3 Things You Need to Know About the July 2 Total Solar Eclipse

3 Things You Need to Know About the July 2 Total Solar Eclipse

Hey beloved! Get ready for a powerful TOTAL solar eclipse that’s coming up on July 2, 2019…

 In this video I’ll be sharing the 3 things you need to know about the event so we can optimize our growth, love, and abundance from this magnificent cosmic event!

 OK…So let’s dive in!

 For those of you who don’t know, a total solar eclipse happens when the Moon’s apparent diameter is larger than the Sun’s, and so when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, it blocks out all direct sunlight, bringing earth’s day into darkness. Pretty cool, right?

 But what’s most important are the astrological aspects… The psychological, energetic, and collective influences that inevitably come through this cosmic event–these are HUGE and we want to capitalize off them!

 In fact, this Total Solar Eclipse July 2019 astrology works synergistically with the July 16 Lunar Eclipse themes, and together, they make up an eclipse PORTAL that stays open until the solar eclipse on December 26, 2019!

SO…get ready for more change and opportunity!

Here are the three things you need to know about the July 2, 2019 Total Solar Eclipse!!! The first thing is, it’s time to…

ONE: Have a Soul Family Reunion! Positive aspects from Uranus and a star in the Gemini Constellation make this an opportune time for celebrating, connecting with friends, fam, and especially your Soul Family.

 Soul Family are people who share the same (or similar) soul mission as you. They’re from the same soul group or “cosmic constellation.” Your cosmic family will be influenced by the eclipse event in similar ways, so it’s a great time to connect, tap into collective energy, share stories, gather in person around a particular goal or theme. This could also be a time to resolve conflicts that have been going on personally and relationally.

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Going back to the 3 things about the Total Solar Eclipse…ultimately Soul Family is going to become so important for our missions this lifetime. Though it can be difficult at times to work through the conflicts that come up, Soul Fam helps us stay energized, inspired, protected, and empowered. We simply can’t do it alone, and won’t have time to figure it all out on our own, in isolation.

So if you really want to grow, you’ll want to gather on up some Soul Fam on July 2nd for some connection and healing. Here are a few ideas: share a meal together, sip cacao in a ceremony together, do a sound healing or lightworker gathering, pray or meditate, host an Ecstatic Dance party, or connect deeper through fun games like circling and Authentic Relating.

OK, so the most awesome thing about this eclipse you need to know is… 

TWO: Dreams Coming True! The Total Solar Eclipse on July 2019 can make your dreams come true…When you invest steady focus, hard work, and being open to the flow that is!

Don’t miss out.  This portal is a great time to take action on your long-term goals, especially those dreams that have haunted you for years in a good way—big ideas and dreams that keep popping up like that floater in the toilet bowl—this dream is not gonna go down so don’t flush it down until you bless it!

I don’t know if that was the best metaphor but what I do want to convey is now is the time to put those long time dreams into action.  Stepping out of procrastination by signing up for that online class to pursue your dream career, or looking to invest in the land for your eco retreat, making those plans to get married and conceive a child, or taking guided action on whatever your big dream is will guarantee amazing results!   

Don’t be discouraged if things look messy…We can often get held up on how things happen, thinking that they need to occur in the way expect them to occur. When really the best way for them to occur is by trusting the Universe! The total eclipse is a great time to become open to a Higher Path as we tap into 4,5, 6D and above vs getting stuck in 3D “shoulddas.”

Ask the Universe to bring you Her infinite blessings and opportunities in the most pleasurable and magical ways possible. Go with the flow vs expectations and you’ll yield a prosperous harvest of manifestations this month!

Remember, the Total Solar Eclipse July 2019 astrology works synergistically with the July 16 Lunar Eclipse themes and the eclipse phase run through December 26, 2019. So keep your eye on the prize and let your dreams come through as we lead into the end of this year.

The last thing you need to know is…

THREE: Positivity & Prosperity. The July 2019 Solar Eclipse promotes good health, wealth, and success. It joins Alhena a star in Gemini Constellation that brings all kinds of blessings and good juju…

This is the perfect time to buy a watercolor set and start splashing around with some color as Alhena is great for artists and creatives, creative problem solvers and even scientists.

That’s why it’s likely that some world conflicts and personal conflicts will be solved, so if you’ve been meaning to make up with your ex or ex bestie, now could be the time to say I’m sorry or presence your true feelings.

In summary, the upcoming July 2nd Total Solar Eclipse creates a powerful portal connecting with the this is an excellent eclipse for making some good memories with Soul Family (which likely includes a few members of your family so give mom a call). You’ll want to review your dreams and perhaps revisit a desire you’ve had for many years and take action. This event holds lots of positive energy and opportunity for prosperity so trust the flow, join hands with Soul Family, and dive into your dream life!

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Happy Total Solar Eclipse beloved, I hope to see you on the other side for BIYBN!

Big hugs from Bali!

Namaste, NamastGO!


The End of the Eclipse Season (August 2018), Twin Flame Energy Report

The End of the Eclipse Season (August 2018), Twin Flame Energy Report

Eclipse season recap:

  • solar eclipse on June
  • Total lunar eclipse on June 27
  • Solar eclipse on August 11
  • Mercury in retrograde from July to August

Twin Flame Energy Report (nope, we’re not done yet!):

On August 13, Mars moves from Aquarius to Capricorn.

Though I love the medicine of Capricorn (and I am a Capricorn if you couldn’t tell) this could raise particularly challenging circumstances in relationship and at work.


Since Mars is often referred to as the “angry planet” there could be more conflicts, disagreements, head-butting, etc.

You’re probably thinking, “when will this ever end??” “Can I ever get some Astrology with good news??” 

“When do I get a break from this madness?”

But Mars in Retrograde can help us realize our strengths and weaknesses on a much deeper level.

It can help us gain understanding of and get control over our wiry emotions (if we surrender our egos that is). If not it can allow our emotions to control US (the shadow side of Mars in Retrograde).  

Which is it for you? Let us know in the comments below.  Also, give us a like if you enjoy our channel, and if you’re excited about all these stellar changes!


It’s time to break your old habits! It’s the perfect time to let go of those negative habitual emotional reactivity and impulses. Can you imagine what your life is going to look like when you let these go! Think of how much better your relationship, life, diet, morning routines etc are going to be!

If we do become reactive and get stuck in the old impulses, we can simply PAUSE…breathe, and set time aside to meditate about it, become aware of our own negative patterns, and apologize to those whom we may have impacted in a harmful way… Then focus on what we DO want and go for it!  Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in victim mode beating yourself up as this leads to nowhere.

Jack has a few more tips to share about the Mars in retrograde Twin Flame energy report, but first I wanted to share an exciting announcement with you…

For those of you committed to attracting your Twin Flame in pleasure, I’m running an upcoming Bali Retreat on 11/11 for committed divine feminine goddesses of love who are ready to align with their feminine power and Twin Flames fast.

It’s happening on November 6-13 2018 in Ubud, Bali…

Retreat Pray Love is right for you if you’re ready to

  • Swiftly attract and keep your Twin Flame, ultimate beloved, the pleasurable way
  • Tap into your Divine Feminine energy, without being too open or vulnerable
  • Awaken your Sacred Sexuality so you can become naturally magnetic to your beloved and
  • Become more magnetic to anything you wish to attract–such as high-paying Soulmate Clients, opportunity, and synchronicity!
  • The retreat is designed to help you reveal your full feminine power in a safe and sacred space
  • You’ll get to participate in deep healing work in a tribe of badass spiritual women for 7 full days
  • This retreat is also for those who are ready to celebrate and rebirth in body mind and spirit with organic vegetarian food, massages, raw chocolate, spa and holy water bathing rituals, and relax in a beautiful villa and tropical paradise setting, among smell the scent of Bali flowers, incense, and essential oils!

Imagine if you were on the journey with us…Tune in and feel the energy–just hearing about Bali retreats this can be a healing activation!

At Retreat Pray Love in Bali we will…

  • Stay in Ubud, the setting of Eat Pray Love, for 7 nights and days, the spiritual mecca paradise in Bali, just 1 hour from the Bali airport (Denpasar)
  • Do Twin Flame activations, psychic meditations, Divine Feminine readings, channeling, a self-marriage ceremony, yoni healing, womb clearing rituals, spa self-love pampering, designing our own self-marriage rings, and making a deep prayer to heal ourselves and Mother Earth!
  • Stay at a magical Balinese retreat equipped with a private pool, healthy food options, yoga deck, massage tables, and a private villa
  • Attend juicy workshops on self-love, Twin Flame Love, Sacred Sexualilty,  Pussy Power, galactic healing, channeling, meditation, goddess beauty secrets, tantra, and abundance attraction!
  • Drink activated crystalized spring water for the 6 days to help realign your aura’s crystalline field
  • Eat some of the most delicious, erotic, healthy, abundant organic food that will stimulate your senses
  • Body-image makeovers and seductive goddess photo shoots in rice paddies, on beach, and by the pool
  • Reunite with soul-family sisters for some dancing, healing, praying, anointing, adoring, accessorizing, creating, and giggling
  • Group goddess spa excursion
  • Self-marriage ritual and ring making with Pelé Jewellery
  • Take a day trip to the vulva-cano, the magical volcano of Mt. Batur and swim at a hot springs in the distance

JACK: While I won’t be leading this goddess retreat for you ladies, I will be leading a workshop for you on healing with the Divine Masculine, so I can’t wait to meet you in Bali!

Back to Mars in retrograde! This can help us see through our own delusions of reality. Holler if you are brave enough to admit you have had any of those!  

I was so delusional in money-reality once, I was convinced that if I used the Law of Attraction I could create financial abundance without taking any action. I visualized my business taking off, but I ended up emptying my savings and going into debt instead, living at home with my parents and going back to my engineering job. It was tough to step out of illusions! But when I did, I committed to honoring myself by taking action; I then began honoring the Divine Feminine too by helping Amanda out in her work. I stepped up and gave 100%, which is when the abundance truly started coming true.

If we are living in a fantasy, we’ll be given a large dose of the truth at this time.

If we try to hold onto our illusions and delusions, it will be incredibly painful, challenging and difficult to navigate our lives and relationships during this time.

But when we take the time to meditate, relax and practice patience, we’ll be able to see and hold space for a deeper and more beautiful truth to reveal itself.

We’ll awaken even more to the truth of ourselves, our relationships with others and to reality itself. This is exciting

Yet be careful with big decisions at this time. It’s a delicate phase.

Please practice patience as it pays off.

Instead of making decisions impulsively, try waiting and moving forward slowly from your deepest knowing.

If you make impulsive decisions, you could get burned when you wake up and smell the spilled coffee. Don’t rush! Let it cool, sip, and savor…

If you know your Human Design, and you’re a being with emotional authority it’s particularly important for you to sit with every decision before moving forward.

Amanda is a Generator with emotional authority. I am a Projector with emotional authority.

AMANDA: That is true!

OK Gaias, I imagine you don’t want to jump into something hot and exciting, only to realize you made a complete mistake that is out of alignment and then need to backtrack. This can potentially impact others who are affected by the miscalculated decision!

I’ve been there before 🙂

In fact, recently Jack and I made a really impulsive decision to book a flight and spend a month in Florida for a retreat. We were SO excited!

But to our shock, we slept on it and the next day we noticed something felt really off. We sat with our decision some more and realized it was completely out of alignment, and that our gut was practically screaming at us to cancel our plans—so that’s what we did. Then we found out that it was going to be a hot humid mess during this period, which would have been a disappointing trip.

However, it affected other people’s expectations so we had to call them and apologize to clear up the messiness we made. It was hard to realize that our premature excitement could negatively impact others–we had to also process our feelings of shame and guilt of disappointing or inconveniencing others.

It is never fun to UN-RSVP so it was a great reminder to take more time to meditate.

But the real truth is, we’re human and we make mistakes. Forgiveness is one of the most beautiful things.

JACK: Here are some MORE suggestions on how to deal with the energy at this time:

You are very likely still in the process of integrating this powerful recent astrological season of eclipses in July and August 2018—in fact you may be integrating for the next many months or even years!

That’s why it’s important to continue allowing deep emotions to rise, and have clearing conversations with family, lovers, friends, and even enemies.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable, while at the same time having the warrior strength to set strong boundaries towards those who are cruel or toxic to open up your energy to.

Once you learn to set strong, clear boundaries with people, you can feel more safe to open up and expose yourself in the name of growth and healing.

In the process of opening up, you can heal old wounds so that you can become a more mature, strong, and grounded adult–a sovereign being who can be of service and hold space for the awakening of humanity.

You can only be a healer and lightworker for others to the degree that you heal and hold space for yourself.

It starts with you first. Only then you can serve others.

This is the same in your Twin Flame partnership.

You must be committed to healing and taking responsibility for yourself first, otherwise you won’t be able to harmonize with your ultimate soulmate, aka your divine mirror reflection and sacred sexual Union.

AMANDA: But the truth is, the work is worth it and it can be pleasurable. And very pleasurable once the harmony occurs within your Twin Flame Union and in your chakras, that get set spinning.

Speaking of which, I think it’s time to get off this video and do other things. Thank you for watching. If you’re ready to step up in your Twin Flame relationship and you’re curious about joining us in Bali, please click the link I’ve placed in the description box to learn more.


What Is Feminine Energy?

Ten Ways to Boost Your Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is a powerful healing energy that allows us to open to receiving. Feminine, referred to as yin energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is an energy that tends to be more calm, compassionate, and caring.

Without the feminine, we’re in trouble...

Everyone--both men and women--have masculine or feminine energy, and that these energies must be balanced. Many people, even women, are lacking feminine energy (or are hiding their feminine side) in the overly-masculine world.

In the modern world, women are expected to be more nurturing, soft, and beautiful while being successful and sexy. We’re expected to be mothers and CEO, romantics and leaders. The past history where women were once suppressed is crumbling as women quickly break the chains. We are calling out old behaviors, creating #metoomovements, and are stepping away from the patriarchy.

Truly, the feminine is rising.