What Is Twin Flame Love?

What Is Twin Flame Love?

Maybe you’ve heard of the Twin Flame Theory…Perhaps you have a solid understanding or believe of what a Twin Flame relationship is…

And it could be that you are happily single, but getting closer to understanding what Twin Flames are, or perhaps you’ve entered into a special union and you want to learn more about what your soul has called in…

Or maybe you’re as lost and clueless as I was about Twin Flames several years back, before I became obsessed with Twin Flames, and with finding mine.

This article goes beyond the aspect of defining “What is a Twin Flame?” as I have defied in other articles and Twin Flame videos. In this blog, I attempt to define the concept of Twin Flame Love, and share my viewpoint on how Twin Flame Love enters the Twin Flame Union.

It is my hope that this short post will help you understand, call in, and awaken your Twin Flame Love partnership like I did, so you can have a heart that is fully satiated, and so that you can give back to the planet and live on soul purpose!

So, What Is Twin Flame Love?

Twin Flame Love is a Source Energy that holds an energetic alignment of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine polarities.

Essentially, Twin Flame Love is a type of divine or heart-balanced energy that can be channeled into all areas of life.

It’s where Divine Feminine Love is aligned with Divine Masculine Light.

Or as I put it, FLAME = Feminine Love Aligned with Masculine Energy

See below where I define what is feminine and masculine energy in the section, “Twin Flame Energy and the Yin Yang Theory.”


Let’s Look at Twin Flame Alchemy

Let’s talk about Twin Flame energy and how this aligns with ancient alchemical principles.

In the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, which is a short occult work, it states the well-known phrase: As above, so below, as within.” 

Or, in accuracy, the actual statement was: That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.”

This means that the microcosm is oneself, and the macrocosm is the universe… where macrocosm (the Universe) is as the microcosm (the Youniverse) and vice versa. Thus, each lies within the other like a yin-yang symbol with smaller yin-yangs inside. 

By understanding one’s self (the Youniverse microcosm) a beloved may understand the macrocosm universe, and understand the other beings inside of it, including one’s Twin Flame.

Thus, if we apply this principle to understand Twin Flame Love, we realize that to align with Twin Flame Love, we must align with the love of the universe, which is composed of two polar energies, which is the Yin and Yang or Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies…

Twin Flame Energy and the Yin Yang Theory

I used to be a student of Traditional Chinese Healing, and in the tradition it is thought that everything in the universe is composed of Divine Feminine (yin) and Divine Masculine (yang) energies that balance out each other through polarity.

Here are the general qualities of yin and yang:

Yin – general qualities are dark, cold, watery, hollow, internal, based on the past, behind, subconscious, intuitive, amorphous, circular, wavy, emotional, flowy. Yin is related to the Earth and to the moon.

Yang – light, hot, fiery, solid, external, future-based, in front, conscious, logical, consistent, square, linear, nonemotional, direct. Yang is related to the sun and stars. 

There is no separation of yin and  yang, and yin lives within yang, and vice versa. Thus, in a similar sense, you live within your Twin Flame, and your Twin Flame lives within you…

Note that we are all made up of yin and yang, both men and women have Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine qualities in our bodies, minds, and spirits.

The goal is to balance all aspects of ourselves with yin and yang, and balance our 11 Twin Flame Chakras.  For instance, in general, many people tend to be imbalanced in their root chakras regarding money, where it tends to be either a masculine forcing it energy, or an overly feminine flowy energy that can become ungrounded.

Side note: As a Twin Flame Matchmaker,  I have found that women healers in general must learn to anchor their divine abundance with solid masculine structures in order to make money and call in their beloved. 

Twin Flame Love Signs

I teach my clients that they are ready for their Twin Flame ONLY once they see the entire universe as their beloved. What does that mean?

I know it sound and can be quite frustrating to embrace everyone and everything under the sun with love. But believe me, though not easy, it is possible. The motto for Aphrodite University is “Love Conquers All” which is Amor Vincit Omnia in Latin and goes back to ancient times. It’s,also translated to “Love Heals All,” which I know to be true.

In order to know whether or not you are in a state of Twin Flame Love, you can watch the video here to learn the 5 Signs of Twin Flame Love:

5 Signs of Twin Flame Love

How to Call in Twin Flame Love

In order to stoke the flames and call in an energy of Twin Flame Love, all it takes is love.

It simply takes connecting to Love, which means allowing your limited Youniverse to connect with the limitless Source Creator.

Where most of us get stopped up is that we feel not good enough to receive love, we feel not good enough…

Most of us feel “not God enough” for our Twin Flames!

This needs to change. We awakened beings, holders of the Flame must awaken to Divine Love and not hold ourselves and our soul missions back by the oldest story in the book that tells us there’s an angry God looking over us, and that if we make one wrong move we’ll be sent to Hell. We won’t!

The Universe is made up of one thing that is divided into the polarity of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. As a High-Healed Priestess (healer in heels) I would say that the most common mistake that stops people from calling in and nurturing their Twin Flame Sacred Union is the lack of integration between their feminine and masculine qualities.

That’s where I got stuck, and what slowed/stopped me for years from getting what I wanted. Until I hired a mentor who helped me with my love blocks, and a business coach who helped me get out of wealth blocks, I simply could not manifest my Twin Flame because I was so out of energetic alignment!

It’s not easy to get through those splits in our soul, places where our Sacred Feminine has gone underground due to thousands of years of patriarchal rule. The healing work can be challenging, lonely, and I know what it’s like to go through a Dark Night of the Soul.

However, there is support, and I would be happy to support you as a woman who has gone through it all and overcome most of it, and will continue healing every step of the way.

I would also love to hear your story, your questions, and your Twin Flame Love signs!

Thanks for reading, much love to you.





Dr. Amanda Noelle, The Twin Flame Matchmaker