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Are you ready to call in the love of your life – the other ‘half’ (mirror) of your soul, reincarnate – to raise a Twin Flame revolution? [If you don’t know what I mean by Twin Flame, I explain it in my Twin Flame Video HERE]:

Attracting your Twin Flame relationship isn’t just about the romance, hearts, flowers, chocolates. It is about soul evolution, deep self-love, healing, and being in service and chaining the planet. Acalling in your Twin Flame requires you to begin living your soul purpose and being in service. 

14 Hot Twin Flame Attraction Tips:

I’ve channeled in 14 sizzling hot tips that will help you get your Twin Flame ignition on. To your Twin Flame reunion and marriage!

  1. soul purpose meditationClarify your soul purpose. Your soul purpose is a soul contract agreement that you made before your birthed based on your passion, essence, and desires to see earth become healed. You can always change your soul purpose because you have free will, but on some level your soul wouldn’t allow you to change it because it’s why you came here. Click here for a quick Twin Flame self-love meditation to help you align with your Twin Flame and soul purpose.
  2. soul purpose guidanceStart taking massive action to live out your soul purpose. Now is the time. The planet needs you. It’s time to take bold action and to quit sitting idle in the planning phases. Start a blog, a website, reach out to people. Instead of taking classes, start teaching classes and sharing what you know. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about getting over your perfectionism and taking steps that make a change on the planet. The world really needs your Lightwork, your assistance, your opinion, your dreams now!  Also, your Twin Flame will be supporting your soul purpose due to your soul contract, and in order to meet her or him, you must really be living it out in the real world, not just ‘someday.’
  3. soul family reincarnationCreate community based on your soul purpose. It’s time to reunite with your soul family. Soul family is your soul group that you reincarnated with around the time you were born give or take a few years. They are beings who came her with the same or similar soul purposes. For instance, my soul family’s soul purpose is to help the Divine Feminine rise and all of my soul family members are obsessed with assisting the Divine Feminine and are working, living, and loving to make that happen 24-7. Uniting your soul family will amass together a soul pod of light which will make it easier for your Twin Flame to find you.  S/he will be able to identify your soul light blueprint through the amplification of joy/bliss/soul purpose energies you have harnessed within your community.
  4. how to do a cacao ceremonyEat more love chocolate. If this resonates with your body. Chocolate, especially high vibrational organic, raw, or at least fair-trade chocolate, invokes a Twin Flame vibration. You can do a raw cacao ceremony doing a Twin Flame invocation, prayer, or intention at the beginning. Raw chocolate recipes are easy to come up with. I make raw alchemical love chocolates using the following pure organic raw ingredients: extra virgin coconut oil, cacao, and coconut sugar. I add a drop of organic rose essential oil to activate the Twin Flame energies into one large batch of raw chocolates. And yes, chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac and it’s one that works on all 7-chakras, not just the lower ones. It turns your Higher Self on. Some of my best channeling sessions are done with light doses of raw cacao. Mmmmm!
  5. twin flame bliss Live more blissfully. Bliss is a secret ingredient to Twin Flame manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Grab a piece of paper. Write down a list of 100 things that bliss you out, some of which you may even accomplish this year. Travel to Tahiti? Get lomi-lomi massaged? Wear sexy high-end lingerie daily? Have bigger and better orgasms? Eat French brie in France? Oh gosh, there are so many…Write ’em all out! Then, underline your top 3-5 bliss desires for the year, and write them down on a separate piece of paper. Put this on your wall, on your altar, or do a manifestation ritual or burial ceremony. I like burying my manifestations in the soil, watering them with wishes, and allowing them to grow. A woman riding the waves of her own desire is a woman on the way to her Twin Flame reunion.
  6. twin flame 1111Do a Twin Flame ritual at 11:11 on January 1st or 11th, or on a new moon. Click here to get some Twin Flame 1111 ritual ideas. Be creative in your rituals. It’s more fun and high-vibrational rather than being strict and serious in your ceremonials. I like choosing 3 words and 3 colors to create my rituals. For instance, I may pick pink, green, and gold, and use ‘bliss,’ ‘love,’ and ‘creation’ when building my Twin Flame manifestation altar, wearing a ceremonial gown, picking flowers, etc. Have fun, and again, no being too serious or your ceremony will seriously suck!
  7. twin flame ritualForgive your ex-loves. Toast to them in gratitude – the have brought to you the place you’re at! It’s time to bring in the new Twin Flame frequencies, and the new only comes through by releasing the old. Being stuck in the past will hold you back from manifesting your beloved, yet it can be really easy to get stuck because hurt, heartache, and heartbreak are vibrations that can be almost addictive. A ritual of forgiveness and letting go may be in order if you still have some leaky Twin Flame Counterfeit energy. 
  8. twin flame magic mushroomsPamper yourself like a goddess! Invest in a new style, get massages, do your nails, hair, take optimal spa care of your goddess body, mind, and spirit. You are priceless, and as a High-Healed Priestess you give out a lot of angelic light which needs to be nourished. Fill up on love and pampering care on an ongoing basis, and take it seriously. Write it into your business calendar (or bli$$ness calendar as I call it). Without the pampering, your energy levels will be lagging and your Twin Flame won’t be able to find your light.
  9. raw food pie recipeEat more raw, live, fresh organic foods. It’s a great idea to transition to a high-vibration diet of mostly vegetable based local organic produce. Your body will be ready for a Twin Flame DNA upgrade where your DNA is aligned with your own pure soul essence energy versus DNA programs from the collective unconsciousness/media/govenment etc.  Purifying your body through aligning with fresh vibrant sensual fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, and small amounts of high-vibrating animal products (if you prefer) will create a Twin Flame vessel for your soul. Your body-temple upgrade will be very magnetic for the light
  10.  45195_416671224_mSpend time alone in nature. Reset your Divine Mother energy by surrounding yourself with Mother Nature. The sounds, vibrations, colors, waves, wind, etc will heal your body, mind, and spirit.  It’s easy to get bombarded with energy that is not your energy – foreign energy from family, the media, politics, religion, etc., that doesn’t serve your soul. While there’s nothing wrong with family, society etc., it’s important to make separation so that you can ‘hear yourself think.’ Escaping on a solo naturescapade will help you find your inner wisdom, Divine Feminine bliss, and pop your chakras back into shape.
  11. Twin Flame Affirmations! Here are some awesome Twin Flame Affirmation tips.
  12. goddess of abundanceBe weird and have fun! Don’t take yourself seriously. Have a hoot being you. Dress up in fun costumes, even if you’re alone. Try new styles that make you feel magical. I have my pink wig and I wore it out on NYE! I love the playful vibrations women exude when breaking all the rules given to them by society, and a true Twin Flame counterpart will too. The goddess energy expressed through creativity and rule breaking is awesome.
  13. Play matchmaker with your friends. As they say, what goes around comes around, so Twin Flame matchmaking karma will come back at divine timing! Also, friends know what you want and it’s way less embarrassing for them to set you up on dates than for you to walk up to random strangers.  Ask your friends to set you up with their eligible guys/gals they meet that they think might be a right fit for you, and you and your friend can even make it a fun game of dating someone new once per week etc and hold each other accountable for your dating calendars!
  14. how to marry yourselfMarry yourselfHow can you marry someone else if you’re not self-married first? Falling in love with yourself is easy once you clear away the past blocks, low self-esteem programs, and ancestral/family energy etc. Marrying yourself is committing to your self-love, your self-healing, creatively expressing your voice and your choice. You are a unique and different being who has a whole universe waiting inside her to come out. Vow to love it, learn it, and let it out in Divine Love in 2015 and beyond!

Thanks for reading and playing with these tips; feel free to comment, share, and let us know what your favorite tip is or share another one.

Twin Flame BLI$$ings and love!

high healed priestess

Dr Amanda Noelle




Dr. Amanda Noelle is the Twin Flame Matchmaker and Founder of Aphrodite University. She helps High-Healed Priestesses go high-end in their 6-figure bli$$nesses that heal and change the world while aligning them with their soul purposes and Twin Flame soulmates.