I was at the park today, a typical mid-day on a Monday, throwing my dog her ball. Two moms were sitting in the grass with their kids and I overheard one of them say to the other, “Reality hit. I have to get a job now.” I felt a sour feeling in my tummy and I realized that I hate hearing when people say they have to do something they don’t want to do. It hurts my heart. Here are the three reasons why I hated hearing why someone “had to” get a job, and why I don’t think it’s necessarily true!

People can make double the money or more working for themselves


Though there is more risk initially involved, once your business is set up and rolling, you make more cash as a self-employed woman versus being employed by da’ man. In fact, according to an international Institute for the Study of Labor, graduates who choose the entrepreneurial path make 50% more income over and above “employees.” Don’t know about you, but I prefer setting my own hours, goals, and earning twice as much. 

Why in the heck do people think that getting a job is ‘safe’ or more stable anyway?

So, if we get to make double (and more) being self-employed, why doesn’t the majority of the population go entrepreneurial? I think it’s because we have a deep history of being kept as slaves, serfs, and even prostitutes, and this ancestral karma needs fixin’. I reckon that deep in our subconscious, we hold the memory bestowed by the Illuminati, Annunaki, and other various forms of ourselves that have a creepy mafia vibe that tells us to “Shut the f$ck up and keep working.” So we do, and we don’t question the system or even see the darkness of the system because we’ve been so stuck in it for so long. 

It’s time to break free from the fear that has threatened the lives of your ancestors and self in the past

Sure, there are perks to working for a company. Maybe you want to work in an office with other innovative young people, or maybe you want to get ‘free training’ while working for another company. But I say that you can get nearly all of these perks working for yourself if you go slightly out of your way. For instance, if you feel too isolated in your biz, you can sign up as a member at a ‘work hub,’ or community office space where space and rent and community intentions are shared. Or, you can create group classes, live events, and retreats.

thumb-2Who really likes having a boss anyway? Maybe it’s the daddy figure you never had (or mommy)? And who says jobs are even safe or stable or guaranteed with all the lay offs that happen these days. You can always hire guidance, coaches, consultants, or take classes on something in your industry. You don’t have to get trained by someone who owns you financially, silly!

Call me judgmental, but I’d say that the average bear is just making excuses while slightly or majorly suffering while working at a ‘safe’ company, but deep down everyone wants her own freedom.  Maybe it’s my bias because I have always hated working for other people and when I finally set up my successful 6-figure BLI$$ness it felt like I was born. I personally think that setting up your own online business can grow faster and be more lucrative than searching for a job, if you have a hot skill that can be the solution to someone’s problem or pain.  For instance, when I launched my career as a Twin Flame Matchmaker, I made $3,000 my first month because people needed to meet their Beloved and get over Twin Flame Counterfeit heartache (which I specialize on).

The reason people get jobs is usually due to a self-esteem issue developed in childhood


What stops so many people, especially women, from rocking their 6-figure BLI$$ness? I say it is low self-esteem that seeps into the subconscious. People who grow up in entrepreneurial families often don’t have this issue. We often grow up with money blueprints and employment blueprints given to us from our parents from their parents, etc. that cause us to think that we have to settle for less in the career arena.  The reality is, in my opinion, everyone who has internet and a computer and a brain and a heart can create a successful 6-figure BLI$$ness working 3-days a week or less. You just have to be aligned with your soul purpose, and a good marketing plan. And until we clear this low self-esteem out of ourselves and our ancestors, we can’t start thinking like a 6-figure BLI$$ness woman, and taking action like one.

Here’s a video to help you clear the fear of being self-employed and to cut out the BS (belief systems!):

[fvplayer src=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-toirX4QurU’]

Also, if you haven’t read the blog yet, Going from Starving Hippie Chick to Hip n’ Chic High Priestess Business Owner, it will give you an idea of how I went from earning 4-figures in my 20s to earning 6-figures within 2 years.

So I totally get it if you have to pay the bills this week and you found yourself in a pinch, and you wanna sign up for a J-O-B so you can sleep with a roof over your head. But don’t get stuck there out of fear, self-esteem blocks, or old paradigm BS (belief systems!) because you really don’t have to be.

I love your power, I love your magic, I love your BIG spirit. You can do it. If I could, so can you…


Dr Amanda Noelle



Dr. Amanda Noelle is a Twin Flame Matchmaker and BLI$$ness Coach, and she is the founder of Aphrodite University, helping women become 7-figure BLI$$ness women who heal the planet.