Dearly Beloved,
Jack and I wanted to gift you this special Twin Flame channeled message for 2019 to prepare you for the BIG year ahead!
We created this channeled message for you [First Name], to give you:
+ BIG Twinspiration for 2019
+ a few tips and predictions to help you find love and success, with ease
+ Jack shares the biggest stumbling block that could stop people from finding their Twin Flame in 2019
+ a bit of magic, loads of love, and Twin Flame sparkles! 🦄
Lately I’ve been remembering the New Year before Jack and I met, and it felt like a BIG year was coming…
It was 2014, when I was working solo as a Twin Flame Matchmaker in Los Angeles. I was single, getting over a heartbreak with my TFC (Counterfeit), and I was a totally different person from who I am today (thank God/dess for Twin Flame Love!).
The year I met my beloved was the year that my ego both puffed up, and then got kicked in the a$$.
I had signed a deal with a major TV network to do a reality TV show (the slant was that I was a sexy paranormal matchmaking guru), which would have signed away 20% of my entire earnings btw!
Though it had always been a dream of mine to live in Los Angeles, and I landed on the beach with water views in a luxury apartment amidst the beautiful BMW driving perfect people who worked “in the Industry,” the dream felt out of alignment, and I felt off.
Even though I was filling my $10,000 matchmaking programs and getting clients results THEY wanted, my soul started feeling empty and I was alone.
“Why can’t I find MY Twin Flame!?” I would shout to no one, when no one was looking!
I felt so ashamed that I was single, because my fame was growing and being a single dating coach/matchmaker in the spotlight felt very…vulnerable.
As time went by, I started to realize that my flashy LA life was not making it any easier to find someone who would really accept me as I was…as it was bringing up my biggest ego stuff and ego bruises.
But because I’m a dreamer, a romantic, and I did NOT give up.
Note to self: never give up! The story always gets better…
So in my vulnerable state, I made my mind to manifest my beloved that year and I followed the advice that I teach my clients and applied each step with love and commitment. 
Ironically, business dropped a bit that year, and so did my highly inflated ego. The major TV network paid me to do the test reel, but then never called back.  Oh well, at least I got to keep 100% of my earnings.
That year, I followed my heart…which was to travel. So I traveled to Greece, Costa Rica, Maui, Italy, and Bali.
That is one of my biggest tips to single women: follow YOUR plesaure (what I call Pussy Power) and you’ll find a partner who loves the same things you do.
I am now planning a year of travel with Jack as we’re currently selling our possessions and planning our move to Bali where we’ll be running 2 retreats in 2019. We also plan to spend the summer in Europe and run a Mary Magdalene retreat in the South of France.
If your big dream this year is to find yourself in full alignment with your ultimate beloved, and you are committed to fulfilling this dream….
Then NOW is an important time to prepare for 2019!
Here are two things that you can do right away:
2) Second, put Thursday, January 3 on your calendar to attend a FREE virtual workshop with me, New Year New Yoni, where we’ll ground your 2019 goals in love and success!
Jack and I wish you a BIG love-filled 2019, and I look forward to seeing you LIVE this Thursday, at 5PM PST/8EST for the free online workshop!
Big love,
Amanda (and Jack)
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