Twin Flame 11/11 and The DNA Activation of 11/12/13

Twin Flame 11/11 and The DNA Activation of 11/12/13

What Is the Significance of 11/12/13?

For 11/12/13 there is a progression. The digits when added up: 11/12/13 = 2,3,4 which is a vibration of linear flow. The 11/12/13 date helps to clear and heal shame around the masculine. It will help you harmonize the masculine structures: money, business, structure of your relationships, legal arrangements, housing etc.  A clearing or burning at this time is an ideal way to release the old and bring in the new Divine Masculine alignment.

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Sacred Snake and the Rise of Kundalini

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Sacred sexuality expressed through Twin Flame union is one of the fastest pathways to tantric bliss and spiritual awakening. Kundalini is primal Universe God/Goddess energy that rises and falls up and down the spine in a wavelike motions from Divine Father cosmos and Mother Earth Gaia.  These yin-yang energies drop from Father Sky and rise from Mother Earth, and mate within us in the spine and chakra centers, through electro and biomagnetic fields within our spine and spinal fluid.

The 11 is also represented through the spines of the Sacred Union lovers.  The kundalini rises up not only like an S, but spirals up like the DNA spiral, connecting the spines of the Twin Flame Lovers. Truly, it is the weaving of all chakras held within the spine, back and forth, back and forth, between the lovers that allows the 11 – parallel lovers – to become 1.  So, in a sense, 1+1=1, so the 2 disappears; thus in a sense 2 becomes a 0, as two Twin Flame Lovers create a Zero Point Union.  Also, 1+1 can = 3, in the sense that two lovers coming together create a sacred third energy of Divine Union Love, and even conception of a child is possible.  So, 2012’s 11/11 is like a numeric orgy, holding all sorts of magical potentials where the reflection of 2 becomes both zero and one.  When duality becomes infinity and emptiness, we know we have arrived at a celestial stairway to Heaven!  Indeed, the date of 11/11 can be a powerful kundalini activator for Twin Flame couples, or for those calling in their Twin Flame, when used with intention in meditation.

I recommend incorporating sacred sexuality or sacred sensuality into your ritual in some way on 11/11, and whether or not you peak into orgasmic bliss, allow an orgasmic 11 energy to ride up your spine in a Twin Flame Love meditation.

Benefitting From the 11-11 Frequencies

Twin Flame 11/12/13

The potentials of 11/11 expand through intention, passion, and ritual.  The more you intentionally tap into the potentials of 11/11 or 2012, the more it becomes real.  Belief is powerful, especially thorugh the collective unconscious, even through the dream space.  It is no wonder that societies create societal beliefst together, such as group fears, devestations, or triumphs.

Over the past 5,000+ years, there has been a distorted consciousnesses on Gaia that has blocked our true nature as humans to love from the Divine Feminine and Twin Flame perspectives. These energies have been very deeply entrenched into our culture, political and social systems, philosophies and psychologies. They have taken out the Goddess from the temple until now. They are anything but true. We are awakening. The Divine Feminine is rising. The time is now, to awaken the crystalline alignment, the Christ-Magdalene consciousness within to create our Heaven-on-Earth blissssss!

The 11/11 portals opening are allowing our real Twin Flame relationship potential to replace these patterns. It holds natural Aphrodisiac Awakening or Aphrodite Awakening energy which is the powerful Feminine energy flowing through the kundalini channels awakening the Masculine.

As we are here to align with Divine Truth, 11/11 holds the medicine for triumph over issues such as:

  • Codependency
  • Feelings of loneliness, emptiness
  • Addictive patterns, love addiction
  • Being addicted to being a love-savior to everyone but yourself
  • The belief that only a certain chosen population can have a Twin Flame
  • Consciousness that you as an Earth Angel aren’t allowed to have your Twin Flame
  • Mentality that the happiness from Twin Flame coupling is greedy
  • Self-negation rather than self-love
  • Distorted, disharmonious, energies on Earth

For most of us, our ability to find our “other half” has been deactivated for thousands of years. Yet in 2012, especially on the 11/11 awakening, we will feel this paradigm being shifted and repaired to one that reflects the Sacred.    For the Dark Forces (truly, our own shadowy consciousness) that has controlled the Earth for millennia, has fallen, and the Twin Flame Divine Reality is our birthright.

Twin Flame 11/12/13 and DNA

You hold the 11/11 patterns within you.  In fact the codex of your DNA is based on the 11, or the Roman numeral of II, which is a distorted version or limited version of the 11.  The two strands of DNA that we are given are meant to be aligned so they become 1, then 2, then eventually 11 and 12. 11/12/13 will thus be a day of bringing the Light vibration of the DNA to the lower density of the 3rd dimension on Earth. The 11, 12, 13 represents flow, change, and steady transmutation.  It also bridges the 1 and the 3 through oneness versus bi-polarity.  So Oneness of the universe is intrinsically connected to the duality and third dimensions on Earth as represented through 11/12/13. We are transmuting the fear-based paradigm existing within our DNA and the collective and transforming it into love.  You may feel an increased amount of fear and worry come up before and after 11/12/13, but don’t worry, your angels are adjusting you and are on it!

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DNA is in fact simply a code of consciousness, it is a reflection of your consciousness.  You have as many strands as you are holding through your consciousness, and this can always be changed. It is malleable.

You do not have to worry, Twin Flame seekers, there is nothing to do in specific on 11/11. Becoming aware of the energy and being open to it with intention is a great idea! However, it can bring in a fun passionate excitement that con expedite your Twin Flame Love arrival.  The ray of energy is meant to serve, excite, and inspire you on the the 11/11, 11:11, and 11/12/13 in 2013!

Twin Flame Frequencies Arose Once Again on 11/11/13

Perhaps you noticed a slight, subtle, or even extreme elevation of  energies for your Twin Flame/Twin Soul soulmate that happened on 11/11/11, or 11/11/13?  I know I did, and feel it very slightly every year so much that 11/11 has become one of my favorite holidays (holy days!).

Two years back, on 11/11, I went to celebrate the Twin Flame energies on Bali, and was invited to a very special Twin Flame wedding. My beautiful, successful, tall, stunning blond Aussie friend, Anna, betrothed her Balinese Twin Flame, Budi. He is a few inches shorter and a few years younger than she is, and with a beautiful heart. They are adorable together. The unlikely couple met a few years ago while Budi was driving her around as a taxi driver on the back of his scooter. It was love at first sight, and though the odds were against this pair, the Twin Flame Love vibrations between them were so palpable that they’ve made it work. Lucky for me, their Divine Union brought me the perfect excuse to return to Bali to enjoy Balinese barbecue, wedding cake, and chocolate eclairs on the same day, while witnessing a true Twin Flame Union. It was a beautiful celebration, and I’ll never forget what a Twin Flame marriage is like in Bali. Another interesting synchronicity there was that a month before the wedding, I had a premonition of an earthquake which happened the next morning! It was a huge 5.5 earthquake that shook us for nearly a minute. Surprisingly, I went from trauma to kundalini rising bliss, reached my hands up to the sky, and thanked God for the powerful kundalini activation I was getting.

The energetic boosts have come again this year through the representation of number eleven on 11/11 and 11:11. 2013 is a special year, following the 2012 Shift year (12/21/2012 end of the Mayan Calendar, and the rise of the Divine Feminine – you can read more about it in my previous blog about 2012 as a Twin Flame number). We are seeing that 2013 holds a new vibration of energy on the planet for Twin Flame opportunity represented by independence woven with an interdependent whole.

You Are One With The One

So, what does 11:11 mean? Eleven represents two separate lineages of independent ones: for unity of two separate bodies standing parallel, side by side units that create the whole.  Thus, 11s represent the paradox of separation vs. Oneness. It also represents the kundalini energy and Twin Flame energies merging. As the Feminine is juxtaposed by the Masculine, Left by Right, and Spirit by Body/Earth, on 11/11 or at the 11:11, the veil becomes thin between the worlds. Cutting through the veil of Illusion, we see that there is no separation, that we are all one. It’s all good!  It’s all God…It’s all Oneness!

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Sacred Geometry of 11/11

It is through the sacred geometry of 11 11 that we feel harmonic frequencies.  Of balance, of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and of Heaven and Earth.  It is through the sacred geometrical nature of 11 11 that an ancient and Divine nature of pure love is discovered. 11/11 is the energetics of the independence and interdependence coming together that create the Zero Point.

It’s About Connection and Upgrading to Higher Levels of Consciousness

11/11 and 11:11 bring in frequencies of opportunities for us to connect with Oneness.  Though it is always time to feel this sense of Oneness, there is a collective upgrading on 11/11 through the subconscious. When we are conscious of the subconscious possibilities of the 11/11 or 11:11 sacred geometries, these potentials expand. The date of 11/11 holds particular vibrations that will activate you with your Higher Self through the purest forms of Twin Flame Love.

Dr Amanda Noelle



Dr. Amanda Noelle is a Twin Flame Matchmaker who spiritually aligns single stellar women with their Twin Flames and Starchildren.