History of Twin Flames the Twin Flame Theory

History of Twin Flames the Twin Flame Theory

The Twin Flame Theory is not a new theory, and I did not invent it.

Before I  became a Twin  Flame Matchmaker, I came across the Twin Flame Theory about a decade ago. I was like “OMG that’s me, and that’s my soul purpose!”

I became obsessed with finding my Twin.

Then I became obsessed with cracking the code to calling in the Twin Flame; I thought, “if I could do it for one person, I could do it for anyone.”

It has taken me many awkward, enriching, and challenging years to get here, years that included academic research, spiritual studies, self-evolution, and truly one of my biggest teachers has been the privilege of working with over a thousand clients helping them call in their Twin Flame Beloveds and learning what works and what doesn’t.

In truth, the Twin Flame Theory goes back as far as history can record.

It shows up in nearly all civilizations, and is becoming rapidly popular in the modern new age and now mainstream communities.

Perhaps one of the most well known Twin Flame Theorist was the Greek Philosopher Plato.

In his dialogue, the Symposium, Plato presents the theory as Aristophanes, who states that humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces and also two sets of genitalia.

These were the original Twin Flame Beings–avatars or archetypes of the love that dwells within all. For All is One.

There were three genders: man, woman, and the “androgynous human” who had both male and female genitalia.

It said in the Symposium that humans had great power and became a threat to the gods who entertained the idea of eradicating humanity with lightning.

However, they realized that they would then lose their biggest energy sources, for we humans provide labor and energy that is vital to the survival to the kingly gods up in the Higher Dimensions.

Therefore, Zeus came up with a solution. He separated us human Twin Flames into halves, splitting us in two as a “punishment” for humanity’s egoic pride. This of course also doubled us in number, so continued giving our power up to the gods.

But as weakened creatures, we became entrapped in a paradigm of separation hell. We suffered as slaves without pleasure…

This trauma of our Twin Flame Separation augmented to the point where we couldn’t go on any longer…

Humans starved themselves, and started to die off.

The gods noticed their diminishing energy source, and watched their source of labor dry up.

The gods needed to come up with a solution to make sure that the humans would not be so powerful as to overpower the gods, and yet not be so disempowered that they would die off…

Apollo devised the solution, which was to sew us back together, reconstructed our bodies with the belly button (!!) being the only remaining sign reminding us of our original Twin Flame Form.

Each human would then have just one set of genitalia and would forever desire the Twin Flame Reunion…

But not many of us would make it, as getting lost in the desire, the erotic love stories, and the entanglements with war. Most still to this day do not reunite with their Twin Soul to reconstitute this original form.

Those of us who do reap huge rewards. And yes, we shake up the systems here on earth, emancipating ourselves and our brothers and sisters from being slaves to thought forms existing in the Higher Dimensions.

Whether this is a myth, based on some fact, or is a true story retained through history, there is no joy higher than reuniting fully with one’s Twin Flame.

To reunite with your polar “mirror,” it takes great commitment. It requires a self-healing, self-realization, and self-empowerment. This involves a fair amount of ego-slaying so one can emancipate herself from a Matrix that conditions as to get stuck in Karmic Soulmate relationships and false temptations…

Indeed: the gods above may not want us to find our soul’s greatest mirror for we will become just like them: gods above!

Plato’s theory poses a powerful metaphor.

It causes us to ask: “Where am I giving up my power to higher orders of power?” “What are my deepest wounds from this Twin Flame separation trauma?” And “Where am I leaking my energy so that I am not able to call in my Twin Flame as the powerful goddess I truly am?”

These are important questions to ask,  though the answers can be humbling…

For it can be humbling to look at where we have been giving away our power, but it can be even more rewarding to call back our power and invest it in the divine right place.

The Greek Sacred Lover Archetype

Here is the backstory of  perhaps the two most Classical Greek Twin Flame Archetypes: Aphrodite and Ares.

Ares represents the Divine Masculine Twin Flame, and he’s also known as Mars in the Roman tradition. He’s also known as the god of war.

His Twin Flame Aphrodite, aka Venus in Latin, is the goddess of love, beauty, sensuality, fertility, pleasure, and abundance.

Ares and Aphrodite are both magnetically attracted and repulsed to each other, for they represent polar opposites: love and war, male female, pain and pleasure, masculine logic and feminine flow.

True Twin Flame Love works through polarity.

In order for a single woman to call in her Twin Flame, she must discover her inner Ares and Aphrodite, empower both of them, learn to harness both of them, and heal the separation between these archetypes.

To awaken polarity, we must align and balance our Divine Feminine (Aphrodite) and Divine Masculine (Ares) to unleash our youthful and procreative magic (Eros).

I’m delighted that you’ve read through this article and that you’re committed to learning more about yourself as a soul who is seeking to return “home,” that is to Divine Love.

If you wish to discover these secrets further, I would be delighted to work with you…

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Lastly, I hope you learned a bit about the history of the Twin Flame Theory to inspire your future and current love.

Blessings and light,

Dr. Amanda Noelle

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