s Day is a time that can invoke the embers of your Twin Flame Union, and it can become very painful if you’re still separate from your Twin Flame Union.
To call in your Twin Flame this Valentine’s Day season, I do feel it’s helpful to have an opinion or at least some perspective on Twin Flames and the Twin Flame theory… For thoughts create things, and when you have a made a conscious choice on what Twin Flame Love means to you, you will have it!

A Disclaimer: No Dogma Please!

While it’s most important to listen to your own heart and soul, and decide for yourself what the Twin Flame concept means to you, it can also be helpful to look back in time to derive your clear concept of Twin Flame Love today.

As a Twin Flame Matchmaker and theorist, I am so tired of hearing clients and fans go crazy over the theory and become Twin Flame extremists, almost like fundamentalists who get entrapped in their own theories. It’s easy to become dogmatic and judgmental about others when we’re insecure about ourselves, so keep the self-love high while reading this…
The Twin Flame Theory is OLD…In fact, it dates back to the beginning of time.
To read my other article about the Origin of Twin Flame Theory, click here. One of my favorite Twin Flame theorists is Plato, of which I will share in this blog today.

About Plato (and no…NOT Play-Dough, the stuff you rolled into a ball and ate as a kid!)

Plato the Classical Greek philosopher was the founder of the Academy in Athens, where he taught Aristotle. He was the most pivotal figure in the development of Western philosophy. Plato’s entire œuvre is known to have survived intact for over 2,400 years, longer than any other known philosophic teachings.



Plato’s Theory on Twin Flames

In his dialogue The Symposium, Plato has Aristophanes present a theory via his myth about the creation of Twin Flames. Here’s how it goes…
In the Symposium, Aristophanes states that humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces.  These were the original Twin Flame Beings. 

That’s kinda how we look when we make love to our Twin Flames, right?

According to Plato’s dialogue, there were three genders: man, woman, and the “androgynous human.” Today we call this androgynous a hermaphrodite, which today happens in about 1 in 1500 to 1 in 2000 births, according to medical studies. 
Each Twin Flame Being with four legs and four arms also has two sets of genitalia, with the androgynous human having both male and female genitalia.
The men were children of the sun (aka solar/soul-are), the women were children of the earth (aka embodied) and the androgynous human were children of the moon, which was born of the sun and earth (hybrids of earth and soul).

The Twin Flame Threat

In The Symposium, it is said that humans had great power and threatened to conquer the gods; thus the gods were then faced with the prospect of destroying the humans with lightning as they had done with the Titans. However, then they would lose the assets given to the gods by the humans.
Therefore, Zeus came up with a plan to split us human Twin Flames into two halves, as a “punishment” for humanity’s pride. This of course doubled the number of humans who would give their power to the gods.
We Twin Flames were thus cut in half, and became entrapped in a paradigm of separation, suffering, and enslavement to the gods.
The trauma of our Twin Flame Separation augmented to the point where we couldn’t go on any longer… We humans starved ourselves and started to die off. The gods noticed this, and saw that their source of labor and human energy was declining, so would no longer provide for the gods.
Thus, it is said that Apollo came up with a solution… He had to make sure that we humans would not be so powerful as to overpower the gods, and yet not be so disempowered that we would die off thus not being able to provide enough energy to uphold the Higher Dimensional godly beings with our precious human resources and energy. 

The Twin Flame Reunion Phase

His solution was to sew us back together. This “Twin Flame Reunion” reconstituted our bodies as reunited Twin Flames, but in two separate bodies containing the same soul. with the navel being the only sign remaining marking our original Twin Flame united form.

Each human would then have just one set of genitalia and would forever desire the unification, a Twin Flame Union, with his/her other half. Thus, we Twin Flames today are reconstituting a long awaited dream of reuniting with our other soul half, becoming owners and keepers of our own selves. Becoming gods and goddesses and android deities for our own power and free will.
There is no joy higher than reuniting fully with ones Twin Flame. It takes a great deal of healing in order to do so. Mainly, it requires a deep self-love and emancipation from past karmas upon one’s bloodline (earthly incarnations) and lightline (soular incarnations).

The Purpose of Twin Flames

We Twin Flames have a job to do, to take our power back and align with our Creator!
We are not above or below the gods. In The Emerald Tablet, Alchemy teaches us that “As Above So Below,” which means that we are not meant to be enslaved by anyone. This includes our Divine Masculine mind.
There is a tendency for the Above to want to rule below, as there is a tendency for a 5th grader to enslave a 2nd grader–they tell the 2nd graders what is cool to say and do. There is also a tendency for the Divine Masculine (logic) to evolve out of the Divine Feminine (chaos) and want to tell the chaos what to do. This is absolutely normal, but what often happens is the Divine Masculine becomes Hitler-like and doesn’t see the value of the more chaotic Divine Feminine aspect.
Twin Flames are here to reunite and come together to claim freedom on earth, and to serve themselves and others on the planet to create a King-Queendom on Earth, a Heaven on Earth that we call the Garden of Eden.
To do so, Twin Flames must integrate our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects. We have to emancipate our human self from our Higher Self, the “gods” Plato speaks about in The Symposium.
The Higher Self may know more from Above/Heaven, but he does not know what we know as embodied humans. Therefore, as we unite our human self and Higher Self, we embody our soul and align with Twin Flame Love. We align the Twin Flame 11s as we align the Twin Flame Heaven on Earth. Turn the 11s and you get an “=” (equals sign) where Heaven and Earth are aligned as One.
Plato also reminds us that Twin Flame Love can be found in heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual couples and that all types of sexual and gender statuses are divinely equal, despite what has been mistranslated and manipulated in the Bible.

Can you call in Your Twin Flame?

Yes you can, if you feel a deep divine calling, and you’re willing to do the work it takes to clear all of your 11 Twin Flame Chakras of past karmas and limiting beliefs. We all have the ability to reclaim our Twin Flame, but we can’t do it alone.
While we all have the freedom to claim the Divine Abundance that awaits us, it can take a healer and a guide, someone who is an expert at connecting you with the Twin Flame Codes and guiding you out of the darkness.
Truly, there is no God or Goddess above us that we cannot become, for we are each from the One, dividing, subsiding, remaining, acting, adding, subtracting, besetting, and forgetting that we are the Divine. When we can work together, we can quickly create our Heaven on Earth, aka New Earth together, which is the vision the Creator (aka YOU) have had since the beginning of time. And since there is no such thing as time, the time is NOW. 
Want some help calling in your Twin Flame? I’m happy to help. Take your next step and come to my upcoming Twin Flame Valentine’s Day webinar here.
Dr. Amanda Noelle
Menstrual Planning for Divine Feminine Entrepreneurs

Menstrual Planning for Divine Feminine Entrepreneurs

Greetings Divine Feminine Entrepreneur,

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Do you want to launch your latest product or service when you’re not in optimal flow with your menstrual flow? I don’t think so!

Here’s what every High-Healed Priestess must know…

In order to optimize her bli$$ness success by getting in touch with her moon, and with the lunar cycles in general.

In this post, I will help you get in flow with your sacred flow so that you can call in more Soulmate Clients, build your 7-Figure ORGASM, and earn more yoni money.


I’m over the moon to share with you these secrets so you can create a bli$$ness that flows with your menstrual flow as well as your cash flow…

Divine Feminine Entrepreneur, did you know that:

  • Studies have proven that the highest rate of conception and ovulation occur around the full moon?
  • During the new moon, ovulation and conception rates are lower, and more women start to bleed?
  • Science has shown that the moon rules over the flow of our fluids (and duh in Gaia’s body to, as in the ocean tides)?
  • Gaia and her moon and affect our unconscious mind and dreams?, AND
  • Your menstrual moon affects your unconscious mind and dreams?
  • Your menstrual cycle guides your flow creative flow and most likely your cash flow too?
  • The most productive days  to get things done happens roughly on days 5 through 11?

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I bet you’re glad to know these important facts that your mama didn’t teach you, because unfortunately most women have been severed from the secrets of the Divine Feminine Mystery Schools.

Yet we are decoding these mysteries and spreading the knowledge.

As a 7-figure ORGASMIC entrepreneur (well technically I make just 6-figures annually, but it’s all about the vibration of wealth and abundance energy that runs in your 7 chakras and the 7 chakras of your bli$$ness), I have found that the moon impacts my moon (and my mood!).

My menstrual cycle impacts my ability to manifest, aka MOONifest, money, clients etc which is why I schedule my bli$$ness calendar accordingly and encourage you to do the same.

I help my Soulmate Clients and students call in their man and their money with ORGASM and this means getting in touch with your menstrual flow.

By becoming aware of your unique menstrual cycle, you will have some clues about when to:

  • Schedule your next bli$$ness launch
  • Book that next vacation to rest and rejuvenate
  • Pack in a load of clients when you’re most productive
  • Take time off to meditate and get ‘divine downloads’
  • Travel, book speaking gigs, and lead retreats
  • Block off time in your calendar to write that book, blog, or webinar

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Everything in your bli$$ness wants to happen in flow and divine timing, and in the synch with your body and hormones which fluctuate as much as the sea.

However, most women are programmed to ‘do do do do’ in the masculine 40+ hour per week cycle which has no cycle it’s just ON or OFF. Linear, no cycle or flow.


That’s what our bodies say when we try to force our creativity into the weekly/daily/monthly/annual cycles that negate the menstrual flow.

I also see that we women often tend to pack into our schedule piles of unnecessary tasks, take on too much, and not check in with our pussies with what’s up down there.

In order to get on top of your moon, you’ll need to do these three things.

STEP ONE: Track your flow

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I highly recommend this period app called Clue.

It’s awesome, simple, and stylish with many bells and whistles (like tracking pain and headaches and sending notifications).

You can’t know your flow unless you’ve tracked it for a while, and for me technology has been the best way to ground it into my schedule.

Looking at the sky also helps, but besides looking at the moon you’ll want to have an app like Clue to track your bli$$ness schedule on your smartphone and computer.

STEP TWO: Block off your calendar during painful period days

If you have cramps, migraines, PMS, consider booking only simple tasks or blocking off entire days that you know won’t be productive.

Consider booking an acupuncture session or massage during times that support you during your cycle. Or have Netflix handy that allow you to be in the mood for your moon!

Whatever you do, don’t pack in a heavy load during your heavy flow time, or time of pain or brain fog. Period! Keep it productive sister, and be kind to yourself.

To best become aware of your PMS cycle, use the Clue app or other app that tracks these symptoms in one place.

I for instance tend to get menstrual migraines on day 3 of my cycle, so I do my best to prep downtime and no client or team meetings.

STEP THREE:  Schedule time for creative productivity time, and get $h*t done time

For most women, days 5-11 in their cycle are the most productive time to get the heavy work done. During this time it actually feels good to hash out a project or make a bunch of client calls. We have the shining masculine energy that wants to meet the world. I consider this the “sun time” of our cycle….

The weeks proceeding ovulation that lead up to the bleed is a time for reflection. Keep the tasks you do somewhat simple and repetitive, i.e. don’t start crazy new creative projects right before bleeding. Focus on the routine tasks that aren’t too difficult.

During this reflective time, sit with a journal and look back at your bli$$ness success this month, what you’ve learned, what needs to shift, and where you want to go from here. 

In summary, it may take time for you to become aware of your unique (aka yonique) lunar calendar. Your monthly calendar may need to be adjusted, especially if your moon is somewhat oscillating as is mine.  The body isn’t a perfect linear thing–it’s a map with round islands, mountains, and sometimes stormy seas.

In order to call in your Soulmate Clients and cum into your 7-figure ORGASMIC bli$$, it may take time to build Sacred Masculine structures that align with your flow. You may need to constantly reflect and redo them, but at least you will have some goddess guidelines that support your body, mind, and spirit.

Rock your moon in bli$$ness like Mary Magdalene would, and celebrate every inch of your Sacred Feminine Soul!

In Spirit of the Moon, and to your great succsexiness,

Dr Amanda Noelle

The Twin Flame Matchmaker & Founder of Aphrodite University

PS: Don’t forget to check out my YouTube video, about how to manifest with orgasm here!

How to Clear Dark Energy That Blocks Your Twin Flame Union

How to Clear Dark Energy That Blocks Your Twin Flame Union

Even the most magical women get hit by dark energy sometimes… This can blocks us from attracting what we want: our abundance, our soul purpose, and our Twin Flame.

Beloved, does this sound like you?:

– Is a destructive energy blocking you from your Beloved?
– Do you keep attracting energy vampires left and right?
– Are you having trouble sleeping, focusing, or feeling grounded and safe?
– Is your life being sabotaged for no apparent reason?
– Does something just feel off?

This blog is for you if you’re ready to clear your aura for good and get a sparkly clear love life, sans demons and darkness, to get down to your true essence so you can attract a divinely aligned Twin Flame Love.

I actually recently hit my own struggles with darkness and it was quite a journey returning the crown back on my Crown Chakra. It happens to all High-Healed Priestesses!

My Twin Flame Jack and I just spent the summer between Europe and the East Coast. We stayed in a few spooky old farmouses and castles in France, Vermont, and Upstate New York…places that felt, well, a little HAUNTED! Here’s a pic of me in front of the super spooky haunted barn.

how to clear dark energy

Since returning to San Diego a few days ago, I have been noticing an upper limit to my magic….Something just felt off.

Even all four of our websites went down with malware, even after we’d invested hundreds of dollars in getting them clean! It’s as if the demons are saying they wanted to destroy everything in their path….

But I decided that I am DONE with darkness, and I am ready to spread my light fully!

Would you like to release the darkness too, to tap into your peak priestess performance?

Great! It’s time! By claiming your energy field and building a radiant shield of protection (divine light), you are making room for your Twin Flame to come in.

Your Twin Flame will only be attracted to your soul when he/she  an actually recognize your soul, which means your auric field needs to be squeaky clean. No energy blocks or old cobwebs sister!

Here are some juicy goddess tools I have used over the years that really work to spruce up the ol’ energy field. They’ll help you call in your Twin Flame and virtually anything your gorgeous soul desires.

But first…Note that there are many ways to clear an aura.

Here are four useful principles to help you get and keep your aura clean:

  • You’ll want to clean your aura regularly, as a practice, and also clear your home and office, and wherever else you spend your time regularly.
  • Also, dark energy must be cleared out with love and light, not fear, panic, or paranoia.  Love and compassion are the the holiest of sanitizers, like a psychic version of Purell!
  • I also suggest having a huge sense of humor, and laughing at the darkness and silly demons (maybe even cackle to loosen things up!).
  • Practice makes perfect, and over time you’ll realize how sensitive you are to unclean energy, and you’ll get better at keeping things pristine.

Tips to Cleanse Your Aura

Feather dust! Take a feather–I like wild turkey feathers or ostrich feathers—and ‘dust’ your aura from head to toe, down the arms, down through the feet, and throw all the negative energy into an invisible drain that returns it to the center of the earth.

Light Shower

Turn on the shower of white light, or the violet flame (a cleansing ray), use a rose hue, or anything thing will do! Imagine light pouring down from the heavens and cleansing the parts of you that feel triggered or stuck.

Golden Egg of Protection

This energy field filters out negative energy trying to get in. Sometimes I see women how to clear your auraattempting to call in their Twin Flame, but because they aren’t protecting their auras, they’ll keep calling in dark energy which keeps the Karmic Soulmates, Twin Flame Counterfeits, and lower vibrations coming in…

To use this tool, the Golden Egg of Protection, place a bubble–something that looks like a golden egg–around you, about 12-18 inches outside of your body. This sits just at the edge of your aura. Make sure if you have a tendency to have big aura to tuck in your aura so it fits inside this bubble so you’re not up in everyone else’s energy fields! This will help untangle you from other people’s drama and help you claim your own power so you can really step into self-love.

Additionally, you may place any symbols of protection you like in the Golden Egg of Protection, like Egyptian ankhs, Mary Magdalene roses, pagan crosses, merkaba, etc at the edge of the egg and watch energy bounce right off.

Goddess Cleansing Bathing Rituals

twin flame matchmaker

Clear things up with the holy sacrament of water! Water be used in ritual to bless our body that is made of water, and our soul that vibrates at the merkaba structure that is held within water.

Use Himalayan or Dead Sea salt to neutrailze negatively charged energy in your aura. Or take a dip in the ocean! The negative ions will balance you out.

Boost your bathing rituals by saying a prayer asking your angels and guides to remove negative and toxic energy. I like to add epsom salts, essential oils, and herbs. Most essential oils have some cleansing properties, though I really like peppermint, lavender, frankincense, and rosemary for cleansing.

It’s crucial to clear your aura of energy from exes, past lovers, your parents and ancestors, and doing an intentional ceremony to help clear out your past from these energies and spirits will be of use. Otherwise, you may get caught in a Twin Flame Runner and Chaser loop, where you try to pull in your partner, but there are past energy blocks impeding him or her from coming in.

Design your own cleansing bathing ritual and use the energy from the fire before and after your bath with smudging.


I normally smudge daily, and I wish I’d done this during my travels!

I was once told by a psychic that it is scientifically impossible for ghosts (spirits without bodies) to reside in homes that have been smudged. Dunno if it’s true, but I’ll take that! I like the way that smudging feels–so purifying! You can use palo santo, cedar, sweet grass, or frankincense as well.

Smudging with sage or other plants clears out negative energy in your aura and in area you’re in. Take an abalone shell and place a handful of loose white sage inside and light them. Or use a smudge bundle and light the leaves.

Allow the sage to smoulder and wave this smoke using a feather or fan into your aura or area of the room with stagnant energy.

Pass the smudge across your heart and hold it there for a few moments stating “I clear unhealed heartbreaks from my past and I now step into a Twin Flame frequency at my heart

Don’t forget to smudge the bottoms of your feet to get grounded, and your crown chakra, and also smudge closets, bookshelves (all that mental energy!), and corners extra well. Enjoy the difference after a good smoke down!

These tools are each super powerful in their own right, and you can use them at your own pleasure, leisure, and way.

I’d love to hear back from you about what you have used to cleanse, or what you’ve struggled with in the aura clearing process.

Simply post in the comments below and share your thoughts, and I’ll do my best to reply!

XO, Amanda

PS: Tell me what color your aura is, and I’ll bonus you a kiss!

Twin Flame Pleasure in Paris

Twin Flame Pleasure in Paris

manifest with orgasmBisou from the ‘City of Love!’

I’m writing this lil’ love note from a swanky cafe Paris. It has these purple velvet damask chairs and great coffee…

Paris turns me on, sI’m inspired to teach you how to attract your Twin Flame using your inner goddess pleasure!

Fittingly, this cafe has a bronze fertility goddess statue. She’s raising a flame up to the heavens, a Twin Flame sign perhaps…

The name Paris comes from its connections to Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Love. It was formerly called ‘Lutitia of Parisii,’ named after the Isis-worshipping Parisii tribe of Celtic Gauls who came here around 250 BC. 

Did you know that Paris was built on the foundation of the Goddess of Love?

The Parisii settled, built their Temple of Isis, and brought their secret rites and mystery school teachings of the Middle Eastern goddess. 

Paris: Pleasure Capital

Indeed, Paris may very well be the capital of what I call ‘PU$$Y Power‘…

Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Love, is linked to the same goddess energy of Venus, Aphrodite, Ashtar, Innana, Lakshmi, Kuan Yin, and Mary Magdalene.

Isis and her Twin Flame Osiris gave birth to their daughter, Bast. Bast was the goddess of cats, passion, the moon, the rising sun, of enlightenment, sisterhood, sexuality, pleasure, fertility, bounty, arts, and battler of serpents.

Bast was also called Pasht or Pasch, among other names. 

Pasht is said to be the ancient origin of the word ‘pussy’ and of ‘passion’ too!

To call in your Twin Flame, we women must embrace our inner womb wisdom–aka your PU$$Y Power. 

PU$$Y Power resides within each of us. All women are born with it, though it is meant to be awakened or ‘initiated’ when we go from being the virgin (Divine Daughter), to being the maiden (Twin Flame Bride). 

Unfortunately, most of us received no initiation rite to awaken our PU$$Y Power. Or even worse, some of us underwent negative sexual experiences that harmed our sacred womb wisdom.

Our job then is to clear the womb and to positively reawaken the PU$$Y Power and align it with pleasure… 

twin flame matchmaker

The reason I spell pussy ‘PU$$Y’ this way is because you can see ‘Isis’ within the word, as well as the dollar signs which also represent the Twin Flame Kundalini energy. ISIS=$$, representing the kundalini that runs up and down the two sides of the spine, like infinite dollar signs.

Plus, PU$$Y Power is priceless… When it’s activated, we can attract anything with it with our very own pleasure!

To clear your womb wisdom wounds and awaken to your highest levels of PU$$Y Power, the medicine is stepping into your pleasure.

But many women have problems embracing their pleasure because pleasure brings up past traumas, unresolved heartbreaks, and pain.   

That’s why I work with my clients to clear these issues out while they raise their sensuality and Twin Flame frequencies. 

Parisian PU$$Y Power Pleasure Tip One of the secrets I teach my Twin Flame ladies is to actually create a life full of sensual and spiritual pleasures.

This way, each of your ”11 Twin Flame Chakras‘ are fully spinning at their own tune, singing the song of your Signature Soul Song.  

From the street music, to the tempting sweets, to the perfumeries, to the bounty of art/beauty, which of course includes the Parisian men–all of your senses are piqued with pleasure in Paris!!!

The city tempts your senses in a way no other city can…It’s raw. Sexy. Delicious. 

Imagine yourself in Paris (or other exotic city that ignites your Twin Flame Love). What kinds of pleasures would turn on your senses? 

But you don’t need a ticket here now! Perhaps you can simply integrate a few of these French-inspired pleasures into your life even immediately

FRENCHUALITY – Stimulate Your Senses French Way Goddess Style!:

– TASTE: could you cook up a French or other exotic meal using that recipe you’ve been meaning to try? Eat it tonight by candlelight with a glass of red wine to enhance the Parisian vibes!

– SIGHT: perhaps you could buy yourself some fresh cut flowers to remind yourself that you are BEAUTIFUL. I have been smelling tons of lillies here in churches and BNBs; they smell and look amazing!

– SMELL: I’ve picked up a ton of essential oils in France, like lavender, juniper, grapefruit, and frankincense. Place a few drops on the bottom of your feet or in a foot bath to ascend in heaven like Mary Magdalen (since she was a queen of holy foot anointments!).

– TOUCH: Are you up for a lavendar-rosemary sea salted bath tonight? It’ll feel like the French Riviera…Add some fresh springs of the herb into boiling water to make a bath-tea, or just add a few drops of the essential oils into a base like olive oil. 

– SOUND: Try a French music mix. I like Pandora Radio’s ‘French Cafè’ station!

Here’s me embracing my PU$$Y Power at a Parisian metro station (it’s just a billboard!).

I believe that living in pleasure is what takes to create a and sustain a Twin Flame relationship. I also feel that women are the wisdomkeepers of the family and of the Sacred Union. 

We hold that wombspace for the relationship to thrive, don’t we? That’s why we must start out by pleasing ourselves first.

Having an ongoing sensual practice is so vital. Whether you learn my Manifest With Orgasm (MWO) practice, or use some other daily pleasure practice, keep the pleasure flowing!

Lastly, the odd thing is that we’re programmed to undervalue pleasure, and to over-value looking like we’re living in pleasure when we’re not! 

To create what I call your Twin Flame Life with your divine partner, you’ll have to become the queen of all of your 11 Twin Flame Chakras spinning at pleasure. 

That’s why it’s important to invest in your pleasure: create time, funds, and fun for pleasure. Life is short, and the rewards of pleasure are SWEET!

One of my clients came on a Twin Flame Attraction retreat with me and stepped into her pleasure by activating her wombspace. She began dancing, singing, and even just laying in bed to follow her bliss. A few weeks later, POOF! An amazing man she’d previously known surfaced, and they’re now blissfully married. 

Priestess pleasure is NOT just fluff stuff! It’s powerful medicine–something that you want to consistenly keep high in your life. It is the juice that will call in your Twin Flame, and keep your energy high.

Without pleasure, I would not be in alignment with my Beloved, and we wouldn’t be living our life so blissfully. 
It starts at you, it starts at pleasure, and it takes commitment and consistency.
What are three things you’re committed to doing to keep your PU$$Y Power and pleasure high this week!? 

Post in the comments area below and keep me posted!

XO, Dr Amanda Noelle

The Twin Flame Matchmaker