Why it’s OK to Make Typos on Your Blog as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Why it’s OK to Make Typos on Your Blog as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

In this blog, I am pumped to teach you sexy BLI$$preneurs how to create fabulous flowing blogs that attract your high-paying soulmate clients through a more fun and Divinely Feminine way of blogging that breaks the traditional rules. You’ll learn how to:

  • Get over your fear of blogging and online marketing
  • Ignite your Shakina fire (Divine Feminine fire) that seemingly attracts readers from thin air
  • Clear away perfectionism, which kills your ability to attract your soulmate clients
  • Attract soulmate clients and money in ease, being more fabulously YOU!
  • Be in a vibration of Divine Feminine Attraction, so you can attracting whatever you want, including your Twin Flame soulmate

End perfectionist thinking ASAP:

how to end perfectionism

Shame on you naughty girl! You made a typo on that blog post!? It’s time for your spanking. Typos are for losers, not for 6-figure business women!  NO, we don’t do that. We are perfect: we don’t forget to dot our Is, never stumble in our businesses, and and we don’t sweat, fart, or burp either.


It’s way more important to share your message of love and light with the world, with slight flaws in the delivery process, than to be typo-free and restrict your creative process, your voice, or not write at all. The number one key to getting over your fears of online marketing and blogging is to focus on your soul purpose, your mission of making this world a better place.

Focus on them. Not you.

Think of the readers you’ll be helping, versus the readers who will be judging you. Speaking to them will call them in. Imagine making a heart connection to these soulmate clients before writing your blogs. They’ll love you and enjoy your energy! If you make a typo or say something that isn’t 100% brilliant, they won’t care or even notice. Or they’ll love that you’re exposing a raw vulnerable side because it allows them permission for theirs.

When I write my blogs, I try to think of a specific person I want to help in the world, and I write advice to support her. Or, I write the blog to a past version of myself who was stuck, scared, confused, traumatized, etc., and tell her how she can change her life. This is healing and self-loving! The more you focus on love, the more the fear subsides.

How to Blog to Attract Your Soulmate Clients

writing help Your ‘soulmate clients’ are clients who are in your soul-family, and who have a soul-contract to work with you. They want you, not some creepy fake who is focused on perfection and who isn’t really being herself.  The more you shine your light as a beacon, the more quickly your soul-family and soulmate clients will come to you in droves. This has happened with me, which is why my business has done so well in such a short amount of time.

Put your love and light into your blogs, and they will cum…I mean come! PU$$Y Power is another tool that you can use to infuse your blogs with sparkly magical powers.  Activate your PU$$Y Powers and ask the energy to flow into your blog. Write from your PU$$Y Power, and do the PU$$Y Power meditation here before writing:

[fvplayer src=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4mEM4SPhEM&feature=youtu.be’]


Women think that the secret to running a 6-figure business is by being a perfectionist. But that’s not true at all.

Right now, women need role-models that they can relate to more than ever; we want imperfect role-models that we can never aspire to be like. Look at me, I’m not perfect, but used to try to be, and I was poor and couldn’t get clients to hire me. I only made around $4,000 a year in my 20s! Then, I fell apart, had a Dark Night of the Soul, got arrested for doing mushrooms and my partner left me. I also had a lot of bills to pay and got kicked out of my housing situation.

It was then realized I couldn’t ever be perfect, and so I said F$ck it, let me spread my messages of love and light and forget the rest. That’s what’s made me rich – not trying to be perfect, and just spreading my Shakina light. I am now I am making great money as the Twin Flame Matchmaker, like this month I made a record for myself of $15,000 (shocking even for me!). When I speak authentically in my marketing, blogs, etc., I know that my clients are finding and hiring me out of love, and not out of needing me to be someone I’m not. I’m real, and I make a ton of mistakes. Making mistakes hasn’t affected my business income at all, it doesn’t affect my self-esteem, and it doesn’t stop the fun! So every time I see a typo, I tell myself how awesome I am and that it’s A-OK.

how to overcome perfectionism

Women bloggers and business women have been brainwashed by the whole perfectionist thing, and it blocks their feminine flow and their currency flow

We women healers often get stuck. We don’t write our blogs, do our marketing, get our YouTube videos done, and it cuts off our income. I was verbally abused as a child by a teacher, and I had major writers block in college, and it got so bad that I’d stay up the night before writing a procrastinated 25-page paper because I feared writing so much! I thought I was a bad writer, and on some level thought I actually was stupid. Which is funny now that I realized that they don’t let stupid people into an Ivy League caliber college (I went to Duke)! But wasn’t until I had a soul-family professor named Dr. Naomi Quinn who took me under her wing writing tips for bloggers

So start writing those blogs, sprinkle in some juicy typos to see if people are paying attention. I have seen so many women stop writing at all, and stay paralyzed with fear believing that they can’t become 6-figure successful until they somehow magically become perfect (like me, ha ha ha, NOT!). All of us were taught to be good girls, that we had to be quiet, neat, small, adorable, pretty, the list goes on… And that there was something inherently wrong with us. That we weren’t smart enough or pretty enough or enough enough. That our pussies were gross and basically that being a female is just lame. Unless you are perfect, then you can release your shame!

You are allowed to be you, in your wild free Shakina ways. So just blog it.

Fuck blogging and business perfection, or perfection of any sort. The Shakina is like ocean waves, not like lines connecting on a graph. We’re curvy, flowy, erotic, magical, intangible, but it works. We create life, take a seed, mix it with stardust, and new babies are born. Women are magical, and we’re perfect because we were made perfect, not because we can contort ourself into pretty little boxes. It’s time to ignite the Shakina energies in you. There are so many ways to do this. Infinite ways. Start giving yourself permission to fuck up, to play, to use magic, and to open new doorways. Do this in your business. Or as I call it, a BLI$$ness (business + bliss + big buck$ the Divine Feminine way).

You are a reflection of the Great Shakina, and the Divine Feminine energies are flowing, passionate, and furious. You don’t have time for perfection. Sure, edit your blogs, but it’s more important to spread your messages, share the love, than it is to stay stuck in fear of being judged. People who judge you heavily shouldn’t be working with you anyway.

twin flame coachLife is short and you have a lot of saving the world to do before you die.

The planet needs you, and they don’t need you to dot your Is.  So what if you spelled their instead of there while in the middle of your channeling fit? The words spilled out from your fingertips onto your Macbook Pro keyboard straight from the Higher Dimensions, because that’s how you roll as a High-Healed Priestess (modern day high priestess with O-balls). Quit editing yourself so much, for you are a goddess and everything you say is gold! Or at least the vibration is, and the words aren’t really even the thing that matters. It’s just showing up.

As a Twin Flame Matchmaker, I have become clear that women who are seeking their Twin Flame soulmate absolutely must master all 7 chakras before they attract and soul-marry their beloved. Therefore, writing from the heart will help you open your 5th chakra, which tends to be blocked in most healers, and will get you in touch with the 4th chakra, which needs to be high-vibrating to attract your Twin Flame.  When you learn to attract your soulmate clients, you are learning the exact same energetics of attracting your Twin Flame, which are all soul-family, or people who have reincarnated on the earth from the same soul group. Letting go of perfectionism, letting your flaws flow, and letting the light shine brighter through the flaws are all things that also must be mastered before you can be ready for your Twin Flame partner. Otherwise, you’ll attract a Twin Flame Counterfeit who is attracted to your perfect facade, and it will blow up in your face. And trust me, you don’t want that!

Sending you all my love and light and a few friggin’ awesome typos in this and future blogs I’m sure! BLI$$ings,

Dr Amanda Noelle



Dr. Amanda Noelle is a BLI$$ness fairy and Twin Flame Matchmaker, helping single spiritual women create stellar 6-figure BLI$$nesses and attract their Twin Flames.