Six Figure Guilt, Loneliness, and the Conscious Healing Crisis

Six Figure Guilt, Loneliness, and the Conscious Healing Crisis

Clearing. Cleansing. Hoping. Praying in the New Money Paradigm Shift. Intense shifting happening on the planet in regard to money, or at least in my world.
I am shifting from a ME paradigm into a WE paradigm. And while it’s beautiful, it’s also frigging painful and uncomfortable!

I had a dream about a former biz coach of mine earlier this year, and she was wealthy and famous. She had a home the size of a football stadium, famous celeb clients from LA, and her hair was shiny and perfect. But she was alone and miserable in her success, and the more rich and famous she became, the less people were able to truly see her, know her, and love her for her.

I could’ve been that! I used to want that!

I would subconsciously say “Love me for my success, love me for my body, love me for my wealth!” It was the little girl inside of me aching to be seen by her father.

In the dream my former coach was so sad, and alone, like a child wearing alone in her room, and I witnessed the emptiness she felt in her heart.

Because if love is money and you don’t share the wealth with many others who love (you, them, the New Earth, money itself) then what’s the point?

Something is shifting in me… I am falling more in love with dreaming up the new earth eco villages than I am with success, wealth, and looks (though I DO want it all as long as it’s in harmony with God/dess and Gaia).

I am on a path of Twin Flame Love and discovering who I am as a spirit, and having a body who needs resources. Who needs love.

I am unwilling to become super duper wealthy until I feel in my bones why I am doing this…

Money is not a big enough reason for us High-Healed Priestesses to become wealthy.

I have discovered that as a shaman and a BLI$$ness woman I have an immense capacity to rake in tons of dough. It’s easy for me. Yet is it sustainable for the planet for me to have several homes in exotic places, and is it healthy for everyone around me to witness my power if I don’t share it with them?

I have always wanted to be rich and famous, for as long as I can remember. I am both in love with and afraid of the reality that I am creating; as I receive large paychecks, become successful, and go on television I’ll continually be asking questions. What if living the American dream is actually unhealthy for me, for us, and for the planet? What if it’s not sustainable for everyone to become millionaires?
Am I going to rape the earth with my giant mansions with five car garages? And what if I send my kids to private schools that teach them that mental academics are more important and sacred than their own intuition, that success in the physical world is more important than success in their spiritual growth and happiness?

Can we really continue to grow our wealth as we grow our consciousness. And vice versa?

I do believe that their answers to these questions, and very good ones. But I don’t believe will figure it out all at once… I believe we have to have conversations, time for contemplation, and room for error. I also feel that other conscious millionaires and six-figure earners have a responsibility and helping the newbies guide the way and share feedback. Especially the vulnerable kind of where you have gone wrong and had to U-turn.

I recently ran into my former coach at a networking event. I felt a great deal of relief when she stood up in the group to share that she has been rewiring her business and taking a break because she is looking for more fulfillment. She’s looking for a more conscious and joyous path of doing business, and that the money is not enough. Thank God!

I am in the midst of a mid 6-figure crisis and I am figuring it out. Just sharing this feels like a blessing. I am so grateful for having this space to share my experience, fears, and wisdom. Namaste.IMG_0013.JPG

Three Steps to Cure Depression and Severe Heartache Naturally and Shamanically

Three Steps to Cure Depression and Severe Heartache Naturally and Shamanically

I pretty much experience earthly orgasmic ecstasy daily now, without drugs, shamanic medicine, medication, or even meditation really…  But trust me, it wasn’t always that way…

Only two years ago, I was forced to heal myself from some pretty severe depression stuff that was going on for two and a half years, due to a bad breakup which triggered my Dark Night of the Soul. All my childhood and past life issues came up at once, flooding into my consciousness for purging, leaving me feeling traumatized, out of control, and terrified of whether or not it would ever end.

But I healed it all! I received help along the way from family, friends, a shrink, some shamans, acupuncture, and various healing modalities; all of it helped a little, bit by bit, but none of it really did the trick and the pain kept with me into year three, which was scary.  It felt like nothing was fully working to soothe my pain and grief, until I discovered a incredible secret I am about to share (and two other good healthy suggestions as well).

Funny thing is that I only figured out yesterday exactly how I healed my Dark Night depression and doom and gloom. I mean I knew I felt better, but I didn’t realize exactly where the healing event occurred! So I have a huge revelation and secret trick to share…Wanna know how to clear depression permanently and naturally?  Here’s the biggest secret ever, so you can live magically, feel in love with yourself and life, and live soulfully once again too! 

healing depression naturally

Here’s me after I healed my Dark Night of the Soul


First of all, a brief disclaimer that depression should be treated by a pro doctor or shrink blah blah blah, and that the info contained here is just one gal’s opinion and we don’t hold me accountable for sharing my brilliant words. But yep, I do consider myself to be a pretty bright shining shaman who can help you only because I have treated my own issues myself with divine love and success, so here goes.

Oh, and second of all, if you are going through a killer bad ass painful heartbreak with a beloved, a death, or a death-like end of a relationship, keep reading, ‘cuz this blog’s for you! I send you so much unconditional love, empathy, and cheerleading, because I know you can do it, I did!

These are my three steps to recovering from a severe heartache and Dark Night depression, naturally.

Step One

The first step is to reawakening the God/dess Self. Girl, you gotta reconnect to your God/dess Self, or Higher Self, or whatever you call it. You have to surrender and trust to the highest place in your divinity. You’re probably in pain because your soul wants you to wake up to the Light, so she’s brining you over to the Dark Side to force you to turn your Light on. Do it! Connect to the God Light within you. 

No matter what religion or spiritual school you grew up with or still believe in, let it go for a moment. Just connect to pure divinity. Connect to the force of Light in you that has carried through every situation in your life, and in every past life. Tune into your original spark. Align with the Divine Love inside of you.

You must awaken to your Higher Self now, and surrender the pain to your God Self.

atlantis risingHow do you do it exactly?  It’s hard to explain, but you have to keep playing with it until it clicks. You can pay shamans to help heal you, but ultimately you can only do it for yourself. It takes courage, but you will figure it out.

Devote your soul to your soul: ask your soul questions, start trusting her, honor her needs, start feeling your pain and emotions, and begin soothing it with your own soul’s love. Your soul is an ancient teacher and healer here to help.

Reconnecting the disconnects from your God Self requires tender and constant nurturing. It also requires reparenting the inner child, as there is a parallel between your inner child’s relationship with her mom and pop, and your soul’s trust in the Divine Mother and Divine Father. You will project whatever you experienced from good ol’ mom and dad during childhood onto God/Goddess; so until you fix and figure out those patterns, you’ll be repeating the damage and limits.  It’s not fun to be living a life in a lie, in a perspective that there is no God, or that God betrayed you simply because your parents did, or at least perceived that they did. God never would betray you! It’s legally impossible (based on Divine Law) – though it’s easy to set up subconscious beliefs like “God betrays me,” so you keep attracting experiences that reflect this belief. Try repeating affirmations like “God never betrays me and never has,” and see how that feels instead.

Ask to be reconnected to Father Mother God and your Higher Self now in a prayer. Rituals help. Comfort and soothe yourself. You are a great inner mama and contain the Divine Mother within you!

Step Two

searchThe next step is pretty bold, but if you live to be happy, I really do suggest you follow this one.

The second step is to connect to your solar and stellar origins via spending time in sun and starlight. Which  bridges Divine Light into your physical structures (aka the body) consciousness, happy mood, and spirit.

Spend as much time as possible connecting with the sun and stars. Get outdoors as much as possible. Quit your burdensome lifestyle indoors. Take breaks more often.

I know this may require a lot of you, and it may seem unrealistic now because you have your whole life centralized around taking care of people and things that require you to stay in doors and away from the natural light. But I say FUKKIT, it’s your job to nourish your soul and your body, and you can’t stay imprisoned forever…

The ‘Illuminati,’ is a reflection of our shadow selves, which is embedded in our subconsciousness, as well as DNA strands, and in the waters of the earth. It needs to be healed and aligned with Light to clear depression.

Don’t freak out about it, but the Illuminati is present within everything until it gets cleared – within our culture, collective consciousness, in our government and work systems, in our food and health, and ultimately in our spirits and psychologies.  But it can be cleared and upgraded! Illuminati is basically just another word for ‘energy that eliminates the Light.” Everything is a code written into the Divine Computer of all that is. Illuminati energy shows up in its code form when we choose to limit bliss and follow fear. When we say yes to slavery, say yes to poverty and struggle, when we say yes to staying indoors, boxed in cubicles like chickens in a cage, when we are OK abusing our bodies, limiting our creativity and passions, staying married to jobs and people who don’t suit us our our Divine gifts, we are saying yes to Illuminati energy.

Get Light, get happy. It’s time to move away from the polluted cities for a bit, start stargazing, and I swear it will make all of the difference.

Step Three 


Here’s the big secret that changed me and permanently healed like 99% of my depression. It’s spending time in the sea among coral! Who would have guessed?

There is something soul activating about coral, and I have downloaded that it is where we come from. So it’s like this rebirthing place within the womb, and so we get to reset the codes within our bodies and our own divine computer! Water holds memory and is the most basic storage device that is almost an exact replica on a molecular structure level as a silicon chip in your computer storage device. Gaia’s ocean in pure areas will clear and clean your chakras, your DNA, and activate your Light Body as well as your physical body. You can even follow traditions of clearing the body by drinking salt water (do this under supervision as it will cause diarrhea and a detox reaction!) to purify yourself.

What I can say is that when I came here to this snorkel haven a few years ago in the depth of my pain, I opened myself to the healing energies of the ocean and it felt amazing! I went from crabby and stuck to aligned.  I suggest spending time on a tropical island with sand, sun, snorkeling, and clean food. Not much else, and ask to connect to your Higher Self, your God Self and you will heal your soul.

To your bliss and joy!


Dr. Amanda Noelle is the Twin Flame Matchmaker and Founder of Aphrodite University where shamanic high priestesses turn their bliss into monayyyy so they can travel, rise the Goddess temples and create lives to love for!