Hey Guys!

I was just pondering…What are the eternal souls of Jesus and Magdalene up to these days, and if they were alive today, what would they be doing in their relationship, purposes, and life? In this article, I will do my best to answer these questions through my channeled guidance.

Growing up as an agnostic liberal in Berkeley, CA in a small mainly Jewish private school, I was almost anti-Christian. But then, last year, I experienced soul awakening; I became passionately in love with Christ.

And it still shocks me.

Crazy, huh? Not only because I despised organized religions, but also because my whole life I’d judged Christians for being so uptight with their sexuality and repressed moral systems.

My Christ-Magdalene awakening happened with a plant medicine journey.  I was intuitively guided to take a sip of a magical elixir made of mushroom tea, whilst on a magical island near Bali, and on this journey I became Mary Magdalene.

It was so real.

In my journey, I experienced being rejected, raped, and defiled by a dark elite order that wanted to stop the Twin Flames from uniting, and who activated a series of trauma codes in the root and second chakra of Mary Magdalene, which would interrupt her from her Twin Flame Union for many lifetimes.

Today, I feel that the marriage of Magdalene and Yeshua is finally ready to happen; and this time, they’re doing it through a larger body of souls–through us. If you are reading this, you have a soul contract with the Christ-Magdalene Codes.  You may be a highly loving being who is here to resurrect the Twin Flame Union. Maybe you have been struggling, hurt, anxious, and fearful that it will never happen. That the two Beloveds will never unite, preventing the Kingdom/Queendom of Heaven on Earth form being realized.

Or maybe you are a naysayer who likes the chaos and darkness, and for that we thank you, for darkness is the perfect earthen canvas upon which Heaven on Earth needs to be birthed.

Mary Magdalene and Yeshua are the Twin Flame avatars that reside within us. They are the archetype of love above, and they need to get grounded within us.

The first steps are here:

  1. Begin to believe that Twin Flame Love is possible for you and all beings who desire it
  2. Work on healing yourself and mastering self-love
  3. Take massive action in your life to live on soul purpose
  4. Heal your relationship with your root chakra, and align it with your upper chakras
  5. Learn to make money from your spiritual gifts
  6. Contribute your gifts both financial and in service to creating Heaven on Earth
  7. Live in ecstatic bliss, heal sexual blocks, and forgive past karmas