Twin Flame Dolphin Activation

Twin Flame Dolphin Activation

Twin Flame Dolphin Activation

Watch my Dolphin DNA Activation for Twin Flame Attraction above!

Dolphins are an ancient symbol of Twin Flame Love, and they can help you with your Twin Flame attraction by activating your energy field. In our ancient collective subconscious mind, we view dolphins as a symbol of soul pods and soul reunion.

Can I get an 11:11 eeeee! Dolphins sing a song of oneness in the water; they sing individually but the water carries the sound creating sound healing vortexes and unity that contribute to the 11:11 frequency – or Twin Flame Oneness frequency where 1+1=a greater 1.

twin flame dolphin healing

Dolphins emit joy, play, and freedom when given the open ocean. They are a great inspiration for us humans who can get a tad serious, attached to our desks and picket fence dreams. Dolphins need nothing but water, food, and love. They remind us of our own basic need, which is to love!


Dolphins can help you attract your beloved by invoking the emotional frequency that you desire that come from watching dolphins, swimming with dolphins, praying and meditating with their energy, or simply gazing at an image of a dolphin!

Dolphins are symbolic of freedom and bonds, like water molecules themselves. They are free and follow their bliss, and love openly. Dolphins have an immense capacity to open, heal, and activate the human heart.

Dolphins are like living crystals, mammalian bodies holding crystalline energy. They emit frequencies and sound healing acvtivations that crystalize your water, blood, and energy field. The sound healing and crystalline healing of dolphins can activate Twin Flame Love, especially when prayers and intentions are in place. Even looking at pictures of dolphins activates a frequency – can you feel it? Can you feel into the joy, bliss, and Higher Dimensional vibes. Right now I don’t have the evidence or technology to prove this (though it may be out there), but those of you who can feel that love in your heart and can imagine dolphin clearing pain codes through the center of your being


Secret One

Pray over a bowl of sea salted spring water or ocean water. Add a hunk of amethyst, rose quartz, and crystal quartz. Sit and do your Twin Flame prayer or meditation. Imagine the image of you and your Twin Flame appearing in the water, swimming together.

Secret Two

Connect with dolphin spirits. At least one or two.  Or perhaps you are connected to an entire pod.  You may be feel connected to a Sirian or Pleaidian consciousness as you do this.  Ask the dolphin spirits to help you activate the Twin Flame prayer blessing. Imagine them lifting blocks and heartache, DNA disturbances, energies and toxins that hold you back.  Ask the Dolphins to activate your Twin Flame DNA.


twin flame dna


Secret Three

Imagine 144 dolphins surrounding you in the center of a crystal healing cavern under the sea. You may even want to imagine your Twin Flame mermaid self as your Twin Flame merman approaches you. Have the dolphins send you the 432 hz sound healing frequency which is a highly activating Twin Flame and water crystallizing frequency.

Secret Four

Galactivate – activate Twin Flame Love with dolphin star power! Staring at the stars, or praying underneath the stars can help you activate your upper chakras, which represents your Higher Self. Dolphin consciousness exist in the Higher Dimensions and we are learning how to do this as humans. During your dolphin Twin Flame prayers or meditations, you can go outside underneath the stars and feel a connection to your starry origins. Everything is made of stardust, and your soul comes from this Higher Dimensional home. You can partake in a starseed activation: ask the energy of the Pleiades and Sirius through the Galactic Family of Light and the Dolphin Dimensions to bless you and your Twin Flame. 

Secret Five

Get a 432 hz tuning fork and ask your dolphin spirits to activate it. Bang a 432 hz tuning fork and put the base against a bowl of spring water with sea salts inside. This water is activated. You can put in your Twin Flame blessings and use the water for a sacred ritual, such as placing it on your chakras or temples. 

Secret Sixtwin flame matchmaker

You can simply pray over images of dolphins and ask the dolphin spirits to assist you in your Twin Flame magnetism! Google search images of dolphins and you’ll feel connected and giddy just tuning into their soul frequency!

Secret Seven

Paint your own dolphin portrait that represents your Twin Flame energy. I did this, and it worked miracles! The secret here is to pain from your pleasure, from your joy, and let go of expectation.

I hope you enjoyed learning a few dolphin secrets and that you feel your Dolphin DNA tingling, a good sign your Twin Flame energies are revved up!

I look forward to seeing you at the Twin Flame Activation on 11/11 here!

Twin Flame Dolphin Love,

Dr. Amanda Noelle