As microcosmic embodiments of the divine, and as reflections and conductors of everything else that is divine, we can choose to create emotional and natural disasters. But, we can also choose to transmute them or even create harmonized or even ecstatic emotional states and harmony in nature, or even rainbows!

When you start to ‘wake up’ on your ascension journey, you begin to recognize the connection of your own body to mother nature. You will notice small things like how the weather effects your mood, and eventually you will become powerful enough to notice how your mood effects the weather. As you go, you will also become conscious that you can navigate your mood, just like navigating a boat around or through a storm.

Yesterday I was on a boat back to the small island where I am staying in Indonesia. I noticed something strange facing me in the sky—a long tunnel-like cloud coming down into the ocean. It was a tornado forming a few miles out, and I had this strange feeling that it held a sacred message for me.

The locals were speaking excitedly and nervously in Indonesian. I asked a local if it was dangerous, and he said he didn’t know. I’m not a fan of natural disasters, and didnt like his unsure remark, so sat queazy for about 2 mins of initial freakout. Then, I remembered that I’m creating my reality! And that I can change it. That’s the first step in mastering both your emotions and preventing natural disasters.

Many of you know already that the universe is created by consciousness that has become solidified or encoded into third dimensional reality, and that it can always be recoded if we consciously choose so.

So I decided to see what the tornado truly was about in my creation, so I spoke to it.

It responded in one telepathic wave burst of energy – I am your fear and emotions! Yes, you are my fear—duh! It made perfect sense, as I’d been simmering in fear all day because I was on an intense day trip packed with stressful events. I had to pick up my visa extension at the Indonesian Embassy for my last 3 weeks here. Boating off of the tiny island that has felt like hime (I mean I’m pampered with a French hotel, Italian cafe, European and Australian find dining, and a car-free carefree quiet life. But on my day trip into the capital of Lombok, a burgeoning Indonesian larger island, I got to experience being in a Muslim country for the first time. We visited a mall where with women were shopping while covered up in veils, we shot through crazy traffic, saw McDonalds (that place really freaks me out), I dealt with friendly but supposedly corrupt government officials, and the monkeys, motorbikes, cows, and children crowded the street as the driver hurried past at 50+ miles/hour. My adrenaline had been running that day, and I was craving the nurturing energy of my safe calm space here on the island.


So I decided to convert my fear into love. Doing this is what has changed my life over the past few years from being lonely, low-energy, depressed, and broke into excited, wealthy, energized, and blissful!

There’s only fear and love in this universe. I choose love

It really helps to remind yourself of this truth often – I do it all the time and when I don’t I forget it and go into fear and go insane! Love is the only answer. That’s another favorite mantra. I choose love. You might choose to any of these mantras and write them down somewhere you’ll see them often like the bathroom mirror, office space, by your bed, or where you eat your meals. Your subconscious energies will align and you’ll choose love more and more quickly/easily.

Yes, loves that was my next step; I chose love and I literally blew out the tornado. I blew my own love at it, I felt my own Divine Feminine love filling my heart – then the tunnel of white almost instantaneously disappeared, it was time to disembark from the boat, and then it became the most beautiful purple blue pink sunset with thunderstorms back on the mainland where I came from.

We create everything – even the weather – which is why we can change it. I learned this from my friend Beate 10 years ago who told me she had a friend who could change the weather, make it rain for the crops, etc., and I was like “I wanna try that!” and more often than not it works for me. Not everyone will find this easy at first, and I believe it depends on your past-life experiences, your connection to consciousness, and your agreement/karma with Mother Nature. Oh, and I can’t change the weather all the time, that’s for sure, but all shamans are humans too and that’s part of the fun!

The big takeaway I hope you get from the article is that if you can shift the weather, you can shift anything – your mood, your intentions, your business, your flow of income, your ‘good fortune,’ etc. What are you ready to shift in yourself and in the world now?

All my love and magic,