Menstrual Planning for Divine Feminine Entrepreneurs

Menstrual Planning for Divine Feminine Entrepreneurs

Greetings Divine Feminine Entrepreneur,

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Do you want to launch your latest product or service when you’re not in optimal flow with your menstrual flow? I don’t think so!

Here’s what every High-Healed Priestess must know…

In order to optimize her bli$$ness success by getting in touch with her moon, and with the lunar cycles in general.

In this post, I will help you get in flow with your sacred flow so that you can call in more Soulmate Clients, build your 7-Figure ORGASM, and earn more yoni money.


I’m over the moon to share with you these secrets so you can create a bli$$ness that flows with your menstrual flow as well as your cash flow…

Divine Feminine Entrepreneur, did you know that:

  • Studies have proven that the highest rate of conception and ovulation occur around the full moon?
  • During the new moon, ovulation and conception rates are lower, and more women start to bleed?
  • Science has shown that the moon rules over the flow of our fluids (and duh in Gaia’s body to, as in the ocean tides)?
  • Gaia and her moon and affect our unconscious mind and dreams?, AND
  • Your menstrual moon affects your unconscious mind and dreams?
  • Your menstrual cycle guides your flow creative flow and most likely your cash flow too?
  • The most productive days  to get things done happens roughly on days 5 through 11?

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I bet you’re glad to know these important facts that your mama didn’t teach you, because unfortunately most women have been severed from the secrets of the Divine Feminine Mystery Schools.

Yet we are decoding these mysteries and spreading the knowledge.

As a 7-figure ORGASMIC entrepreneur (well technically I make just 6-figures annually, but it’s all about the vibration of wealth and abundance energy that runs in your 7 chakras and the 7 chakras of your bli$$ness), I have found that the moon impacts my moon (and my mood!).

My menstrual cycle impacts my ability to manifest, aka MOONifest, money, clients etc which is why I schedule my bli$$ness calendar accordingly and encourage you to do the same.

I help my Soulmate Clients and students call in their man and their money with ORGASM and this means getting in touch with your menstrual flow.

By becoming aware of your unique menstrual cycle, you will have some clues about when to:

  • Schedule your next bli$$ness launch
  • Book that next vacation to rest and rejuvenate
  • Pack in a load of clients when you’re most productive
  • Take time off to meditate and get ‘divine downloads’
  • Travel, book speaking gigs, and lead retreats
  • Block off time in your calendar to write that book, blog, or webinar

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Everything in your bli$$ness wants to happen in flow and divine timing, and in the synch with your body and hormones which fluctuate as much as the sea.

However, most women are programmed to ‘do do do do’ in the masculine 40+ hour per week cycle which has no cycle it’s just ON or OFF. Linear, no cycle or flow.


That’s what our bodies say when we try to force our creativity into the weekly/daily/monthly/annual cycles that negate the menstrual flow.

I also see that we women often tend to pack into our schedule piles of unnecessary tasks, take on too much, and not check in with our pussies with what’s up down there.

In order to get on top of your moon, you’ll need to do these three things.

STEP ONE: Track your flow

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I highly recommend this period app called Clue.

It’s awesome, simple, and stylish with many bells and whistles (like tracking pain and headaches and sending notifications).

You can’t know your flow unless you’ve tracked it for a while, and for me technology has been the best way to ground it into my schedule.

Looking at the sky also helps, but besides looking at the moon you’ll want to have an app like Clue to track your bli$$ness schedule on your smartphone and computer.

STEP TWO: Block off your calendar during painful period days

If you have cramps, migraines, PMS, consider booking only simple tasks or blocking off entire days that you know won’t be productive.

Consider booking an acupuncture session or massage during times that support you during your cycle. Or have Netflix handy that allow you to be in the mood for your moon!

Whatever you do, don’t pack in a heavy load during your heavy flow time, or time of pain or brain fog. Period! Keep it productive sister, and be kind to yourself.

To best become aware of your PMS cycle, use the Clue app or other app that tracks these symptoms in one place.

I for instance tend to get menstrual migraines on day 3 of my cycle, so I do my best to prep downtime and no client or team meetings.

STEP THREE:  Schedule time for creative productivity time, and get $h*t done time

For most women, days 5-11 in their cycle are the most productive time to get the heavy work done. During this time it actually feels good to hash out a project or make a bunch of client calls. We have the shining masculine energy that wants to meet the world. I consider this the “sun time” of our cycle….

The weeks proceeding ovulation that lead up to the bleed is a time for reflection. Keep the tasks you do somewhat simple and repetitive, i.e. don’t start crazy new creative projects right before bleeding. Focus on the routine tasks that aren’t too difficult.

During this reflective time, sit with a journal and look back at your bli$$ness success this month, what you’ve learned, what needs to shift, and where you want to go from here. 

In summary, it may take time for you to become aware of your unique (aka yonique) lunar calendar. Your monthly calendar may need to be adjusted, especially if your moon is somewhat oscillating as is mine.  The body isn’t a perfect linear thing–it’s a map with round islands, mountains, and sometimes stormy seas.

In order to call in your Soulmate Clients and cum into your 7-figure ORGASMIC bli$$, it may take time to build Sacred Masculine structures that align with your flow. You may need to constantly reflect and redo them, but at least you will have some goddess guidelines that support your body, mind, and spirit.

Rock your moon in bli$$ness like Mary Magdalene would, and celebrate every inch of your Sacred Feminine Soul!

In Spirit of the Moon, and to your great succsexiness,

Dr Amanda Noelle

The Twin Flame Matchmaker & Founder of Aphrodite University

PS: Don’t forget to check out my YouTube video, about how to manifest with orgasm here!