How to Do Ancestral Karma Clearing: 5 Part Ritual to Attract Your Twin Flame

How to Do Ancestral Karma Clearing: 5 Part Ritual to Attract Your Twin Flame

heal your family karma, attract your beloved

If you’re running in circles with love, and it feels like your love life is hopeless or cursed, then do this ritual to let go of the generations of family karma, unhealed wouds, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from epic love that lasts. 
In order to attract and align with our Twin Flame (ultimate soulmate), we have to be in our highest vibration of truth, alignment, and love.
Unfortunately, many of us come from backgrounds and families where the energy wasn’t in an ideal, high vibrational alignment.  Sometimes our ancestors when through experiences that were traumatic, toxic, and burdensome; and because the necessary healing for them never occurred, we may feel guilt when we incarnate into the lineage. Before we can remember things consciously, we inherited and took on their pain, and got stuck in “family karma.”
Karmic family energy can be the toughest and most intense layer that can hold us back from our Twin Flame Union. I’ve seen so many of my clients try to sabotage or run from their Twin Flame simply because generations of negative family patterns are running (and ruining) their lives. But we have a choice! We don’t deserve the patterns of abuse as much as our ancestors didn’t deserve abuse.



What if i leave my lineage high and dry?


It takes courage to cut cords with family karma. Your ancestors might not have been able to experience the conocopia of abundance, the mental stability, the type of partner that you can manifest right now.  But you CAN do it! Yet hidden beliefs may tell us that we’re “turning our backs” on our family, unless we go along with their unhealthy sabotage patterns. Deep down you may be afraid to claim your happiness when your mother and father are arguing, aching, lost, depressed or divorced. But that is exactly why YOU must heal…

When we choose to clear and free ourselves and call in our Twin Flame Union, not only may we move forward–so does the entire lineage. You heal your family tree! Saving ourselves is exactly what creates clear space for the generations ahead, and when we and our future children are thriving, the past becomes healed too.
Instead of waiting for life to get better, for patterns to magically change, take your karma by the balls and create the love life you want, with freedom and soul-alignment. Do this family tree karma clearing excercise and watch the magic happen.



How Do I Know If I Have Family Karma That Needs Clearing?

The way to tell if you have family energy that needs clearing is:
  1. You are blocked in one or more area of life: (i.e. wealth, health, relationship) and no matter what you do there’s a massive upper limit
  2. You’ve tried a million ways for many years to heal yourself, but you’re not gaining traction
  3. There are generations of poverty, dysfunction, persecution, genocide, and/or abuse in your family
  4. Nearly everyone you’re related to is addicted to something
  5. No one in your family (both bloodline and/or adoptive) has the qualities or lifestyle that you want
I am going to list out the following steps to doing a family karma clearing ritual that will help you attract and align with your Twin Flame.
Do this ideally before the meet, marry, and especially conceive with your divine beloved. (However, it’s never too late to do this type of ritual, the results will be powerful!)




While it might be tempting to want to throw in the towel and become thankless towards certain family members, your family gave you life. They did their best.
Honoring those that have gone before you is a way of saying “Thank you, I love you, and I am ready to move forward.” Before the honoring step, you may wish to practice one of these two brief forgiveness ritual exercises.
Once you open up the ritual and set intentions for what you’d like to create and release, simply offer a prayer of thanks.
I like using holy water. Soak and infuse a few flower petals in water overnight. Jasmine, rose, and honeysuckle are my favorite. You may also use rosewater or spring water infused with sacred essential oils such as rose, jasmine, frankincense, or basil.




For this step, you will need to find an objec that symbolizes the karma of your family tree. I recommend using an item that you can burn, such as a tree branch, dead leaves or vines, or even an object or item that you feel guided to release. First invite in the angel of protection, Archangel Michael who will keep you safe.
You may wish to state this prayer:
“Beloved Archangel Michael please protect me now.”
Once you feel ready, invite the energy of your unresolved and lower vibrational family karma to enter into the tree branch (or sybolic item).
State the last names of your family lineages, and/or names of any relatives with which/whom you wish to clear; if you are aware you share unresolved karma. Ask their energy that no longer serves to enter the tree branch/symbolic item.
Ask your Higher Self whether or not you are ready to release the karma from your family tree.  If yes, let your Higher Self state what she/he is ready to release:
Q: Higher Self, What am I ready to release?
A: I am ready to release that grueling energy, the burden that sits on my shoulders. I release the energy where I am not allowed to be happy.
In order to release the karma, we have to honor and retire our inner superhero who has been working so hard to be the Savior.
We have to surrender and trust love to save us. We can pray that God/dess or the Universe will take care of our loved ones, and that our family members will be able to save themselves. Now is the time for you to save yourself…



STEP THREE: Release the guilt

No, you couldn’t save your mother, you couldn’t save your father. They will have to deal with their stuff. You couldn’t make the whole world happy, but you can make yourself happy. That’s where the magic starts and it is the only way we can heal the planet.  So that’s why it’s important to reeleasing the guilt of choosing your own path during the ritual.

Visualize the guilt in your body and aura. Feel it as an emotion, see it as a color, or feel the tension around your heart. One of my clients said that the guilt, “Goes all over my body.” Feel the guilt draining out of your body, your head, limbs, shoulders, toes, fingers, everywhere…see it drain into the fire, which you will need to light.




Light a fire in a fireplace, fire pit, or simply a fire-proof bowl on your porch. Be careful and mindful of fire, especially if you are in fire sensitive areas.  Have a bucket of water or hose handy and do not light the fire outdoors on a windy day.
When you are ready, release the guilt from your body into the fire.
Next, you are going to release your family tree branch or item symbolizing the pain of your lineage.
“I let go of all karmic ties, curses, and negative energies that no longer serve me. I release these from my being, and I sever ties that no longer serve me with my lineage. I ask The Light to remove all darkness from my space and return it back to the Light. It is done. Amen.”



STEP FIVE: planting the ashes with the new seeds

Death is what sustains life, for everything happens within the circle, within harmony of polarity. 
Pick 3-10 seeds. These may be fruit, tree, or flower seeds.  Each seed will symbolize a new wish or intention. Choose a single word for each seed after meditating for ten minutes or more.  Write each seed-intention down somewhere safe, so you can remember your wishes and watch them grow.
Then, bury the seeds with the ashes.  From ashes to life, it is SO!
Amen. Amama. Aho.
Much love,