Quit your hiding, step out of shame! Step into the spotlight to spread light and heal the world!

Starseeds, healers, light workers, High-Healed Priestesses, we need you to come out of hiding! I meet and witness so many incredible light workers on the planet who are afraid to come out into the public eye for they have perhaps been persecuted, shunned, or shamed in the how to come out of hidingpast, either in this children, this life time, or perhaps many past lives. In the past, it was wrong to be a healer, for you might be burnt at the stake for being a “witch” or sometimes even for being a woman period if you were unlucky.  We might be holding toxic memories from the past that serve as the invisible veil blocking our light from really shining through. We believe in some weird way, deep down on some subtle or real level that the Divine Feminine must still hide, that the Christ Force energy isn’t worthy of being in the spotlight, or that it’s more humble and helpful to heal from the sidelines.

Here is a link to my video about Starseeds Soul Purpose:

What Is a Starseed Indigo Teaching About Twin Flames?

I don’t think so! It’s time to step into the spotlight my Starseed friend or High-Healed Priestess sister. It’s time to take back your power, time to take back your light, and to spread it as a global leader, healer, and teacher. It’s the only way to return the crown chakra back on the temple! We 7th chakra-advanced light workers need to be every bit as starry as the celebes in Hollywood – what if every star out there were an activated star?  I do see that many of the Hollywood stars are potent yet often unconscious Starseeds. I cannot wait to help activate these people into Divine Love. But until then, we Starseeds too must take back our visibility as leaders. Sure, we effed up in Atlantis and may not have been fully rocking our mission over the past 5,000 years since the fall of Egypt, but we’ve been trying our best and the dark times are over! Grrrl, it’s time to step back up on your High-Healed Priestess pedestal and SHINE with the Divine!

I also feel that we can shine in unique ways – not everyone has to be an alpha star. You are perhaps a delicate woman, sensitive healer, and can be in the spotlight in a gentle way that suits you. Perhaps in a more yin way, in the ‘moonlight,’ you will embody the spotlight by exposing your compassion, vulnerability, and femininity.  Whatever you do, be yourself.

I have invented a term called Divine Feminine modeling.

It’s so freeing to get your picture taken and share it in your marketing materials, in social media, etc. It can be scary too, but that’s part of the High-Healed Priestess initiation right!

I call doing photo shoots for your bli$$ness ‘Divine Feminine modeling’ and it says to the world, “I am here! I am Divinely Feminine. And I am beautiful!” Wouldn’t you want to hire someone who says that? And wouldn’t it be nice if everyone felt truly beautiful and we all celebrated our human and celestial forms?

306119_3754024368608_1254887746_nOne of my biggest inspirations of a Divine Feminine model is Miss Angelica Georgiles who is a healer, holistic health coach, animal lover, model, and High Priestess Professor at Aphrodite University. Angelica inspires me because she clearly struts her stuff from a place of self-love and honoring her viewers. She’s not afraid to be beautiful or powerful, yet she doesn’t do it in a snobby or better than thou vibe. When I look at Angelica I go, “Whoa she’s beautiful, I want to embody the goddess like that!”

When I see such gorgeous images of High-Healed Priestess women now I am no longer jealous, insecure, or back-stabbing. Nope! Not at all. Instead, I see them as reflections of me, as mirrors to my own beauty at least energetically. I used to be competitive, insecure, have disordered eating and body image issues the size of Texas. It sucked having body dysmorphic disorder for a few years in my teens where I felt ugly, fat, and not good enough 24-7. I felt particularly insecure around other beautiful women. Women like Angelica would send me into a spiral of self-hatred and I’d plot how to do my hair, makeup, and fashion better and lose a few pounds or tone up. Thank goodness those days are over! Now I have learned the secret to feeling good around gorgeous goddesses!

Wanna know the secret to feeling gorgeous around other gorgeous goddesses?

It’s to appreciate beauty in other women, and to see all beauty as a reflection of yourself that is to be celebrated. I now actually enjoy looking at these beautiful amazing goddesses everywhere, going, “That’s my divine beauty embodied!” or “That’s what I want to feel, thank you for teaching me!” Wherever I go, beauty is my teacher.

I decided to become a Divine Feminine model last week. You should too!

dr amanda noelleIt was all on a whim, and took about 20 minutes or so. Here’s how I became a sexy model, and how you can do it too in one hour or less:

1) Put on your favorite dress-up clothes (I have always lived for dress up since I was a kid!). Wear anything you like that makes you feel like a sexy tiger/ess…rrrr!
2) Break into a spa (like I did here at the little hotel while it was under construction – no one seemed to care). Or go to some swanky restaurant, hotel or lounge with a gorgeous background.
3) Take pictures of yourself, acting “as if” you are already a model. Work it baby! Own it!
4) Call in through the Law of Attraction and declare either in your head our out loud, “I am a sexy model!”
5) And so it is.

Divine Feminine modeling can help your bli$$ness grow.

Seriously sounds simple and even a little stupid, but Divine Feminine modeling is a great way to market yourself and get your energy out there. It will attract your high-paying Soulmate Clients and get the divine flow of dollars flowing into your account. Beauty can be converted to attention which becomes conversations which can turn into monayyy! So, if you are comfortable getting your picture taken, you will be able to market your bli$$ness (business + bliss + big buck$) way better.  You will be positioning yourself in the spotlight as a leader and ambassador of the the Divine Feminine light.

Say you are a healer and people need to find you via the internet… Who is going to hire you if they can’t see a real image of you? Images and videos are one of today’s fastest ways of meeting someone. You see the image, get a visceral sense in your body of what their energy map is, feel them out, and decide in 3 seconds or less “I like this person!” Or even “That person Amanda Noelle is weird and there is something attractive about her freedom, I want to know more about her!” I have met many clients via social media and yes – I do include lots of images of me so people can feel me out. Often times my Soulmate Clients say that the moment they saw me on YouTube or in images, they knew that we were Soul Family and that they had to meet me/work with me. This will work the same with you.

Women and men in the spiritual community often make the huge bli$$ness mistake of hiding behind masks and never putting their face up on Facebook, and will have spiritual pseudonyms like Galactic Ra or Feather Priestess. They put celestial photos up as their profile pic holistic modeland never bare their face to the world.  If you are doing this and want to make a difference on the planet, I suggest come out of hiding and be both galactic and human. Show your face and shine your unique little light as well as that massive Higher Self galactic light. You are embodied for a reason, and people want to meet and know you.

We often hide because we are ashamed of who we are. Yet we can make a bigger difference on the planet if we change that blueprint. If we become proud of who we are – and shouldn’t we be proud? We are made in the image of our Creator, and we co-created ourselves!  We are pretty amazing divine creations. Now let’s celebrate that and step into roles of being leaders.  Starseeds, healers, light workers, High-Healed Priestesses, we need you to come out of hiding!

Everyone is uniquely beautiful.

Why can only ‘real models’ who look like Twiggy, Kate Moss, or Cindy Crawford share their beauty and strut their stuff? When our community needs to celebrate you and your uniqueness on camera? EVERYONE is uniquely beautiful, I am serious! The Divine Feminine needs to be honored and appreciated in everyone, not just an elite few. That’s so old-paradigm.

IMG_2089 I am no better than you or anyone, we’re all perfect divine reflections! And sometimes you just gotta celebrate yourself and each other. Especially when we feel vibrant and healthy–it’s nice to share with the world that we’ve taken care of our bodies. I bet a lot of models don’t actually take care of themselves; one of my friends who did some modeling in New York said a lot of models live off of a combo of green juice cleanses and coke (cocaine, not soda!). Hmmm…

Embrace your weirdness. Love your cellulite (and airbrush is great for hiding it if you feel like it, there’s no judgment in wanting to fake it! But remember, only Barbie doesn’t have cellulite and if you are over age 18 and don’t have cellulite you are a freak of nature).

Don’t be afraid to be sexy! Everyone is sexy who wants to be – stare down any dragons who want to steal, rape, or drain your energy for being a god/dess, for holding back your Divine Feminine Light, or your Shakinah sex magic.

how to be beautiful
Block and delete anyone from FB who creeps you out or speak with people if their compliments creep you out. There’s no need for letting your Flower of Life energy get tarnished by creeps. You can always send love to the creeps as you kick ’em to the curb. That’s what I do!

I have been a sexy model since I was 4, when I would put on dress up clothes (preferably a red tutu) and high heels and pose for my mother to take a pic. No one has ever paid me, encouraged me, or told me that I was a model, but I decided to be one today so I am.

Mom, I am sure that you’re not so happy with these sultry photos all over the web, but I am pretty happy to share my stuff – my spare happiness and my hippiness, my weirdness and even my beauty which I in-part inherited from you! Yes I am all over the web but so is life, and I am human, I am here!

My FB friends and fans, I dare YOU sexy peeps to do a sexy self-love photo shoot and share your sassiness, skin, and sexiness with the world! Feel free to tag me in it… and have FUN!

goddess model