3 SIGNS: How to Tell if He's My Twin Flame

Are you pulling off the pedals of your daisy saying… “He loves me, he loves me not?”

Don’t waste your time stuck in confusion, wondering whether or not he’s your Twin Flame, or if you should just move on!

Spinning your wheels in this Gray Zone takes you to No Man’s Land (quite literally). This type of confusion can not only make you go mad, it can also drain your energy, destroy your focus in your career and soul purpose, and even harm your health…

That’s why this week’s video, I’ll help you determine with clarity whether or not he or she is your true love with the 3 most important signs to tell.

⇒ Watch the video 3 Signs How to Tell if He’s My Twin Flame here.

These signs are super simple, but if you don’t have them, you’re likely missing out.

So many women end up in heartbreak, devastation, and even divorce because they follow their hearts but ignore these 3 simple signs… But I know not you!

Are you ready to call in an Enlightened King?

If it’s your time to align with your truest Divine Mirror, then check out the above video and make sure you have all 3 signs…

“But wait! What if I don’t have all 3 signs?”

If you don’t have all three signs mentioned in the video, it simply means either that: (a) you need to move on, and there’s healing work to do so you don’t repeat the pattern, or (b) there’s still hope with this person, but you have some further healing work to do inside before you can move forward in your relationship together…

If you’re dating someone who is not aligning with these 3 signs, you’ll likely be draining your energy and each area of your life may start to unravel.

Feeling stuck and confused? That’s why I am here to offer my help. Let me help you clear the blocks and align your energy with true Twin Flame Love so you can call in an exceptional partnership.

I specialize in helping women get through harrowing heartbreaks, confusing love scenarios, runners/chasers, so they can breakthrough to their most powerful version of themselves (and thus relationship).

Don’t waste your time spinning your wheels in the Gray Zone…

Step into full clarity and schedule a Twin Flame Activation Session with me here where I’ll help you get you clear, aligned, and soulmated fast.

During a Twin Flame Activation Session, I’ll look at your Twin Flame Chakras and see where you need your energy, love blueprints, and psychological patterns to be shifted. We’ll also get super clear on what you came here to create with your Beloved, and how to step into the energy NOW.

Big love and light…

XO, Dr. Amanda Noelle, The Twin Flame Matchmaker 

PS: Ready to call in your Beloved at light speed without pulling out your hair, worrying about whether or not you’re on the right path? I’d love to support you in expediting your journey to an enlightened union. Schedule a Twin Flame Activation Session with me here.

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  1. Gegi

    He is the only person I have been totally myself and sincere and vulnerable. It lasted 1 and half years so he obvously stayed for that year and half. Only that he never accepted what I was sharing: the contents: having a serious relationship, share experiences anf live together. He didn’t want to. We have the same childhood and similar parents but he always took the parts of them and not mine, criticinzing me calling me victim when I was only sharing the facts. Never felt he was on my side. Probably not my twin but O still thank him anyway. Or maybe we met very early as when we met we both hated ourselves. We finished it 2 weeks ago and I am still healing completely though of my past wounds. 3rd sign is there at least by my side.. I felt he was home and feeling very good hugging with him. Very confusing as there was love and hate at the same time..

  2. Dr Amanda Noelle

    Hi Love, thanks for sharing!
    “He is the only person I have been totally myself and sincere and vulnerable” – that is a clue to me that you’re in a pattern of feeling unsafe and unlovable. What if this changed instead to:
    ” I am totally myself and sincere around everyone I encounter, and I am vulnerable around people when I feel safe”? I GUARANTEE you will call in a totally different lifestyle and Union when you heal your relationship to others and feeling safe in your own power.

  3. marcela

    To love all, to merge the subaltern self with the higher self and to live from the heart


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