How Do you Know if he’s Your Twin Flame? 3 Telltale Signs and Tips to Tell

How Do you Know if he’s Your Twin Flame? 3 Telltale Signs and Tips to Tell

These signs and tips will save you tons of time, headache, and heartache in the dating game, so listen up sexy goddess!

This article is for you if you’re a woman on a fast-track Twin Flame path. You’re either currently dating, or you are currently waiting… preparing for the right moment to strike, for you to find yourself for your ultimate love.

At this point, you’ve probably dated some very possible-yesses, some definite ‘question marks,’ and a drove of heck-nos too!

But by the time you finish reading this blog, you’ll be able to discern what’s Divine Partner material, and what’s just fluffy false Twin Flame stuff.

Make no mistake and pay attention! You’re reading the right words here if:

  • You found this blog, you read the title and you kept on reading!
  • You’re a hopeless romantic who always seeks true love, but you always end up with the wrong type of guy. Yet you still don’t know what the right type for you is!
  • You found someone you think might be your Twin Flame, but you still can’t tell.
  • You keep going crazy in circles trying to determine if it’s the real thing: “He is. No he isn’t. He is, no he isn’t, etc….” and you just want clarity!
  • You’ve been so burnt by past poor judgement and self-esteem blocks. You still don’t trust yourself to know if someone is the one, or if it will only explode in your face again!

Glad you’re here smart sister. I’m here to help!

So, you’re on the market to meet your Twin Flame. You’re looking for your dream guy, and you aren’t willing to settle. Good for you!

How to tell if he's your Twin Flame

Yet you feel like you’ve already scoped out every single single man in town, seen and frowned upon every dating profile in your radius (except for those few hot ones who never messaged you back), and you’ve searched nearly every corner of the globe for your long-lost soulmate.

And still, you are empty handed OR you’re with someone but you’re just not sure… And that’s the worst, because who wants to be in a so-so settling-for-less relationship? Not you, I know YOU want to be with your Twin Flame, because now is your time. And you know that the Universe gifted you this life to celebrate to the fullest so why not!?

But never fear! Because the party has just begun.

You Know He’s Your Twin Flame If…

Sign #1: Smart Love and Seeing Potential

Your head tells you no but your heart says yes, AND rationally things still look pretty good.

This one sounds confusing. Hear me out. I’ve worked with thousands of Twin Flame seeking women to help them call in the one, and I have heard it all. But the main thing I hear over and over again from my clients and fans who attract the real deal is that he or she was not what they were expecting.

The cool thing is, these divine surprises are fun.

And the real women I meet tell me that their true Twin Flame turns out to be way better than they could’ve imagined. Still, there is some shock when they meet their mate, because that person didn’t fit the list that they’d written and had been writing for years.

Where this rule does NOT apply is where your head says one thing, your heart says another, and you make dumb decisions to go after someone who is not (a) healthy for you, (b) committed to you and to partaking in a conscious relationship, or (c) you’re trying to escape being abandoned by someone who doesn’t fully accept all of you (and that seemingly makes it ‘hot’ to you).

Here’s a tip: ask yourself, is he good for me? Does he have potential for growth? Is he truly ready to commit?  If the answer is no for now, then move on and find someone who is all of these things to you.

Sign #2: Signs of Eternal Love

You fall in love AND you love each other, and you’re ready to commit!

Sometimes it takes ups and downs, and everyone can get caught up in the Twin Flame Runner phase. But ideally you can pass through this phase in the first six months.

Here are some typical Twin Flame patterns I see –

At two months into the relationship, you can’t imagine not being with each other. You spend all of your time together and you feel so at home, it’s crazy!

At six months into the relationship you and Mr. Wonderful pass the tests of fear and abandonment, Next, at 12 months, you’re a YES. You’re either engaged or talking about life-long commitment.

OK, everyone is different, there are not solid time-rules, but if you’re a year into it and you’re still not sure, either (a) let’s talk because you need my help, or (b) really ask yourself why you’re not ready to commit yet!

There’s no rush, but if you’re waiting forever for a commitment and no one is discussing future plans, you might not have a future.

twin flame attributesSign #3: You Have a Hard Love-Worker

OK this is a great sign… You know you are with your Twin Flame if you have attracted a man who can work hard at relationships.

Even better sign if you have a partner who works as hard as he works in his career as he does on his spiritual path and at his relationship…with YOU!

You’re in a true Divine Partnership when your Beloved sticks with it no matter what, even when the going gets tough.

He works with the presence of Spirit especially when the times get ugly and hard. He doesn’t have to be Jesus or have it all figured out, but he must be able to work hard within the heart, the emotions, and intimacy.

When you have a sacred special connection a person, it’s not enough alone. Adult Twin Flame Love requires practice, hard work, and commitment. You don’t just count on the sacred bond itself to save you–that’s a novice move!

As a spiritual master of love, you count on yourselves and you choose your partner wisely! You work hard to evolve, grow, learn, and shift the planet together. You make sure you’ve selected a partner who not only can keep up with you, he can keep things up for you. He plays his part too.

Commitment takes work, but it should be fun work with loads of sexy ‘perks’ for instance.

True Twin Flames don’t give up on each other when there’s funk, like a childhood pattern to be healed, an abuse energy that rears its ugly head, and if a hardship hits, you both work through it.

If you’ve found someone who is willing to roll up his sleeves and do the work, no matter how crappy and sloppy it looks at times, you got yourself a good man.

I learned this one the hard way. I encountered some bad luck with a Twin Flame Counterfeit and I attributed this bad luck to our breakup. But as it turns out, TRUE Twin Flames work on their shit, and never leave each other just because they can’t deal!

I hope you learned something from these three Twin Flame signs.

twin flame loveYou Create Your Twin Flame

In a sense, you are the one who births your Twin Flame. This person is simply a mirror to the love that you create within.

Stick to the path of self-healing, self-empowerment, and soul purpose, and you’ll quickly align with your Divine Partner for sure.

Truly, here is no one outside of yourself; your Twin Flame is simply a mirror that you are shining your love upon, that returns itself to you!