What to Do when You’ve Been Burnt at the Stake

What to Do when You’ve Been Burnt at the Stake

As a modern-day high priestess (or High-Healed Priestess, as I call us), spiritual persecution is one of my least favorite things to witness or experience. Here we are in 2014 in the West, and very few of us are actually getting burned at the stake. Yet I see so many High-Healed Priestesses hiding, running, or fearing being persecuted for their spiritual beliefs. They get stopped in their tracks in their lives, soul purposes, and in BLI$$ness. This is because the subconscious does not know the difference between this lifetime and the past. We still hold an ancient memory and record of the injustice of women healers, the torture of a thousand witch hunts. The erasure of the Divine Feminine within temples, scripture, and in most world religions has created an unspoken insanity that is quite alive within us High-Healed Priestesses even today. I know I can feel it inside of me, and I am healing this bit by bit, every day. In this article, we will clear persecution pain in your life, so you can live your big soular-powered mission. I’ll share my tips that have and are working for me to come out of my spiritual closet, so you feel safe to come out of hiding. It’s time to unveil the Divine Feminine and release the fear and shame of being a spiritual healer!

The Persecution Game: It’s Just Tacky, and Shady Too

healing from spiritual persecutionIt’s the oldest trick in the book. The persecutor uses the old bait and switch: they distract you from your spiritual love and purpose, to take you off your path so they can own all the power. When you feel persecution pain, they can take your pleasure. When you feel shame, they can take away your pride. When you feel hated, they can feed off of your love.  Therefore, witch hunts are a very successful tactic to stop the spread of self-empowerment and Divine Love. I don’t want to be all dreary or negative since it isn’t meant to be that way! No, we’re here to create a Heaven on Earth, and we can have that. I believe in Divine Love and its infinite healing power. However, a Sacred No is in order when it comes to spiritual persecution. And I have to reveal the truth which is that there have been many witch hunts throughout the history of the fall of the Divine Feminine, and now that she is resurrected, it’s a little intense for us healers and lightworkers. If you have been burnt in a past life, it will play on repeat in as many lives as it takes to clear the abuse and trauma. This article is for you if you are a high priestess (or as I call us in modern-day, High-Healed Priestesses) or healer who has experienced:

  • Energetic persecution
  • Past life witch burnings
  • Persecution for your spiritual, metaphysical, religious beliefs
  • A feeling of being stalked, hunted, or suppressed online, in social media, or in real life
  • Receiving intimidation, threats, or slandering from powerful entities (or humans channeling such entities)
  • Feeling jabbed in your throat chakra when you want to express your truth
  • If you have issues with your finances because you are so deathly afraid to shine brightly as a High-Healed Priestess and make any money off of your gifts
  • If you are afraid to come out of your spiritual closet in fear of being persecuted by others who dislike your beliefs (or “broom closet” as my friend Jeannine calls it)
  • Others around you talk negatively about money, sex, success, or some other form of love as if its the devil

metaphysics witch burningThis week was intense; I’ve felt like one human shish kabob, and it really, truly sucked. I got hated on big time by a Facebook troll along with her boyfriend, and her cult-like entourage who dislike my spiritual work. She and her boyfriend made a slandering YouTube video (which is illegal in this lifetime by the way!) bashing goddess workshops and myself, along with several other High-Healed Priestesses. While the accusations are pretty ridiculous and rude, it still hurts, and I felt a stabbing pain in the side of my energy body all weekend. But I am healing this, and it’s revealing a whole layer of my power that is returning!

The Past is Still with Us

When you’re being burnt at the stake so-to-speak, it triggers all past life memories for yourself, your soul family, and for the Divine Feminine where she has been suppressed by dark force energies. I have been literally burnt at the stake in several past lives and have seen it in vivid detail. When I was in my twenties, I went to many free psychics, shamans, and healers in search for help of my root chakra problem of financial poverty, and my crown chakra problem of menstrual migraine headaches.  After years of meditation, herbalsm, research (as well as Western medical and therapeutic support), I have come to the conclusion that a lot of what I am dealing with in this lifetime is all about the past. And as I heal this lifetime, the past is healed. And as I heal those lifetimes, this lifetime is healed!

To Forgive or Not Forgive the Burners?

While I know that the woman must simply be expressing her feelings of pain and oppression (it looks like she’s gotten into a pretty intense relationship with a pretty dark energy), it’s completely inappropriate to bash another goddess.  What I have come to realize is that persecutors persecute you because they are either:

  • Jealous, envious, or insecure
  • Are mentally unstable with borderline personalities and are taking out their issues on you
  • Are afraid of the Light because their hearts have been broken by their past
  • Are difficult people who thrive on being bullies, who feed off of pain
  • Are channeling dark entities and are not “home” in their bodies and therefore operate with a more reptilian brain/energy

One more resource that I wanted to share in case you have some psychic attack energy in the sexual nature is this video, How to Clear Sexual Psychic Attack Energy 

Psychic Attack: How to Clear Sexual Psychic Attack Energy (Crazy Story)

I say send them an “I forgive you” woosh of love, and get the F&CK out of there! These people channel some intense dark energies, and I wouldn’t want to expose my sensitive lightworker chakras to them. See their humanity, send them love, and then ask for the Highest Light to clear them out of your space. They are representing your hidden fears, so thank them for being the teacher in the moment. And say peace out! I have a Light Mission to transmit, gotta run! Lots of love to you all, may the Force be with you!!! Amandadr amanda noelle