Why Heartbreak Hurts So Bad It Breaks a Woman

Why Heartbreak Hurts So Bad It Breaks a Woman

Girlfriend, did you know that getting heartbroken can be so harrowing and hard that some scientists say it feels as bad as severe physical pain?

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Twin Flame Heart Chakra Pain | From Heartbreak to Healed

Greetings Twin Flame Lover, Hi, I’m Dr Amanda Noelle the Twin Flame Matchmaker….

Has your heart been splattered, like TOTALLY shattered!? There is nothing worse than letting a past heartbreak haunt your life, and negatively impacting your dating game.

A traumatized heart chakra can not only sabotage a woman’s love life, it can infect her health, wealth, and all areas of life as well.

But the good news is that you can always heal the past, and a healed heart chakra is what magnetizes love in all of its divine forms!

So let me ask you the following.

Does your heart desire one or more of the following:

  • Your Twin Flame or sacred union with your ultimate beloved?
  • Deep, nourishing Soul Family connections?
  • Your fully expressed soul purpose, one that contributes to the greater good of our planet?
  • More abundance and financial prosperity?
  • A blissful business (what I call a “bli$$ness”) or work you love?
  • And perhaps most of all: a deep connection to your Divine Creator?

My darling friend, you deserve an abundance of love in all of these avenues…

And guess what: You can have it all.

All it takes is an upgraded, healed, and whole heart chakra. No more bullet holes!

I love helping smart conscious women heal and reveal the hurts in their hearts, and turn them back into Twin Flame Love.

And I can SO relate! I myself suffered from chronic broken-heart pain for several decades… That’s why healing the heart is now my #1 soul purpose and one of my strongest soul medicines!

Being heartbroken can be just as bad as Japanese water torture… 

Why? Because the anterior cingulate cortex, an area of your brain that lights up when you’re physically in pain, is the exact same area that lights up when you suffer from heartbreak.

Research from Purdue University, Macquarie University, and the University of New South Wales found that people experience emotional pain as worse or even stronger than physical pain!

Heartbreak isn’t to be glossed over… If you’ve been through one, it serves you to deal with it and heal it now. The energy can manifest as breast lumps, cysts, cancer, and heart disease. For both men and women, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death.

While men can just as easily go through heartbreak and suffer, I have witnessed from my own experience and that of my clients that women often struggle with this area more than men do. According to Harvard University Heart attacks strike men at younger ages than women. But survival rates are worse in women.

I believe that heart, lung, and breast issues are a reflection of the 4th chakra blocks caused by heartbreak that are rampant in our society.

On top of this, women are programmed to energetically take on pain from men. We do this instinctively with our children, absorbing grief into our heart chakra area. In Chinese medicine the organ associated with the emotion grief is the lungs. I see this as a gray energy in the 4th chakra of so many of my clients.  This energy needs to be cleared in order for your Twin Flame to discover, feel, and help you fully heal your heart.

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But it gets even gloomier.

Unfortunately, if you’ve been through a bad heartbreak, you’re at high risk for another one… Research from Brown University has shown that if you experience a breakup, the likeliness of a second breakup increases by 75%!

According to Erica Slotter, a psychology Ph.D. candidate at Northwestern University:

“We know that relationships change the way we think about ourselves. When a relationship ends, that sense of self ends.”

Heartbreaks can only stop when we do the work it takes to prevent them from happening again.

So sister, if you’re doing things to distract yourself from the heart pain, hoping it will go away in time, I am here to remind you to jump on the healing bus so you can return your heart to a 4th chakra aligned vibration.

I am here to help you to STOP attracting unnecessary heartbreaks, and start attracting an abundance of fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life that reflect your beauty, bliss, and love.

But I get how painful and tricky it can be.

My name Amanda literally means “Beloved,” and I have fought to learn how to be loved! I used to be a love addict, getting heartbroken all the time by all the wrong people…

Not just by men either! Even friendships would suddenly blow up in my face–I’ve been stood up in every way imaginable.

Before I dealt with my heart chakra abandonment issues, I even got stood up by money BIG TIME. I stagnated at a 4-figure salary for around a decade.

Deep down, my heart was encoded with “I am unlovable” and “I am not good enough,” which I too commonly see within my clients and fans.

Still, my heartbreak syndrome was intense, isolating, embarrassing, and I was starting to feel hopeless.

Why did love deceive me so often, when all I wanted to do was love and be loved?!

That’s why I devoted myself to cracking the code to true love.

My angels and guides started sharing Aphrodite’s magic with me… Higher councils taught me how to clear the heart chakra, open up the feminine gateways, and download the Money Codes of Isis…

I was also taught how to awaken my sacred sexuality, and that my Sacred Chalice is meant to be a Divine portal of Twin Flame Love.

How do you know when love is real?

It hurts when we invest our love in all the wrong places.

There’s nothing worse than being disappointed by those we love, and whom we think love us back…

These types of heartbreaks can also break our love bank accounts.

But is there some type of litmus test we can take to tell if someone is real love vs a Twin Flame Counterfeit?

The reason I have been successful in calling in my Twin Flame, someone I love and adore who feel the same way about me (most of the time), is that I learned to get smart with my heart.

I am so happy to say that, today I have the MOST AMAZING TWIN FLAME UNION, a partner who honors, adores, and even worships the goddess in me.

Are you ready for deep love reflected back through the Ultimate Divine Mirror?

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Women hire my help because they are tired of suffering from the intense, harrowing, perhaps even ancient heart breaks.

They let me help them clear out the endless pain, devastation, and sense of hopelessness so they can move on into Twin Flame Love.

The heartbreaks have been inside them for lifetimes, through ancestral lineage held through the epigenetics, and perhaps even heartbreaks from ancient past lives, such as times in Greece, floods in Atlantis, and dark histories in Egypt.

Usually when women are holding onto energy from past lives and ancestry, these heartbreaks are deep, and can corrupt the energy field. They create a disruption of the Law of Attraction, making it hard to attract what your heart truly desires and deserves. Meaning that if she’s attempting to attract money or her beloved, or anything that truly matters, it’s going to call in the wrong thing until the wounds are released or healed.

If you have weird stuck heartbreak patterns, they’ll repel true love coming to you in the form of: dating, relationships, money, your soul purpose, or truly anything that matters… Don’t delay

Click the link here for “From Heartbreak to Heart BREAKTHROUGH trainings!” to create lasting relationships with the right partner that you can grow and nurture for life, or at least for years.

How do you know if your love is the right investment?  

You simply feel it in your heart!

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It turns out that a healed heart attracts quality love. An unhealed heartbreak calls in distortion and disappointment, misleading our soul to believe that we’re unworthy of love, one of life’s biggest potential lies.

You are worthy of love, and you can become the lover of all loves, and attract a Twin Flame Mirror. You can heal your heart, but it takes work. If you have experienced slight or even sever heartbreak in your past, it’s time to free your soul and heal yourself so you can call in all the love you want.

A Radiant Heart Always Calls in More Love

Remember, your happy and vibrant green, pink, and gold-colored heart chakra energy is what calls in yummy, whole, and nurturing love relationships. And if you’re an entrepreneur it’s what calls in raving Soulmate Clients, fans, friends, and opportunities… For you lovers out there, it’s the #1 place you’ll need to unblock in order to call in your Twin Flame.

Don’t be ashamed if you have been single and struggling, and if you have  been magnetizing partners who manipulate, mislead, or misalign with your brilliance.  Do not settle for less! Your love life can explode once you realign a heart chakra that’s been broken or shut off. A clogged heart only attracts persecution, those who mistrust us, and those with cold-hearted love. I know you don’t want that!

A woman’s broken heart blueprint can quickly be shifted, but it takes some work.

When you shift your heart break, when it comes to finding love, it’s always easy to tell if it’s the real deal or not!

If you don’t know how to read the difference between a real soul connection and just plain karma, and it’s hard to run your bli$$ness and life with pleasure, try out the home study program for just $33 for a limited time only.

Twin Flame Love resides in all things. It’s the harmonized love between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects.

We all have wounding which is why we need our mentors and teachers for support, and I got you girl!

You deserve the REAL DEAL.

It can be tricky to rewire your heart/brain/pussy on your own, which is why I am honored to offer my support to you.

While I know this or any program won’t instantly or totally fix your love life, or business, or soul sister connections, it will absolutely help you tune into your own unique heart chakra vibration of TRUE Twin Flame Love to create miracles...

By learning the signs of healthy love, you can call in a tribe of like-hearted, kindred spirits who do want to support you. Love you. And deeply connect…

Thanks for healing your gorgeous heart and soul.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Namaste, Amanda

PS: A woman may quite possibly die of a broken heart, so don’t delay on the healing process…find out what you can do to heal your heart here.

What Is Feminine Energy?

Ten Ways to Boost Your Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is a powerful healing energy that allows us to open to receiving. Feminine, referred to as yin energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is an energy that tends to be more calm, compassionate, and caring.

Without the feminine, we’re in trouble...

Everyone--both men and women--have masculine or feminine energy, and that these energies must be balanced. Many people, even women, are lacking feminine energy (or are hiding their feminine side) in the overly-masculine world.

In the modern world, women are expected to be more nurturing, soft, and beautiful while being successful and sexy. We’re expected to be mothers and CEO, romantics and leaders. The past history where women were once suppressed is crumbling as women quickly break the chains. We are calling out old behaviors, creating #metoomovements, and are stepping away from the patriarchy.

Truly, the feminine is rising.

3 Terrific Tips to Love Your Titties!

3 Terrific Tips to Love Your Titties!

Isn’t it time you started loving your breasts?  Breasts frame the heart-chakra and are the symbol of Divine Feminine nurturing, giving, and receiving of pleasure. 

Boobs: you only get two of them in each lifetime.

Might as well love the pair you got. They are sacred life-giving, nurturing, and soft. Here are the three top tips to turn breast-shame into breast love and enlightenment so that your heart chakra and your breasts can realign at the Divine Feminine Love Twin Flame frequencies.

Goddesses, you have been brainwashed by a patriarchal fear-mongering media that thrived on your self-hatred, but you are free now to love yourself and to forgive. The breasts hold onto memory, emotion, and toxins, but once cleared are free and happy girls! These are three tips to help you fall in love with your terrific tatas once again:

1) The breast massage ever!

Massage your breasts with this or another loving elixir:
1 tablespoon coconut oilbreast self-esteem 3 drops each: rose, grapefruit, frankincense, and cypress

Massage benefits you by:
-celebrating your body brings your breasts joy
-moving lymph and toxins reduces cancer risk
-tissues will become stimulated to produce collagen, making your girls perkier, longer
-your breasts will be fuller and firmer, so it’s a light natural breast-lift over time

You can watch this breast massage wellness video for instruction on how to massage your lovely lady lumps:

Lymphatic Health and your Breasts - Part 3 - Breast Massage Technique

2) Talk to your tatas!

I know it sounds strange, but talking to your breasts will give you answers. Ask your tatas questions, and they will respond. If you have had body image issues, ask your breasts what that’s about, and how they can assist you. Ask them what they need. Dialoguing with your body will bring you profound answers that no doctor can tell you!

3) Celebrate your boobs through breast voyeurism.

Look at (and maybe even feel?) other women’s breasts in a celebratory way. Look at yours too, and toast to them with a cup of red wine, or better yet, green tea, which is a cancer-reducer.

Women can get arrested for going topless. It must mean that women’s breasts are a threat to society, right? Are they really that dangerous if they gave us life early on?  So bad that they should be kept indoors and covered up besides in the changing room and in front of our husbands? Oh boy, if only women made the laws, we’d have International Titty Day at least twice a year (one for each boob!).  Every woman loves to look at other women’s breasts, it’s a little known fact because no one talks about it. But the bottom line is that everyone loves breasts, they’re awesome! Newsflash, breasts aren’t evil, they’re amazing!

Perhaps if we rewrote the laws and started celebrating the way we looked, we wouldn’t be tempted to chop open our nipples, pack in silly-cone or other materials to fake it like we’re Barbie Dolls?

overcoming self-hatred

Start complimenting yourself and other women’s breasts of people you know will ‘get it.’ My childhood friend Tasha and I used to play dress up and I was embarrassed because I didn’t have boobs yet.  20 years later, we had a moment of body image confession and tears, and she told me that I had fabulous breasts. I swear that I have healed my breast shame since then, and have stopped fantasizing about getting implants or a breast lift. Yes, body image issues affected me too, especially as a teen. I hated the way my girls looked, and I have struggled with body dysmorphic disorder. People think it’s funny because I have ‘normal breasts’ and they are 32Ds, but I still have my moment where I want to trade them in for perkier perfect Barbie Boobs too! I still have the American brainwashed girl inside who read too many 17 Magazines once upon a time.

Noticing that every woman is beautiful, unique, asymmetrical, different than you in many ways. We have been told to shut up and put our shirts on, and cover up our amazing mammary glands – our Mama Mary glands of the Divine Mother. What’s up with this? I am sure Jesus would have loved to see his mother and his lovely lady Mary Magdalene’s sacred bosom displayed on temple/church walls worldwide. Don’t you?


Let’s release the Playboy Bunny pressure to be perky double DDs…It’s impossible to be that without the help of a surgeon and that’s a lot of money, risky, and even has killed some women in the process or gotten many sick from infection and silicone poisoning. What if we did plastic surgery on the culture instead and went back to au-natural breasts with a new mindset of celebrating the Divine Feminine?

Lots of love and light.

Good boob job ladies!

Dr Amanda Noelle



Dr. Amanda Noelle is a Twin Flame Matchmaker and founder of Aphrodite University, helping High-Healed Priestesses step into their power so they can create new paradigms of love and light!