Valentine’s Day and The Twin Flame Theory As Per Plato’s Symposium

Valentine’s Day and The Twin Flame Theory As Per Plato’s Symposium

You’ve heard the term “Twin Flame,” and maybe you’ve even become a bit obsessed, scouring the web for answers.  Valentine’s Day is a time that can invoke the embers of your Twin Flame Union, and it can become very painful if you’re still separate from your Twin Flame Union.
To call in your Twin Flame this Valentine’s Day season, I do feel it’s helpful to have an opinion or at least some perspective on Twin Flames and the Twin Flame theory… For thoughts create things, and when you have a made a conscious choice on what Twin Flame Love means to you, you will have it!

A Disclaimer: No Dogma Please!

While it’s most important to listen to your own heart and soul, and decide for yourself what the Twin Flame concept means to you, it can also be helpful to look back in time to derive your clear concept of Twin Flame Love today.

As a Twin Flame Matchmaker and theorist, I am so tired of hearing clients and fans go crazy over the theory and become Twin Flame extremists, almost like fundamentalists who get entrapped in their own theories. It’s easy to become dogmatic and judgmental about others when we’re insecure about ourselves, so keep the self-love high while reading this…
The Twin Flame Theory is OLD…In fact, it dates back to the beginning of time.
To read my other article about the Origin of Twin Flame Theory, click here. One of my favorite Twin Flame theorists is Plato, of which I will share in this blog today.

About Plato (and no…NOT Play-Dough, the stuff you rolled into a ball and ate as a kid!)

Plato the Classical Greek philosopher was the founder of the Academy in Athens, where he taught Aristotle. He was the most pivotal figure in the development of Western philosophy. Plato’s entire œuvre is known to have survived intact for over 2,400 years, longer than any other known philosophic teachings.



Plato’s Theory on Twin Flames

In his dialogue The Symposium, Plato has Aristophanes present a theory via his myth about the creation of Twin Flames. Here’s how it goes…
In the Symposium, Aristophanes states that humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces.  These were the original Twin Flame Beings. 

That’s kinda how we look when we make love to our Twin Flames, right?

According to Plato’s dialogue, there were three genders: man, woman, and the “androgynous human.” Today we call this androgynous a hermaphrodite, which today happens in about 1 in 1500 to 1 in 2000 births, according to medical studies. 
Each Twin Flame Being with four legs and four arms also has two sets of genitalia, with the androgynous human having both male and female genitalia.
The men were children of the sun (aka solar/soul-are), the women were children of the earth (aka embodied) and the androgynous human were children of the moon, which was born of the sun and earth (hybrids of earth and soul).

The Twin Flame Threat

In The Symposium, it is said that humans had great power and threatened to conquer the gods; thus the gods were then faced with the prospect of destroying the humans with lightning as they had done with the Titans. However, then they would lose the assets given to the gods by the humans.
Therefore, Zeus came up with a plan to split us human Twin Flames into two halves, as a “punishment” for humanity’s pride. This of course doubled the number of humans who would give their power to the gods.
We Twin Flames were thus cut in half, and became entrapped in a paradigm of separation, suffering, and enslavement to the gods.
The trauma of our Twin Flame Separation augmented to the point where we couldn’t go on any longer… We humans starved ourselves and started to die off. The gods noticed this, and saw that their source of labor and human energy was declining, so would no longer provide for the gods.
Thus, it is said that Apollo came up with a solution… He had to make sure that we humans would not be so powerful as to overpower the gods, and yet not be so disempowered that we would die off thus not being able to provide enough energy to uphold the Higher Dimensional godly beings with our precious human resources and energy. 

The Twin Flame Reunion Phase

His solution was to sew us back together. This “Twin Flame Reunion” reconstituted our bodies as reunited Twin Flames, but in two separate bodies containing the same soul. with the navel being the only sign remaining marking our original Twin Flame united form.

Each human would then have just one set of genitalia and would forever desire the unification, a Twin Flame Union, with his/her other half. Thus, we Twin Flames today are reconstituting a long awaited dream of reuniting with our other soul half, becoming owners and keepers of our own selves. Becoming gods and goddesses and android deities for our own power and free will.
There is no joy higher than reuniting fully with ones Twin Flame. It takes a great deal of healing in order to do so. Mainly, it requires a deep self-love and emancipation from past karmas upon one’s bloodline (earthly incarnations) and lightline (soular incarnations).

The Purpose of Twin Flames

We Twin Flames have a job to do, to take our power back and align with our Creator!
We are not above or below the gods. In The Emerald Tablet, Alchemy teaches us that “As Above So Below,” which means that we are not meant to be enslaved by anyone. This includes our Divine Masculine mind.
There is a tendency for the Above to want to rule below, as there is a tendency for a 5th grader to enslave a 2nd grader–they tell the 2nd graders what is cool to say and do. There is also a tendency for the Divine Masculine (logic) to evolve out of the Divine Feminine (chaos) and want to tell the chaos what to do. This is absolutely normal, but what often happens is the Divine Masculine becomes Hitler-like and doesn’t see the value of the more chaotic Divine Feminine aspect.
Twin Flames are here to reunite and come together to claim freedom on earth, and to serve themselves and others on the planet to create a King-Queendom on Earth, a Heaven on Earth that we call the Garden of Eden.
To do so, Twin Flames must integrate our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects. We have to emancipate our human self from our Higher Self, the “gods” Plato speaks about in The Symposium.
The Higher Self may know more from Above/Heaven, but he does not know what we know as embodied humans. Therefore, as we unite our human self and Higher Self, we embody our soul and align with Twin Flame Love. We align the Twin Flame 11s as we align the Twin Flame Heaven on Earth. Turn the 11s and you get an “=” (equals sign) where Heaven and Earth are aligned as One.
Plato also reminds us that Twin Flame Love can be found in heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual couples and that all types of sexual and gender statuses are divinely equal, despite what has been mistranslated and manipulated in the Bible.

Can you call in Your Twin Flame?

Yes you can, if you feel a deep divine calling, and you’re willing to do the work it takes to clear all of your 11 Twin Flame Chakras of past karmas and limiting beliefs. We all have the ability to reclaim our Twin Flame, but we can’t do it alone.
While we all have the freedom to claim the Divine Abundance that awaits us, it can take a healer and a guide, someone who is an expert at connecting you with the Twin Flame Codes and guiding you out of the darkness.
Truly, there is no God or Goddess above us that we cannot become, for we are each from the One, dividing, subsiding, remaining, acting, adding, subtracting, besetting, and forgetting that we are the Divine. When we can work together, we can quickly create our Heaven on Earth, aka New Earth together, which is the vision the Creator (aka YOU) have had since the beginning of time. And since there is no such thing as time, the time is NOW. 
Want some help calling in your Twin Flame? I’m happy to help. Take your next step and come to my upcoming Twin Flame Valentine’s Day webinar here.
Dr. Amanda Noelle