Twin Flame Angel Channeling by the Twin Flame Matchmaker

Twin Flame Angel Channeling by the Twin Flame Matchmaker

It was somewhere around 8am and I was deep in sleep….

My angels were having a chat with me, as they often do when I am in head-to-the-pillow-bliss and not ready to awaken to the ‘real world.’ I used to be afraid of encountering angels, but now I love being bothered by them! It’s such a luxury ‘problem.’ Before my Twin Flame Dark Night of the Soul, I rarely got to communicate with these beloved beings.

I’d shut them out because it was beyond what I was willing to accept, mentally or otherwise… but since I have gone through a soul awakening over the past few years, and passed through darkness through to the Light/other side, I have been able to open my awareness to angelic consciousness. Channeling angelic frequencies happens seemingly naturally now, and I want everyone to be able to do this.

I highly recommend a Power Pet during sleep. Having my chi-beagle Hazel, my shamanic spirit guide dog by my side when I sleep, I feel much safer to surrender during sleep.  I highly recommend the power of animal healing guides when working with angelic consciousness.

Perhaps when we are no longer afraid of the angelic consciousness, and have learned that ‘they’ are simply a part of us, representing our highest awareness, we can integrate them into one strain of consciousness.

Here’s what my Twin Flame angels began to tell me…

In order to help more souls, you (Amanda) must teach others how to use the powers of the Divine Feminine to clear out pockets of darkness.  Using the Divine Feminine will transmute the gray densities into light, into bliss, into fuel to spark a further rising of the Divine Feminine consciousness.

Archangel Haniel will be the angel to assist in the great portal opening of the Divine Feminine

For they say that it is Haniel who carries the Light of Aphrodite, the Divine Feminine, Innana, Ashtarte, Lakshmi, Venus, her many names. The sensual High Priestess, goddess of love. This hot pink ray of light will melt and transmute all grief, depression, anxiety, and stuck energies. The stagnancies that have been upon your planet for thousands of years will rise to the surface just life sea foam.

The angels suggest that there will be many who fear this Divine Feminine Awakening

They say: there are those who run away from the many faces and facets of the Divine Feminine. But the fact is, they are running away from themselves, from the parts of themselves that resonate within the Feminine Frequencies. For the dark fears the light and the light fears the dark, it is all just a game of polarity. The Angels want you to know that you are not lost in these times of transition in the Golden Era, you are loved.

Most of all, the angels teach that we are love itself, here to rediscover itself through human form! Did you know that you are love, love that was once forgotten, and it re-membered itself through the re-membering over and over again through various incarnations, in-memberations into your thick-skinned membrane? Yesss! You are indeed covered in a membrane of human form, but within you are soul, a soul of pure love and Divine memory.  Informatics of Divine form.  The Feminine form. and the Masculine form.  Holy, pure, real, re-membered entire universes reside within you. It is time for you to wake up, and realize that each of you are aboard on Her Royal Vessel, the Divine Feminine ship of Gaia floating on her orbit in space. Be carried upon her, ride swiftly upon Her salty waters, and rise up like the sea foam, as has done our Beloved Aphrodite.

Connect with the sea, and you will see, the sweet and salty memories of Her, and of your true origin reside within…

Remember, the word memory comes from Ancient Hebrew. Mem Ohr – memory: where Mem meant “water” and Ohr “light/spirit.” The 432 hz sound is carried in harmonized water. Salt, wave like motions, and the 432 hz tuning fork heals the water,  and this crystalized water can heal your body and align you with Twin Flame Love.

Memory is simply a way of explaining that information is stored within the 70-percent surface of Gaia.  We dear ones are made of water, are of the ocean, so truly the memories lie within.  Thanks for joining me Twin Flame Lover, I’ll see you soon.


Dr Amanda Noelle



Dr. Amanda Noelle, The Twin Flame Matchmaker, swiftly soulmates High-Priestesses with their Twin Flames and Starchildren.


Twin Flame Water Blessings – The Magical Medicine for Love Attraction

Twin Flame Water Blessings – The Magical Medicine for Love Attraction

Did you know that the basic life-sustaining element water can help you attract your Twin Flame?

Water is the most juicy form of healing medicine for creating magic, miracles, and attracting your heart’s desires through the Law of Attraction. Before, (and also during) working with water to attract your Twin Flame, start with a Twin Flame meditation of your choice.

Water helps you amplify the Twin Flame Law of Attraction where what you put out in your heart-mind  out into the universe, attracts what you desire.  As above, so below!  As within your consciousness, as within the consciousness within the water, which turns to materialized wishes come true.  Why else have we been throwing coins into fountains for centuries, have we used holy water, and in every religion/spiritual tradition water is used in sacred ceremonies and for shamanic healing? Twin Flame Love healing ahoy!

Here are some helpful healing things to know about water:

  • Water is the most cleansing element, both energetically and physically, for the human body (smoke and mud are great too, and you’ll find those in native spa rituals, but not as much as water)
  • Water holds language, sound, light, and energy like a library or memory card with the 432 hz frequency
  • A 432 hz tuning fork sound healing can create resonance for a Twin Flame Reunion
  • Water healing can activate the DNA to hold a Twin Flame frequency
  • Water holds ancient sacred mem ohr – Ancient Hebrew for ‘water spirit’ or records within the sacred geometry of a water crystal, which is the same as a silicon computer chip that stores memory
  • You can download your prayers into the water to amplify your prayers
  • Water itself is an angel, and Sulis is a water Goddess you can pray to
  • Praying by a lake or pond or even the ocean is incredibly powerful
  • Water nurtures the body, especially warm water; it can relax and expand the muscles and capillaries which promotes blood flow and energy flow which raises the vibration of the energy field
  • Regular baths promote happiness and alleviate depression (add aromatherapy, salts, herbs, clay, and flower petals!)
  • Adding salt to water and/or using a 432 hz tuning fork crystalizes the water to the sacred geometry where yin-meets-yang (the Star of David), where the H2O is aligned like a honey-comb liquid lattice
  • Every culture uses water for sacred rituals, from the pagan wishing well, to a Muslim hammam to a Christian baptism, to the mikvah in Judaism…there are endless ways to use water in prayer, clearing, and blessings – go ahead, create your own Law of Attraction and Twin Flame attraction rituals!

LEARN MORE!!! CLICK HERE for The Twin Flame Water Activation Ritual (Video)

We used water in the Twin Flame 1111 Ritual we did last year on 11/11.  You can do your own Twin Flame ritual anytime with a bowl of salt water, crystals, and 2 candles as we did here. CLICK HERE for the FREE Twin Flame Water Activation Ritual (video). 

Have a great week, drink and bathe in lots of water!


In Love,

Dr Amanda Noelle


Dr. Amanda Noelle, the Twin Flame Matchmaker, helps smart conscious women swiftly get soulmated to their ultimate beloved. Sign up for a Twin Flame Activation Here.