25 Signs and Phases of a Divine Feminine Awakening

25 Signs and Phases of a Divine Feminine Awakening

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25 Divine Feminine Awakening Signs & Phases

If you are a woman who is going through a deep awakening into the depths of the Divine Feminine, this article is meant to guide and inspire you.

The world is transitioning into a new paradigm, one where the Divine Feminine is honored as being a sacred equal alongside her Divine Masculine counterpart.

The old systems are crumbling away–the political, economic, governmental, environmental, social, familial, and so on–these systems are being replaced.

We are shifting into ‘the New Earth Paradigm.’

The patriarchy is coming to an end, as it served its purpose.

Through the patriarchy, humanity was able to fully understand that violence, evil, and greed are indeed a sin, and we have chosen in many places to eradicate violence. Though there are still wars happening, it is nothing like it was several thousands of years ago.

The patriarchal era has fallen away during the 2012 Shift, and is giving rise to a global Divine Feminine Awakening.

Women by the hundreds of thousands are being called to the forefront across the globe to step into their Sacred Feminine Power. I call this a ‘Divine Feminine Awakening.’

The Divine Feminine Awakening often occurs through a spiritual crisis, a past life recall or other mystical events, or through birthing a ‘starchild’–a spiritually-gifted daughter or son.

All enlightened women must go through the Divine Feminine Awakening to step into her full High Priestess potential.

The process of transmuting past pain and trauma allows her to step out of the patriarchal system, prepare her for her new Divine Feminine Activated life as a Feminine Leader.

In this article, I will layout the 25 phases so that you can understand more about this spiritual experience, and better navigate your Divine Feminine Awakening experience with less freakout and more bliss!

Also, you can share this list with your partner, friends, and family to help them understand the process that you are going through.

Here are the 6 signs of a Divine Feminine Awakening:

  1. The feminine aspect of your soul, especially your nurturing qualities, emotions, and intuitive gifts feel called to be awakened and aligned.
  2. You have consciously or unconsciously decided that your feminine energies are sacred and hold value for planetary healing. You may be called to open a business or exchange money or barter to honor the value of your gifts.
  3. You have a vague or even strong feeling or knowing that you have served as a priestess in one/many of your past lives.
  4. You feel called to attend women’s circles, goddess celebration ceremonies, and feel fed by being surrounded by feminine energies.
  5. You wish to immerse yourself in the healing world; you wish to become a teacher, healer, or leader in the field of holistic healing arts, mystical healing, or metaphysics.
  6. Your ancient Divine Feminine memories stored within your soul have been awakened by visiting a sacred site, through a traumatic event, by meeting a Karmic Soulmate/soul family member, or via past-life recall.

Prepare for Your Divine Feminine Awakening:

If you are a Divine Feminine leader, what I call a ‘High-Healed Priestess,’ or modern-day high priestess, life naturally initiates you into your high priestess energies via a Divine Feminine Awakening.

You don’t even have to know what the Divine Feminine Awakening is for it to happen to you–in fact, most women go through this harrowing initiation without knowing what it is!

The Divine Feminine Awakening process happens naturally, but it can be quite painful and messy. That’s why its important to have the right container in place to support the process to unfold with grace.

Unfortunately, for thousands of years, the priestess temples have been shut down, burned to the ground, priestesses deemed as witches or whores, and this persecution happened as a form of reptilian (draconian) abuse of humanity, for both women and men. During this period, High Priestesses were robbed of their wealth, abundance, and crowns. Most of all, they were robbed of their opportunity to attend the Divine Feminine Mystery Schools and get the proper training they needed to do their jobs as leaders, and become optimal mothers and female members of society.

Before I go into the phases, I want to emphasize how important it is to not go through the process alone; take your awakening seriously by getting the right care, mentorship, training, and structure you need to be a fully awakened High-Healed Priestess.

If you don’t, your gifts from the goddess will be lost, or at best diluted and suppressed.

Those women who don’t receive help from other priestesses or Divine Feminine mystery schools/ temples are often afraid to trust. They’ve gone through so much darkness.

Such women will often suffer unnecessarily for years, as they don’t have the proper preparation, infrastructure in their lives, or psychic techniques to clear the massive amount of emotional, mental, and financial energy that they may be working through during the Divine Feminine Awakening.

Though there is no exact set pattern to describe a Divine Feminine Awakening, there are some of the most common signs I’ve witnessed as a priestess and healer who has been working with thousands of Divine Feminine leaders for over 15 years:

  1. Your Divine Feminine Eye Opens: You are going along in life, then WHAM, something shifts, and you start seeing life differently. Maybe you get sick (chronic candida is common), lose a loved one, or have a traumatic event. But your way of seeing the world shifts, and you become more able to see things in a divine light, perhaps even with your third eye.
  2. You’re Younique: You notice that you are unique and different. You’re starting to see the world from a new spiritual light, and healing and revealing yourself to yourself first becomes a top priority.
  3. Who AM I? There is a time where it seems that no one totally gets you, and you hardly get yourself sometimes! But you keep asking the question: Who am I? Over and over…
  4. Release the Patriarchy: You realize that you were trying to fit into a man’s world of competition, judgment, ego, attachment, and jealousy. You decide to let it go, and while it feels like you’ve failed The Man, it’s incredibly freeing to let go and let goddess!
  5. Pleaser and Perfectionism Burnout: You become exhausted and cannot keep trying to please anyone other than yourself, especially men/male energies! You can’t go on any longer being that perfectionist and overachiever. Things get messy but you must be OK with this phase.
  6. Death of the Ego: You just can’t keep going with your old life, or you will burn out or even die…you feel called to do and be something bigger and more authentic. The search for spiritual answers begins.
  7. Self-Care Pronto!: You nurture yourself; you begin to fall in love with the goddess energies. You start to wake up to the mystical world, and world beyond the physical (aka the metaphysical world).
  8. Bliss Awakening!: After hitting multiple breakdowns, you start to experience joy and bliss in insane amounts! FREEDOM! Your psychic gifts open wider, you’re upgraded or activated! Your third eye may open up fully, your intuition sharpens, or your hands-on-healing skills activate. You might notice this while massaging a loved one or looking at someone and seeing their aura.
  9. Integration Time: You may have to be alone for some time, exploring your new goddess gifts and self – you are still in the closet but it feels so good! Or you may surround yourself with spiritual like minds and run away from mainstream people for a bit.
  10. Bodily Upgrading: You shift your diet and lifestyle to a more clean and healthy diet, so you can live higher and higher in bliss. You switch to more plant-based eating, focus on self-care, rest, and take up yoga, dance, or other sacred movement.
  11. Pain Clearing: Then you hit some intense pain codes, often having to do with isolation…You want to break out of the closet but you can’t see how you’ll be able to do so, because you’re so frightened that no one will see/understand you!
  12. Money Pain: money issues ensue. You wonder how you’ll make money as a high priestess and feel safe in the world. Will people respect you, or will they think you’re crazy? You often find yourself thinking of giving up and staying at your day job.
  13. Hopelessness and Depression: This can make you feel suicidally depressed and want to give up at some point…You feel alone and nearly hopeless.
  14. The Cry for Help: The pain gets so intense one day that you want to die, so you call out to your angels, “Help me!”
  15. Need for Community: Then you call out to your community for help, for love, for understanding. You are a Divine Daughter who needs to be held.
  16. Deepened Divinity: You then deepen your connection to Spirit, and surrender as you let go of control and self-judgement.
  17. Hope: You keep an inkling of hope in your priestess bootstraps at all times, even when it is very dark. There is still a candle lit for you in the Divine Feminine Temple.
  18. Cracking the Codes: You then hit HUGE breakthroughs because your love for God/dess is so deep and pure. You are an advanced soul tapped into something big…
  19. Manifestation Powers: You then begin to be able to manifest like crazy! The Law of Attraction sits in your favor. Money, opportunities, living situations, travel, etc. Or you at least discover the immense potential of your spiritual gifts.
  20. Confidence Clearing: You start getting the confidence back you had before you went through the Divine Feminine Awakening; sometimes you even have to keep that ego in check sister! 
  21. Root Chakra Grounding: Your finances stabilize, you quit that day job (slave job!?), and your high priestess manifestation skills carry you to time freedom and financial freedom.
  22. Ego Rebirth: Your ego may reactivate in a new way. You may be tempted to get greedy or capitalize off of others’ weak spots and pain. Contrarily at times, you may deny yourself from fully owning your power as to not seem domineering like the old patriarchy did.
  23. Fame Phase: You become recognized in your community as a Divine Feminine healer, leader, and priestess who produces results.
  24. Self-Doubt/Hatred: Self-doubt issues reveal themselves sometimes, especially when others who envy you try to tear you down because they’re not owning their Divine Feminine gifts. The past lives where you were burned at the stake come up to be cleared. You may fear persecution and suppress your voice again. Things go up and down until you realize that you are an ocean of love. Your waves  are not meant to be stable. The Goddess surrounds you and you start to build your bliss and serve your community from a deeper level. The unconditional love of God/dess saves you every time!
  25. Divine Feminine Activation!: You reach your full activation state. You become truly free!  You cannot but spread the bliss, the love, the creativity. You keep needing to share it with the world through words, acts of kindness, and embodiment. The growth cycles will continue to ebb and flow, but for the most part, you have stepped into your high priestess self-empowerment and are ready to make a huge movement on the planet.

So, in summary, the Divine Feminine Awakening experience is not for the faint of heart, but the results are beautiful. This initiation process is here to prepare you at each step to transform you to become the bold, bright, and beautiful woman–the High-Healed Priestess who reflects the Great Goddess Mother–that you are.

Integrating the Divine Feminine Awakening Phase

Before closing, I wanted to offer you my list of what happens after you become initiated as a High-Healed Priestess. Let’s say you’ve already gone through the 25 Phases of the Divine Feminine Awakening, and you’re on your game…

Where should you expect to go from here? Here are 7 post-awakening things you’ll likely start to notice in your life:

  1. You become an expert teacher to the other new paradigm healers, artists, and leaders.
  2. You realize that it’s going to be a long life and you want to give back to future generations.
  3. Your mission is less focused on money, fame, and success, and becomes about being in service, in giving back.
  4. It becomes bigger than just me me me, or my family, or my kids, or my money…It becomes about your tribe and beyond your tribe.
  5. You become a true planetary healer and connect your passions with ecology, community leadership, and healing the world.
  6. Money becomes a means to your healing, versus money being a healing source to your ego (which it is at first and that’s OK, women have been disempowered for so long it’s only natural to feel proud of owning land/money like men at first!).
  7. Ecovillages and sustainable communities, crystalline sound healing chambers, goddess temples, and New Earth projects rise.

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