7 SIGNS OF TWIN FLAME OBSESSION! (Are You Still Obsessed?)

7 SIGNS OF TWIN FLAME OBSESSION! (Are You Still Obsessed?)

7 Signs of Twin Flame Obsession Syndrome! | By Dr Amanda Noelle

Watch 7 SIGNS OF TWIN FLAME OBSESSION! (Are You Still Obsessed?) above.

Do you dare to know the 7 signs of Twin Flame Obsession?

Maybe you’re brave enough to admit that you are obsessed as I was…

I remember when I was so effing obsessed with a man I believed to be my Twin Flame, that I was able to read his thoughts from across the country!

I literally would feel him, and know everything going on with him…Then I’d cyber stalk him on FB and I was proven to be 99% correct, even about the things I didn’t want to be true (like that he’d moved on and met another woman).

He even called me at 11:11am the day after I’d figured it out to politely tell me to leave him alone and move on.

But I didn’t listen, nothing was going to stop me from Twin Flame Love.

Because I was obsessed! 

Thankfully, I learned to identify and control my Twin Flame Obsession issues. That way, I was able to stop going crazy, start coming back into my heart and power, and move forward with TRUE love.

I share them more in depth in this educational and entertaining (funny!) video.

Here are the 7 Signs of Twin Flame Obsession:

#1 You cyber stalk him

#2 You go to psychics

#3 You’re  fully enmeshed within his psyche

#4 Your connection is so strong that you can’t help but masturbate or think about him sexually!

#5 You don’t respect his boundaries (emotional monster!)

#6 You’d consider taking his scraps

#7 But you can’t seem to move on

I know it’s rough! I’ve been there, and I have helped 100s of women get out of their Twin Flame Obsession rut so they could move forward and align with a true healthy partnership that is outta this world!

For those of you don’t know me BTW, I’m Dr. Amanda Noelle and this is the Twin Flame Matchmaker series! On Fridays I post a new video every week on Twin Flames and Divine Feminine Sacred Sexuality tips.

Then I may post a new experience, insight, or vlog so make sure you subscribe to catch the next one here!

Thanks for watching and learning about yourself–that’s the biggest gift you can give the world! Hopefully you had a laugh or two, and learned something about your past patterns so you can clear any signs of obsession out 100%.

Big love, Dr. Amanda 

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