When I melted down the other night like a COMPLETE CRAZY WOMAN for the umpteenth time in the past few weeks, Jack just held me in his arms and said:

“I got you Babe.”

When he said this, I melted into his arms.

As you may know, my dad was in the hospital for 10 days, and death seemed nearby.  Just when he seemed to start showing improvements, he ended up back in the hospital again with strange symptoms and severe pain.

That’s when I lost it!

Sometimes you can’t keep your shit together–even when you’re a sexy High-Healed Priestess–we’re not meant to! Thank God/dess I have a man who can handle ALL of me.

Girl, I want this for you. I want you to have your neo2 review Twin Flame who sticks by you, defends you from demons, and lays his life on the line to love you.

Believe me–it wasn’t always this way for me. I used to date men where I had to always have my sh*t together to keep them happy; not easy for a highly emotional, highly sensitive woman with soul.

I pleased and pleased and pleased them, tried to keep ’em, but in the end they’d leave me for another woman. It was frustrating. It wasn’t until I got older and wiser that I realized there were some hard patterns that I’d have to break in order to attract my Beloved.

I had to raise my standards like crazy in order to have what I wanted, and to start loving myself first.

I say STOP dating men who don’t hold you like a baby when you’re down!

Start searching for your Twin Flame who will be there with you to bear through the pain with you, or at least be there by your side with you.

Here are 5 signs you’re dating the wrong guy (or gal), and 5 signs that you’re with your Twin Flame.

5 Signs of True Twin Flame Love, in Sickness and in Health:

  1. When the shit hits the fan, your man does whatever it takes to stay around and resolve the issue
  2. He can handle your raw emotion without blaming you or himself for the ocean waves!
  3. YOU can handle your own raw emotion without blaming you or himself for not handling your ocean waves
  4. You are great communicators and problem solvers together
  5. You are willing to do work, and invest in therapy/healing and the time that it takes to heal

5 Signs of a Soon to Be Twin Flame Runner:

  1. When things get intense, you lash out at each other and become the victim of the scenario
  2. You blame your pain on each other, and throw sticks and stones at each other
  3. You are capable of maturely expressing your needs and emotions while not putting them on your partner
  4. Relationships where you have to be “perfect” to get love, where you overgive or can’t reveal all sides of yourself
  5. Conditional love where you can’t have melt downs, illness, or Dark Nights of the Soul together

twin flame coupleDon’t toy with your heart, find your precious love who can fully nourish you through thick and thin. Be brave enough to test the relationship, even at the beginning a little bit.  Let this person know your true colors.  You can even cut to the chase and tell him, “I am a highly emotional sensitive woman–can you handle that?”

Still single? Interview your potential partners without shame. It will save both of you time!  Go ahead and ask questions and express even the scared and vulnerable sides of yourself. The key here is to build a real relationship platform.

Seek a conscious partner who can communicate openly, share his fears, doubts, and ‘weak points’ openly, so that you can work together and grow the relationship!