3 Keys to ending Twin Flame struggles, pain and shame for good!

Are you ready to end the Twin Flame shame game?

Does this sound like you (you’re a YES):

  • Are you dating the wrong Karmic Soulmates?
  • Playing small when it comes to love?
  • Judging yourself for being single and stuck?
  • Not sure how to call in your true Twin Flame?

I get it! Before learning these 3 Twin Flame Attraction keys, I had a lot of self-judgement that kept me single and struggling for years.

I thought I was too weird, too woo woo, not rich enough, my body/hair/face was too ugly, and my toxic thinking called in abusive energy!

Then men I met who mirrored my self-hatred.

I had two types of guys (that you’ll learn abut in the video!) who did NOT work for me. And I am guessing that you have attracted–or still are–attracting them too!

Learn the 3 Keys to Ending Twin Flame Struggles by watching the video here.

To summarize, the 3 keys are:

  1. Be 100% you, which can mean it’s OK to be weird!
  2. Stop doing what you think “should” make you sexy, and do what feels sexy. 
  3. Embrace rejection! Don’t be afraid to freak people out…love them up!

Remember, self-love is always the key, and believe me it took me a journey to get there myself! That’s why I am so passionate about emancipating women  into deep levels of self-love, so they can have it all.

Thanks for watching, and if you’re ready to step it up to self-love and are done with the struggle, I salute you! You can call in your most enlightened love stud!

I am always happy to help my single sisters to crack open their Twin Flame energy… Click here to check out my services page to get started with your first intro session to crack open your Twin Flame Self-Love!

XO, Dr. Amanda

PS: Hit me up for a game-changing conversation to rapidly attract your Twin Flame here.

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  1. Katie

    It’s already perfect! 🙂 love you


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