The Rise of Divine Feminine Wealth: Women Healers Stepping Into Financial Healing

The Rise of Divine Feminine Wealth: Women Healers Stepping Into Financial Healing

Dr Amanda NoelleAre you a healer, mystic, Angel lover, or just a spiritual woman who views life beyond the physical reality?

This post is for you creating a new reality with wealth.

Twin Flames are here to create big change on the planet, so we cannot negate the conversation around money. Luckily things are changing for the better, and rapidly so.

Maybe you have noticed a shift in the way that healers are relating to money? Yes, things are changing very quickly with this information era. The Internet is bringing together the healers, and they are stepping out of shame and hiding at light speed.

You may have seen your theta healing friend go to a business weekend workshop and invest in a $10,000 program, a number that is beyond her annual income. Then she starts generating that amount every month and it blows your mind.

Or may have gotten on a sales call with a conscious business coach and had butterflies in your tummy and said yes to the program. Or maybe you declined because you didn’t have enough cash coming in yet but the fact that you even considered signing up to learn how to launch your own business says that things are really shifting.

Hippie healer chicks (including myself) formerly only paid for:

+Tickets to Burning Man/festivals
+Superfoods and supplements
+Tantra workshops and reiki certifications
+Really expensive festival clothes and gemstone accessories
+Super cheap rent (maybe)

But now, everything is changing.
We have started seeing our own value, and we’re not willing to play small like that anymore.

I think each and every last hippie chick realizes that hiding off grid isn’t sacred empowerment–it’s an expression of shame, unhealed trauma, and lack.

We are rising fast! And we’re not acting like dependent little girls anymore… We’re not running from “the man” or trying to become like him, and we’re not needing to burn the man either.

As financial freedom diva Patrina Wisdom says, “A man is NOT a plan!” I so agree.

As a former helpless hippie chick who got dumped on her ass by her man-plan amidst legal and medical bills with no income or financial plan at all, I’m now passionate about helping women realize that they’re worthy of (a) generating their own incomes, (b) choosing whatever amount they wish to generate using their soul purpose, knowing that we are limitless beings, and (c) helping women pick men who don’t ditch out or energetically squash their financial empowerment.

We are waking up to the fact that money is–like everything–sacred. And that running from it or hating on it or not sharing and it is a form of spiritual bypassing!

I also believe in the power of investing in ourselves. If I hadn’t invested 10s, maybe even 100s of thousands of dollars in my education and healing with top mentors like Sage Lavine, Susan Liddy, Christina Morassi, Nathalie Chapron, Bill Baren, and Fabienne Fredrickson, I’d probably still be living my life around a Burning Man calendar and hiding out.

I have done hundreds of sales calls with hippie chicks who have used money as the biggest spiritual bypass, excuse as to why they can’t change their lives. I’m no longer excepting this as an excuse, as money is a mere reflection of our pleasure or pain.

Jack and AmandaMoney is the mayor of our inner masculine, and if you aren’t willing to invest it in yourself, you probably aren’t going to be a good candidate for coaching and making real change in your life.

I am so proud of the hippie chicks who have risen to the real level of high priestess or as I call it High-Healed Priestess.

And I know that the real men will be thrilled that they don’t have to raise us as their daughters, they don’t have to be our sugar daddies. They can be our equals as we each step into Holy MatriMoney.

May you become a healer who steps in as part of a Twin Flame Power Couple–sacred partnership where are you move each other forward together on all levels.