The Twin Flame Brain Theory, By Dr Amanda Noelle

The Twin Flame Brain Theory, By Dr Amanda Noelle

In my research–literary,  anthropological, and psychic, I have discovered one other important piece about Twin Flames that I want to share just before Valentine’s Day…

This part of Twin Flame Attraction occurs in the brain.

So, what is the Twin Flame Brain?

My theory is that we humans have not one mind, but three minds, and that all three must be awakened in order to call in our Twin Flame…
Additionally, we cannot call in our Twin Flame with just the masculine mind in our head!

Here are the three minds to master:

First, we have the Divine Masculine mind, which is our logical brain…
You know about this mind, so I won’t tell you about it too much.
Just take an axe and cut open your skull and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Just kidding! Don’t do that, I love you too much…
This mind is the one based on logic, linear thinking, algorithms and alphabets, science based on Newtonian Physics.
I call this Divine Masculine logical mind the “Upper Brain” or “Upper Mind,” as not to confuse it with the other two minds…

The Divine Feminine Mind

The second mind is the Divine Feminine “Lower Brain,” located at our Sacral Chakra; the yoni (or the lingam if you’re a man). The Lower Brain represents the Earth, intuition, being connected to nature, and it’s a mirror of the Upper Mind (remember “As above so below?”).
In women we have what I call “pussy power” (or PU$$Y Power for fun!), which is the wombspace–where life on earth is created.
Unfortunately because Divine Masculine logic has ruled the human consciousness within the patriarchy for thousands of years, women have been severed from our Lower Minds, and our PU$$Y Power has been traumatized and/or suppressed.
We have overly emphasized numbers, facts, conscious thought, and logic, and have under acknowledged the subconscious mind. Bruce Lipton, PhD, states that:
“Most people don’t even acknowledge that their subconscious mind is at play, when the fact is that the subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind and that we operate 95 to 99 percent of our lives from subconscious programs.”
In fact, the yoni and the rectum (in both sexes) is connected at the cervix by the pelvic nerve to the base of the brain at the spinal cord, and this makes the third mind.
The third mind is the Twin Flame Brain.  This is the holistic system that makes up the connection between the Upper Mind and Lower Mind via various nerves and the spine itself. This is what the Egyptian mystery schools called the djed, and it is the channel for Twin Flame Kundalini.
At the very center of the djed (Upper and Lower Mind connection channel), is the heart chakra, and this center is what I call the Twin Flame Brain.

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To activate the Twin Flame Brain (Heart Chakra) we need to heal all of our 11 Twin Flame Chakras.
To do so, we need strong healers and leaders who are willing to heal themselves fully.
That’s why I am calling Twin Flame women who are ready to enlighten their Twin Flame Brain and awaken their hearts.
To do so, they must first connect and heal themselves within their Earth Chakras (Lower Chakras–Gaian Chakra, Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakra). They must heal out all sexual traumas, poverty and slavery beliefs and blocks, and limiting beliefs about their power.
Then, they must heal their heart breaks, past and present.
The Sacral Chakra is of utmost importance for women especially, for it holds all of the other chakras. For instance, when we are pregnant we hold a child who has all of its chakras inside of us. We hold the power to heal the Universe inside of us. But how can we do so if we are holding the trauma of the Divine Feminine?
That’s why in order to reclaim our Twin Flame energies, women must “birth” our Twin Flames from a healed Lower Mind, and with orgasm. I call this Manifest With Orgasm, which I teach at Aphrodite University.
The first step to Manifest With Orgasm is to clear out your Sacral Chakra and activate the PU$$Y Power. Unfortunately, most women are holding onto heavy blocks here and need extra support and activation help from a High Priestess. Yet most High Priestesses have yet to clear out this area within themselves and cannot activate their disciples.  That’s why it’s so important to hire and receive the right help from a Twin Flame Activated High Priestess with a healed wombspace.
Many of the High Priestesses out their are either (a) in abusive relationships with men/the masculine, and (b) are carrying poverty blueprints and slavery codes that express their earthly abundance. This is due to the fact that most of the High Priestesses have been burnt at the stake or deemed crazy due to the patriarchal belief systems.

How to Call in Your Twin Flame From the Twin Flame Brain

Twin Flame Women are truly priestesses of the light who are here to birth the New Earth by calling in their Twin Flame counterparts. By birthing new life and new energy on earth (such as a new business, project, organization, or other legacy)
To do so, we must fully awaken our Upper and Lower Minds, and unite them at the heart. Twin Flames are fueled by our Soul Purpose mission.
Twin Flame Men are also here to serve, and to become part of Twin Flame Unions. They’re here to keep the logic in balance with the Divine Feminine creation. Men are hereto awaken to their Higher Dimensional gifts as High Priests, healers of the Light, and are here to serve the Divine Feminine. If you are a Twin Flame Man, I know you’re here to embody the Divine Masculine like a god, and become one as a Knight in Shining Amour!
I see so many of my Twin Flame women clients becoming a part of a Twin Flame Power Couple, where the couple provides a deep soul gift to the world based on their soul essence, what I call their Signature Soul Song.  Twin Flames always share a Soul Purpose based on their Signature Soul Song, and it is this purpose that calls them together.
I’d love to teach you more about the Twin Flame Brain and Twin Flame Attraction, which is why I’d like to invite you to my upcoming Twin Flame Valentine’s Day wetbinar (a complimentary juicy training) coming soon.