Twin Flame Telepathy

Twin Flame Telepathy

Hearing a voice, message or even music in your mind constantly, having these images repeat nonstop throughout the day or even weeks, the same energy that links both of you pulls you together for connection.

On a very subconscious level which happens naturally but will grow over time as your journey continues. 

You’ll experience different signs of there telepathic communication with your Twin Flame so once you notice the synchronicities then you’ll know you’re in the journey.

Feeling Your Twin flame Telepathically
You’ll start developing feelings, thoughts and moods of your TF, whatever is affecting them emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually will affect you too. Intense love feelings that you’ll be feeling your TF love inside. You’ll undergo separation preparing each other for the union. Once healing is ready within, then you’ll eventually get back together. We have to admit, a lot of people get this wrong! They have an obsession with someone they believe is their Twin Flame, but it’s actually not certain… 22 Twin Flame Signs Checklist
ONE Subconscious Exchange

You take on your Twin’s patterns/beliefs: All of the sudden, you stop working out b/c your Twin doesn’t workout. You crave PB + J when you’ve never liked it and find out it’s their favorite. Or…you start going to bed super late b/c your Twin is a nightowl…

Amanda was a neat freak, Jack was a “whenever it comes to me” type of cleaner. Now we’re merging our state of consciousness!

In GROWTH perspective, you find certain things REALLY challenging that weren’t challenging before – you used to be really good at time management, productivity, but now not anymore.

TWO Same Flaws

Our TF are our mirror to our own soul which shows us this part of ourselves that we can’t see which is humbling and intense.

Same Quirkiness: goofy, weird, rebellious – make up songs we sing around the house
Learning blissabilities like reading, writing, communication.. Amanda’s migraines and Jack’s lower back pain likely due to side effects from childhood surgeries.

Struggle sharing emotions openly and vocally, Introverts hiding at home, Procrastination

THREE Emotional Clearing

Twin Flame Love awakens laten emotions like shining a flashlight on the old stuff in the attic (or cockroaches scurrying around)

Empathic abilities open both Twins up to CLEAR negative energies before reaching unconditional love.

You feel each other’s feelings, like you feel anxious, when usually you’re a pretty chill person; but really it’s your Twin’s anxiousness coming through.

FOUR Blindspots

You can feel all of your Twin’s blindspots/weaknesses/shadow (when Amanda’s living in fear/scarcity, avoiding prioritization, being a victim, suppressing emotions, etc.)

GROWTH: You no longer desire being in your old career because your Twin demands it – you MUST be on Soul Purpose (no longer a choice).

FIVE Same Intuitive messages 

We’ll both get the same message on the same day i.e. “You need to visit Bali” or “You’re going to live in California until the end of the year” or “It’s time to launch this new program in your business,” or “It’s time to start researching/building the New Earth Ecovillages.”


Maintain unconditional love to create a high vibration for you and your Twin – if you maintain it, then your Twin Flame will too.

Love yourself FIRST before everyone else. You always come first before others.

Separation can be a good thing as you’ll heal and develop Wholeness and Sovereignty. You’ll appreciate your Twin more.

Even if you’re in the separation phase, both of you are still connected so embrace that separation to love yourself first and understand that this phase will go away once both Let Go Let Love…

Focus on your individual journey to wholeness instead of clinging onto a codependent Twin Flame theory.
It starts with YOU b/c there is no separation between Twin Flames.


There are numerous ways or signs to look out for but these are the most common ones.  Understand that yout TF is a mirror of yourself that will show all things you’ll love and dislike about yourself. It is up to you to embrace all those things and grow with it. Your TF will help you heal those negative energies so embrace that healing as you need your twin’s help more than you know. Your journey towards each other will happen once both of you found your wholeness so enjoy the journey, it will eventually happen.

To find out if they’re the one download our FREE 22 Twin Flame Signs checklist here!

The Top Five Places to Meet Your Twin Flame

The Top Five Places to Meet Your Twin Flame

“Where is he? Where is he? Where is he!?” I would ask myself over and over again, like a broken record.
I looked far and wide for my Twin Flame, and it took me 35 years to hunt him down–but I finally did it!
I have written this article to help you expedite your Twin Flame attraction process so you can step into Twin Flame Union way faster than I did.


Your Twin Begins Within

In order to unite with your Twin Flame, you must not only go out and look for a partner, you must first look within. You must love yourself before you can be loved. You’ve got to hit a decent level of emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual stability/strength to align with your Twin. The Twin Flame preparation process is essential work to be done before even asking the question “Where do I meet him?” Click here to watch this video meditation to attract your Twin Flame about self-love:


Twin Flame Self-Love Meditation: Call in Your Beloved

Without self-love–even if you were to go to all the right places at the right time–you wouldn’t recognize him/her.  You could be in the same room and practically bump into each other, then continue complaining about how your Twin Flame will never come. I have seen it many times! Self-love is the true Twin Flame magnet.  Even Twin Flame telepathy doesn’t solve the issue: you must become a beacon of love for it to stick.

When you are ready, this person seems to come out of nowhere

Just postulate for now that your Twin Flame was already in your neighborhood, crossing your path every day. He is even in your aura hearing these words in your head. Now it’s simply a matter of preparing your soul.

OK… So I think you get the point. Let’s saved in the preparation work and now you are ready to find your Twin Flame!
I have worked with thousands of women around the world seeking their twin flames. While everyone is different, I have noticed some common places where Twin Flame Couples meet.
These are the top five places to meet your Twin Flame:

where do I meet my twin flame

1) Twin Flacebook

You guessed it! In the modern-day world we live in, you cannot discount the biggest social media platform where people in your age-range and interest level hang out. It is kind of obvious when you think about it, but what is not obvious is the following – to use Facebook as a dating site (or twin flame sacred space, in our case) you have to reach out to people and hunt for what you want. My clients, fans, and friends have met their beloveds because one of the twins approached the other and ask for a Skype date. Are you going to judge yourself because this sounds nerdy, or are you willing to find your beloved who may be on the other side of the planet, happy to first connect with you on cyberspace? Don’t question your happiness… Just follow your intuition! Be creative! We are in a dating drought, but there is an epic amount of love around, so approach people for conversation and see where it goes.

2) Hey Yoga Girl…

Want to meet a hot, hunky fit guy while sculpting your sexy body as well? Why not hit the gym and tag two birds with one stone? It’ll be great to have a workout buddy and partner for life! Sometimes this takes compromise. You may like a women’s gym, for example. This doesn’t mean that you have to join a muscle-head gym, but try something like CrossFit or a yoga class where both sexes in your age group hang out.

twin flame pillars

3) Retreat Pray Love

Retreats are a great place to meet because we tend to have our hearts very open when we go on vacation. Whether you meet somebody on the actual retreat itself, or you expand your energy and meet someone when you come home, retreats will activate Twin Flame Energy. We tend to be less focused on habits and home, and more on growth, expansion, and we are detached from human day-to-day needs. In fact, my parents met on a spiritual retreat at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, California taking a class on Divine Feminine Divine Masculine polarity in the 70s.  I appreciate that they were opening themselves to conscious spirituality when they met!

4) Spiritual Tribe

Despite the myth that it’s easy to meet someone at a bar or club, I have found it to be rare, unless you’re looking for simply a hot fleshy evening. If you’re looking for a committed spiritual partnership, you’ll want to tap into a spiritual or conscious community that suits you. You won’t be wasting time here either–even if you don’t meet someone right away, you’ll be blissing out with loved ones, which sets the stage for your Twin Flame. Soul Family and conscious connection is part of the Twin Flame Union tapestry.

where to find your twin flame

5) Stop! Hobby Time!

Do what you love, and your love will follow. Hiking. Camping. Tango dancing….  I have heard it so many times. “I always wanted to learn to fly fish, and I met my guy there!” Try something new; it could be salsa dance, or acting improv, or cooking classes. Doesn’t matter what it is as long as it blisses you out.
It helps if you can attend activities where the available singles hang out. But even if you don’t meet your partner there, I have seen it where someone gets set up on a date though a sisterhood circle. So don’t focus on meeting someone, focus on following what pleases YOU. And someone who pleases you will be certain to arrive.
I met my beloved while dancing at Ecstatic Dance Oakland. Ecstatic Dance is one of my favorite hobbies, and some of my best friends and Soul Family surrounded me there.  I was in full body, mind, and spiritual bliss and was dancing in my feminine power.
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