How to Overcome Being a Perfectionist Woman

How to Overcome Being a Perfectionist Woman

Hi Gorgeous Goddess! Are you a struggling overachiever who needs to slow the f&ck down?

This is a love-note for YOU if…

  • You struggle with perfectionism
  • You find yourself trying to please the men (or women) you date before pleasing yourself
  • You try to say and do the right things to please everyone else first and you drain yourself
  • You want everyone else around you to like you, but…
  • You don’t even like/love/or even know yourself enough
  • You are the one who volunteered to save your family and sponge up their negative energy (because somehow, as a kid you decided it was “your job”)

Then sister, I got some nuggets to share with you here.

You have been struggling a lot lately: with men, health, bliss, wealth, etc… 

The good news is you can swiftly shift your struggle into sweet success with the Sacred Feminine.

[Click HERE to watch “Start Manifesting Like a Goddess,” a video that will help].

Everything in my life used to be a struggle too. Sigh.

I worked my body, mind, and spirit into the ground until she nearly broke.

My menstrual cycles dried up, as did my passion for life; I had no more feminine juiciness, so I tried pushing harder.

I thought if I worked hard enough, I would be the perfect woman!

I pushed and pushed for happiness and success. I was like a middle-aged workaholic man from Manhattan…

Until I flatlined. 

I started getting scary-insane sugar cravings, chronic pain, gaining weight, didn’t want to get out of bed, and I got hormonal acne. Not cute!

I also got my heartbroken (for the zillionth time), because the men I dated eventually would see how little self-respect I had–they’d lose affection and their initial sexual attraction would fade.

My friends were all getting married, going to law school, making big money, climbing the corporate ladder–what was wrong with me?!

I felt so lost and alone in my circle of overachievers, I didn’t know where to go.

I couldn’t keep up any longer. 

So, without a choice, I decided to STOP struggling and start following my bliss instead. And guess what?

My life became a dream! 

I’ve got my man (my Twin Flame), my money, my life flowing with ease and abundance without feeling like I’m trying.

I’m not saying this to brag, or to show off–I know this annoys the shit out of people (especially me!). 

I want to help you if you too are a an overachiever so you can have what I have (finally!). Your own desires, owned and realized.  

I want you to call in your Twin Flame fast.

I am not saying it was easy for me; it wasn’t. 

I am just telling you to slow down, tune into your Divine Feminine bliss, and you’ll get what you want as long as you’re committed to your healing and growth.

You’ll get way more out of life the pleasurable way anyway. 

By opening to Divine Feminine bliss you’ll:

  • Attract a Twin Flame, a Highly Conscious Man
  • Receive an abundance of easy money
  • Birth and raise your children ecstatically 
  • Run your business with feminine flow
  • Take on the world with your sacred feminine magic!

Step into your pleasure and commit to it forever. Endless bliss will be yours to kiss!

Why struggle when it can be this blissful and easy!? 

It’s ironic isn’t it? It can feel totally counterintuitive to slow down and follow your pleasure. 

We struggle because it was what our people knew for thousands of years. 

They survived floods, famine, atrocities, and holocausts.
They worked through abuse patterns and survived lots of pain and depression.

But guess what? Life can be peachy if you allow it to be.

You can lead your people to higher ground by living your life in pure bliss, Ananda in Sanskrit.

You don’t really even have to DO that much, except receive love.

If you are an overachieving woman, you will have to be brave to surrender to your Divine Feminine bliss. It won’t be easy!

For me, it was the scariest death of my ego as I had to follow MY truth. MY bliss. MY desires and let go of what others, family, and (perhaps the hardest) men wanted from me.

Here’s a short video about how to stop struggling and start manifesting like a goddess! It’s how I attracted my Twin Flame and everything else that’s yummy in my life…

Click to see it here:

I’d love to hear how you’ve been struggling or making strides [First Name], so please comment on the video here and I’ll do my best to respond to all comments.

Here’es to stepping into your Sacred Feminine succsexiness! 


Amanda + Aphrodite